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** Kam Local Agriculture and Pisciculture ** a UNESCO/UNDESA funded project. China | ** Kam Agroforestry in a 300 Year Old Village ** a UNESCO/UNDESA funded project. China | Little Lake Petroglyphs, Little Lake, California | Lac Scale Insect | V bar V site of Petroglyphs | Arizona Winter | Painted Rock Petroglyphs Arizona. | Arizona in the Summer | Chaco Canyon in what is now New Mexico. Country of the 1st People. | Arizona in the Spring | First People petroglyphs of what is now Arizona. An area of great importance to the First People. | Canyon De Chelly and surrounding cultural landscape in northern Arizona. | Dillingham, Alaska | Alaska traveled in the Summer. | ShangHai 2013 | Alaska Thaw to Spring. | Alaska Frozen | China, another perspective. A look at everyday life. In every face & place there is a story. | the Desert - Tucson, Arizona | Pohnpei, Micronesia -FSM- 2010, 2011 | ** just a little light ** | ** the poor the needy the begging the cons and the giving of alms ** | leica b and w | faces with a leica | love the child | Toys Children Make, Children's Innovations | ** NEPAL ** ** What I Saw ** | United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) World Environment Day June 2006 | * * TIBET * * A People and Their Culture * * August 2006 | Leica M9 | Two Days of Protests in San Francisco, California. Olympic Torch April 8-9, 2008 | Tibet Day 2009 | *** personal favorites *** | Images That Hold Special Meaning or Interest to Me | Galleries of Cities and Villages that I have visited in China. | Market Day | The Many Faces of Humankind | hands | Black and White images | FLOWERS and other plants | Animals I have had the pleasure to enjoy the company of and some I wish could have had a better life. | 6 and 8 legged animals ++ Click on thumbnails to enlarge image++ | Reptiles and Amphibians I have had the pleasure to meet. | Environmental Impacts | ** Love That Bird ** | ** the cat and the child ** | ** just a little black and white ** | Various images of electronics | The Beach | Animals used for medicine. | In Box | Nascar: infineon Raceway - June, 2010 | Pohnpaid * Pohnpei * Petroglyphs- October 2010 | What i saw | Weekend retreat. | Ohmine Public Elementary School | A visit to the HiFiman and the assembly line for daps and headphone amplifier.

** just a little light **

This is my favorite type of lighting. Like chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.
No artificial light was used at any time. I used the Canon 5D with the 135L for many of the images with a few taken with the 17-35L. The 30D and 350D were also used on a few images with either of the mentioned lenses.
These images were photographed in China, Tibet and Nepal, with most images taken over a two month period this summer.

Being right doesn't mean you have the right. But there is always hope. JA, Dr. Eisenberg

I wish to thank everyone who has posted comments on this gallery. There have been hundreds of comments when I include those on the individual images. I would like to respond to each one but with my current workload I have not been able to. I appologize for this but please know that I appreciate what you have written and again, I thank you.

All photophraphy by John Amato

Copyright. Use of any image is strictly forbidden without my explicit written permission.

Santa IMG_6070.jpg IMG_4283.jpg The sweeper.  L1010961.jpg the netted bed. Remote village, China. 2006
Early morning steamed bread. Nepal evening Male rhesus monkey, Macaca mulatta, family Cercopithecidae. Zhangjajie National Forest Park in Hunan Province, China
Praying, monastery doors. Katmandu, Nepal Qingshuijiang River, Jinping County, China I
Debating monks, Sera Monastary, Lhasa, Tibet A young monk in a mountain monastery above Lhasa, Tibet. Setting sun.  the Knitter
Homeless in China Fortune teller Point of impact.
Sitting by the fire as the rain falls. Expressing. Midday break. Reflection or not. Father and sleeping child. Remote village China. 2006
Mother and child in a high mountain village. Not in the card game. Baskets and a chair. Bamboo barrels.
A sandal made from a tire and twisted rice stalks. Flower of a legume, Jishou City area, Hunan Province, Wuling Mts, China Tujia elder's hand. Hanging Loofah
Flower and bud. Card game and the smoker. Saying goodbye. Remote village, China. 2006
Kam child and his grandmother. The gathering of logs. Kam mother and child.
Kam elder with traditional bamboo and ceramic pipe. Going home. Kam taylor
Sewing. Remote village, China. 2809 the Fan 2 Kam agroforester Miao Silversmith.
the Fan 2 Dr. Yang and his wife. torn jacket
Young Kam girl. behind Lusheng player..
the Universe opens. . . . Homeless and mute. Mother and child. Buhhdist monk.
Locked but not locked out. Elder monk Elder at Drepung Monastary
Kam elder, the father of the village leader. Kam child.
Mountain village near Jingping, China. Kam woman.
2 friends Late afternoon sun on a Kam chimney and clay tile roof. Two women.
Sister and sister. Nuns in their high mountain home.
Blind fortune teller. watermellon on a rainy day Planing a plank.
It's good to have a laugh now and then. Watermellon baby
To smoke or not to smoke. Young Kam girl. Hmong Spring Festival celebration in Panzhai, January 2006, Guizhou Province, China
Got it. Let us hope we don't go to far and there will be no need for light. Sitting in a doorway to one of the village stores. Holding a smile.
Rice stalks ___________________          fill in the blank. Lighting and smoking pipes in a Kam drum tower. Bamboo leaf dew drop
Getting rice ready to hull. Kam celebration.
Ani (nun) near her high mountain homes near Lhasa, Tibet.
river boat Little boy and the lusheng players.
Just because Timmy jumped off the bridge, does that mean you should? Sunset Archbishop Desmond Tutu Leaf
Cleaning rice. He had nuts screwed onto his fingers and . . Flies on an onion. Sleeping arm.
Face and hand. L1005982.jpg L1005997.jpg