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This were photos taken on two separate trips to Jordan, one in September 2004, and the second in February 2008. The older photos are at the bottom, taken with the Canon 300D (and the truly awful 18-55mm kit lens), and newer photos are at the top, using the Canon 40D.

Jordan is a lovely place to visit, it is rich in culture and history, and ever since Petra has been declared one of the new seven wonders of the world, tourism here has picked up in a big way. The beautiful thing about this country is that there are so many ways to explore it. whether on foot, camel riding or going round in a 4 wheel drive in the dunes of the beautiful Wadi Rum desert, horseback riding around the mountains of Petra, or just lying on your back at the surface of the Dead Sea. The country is safe, full of friendly people and is one of the places where you never quite experience the same things twice, even on a revisit.

More photos to come.

But wait! There's more! Taken in 2009:

Thanks for visiting.
Petra by Night Dead Sea Time to unwind
Bedouin lady The Classic View Opening Daredevil
one direction Scraping the skies Abdul Mutalib Oud - a traditional middle eastern instrument
Coloured Rocks of Petra Abed The Monastery Saddlebag
In and out The Khazneh, Petra
Bedouin man, Petra Have a break Cigarette break
Bedouin child
The face of Petra On guard
A Scottish instrument, played by a Jordanian, amongst Roman ruins Pillars of the earth Feet over Petra
Khazneh from above Number 1 Camel, Petra The conventional view Bead seller, Petra
Bedouin musician, Little Petra Wadi Rum Camel in Wadi Rum Shadows in Wadi Rum
Rest time Shifting sands of Wadi Rum Shadows in the sand, Wadi Rum Walk towards the sun
The transporter Dead Sea Sunset Dead Sea sunset Dead Sea Sunset