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l'amour, la vie, la mort... a touch of Lousiana feeling... restlessness two roses
indochine bar harbour view different times... street art
harbour in autumn Old World (Alte Welt) is closed today he`s on a diet... gas lighter
crane paging traditionally Oh ? WTH are they doing there...?
contrast left in the rain... biker and kids trio infernale ;)
Never, never again, nowhere in this  world...! red red wine... incomplete family ...on the way to be a heartbreaker ;)
IS dysfunction cross and crane the zebra moments of life ;) an essay on waiting
purple haze Beck`s   GOLD wounded knee buddha
snow white and her hand luggage hidden treasures the world is black, the world is white... optics
the praying skate boarder ; ) b & b  (= black and blond) sunny side up shadow
pictures of an exhibition pensive  girl the future belongs to her... feel the noise...
red heart sorry... actors and spectators
the furtive glance door guard interesting interpretation walking disabilities (different kind of)
high flyer lost sisters sharing ice cream escalators and orchids
crossing the line unbreakable habit more than a glance... me inside of Amy  W.  ; )
cheers! desire... guys n shoes floating pictures
viewers vision blue train old school building and tree
rainy morning discovering the inside
closed for cars welcome to my space Adam  the ant  ; ) prophet`s words
objects the brigde between the cages the old man and the fish happy family of advertisment
harbour tristesse haute couture a vision of beauty the little italian moments of life...
the curtains are still at the cleaner`s  ;) waiting adoring in a distance
even bicycles get   a penalty... ; ) head scratching...what`s the message ? Wishing all of you a lot of positive stimuli (= Reize) for 2009! ;) night lights
The Fabrik_1 (the factory) The Fabrik_2  (the factory) The Fabrik_3 (the factory) The Fabrik_4   (the factory)
The Fabrik_5  (the factory) The Fabrik_6  (the factory) The Fabrik_7  (the factory) The Fabrik_8  (the factory)
The Fabrik_9  (the factory) december mood dockland buildings at night BRATATATA....
encounter under the bridge The new Sorrows of Young W... Christmas gift ? I hope not...! a place of silence
Oh yes, I know - it`s tiring to wait...and wait...and wait... Il Professore L. Pepi e il suo giocattoli... windows to golden dreams...
blue is my fav` color... urban NOISE... the smile of indictment Venus  emerging from an ocean of tears...
wired Hamburg Port Authority, Dockland behind the bushes...a giant dwarf Mamma...
tribut to Mondrian and the W.T.O. *** le rayon vert pyramids, lamps and a waitress
allnight... FUNK 25 the blue wheelchair big portion please...!
sometimes I really love the rain in Hamburg... ;) bridge over troubled water ;) , docklands warm lights on a cold winter`s evening sniffin` ...
transformations... the flower behind the window... under the eyes of Buddha... the answer - my friend - is blowing in the wind... ;)
flower and pins resident can`t  afford a security system... ;) fandango blues Shhh....I didn`t do it!
guys `n  pillows friends doubleness
I`m sure I did NOT !  ;) in a hurry... a pensive moment... the fire extinguisher ;)
LucIA just another average day... surfin` on the urban waves... but who am I ?...
wall painting we all are observers... the lights of 2009 docklands
bike and music harbour cranes reflected on window shades just another average day_2 we all are observers_2
young couple shapes of things... *** ***
*** Scale... *** ***
Bokeh-licious memories Breaking the rules... ;-) 9/11 St. Pauli landing stages
harbour lights *** *** ***
*** *** *** camouflage...
Cinematically moments of life... Photo album in focus harbour on fire
Reeperbahn, St.Pauli entrance *** ***
lifebelt Elbe Philharmonic Hall container ship Hamburg river Elbe panorama
*** container terminal fish rolls cranes and dove
Love wins Blankenese beachwalk black submarine harbor scenery
wall boarder Old jewish graveyard outdoor sofa picture at an exhibition