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20190120 Winter Storm P1380254-6 Edmonds Lock Outflow P1050592-4 Winter Edmonds P1050591 Blue Jay Sampling Carrots P1050548
One-Point Landing P1050532 Woodpecker Looking Up P1050559 American Tree Sparrow P1050536 White-Breasted Nuthatch P1050554
Woodpecker Pecking P1050508 Jupiter & Venus Convergence & Meteor P1380171-7 (crop) Jupiter & Venus Convergence & Meteor P1380171-7 Confederation Bridge In Sunrise Mist P1380036-42
Vintage Westinghouse Portable Radio P1050480-2 Frosty Fallen Tree In Sunrise Mist P1370979-85 Rideau River Sunrise Frost P1370937-43 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1370860-6
Carss House Roofline Beyond Canal Basin Mist P1380015-21 Misty Rideau River At Sunrise P1370881-7 Backlit Frost On A Dirty Garage Window P1050316 Iced Dam P1050429-31
Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree P1050412 (crop) Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree P1050412 Frost On A Garage Window P1050310 Frost On A Garage Window P1050347
Jupiter & Venus Over Frozen Irish Creek P1370837-9 Mallards On The Move P1050225 Black & White Horses In Black & White P1050261 Waiting For Spring P1050281A
Pigeons Going Online P1050243 Wet Mink On Ice P1050228.9 Stained Glass Shop Windows P1370398-02 Frosted Landscape P1050060-2
Sunrise Over Iced Irish Creek P1050150-6 Interesting Sky P1050103-9 Turtle Island On A Foggy Night P1370756-62 Departing Train On A Foggy Night P1050027-9
Frosty Tree P1050048-50 Tanker Cars On A Foggy Night P1050021-7 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1370130-6 Red Channel Marker P1040773
Moon & Venus Over Turtle Island P1370700-6 Snowy Confederation Drive P1040954-6 Abstract P1040913 Clouded Crescent Moon P1370723.6
Abstract P1040918 Abstract P1040924-6 Otter On Ice P1370510 Clouded Sunrise P1370572-8
Swimming Otter P1370532 The 6:22 Train To Toronto P1370356.8 Irish Creek Sunrise P1370544-50 Otter On Ice P1370524
Clouded Sunrise P1370586-92 Two Otters Frolicking P1370465 Wind Turbine Tower Sections P1370214-20 Misty Rideau River At Sunrise P1040731-7
Snowflake P1040872 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1040682 Two Geese On Ice P1040839 Cutting Edge Photo P1040809-10
CP 8912 Arriving In Snowfall P1370263-9 Misty Rideau River Sunrise P1040759-65 Tater Admiring His Painting P1040676 I Think Those Are For Me P1040591
Christmas Eve VIA Train P1040575 Snowy Tamarack Needles & Cones P1040554 Canadian Pacific 8912 Arriving P1370286 Christmas Eve Heritage House P1040567
CP 8912 In Snowfall P1370270-6 CEFX 1059 & NS 4111 (P1370242-8) CEFX 1059 & NS 4111 (P1370256-62) Sunrise Moon P1370111
Moon Over Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1370116-22 Misty Otter Creek P1040498-00 Rideau Canal Visitor Information Centre Windows P1040538 Foggy Swale P1040522-4
Holiday Crystal Palace Interior P1370067-73 White Christmas Tree Ornaments P1370046-52 Clouded Cold Moon Setting P1360891-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1360919-25
Clouded Cold Moon Setting P1360857-61 Holiday Crystal Palace P1360800-6 Natural Ice Sculpture P1040480-2BW Clouded Sun P1040439
Gull With A Bite Of Breakfast P1040412 Holiday Tay River P1360814-20 Holiday Perth Crystal Palace P1360695-01 Holiday Perth P1360723-9
Holiday Perth Town Hall Clock Tower P1360751-7 140+ Pigeons On Wires P1040400 Pigeon Landing P1040401 Railway Night Crew P1360662-6
Hightailing Deer P1040363 Icy Abstract P1030850-2 Rapids Rocks P1040278 Perched Bald Eagle P1040220
Wild Turkeys P1040249 Holiday Town Hall P1030969-75 Leaky Combined Lock Ice & Water Falls P1040203.6.9 Woodpecker On A Limb P1040176