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London in winter: The Living (How do you like your hot chocolate?) (continued)

Hi all

2007/2008 - While trying to figure out life, the universe and everything, my journey brought me to London for a couple of short trips where I learnt the following:
(1) one has to be disciplined to catch the short daylight hours;
(2) it's terribly difficult to hold a camera steady at night and in zero degree temperature; and
(3) next time, I should always make place in my suitcase for a tripod!

It's been years since I lived through a full winter in London, and beautiful as it may be, I can't say hand on my heart that it's pleasant. But I do know that London has always held special memories for me. Whether to live or to visit, it's one of the greatest cities in the world.

2009/2010 update - back again in my favourite city, with my tripod this time! Please stay tuned. The most recent images at the top.

2013 - And some others dug out from a long lost archive of photos that I thought I'd lost forever!

PS - London in summer looks a little something like this. Please click on the thumbnail to view the full gallery:

And to view London in Winter: The Dead, please click on the following thumbnail:

Eye in the sky
London Aquarium Selfridges
Single leg
Not so pretty Hot in winter!
An hour of snow London in Winter 2010
Pay as you go Twillight
Piccadilly Circus
Macro people in Trafalgar Square
Getting around Eye in the sky
Public Transport and Me Christmas stockings Selfridges
Macro People at the British Museum Tickets for Sale Talking feet
Kindred spirit Finding my feet
Cracks in our foundation Desolation
Balance Dance with me Catch me if I fall
In a bubble
Into the darkness
Little Matchstick Girl
Towards the light
Alone Waiting to be famous
The One Life in slow motion Troopers
Why Snow Queen Overground
Barely there Leicester Square Covent Garden
In battle Cemetery Skies Clasp
Cheeky Audience Lines
Cross the bridge ...