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Shameless on Mont St Michel

Mont St-Michel is a monastery situated off the coast of Normandy, and its history spanning over a thousand years has earned its place as a UN World Heritage Site. During low tide, it is possible to walk across from mainland France.

I was lucky enough to have made a stop there on a sunny day in winter. So much for applying techniques of photography, the place was so charming that I ended up taking quite a fair bit of shameless tourist shots. It is a gorgeous place, perhaps made a bit too perfect by being an outrageous tourist trap, but one can easily overlook the souvenier shops and hotels to imagine what life was like there hundreds of years ago, in the time of pilgrims and the battle of good v evil.

Please also drop by and visit St Malo in summer by clicking on the thumbnail below:

Stylesheet from
A Fairy Tale The sacrifice contemplation ...
Modern day prilgrims t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f90910742.9sZvK8uw.jpg Written in the sky
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91122595.b7z4aSJr.jpg Can you handle this? t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91122438.dj8joVv3.jpg
The Journey t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91183581.LDuoiCeY.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91001788.F3EYH4MG.jpg
Panorama Overwhelmed t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91001625.6My6Ait5.jpg
Sanctuary t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f90914911.3k7AVqzO.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f90910964.ezeRo1Fw.jpg
Pinnacle Dwelling t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f90891665.ezxrAkuQ.jpg
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f90919126.X9ffz8O9.jpg And then there was light Almost full
Reluctance t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f90919380.OfjKif4k.jpg The person within
In focus Enter stranger t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f90955251.ZGuIh0MY.jpg
Architectural detail t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91122393.VdJsyK7V.jpg Glimpse
Spectrum Warmth t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91128265.GgKPVqfJ.jpg
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91132038.Wk9YnycU.jpg Wish you were here Pitch Black
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91128382.KM8cXB0t.jpg Race towards the light t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91128336.vkQk99nY.jpg
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91002316.NaB95al4.jpg In the shadow Miles to go ...
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91212634.rntOWn5w.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91212675.fm4owEA4.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f91122515.3eoiH8Dm.jpg