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Amsterdam 2007

Some street/canal impressions from Amsterdam.
I was there for 3 days to visit my young french friend Julien,
who has a working contract for some months in Amsterdam.
It was a GREAT time and I swear - I will come back!.
This gallery is dedicated to you - THANK YOU JULIEN!

Some additions are posted after a second short visit on 04th/05th of august 2007.

If you are the person captured in the photos and would not like your photos to be displayed in my gallery:
Please kindly notify me using the private message in the guestbook or comment tool.
I shall remove the concerned photo right away.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

SP Amsterdam style street performer ethnic minority ...the cat ?
faces in the crowd The city of Anne Frank an urban portrait city of arts
hair city of bikes and bodies hare krishna_1 past and present in reflection
dutch kiss biker and graffiti decoration Amsterdam style the tree of temptation
love behind the brownstones the princess the waitress urban beauty
Cappucino eyes Reflection queens nite bikes inferno
humiliating caught and caged for sale shadow play mother and child
kiss the church ... pickpocket warning trash
canal mood bicycle rider Like a bike? reflection
the boy men only bassman reflection
Café Americain there`s life behind a dirty window... two faces for the photographer... you are never alone!
bittersweet contrast part of the body of an houseboat owner memories urban nature
parking Press one Julien parking
objects Cubaanse son sunshine, sound and decoration framed
framed the young J. Beuys café scene alone and happy
help yourself *** The mystical fairy tales of Grimm city of diamonds
faces in reflection memories spring time Amsterdam style city of arts
*** England swings Leidseplein illumination REFLEX(ion)
fashion show behind the bricks 2 x 2 PAC Noah`s arch houseboat impression
busker in disgiuse inside: free breakfast; outside: loneliness *** A smile makes always the day...
*** dutch kiss the 3rd eye warrior of equally love
summer of love a smile in the crowd headbangers delight ...proud to be a part of the show !
pink vulcanian an delicious offer sapph dancer Stencil art
yes...I love A`dam Look  - how funny  - a hetero - they still exist.... a (beautiful) face in the crowd smoking in a tat  jacket
windswept hair ** *** reflection
ergonomy a smile for the photographer... un petit coeur profondément dans les pensées frame work
nightly reflection the typical drama... nightly find Life is a cabaret...
urban impression exhibition a little summer impression fingers...
Elvis (kind of) dutch version a face in the crowd asian beauty kissed by the sun of spring
referee (kind of) beer warmer thumb up - joint glows hairdos and expressions
the greedy hand *** Lucky (Strike to Death) Aussie Bum
Experiences (symbolic) protection against the force of discrimination charming applause the art of work
canal beauty That`s how a drama begins... Friendly request style is everything
6 (real) men and 1 (fantasy) girl the pink ball hawaiian touch the diva
the winner takes it all Pierrot the Clown  Ping private boat party with DJ
House front of Paradiso easy sailor inside an art gallery at night Reflection
*** Street Art Collage glittering smile thirsty man
Raise Your Voice Against Racism black and white warrior (kind of) mirror balls
life is a beautiful dance (sometimes...) two souls in one heart broken bridge submission
insight kiss on distance canal impression FINAL: Screaming Oranje