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48 hours in Paris,
the home of my heart,
the playground of my illusions,
the impossible attempt to depict them,
the joy and vibrancy of the knowledge of the beauty of imperfection
in the volatility of the moment...

Almost all shots were taken with a Ricoh Caplio GX 100.

Beauty and the rubbish I`ve been hit by purple rain... I see what I like to see... Gimme Five - but don`t  free me... it`s the singer - not the song...
the lonelyness of beauty the fear of one`s own ego... the doll factor... the art to be devout and yet to enjoy little sins we are all made of star dust
symbolisme - it`s a jazzy life everything happens first  in the brain  the observer the chinese tattoo I regret nothing...
He isn`t  angry even though it `s Diesel! t3%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114423844.o5cvyq2k.jpg t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114424297.Ja6rQNn4.jpg t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114424549.B0dIZWLJ.jpg everything is a question of optics ;)
t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114425283.jRIjtoza.jpg translucence t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114447600.R885i3rz.jpg after the rain... t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114448827.I9aVygTg.jpg
t3%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114458267.tVOtpnzZ.jpg t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114459243.me2c2lEp.jpg the first attempt to do a handstand... ;) t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114484422.H5k1A0Qy.jpg fall colors
Physically close but spiritually separated... wear your inside out... waiting...with style though! t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114524755.YSy1F0a8.jpg gray and pink with a splash of green...
first aid (kind of)... refreshment (inside and outside) ;) the little spoon... backyard smoker trademark
Live on the Coke Side of Life... life is a construction area... 12:59:36 lunch break hug father and son mother and child
Rencontre de trois... crossroad after a rainfall Milk...he was drinking milk! Winners and losers... tired...
the face... t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114602243.uNvqSkxV.jpg G I R L What rules isn`t the label - it`s always the shared passion! ;) bags and burdens
Urban distorsions searching for protection... t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114644728.Qiz9LUzJ.jpg  a place to relax ;) the helmsman
the large ashtray... t3%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114667536.zZz0Tazz.jpg t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114684659.z126wSRG.jpg sweat drop... t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114686178.hKlR3Lpi.jpg
Happy Hour offer of the day... Fine for the photographer... ;) on the fringes of society... parisian girls... school break
the man with the white fez (hat) shapes contrasts... Girls, sandwiches and the man behind the window... It`s not the size of the body - what counts is always the size of the heart*
Not amused... school break_2 Girls ´n boys and the sky above Paris... sunrise 8 Love - at the first glance...?
for the little italian moments of life... the band from Barca connection study  about women and men... ;) Jazzy B, broadway foods & video...
who cares of the rain... smoke and mascs... plug in - black out... t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114844379.HT7BmSr1.jpg t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114844824.x6rmFpwM.jpg
amused... t1%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114845829.GvpmaWCR.jpg GIVE  `EM HELL AL! t3%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f114872431.vdErP8Pd.jpg Neon lights of the cold...
Bohemian Rhapsody... the game Oh happy day... west meets east...