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My Best Shots

Of the more than 175,000 photographs I've taken since going digital in 1999, the ones in this gallery
and in its subgalleries (first four thumbnails below) are what I consider to be among my best.

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Best of the Photo Odyssey
<< Best of the Photo Odyssey >>
Best of 1998 to Early 2004
<< Best of 1998 to Early 2004 >>
Personal Favorites
<< Personal Favorites >>
Most Viewed Photos
<< Most Viewed Photos >>
The 6:22 Train To Toronto Departing P1290942 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1310105-11 Niagara T-rex P1200730-3 Sunrise Sunrays P1260275-91
Frosted Bush In Ice DSCN18724 Sunday Sunrise Fishing P1230950-2 Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1220336 Bales & Fog At Sunrise P1240043-9
Canada 150 Skating Rink At Sunset (P1280913-25) Barn In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1230256-8 Farmer Working At Sunrise P1220629-35 Bales & Ground Fog P1220811
Barn In Sunrise Fog P1250885-7 Approaching Train P1230563-9 Diving DSCN13280-3 Curved Staircase DSCN13167
Thunder Moon Setting P1210997-02 Curved Staircase DSCN13140 Air-Conditioned Barn Sunrise Shadows DSCN02980-2 Sunlit Tree Rising Above Ground Fog DSCN05477
Holiday Heritage House Museum P1160136-8 Collapsing Boathouse P1170674 'Art' Great Blue Heron DSCN10232 Perth Sunset DSCN09642-4
Christmas Lights Across Canada Prismatica P1160841 'Hotel' P1220470-1 Frosty Rideau River Sunrise DSCN02310-2 Railway Museum At Night P1170439-43
Frosty Rideau River At Sunrise DSCN02265-7 Sunrise Solar Pillar P1170370-4 Moon Over Pouch Cove P1250130-4 Snowy Evergreen Avenue P1250138
Bales In Sunrise Ground Fog P1100740-2 Getting The Grackle Evil Eye DSCN11746 Frosty Rideau River At Sunrise DSCN02286-8 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1110204-10
Pedestrian Underpass P1000827-9BW Geese Over Misty Otter Lake P1110163-4 Milky Way Over Irish Creek 48324-6 Holiday Heritage House P1220404-15
Old Barn In Foggy Sunrise P1250598-604 Autumn Tree In Sunrise P1210194-6 Remembrance Day 2015 (46400-2) Blue Dinghy DSCF13112-4
Clouded Harvest Moon Eclipse P1190425-7 Moon In Clouds DSCF4546 Sunrise Sunrays P1170225-7A Sheep Island In Mist Beyond Boat P1110089
Snowy Field 20150111 Red-winged Blackbird Foggy Breath DSCN03612 Dead Tree In Misty Sunrise P1170395-7 Hummingbird 76634
Kilmarnock Bridge In Foggy Sunrise 45792-4 Starling & Moon  DSCF5270-1 Railway Bridge In Sunrise Mist P1080149 Goose In Flight 20150408
Freezing Mist Over The Canal Basin 20150114 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060603-5 Lockmaster's House At Dawn 20150217 White & Orange Fish P1170049
Old Shed At Sunrise 20150328 Rideau Canal Moonrise 20150416 The National War Memorial P1040812-4 St Patrick's Day Aurora Panorama P1080844-5
Foggy Sunrise Fisherman 45704-6 Holiday Ottawa P1040884 Freezing Rideau Canal Sunrise P1240012-4 Morning Commute 20141027
Rideau Canal Museum At Dawn 20150115 Boathouses On Ice P1040567 Kilmarnock Island At Sunrise DSCF19375 Equine Pals In Misty Sunrise P1170030.3
Harvest Moon Eclipse DSCF4867 Red Sun Rising P1150679-81 Running Avenue At Dawn 20141215 Trinity United Church In Snowstorm P1160750-2
Gemmels Point At Sunrise 20150403 Classic Chevy Detail 25516 Guardrail 26526 Clouded Sunrise 25597
Dragonfly 27036 Woodpecker In Flight 20150322 Holiday Gazebo 20121214 Dragonfly 26911
Backlit Calla Lily Leaf 01523 Sidelights 20120325 Rideau Canal Misty Sunrise 20120820 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 21710
Rainbow In The Clouds 01047 Edmonds Dam At Sunrise 20120416 Greenhill School No. 39 Sunset (27432-3) Gull In Flight 12521
Heron In Foggy Flight 20120610 Lower Reach Basin At Night 20120404 Autumn Birches 29873 Curtain 20120408
Sunray Clouds 24690-1 Three Flags At IKEA DSCF03587 Hey Dude, Got Any Nuts? 26493 Leaving Its Post 26669
Autumn Leaves 17727 House On A Corner 20120409 Trees In Misty Sunrise 20120619 Imperial Sand Dunes 26606
Exiting The Combined Lock 20120613 Star Trails 20120413 Rideau Canal Sunrise 29915 Door & Shadow 20120527
Autumn Island 29003 Trees At Night 20120401 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20120426 Library Columns DSCF03812
Goose Head 25943 Irish Creek Sunrise 13923-4 Red Barn At First Light 20120103 Misty Sunrise 24510
Red Squirrel 26341 Lone Tree 20110813 Rideau Ferry Bridge At Sunrise 24288-91 Rideau Canal Dawn 28683-5
Butterfly On A Coneflower 20120812 Parklamp 23382 Foggy Rideau Canal 20120331 Old Privy Lantern 20120427
Hydrant DSCF03213 Chipmunk On The Rocks 26217 Lone Tree In Foggy Sunrise 23815 Empty Courts 20110721
Barn At Sunrise 30036-7 Sunrise Shadows 20140207 House On A Point At Sunrise 24277 Night Clouds 20120317
Canal Railway Festival 2011 (12991) Night Cloud & Fog 22207 Lower Reach Basin At Night 22861 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 26002
Autumn Landscape 17490 Frozen Ottawa River DSCF03925 Incoming Storm 20120723 Autumn Trees 20111019
Along MacKenzie Avenue 17283 Autumn Back Road 29802-3 Solar Array At Sunrise 20111217 Snowy Lane 20072
Fort Wellington Lass 16186 Goose Head 20110516 Centre Block Side Door 17376-81 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20110817
PEI North Cape 20120910 Notre Dame Cathedral 17401-3 Rideau Canal At Sunrise 20121112 Bowled Over Bench 20120220
Riverside Trees 18151-2 Late February Snowfall 20120224 In Motion 20120726 Cart Corral Icicles 20120119
Otter Lake Sunset 23183 Otter Creek Sunrise 20120616 Scum & Autumn Leaves 28266 Cove Road In Autumn 17508
Brick Window 20111026 Hotrod DSCF02281 House On A Corner 20120424 Weed & Bolt 20120724
Sunrise Cattails 00238 Merry Go Round Going Around 12909 Boathouse Window 08162 Tree In Misty Sunrise 20110810
Autumn Tree At Night 20111023 Dragonfly On A Rope 13175 Barn In Sunrise 20120310 Pop Photo 20120112
Misty Dawn 20110831 Autumn Pumpkins 20111016 Setting Moon 10895-8 Autumn Island 20121007
Autumn Barn 20121004 Iced-In Channel Marker 31833 Connection To The World DSCF04238 Detached Lock Overflow Dam 20120329
Heron Beside Boathouse 20111003 Green Apple 20120513 Laundromat At Night 20120211 Waiting For The Train 19241
Dawn Mist 20110922 Lucy! I'm Home 26686 Tree In Night Fog 16387-92 Otter Creek At Sunrise 18338-9
Festival Ride 13009 Rusty Hinge DSCF03263 The Road To Sunrise 20111218 Abstract 20120311
American Goldfinch 25442 Diefenbunker Blast Tunnel 20120602 4 Strathcona Street 19487-8 Rideau Canal Sunset 13593
Sunset Fishers 15666 Flying Over The Moon 20130330 Curling & Squash Club At Dawn 20121002 Pigeon-toed 26136
Sunrise Snowscape 20120217 Snowy Dock 20130129 Trees In Dawn Mist 20110902 Otter Creek Sunrise 20120707
Autumn Tree At Sunrise 16976-8 Basement Window 20120621 Morning River Mist 29303 Canal Railway Festival 2011 (12911)
2012 Smiths Falls Classic Triathlon (20120624) Solar Array 20120206 New Mouse 20120223 William Street DSCF03640
Tignish Shore Lighthouse 20120914 Yellow Flower 00498 Railway Museum 20145,46,50 Gazebo At Dawn 22556
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20110913 Snowscape 20111231 Edmonds Dam 20110427 Woodpecker In The Bush 26401
White Flowers 00061 Art Lockmaster's House 17996-18006 Autumn Fence 20121021 Two Trees At Sunrise 20110906
Winterscape 06869-70 Clouds In Sunrise 20120609 Reindeer Lunch 20111216 Droopy Black-eyed Susan 25651
Coyote On The Run 20110816 Ottawa Locks At Night 17311-6 First Significant Snowfall 2011-12 (19099-104) PEI Lighthouse 20120909
Pine Against Poplars 20120222 Misty Rideau Canal 20110522 Old Caboose Window DSCF02203 Maximum 80 (20120115)
Distant Mist At Sunrise 20130824 CJOH News In Merrickville 15788 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20120417 Rideau Canal Misty Sunrise 12762-3
Sunrise Fisher 20110820 Frosty Misty Night 20131217 Wessell Barn 20110815 After-The-Walk Stretch DSCF03623
Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise P1040493-5 Egret In Flight 20110824 Wilted Tulip 20110518 Rideau Canal Foggy Sunrise 20110821
Windmill Point Light 12661 Lockmaster's House 20111109 Garage At First Light 20110302 Foggy Dawn Fishers 14882
Multi-Barns DSCF03980BW Misty Morning Fishers 20110717 Rideau River At Sunset 12216 Outside The Box 07753-8
Self-Portrait 20111120 (19032) Lions Club Carnival 11808 Rideau Canal Sunset 20426-7 Tracks On Frozen Farren Lake 20120226
Centennial Flame & Peace Tower 17330-1 Misty Dawn Fisher 20110920 Sunset Bullfrog 12325 Autumn Scene 20111011
Snowy Trail 20111223 Flaming Paint Job DSCF02270 Tignish Church Interior 27699-703 Foggy Sunrise 20130731
First Significant Snowfall 2011-12 (19093-5) Clouds At Sunrise 10161-2 Bare Trees At Sunrise 09514 Hen & Chicks 20120801
Sunrise Ripples DSCF04656 Deer On The Road 20110618 Sunset Rainbow 20120612 Window & Shadow 20110915
Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise 20110911 Woodpecker Taking Flight 26412 Wolford Chapel At Sunrise DSCF00554 Barn In Sunrise 16671-80
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20110926 Oak Leaf On Ice 20111125 Loose In A Caboose 20110725 Pedestrian Archway 20110223
Stars 'n Stripes 20111113 Evening Rainbow 20120521 Marshalls Creek At Sunrise 05618 Church Tower At Sunrise 24667
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge 20120208 Winners Circle 11800 Fruit Luke 20110724 Old Wood Knot 20110714
First Snow Of The Season 31348 Horse-Drawn Carriage 20111007 Bench & Tree 20120212 Ecotay 06834
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