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A mild winter over Iceland

2012 - I'm back on pbase, and I've missed being here!

2010 - While Europe was in deep freeze, the winter in Iceland was unusually mild. I had gone there to search for the Northern Lights, but was amazed to see what Iceland has to offer in terms of nature, despite the short daylight hours. The landscape might have been bleak due to the weather, but does not make Iceland any less stunning, in my view.
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Revisited in March 2012, and this time is was severely cold, but no less beautiful.

Gallery under construction.
t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131241857.CIIwuy8Y.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131241872.gc5DFrnw.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131242202.VpAk7690.jpg
Ice daggers 2012-03-19 02:03 Geyser pools, Iceland
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142195247.UuU3bpre.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142195243.o9fST23w.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142195245.zWPDmVBf.jpg
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142409142.byIREmfk.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142191930.NTQHZYLA.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142191931.R6QMR1FA.jpg
t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131240180.zgZ9550T.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142235780.erXyX1w4.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131240211.5jgzMDIn.jpg
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142186468.eMB0DY3M.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142186465.C9c1yKSX.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142409298.lmSuTQbO.jpg
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142183543.N37uxDxz.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142183527.s4oDGp2a.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142183537.Vr9sLSIO.jpg
t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131239914.QcVyljI9.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131240084.ft4CPuwq.jpg The Magnificent Northern Lights
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142409670.E0ki1zzn.jpg the crunch t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142409712.S58AoDbF.jpg
t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131240264.VWiYVOKm.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131240502.PsA9vJ4X.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131240529.Agi35oqb.jpg
t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131240560.uF6ySYNl.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131240628.Ka1bctiU.jpg One headlight
t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131240946.yv0oNqKA.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131241187.dNmJLPyZ.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131241640.7kRS4eU7.jpg
Frozen in time t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131241744.VcfA772s.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131248686.JJNqGlyH.jpg
t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131241808.QocRLB4z.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131242425.kKc30T3S.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131242456.DHI0KgXm.jpg
t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131242443.rqQ55Mlk.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131245197.q0TLJZLi.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131248238.YscK1a2W.jpg
t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131248404.0B2XSiE5.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131269268.FLzpgx8o.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131248816.2EGOQYBn.jpg
t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131240787.lEmw94Ee.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131240090.NbUzp9eR.jpg t1%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f131495194.NJdIkGrH.jpg
Aurora Contradictions Steam from geyser
2012-03-19 03:59 Icelandic horse t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142351892.Nx8SVkLr.jpg
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142351895.1n7cwPrJ.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142351899.7iRsVpZe.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142352050.ecP3is6s.jpg
scale t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142409107.vVZRQK32.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142409185.h3yaAAEw.jpg
t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142409270.Iv0ICxBS.jpg t4%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f142409319.Hn3s01Yn.jpg Naturally black and white
t9%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f153227954.IypqI9TH.jpg t9%2f27%2f604827%2f4%2f153228047.e9Gz74gl.jpg