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Paris 2007

One of my first galleries ever on pbase was named "Paris mon amour".
And it is a everlasting love to this city and their people!
The initial point to visit and discover Paris came along with movies of Georg Stefan Troller many years before.

One of my greatest inspirators in street photography is this guy from Moscow, Rulon.
And I would like to make some promotion for him: Rulon
His galleries are a visual treat!

If you are the person captured in the photos and would not like your photos to be displayed in my gallery:
Please kindly notify me using the private message in the guestbook or comment tool.
I shall remove the concerned photo right away.
Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

spring and autumn in one stroke no interest back from the deserts ...sorry for cutting his boat! you!
consuming the music in a rush Saxy player ...talking with his bottle smoking under the flag of palastina the children of the revolution
bound beauty Signs are always green for photographers in Paris! upset in focus a different face in the crowd
police on duty (on  bike!) Mutation sprayers tool sprayers work What`s  about a shave hon` ?
*** Exhausted different points of interest a face in the crowd self  production
waiting men and boys early saturday morning men and boys reflection
encounter L`image d`après view from my hotel room reflection reflection
reflection the shadows of paradise hold No. 8 Cleaning the (clean) entrance adoring together
coke, art and sunshine stars *** The dark chapter ***
the perfect sun protection spring to take away long ash *** ringing the doorbell
L`esprit grande taille don`t worry -  it`s only the head of a bloody tourist a find behind a (very) dirty window I couldn`t resist... Monsieur Cool
Bikes and didgeridoo detail study attention people! blind painter part of a school class
Image is everything a curtain for Jeanloup Sieff and the 70ties Lucky man... Symbiose Heavy
hand the sadness of a clown smokers 17 avril 2007 hotel room night view oranges and reflection
Hey buddy, let`s have a car drive together... the scream face to face project bad news?  or too much noise? or both? pharmacy
sleeping in a bed of flowers the blind woman Che and his girlfriend Crina`s patient Escape
living on the streets lost between art runaway reflection with rats trio + 1
street worker bench talk street fighter feet up - plug in - black out! Woman to woman
Madame Papillon a beauty in cage of  glass the flying men Paris mon amour A qui a-t-on arraché ce que vous portez ?
PROM 70% Advantage map holder les philosophes Prelude...not just the beginning fallen angel
back to the roots TV Interview street portrait reflection reflection
behind the iron lattice Urban collage street portrait tango in exil reflection
springtime in the tuileries art and Heineken faces and expressions *** balance is everything
Paris mon amour_2 urban jungle the eternal sleep street portrait Rock`n` Roll animal
old trees the critical glance shop window impression passage his own director
*** metro love bass `n`  voice Symbiosis ...just one face in the urban crowd
OK - the Paris story continues... eating and contemplating favorites singing tribut to Edith he should quit with smoking
something is strange here... my alter ego Vive la france! framed you are always on my mind...
scene in the tuileries Classy and a bit out of focus No - that`s not the Metro station! emotions Iggy under construction
time is a healer! (?) *** the beauty and grace of age *** coat hanger
agent  M`s only a clown... love in the urban rush just a slice of (parisian) life red on red
painting on chinese newspaper Pardon Monsieur! definitely street art One of the oldest questions... like a virgin
*** hotel room look out *** balloons and pigs pigeon in pole position
*** Quo vadis ? fear and happiness Nouveau Réalisme_2 in my brain
Rue Six Coups MC 13 different characters Belle France *** street portrait
Jazz he does not regret anything... CHUTE D`ETOILES / Fall of stars the world between... La Folle Paranthése
after the concert... bored and tired boy the girl and the painter *** man in the dead middle
Dalida ... and the black lady behind the bars... un petit coeur profondément dans les pensées Fantomas is waiting... Take the money and run...!
strange encounter hidden point of interest flowers of decay authentic Paris another parisian icon
blue notes kissed by the sun longing... the opportunity for a short check grave chamber
Swing confidence The classical drama... couple The B side...
*** My dreams are blue...asian blue! shooting star *** Out of balance..
After the show... Balance is everything in life... untitled Life is an old comedy... camouflage
There are days I feel like a dog... Just a little intermezzo... Life is beautiful - isn`it ?! philosophy the prayer
pixel sis` face to face FOREVER ? double vision birds and people
the doubt Désirs (wishes) encounter C`mon, don`t be chicken - the dog doesn`t bite! teaching the art of Kandinsky
Ouch!!!! *** Metro on strike... thoughts time warp
Come with me to the land  of the long white cloud (Aoatearoa/NZ) walls in da brain... I got the pill for your cough! Rue de Palestro wall breaker
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Pink Opium We know Alfred and we know:  LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL... art and business metro on strike
5  underground smileys waves of light