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Latest Photos

Two Bales At Sunrise P1220783-89 Red Sun Rising P1230391-7 Ground Fog Along Irish Creek DSCN13657-9 Green Bottle Fly DSCN13911
Unsettled Sky DSCN13848 Eastern Pondhawk DSCN13869 Canal Weedeater DSCN13832 Giant Rubber Duck P1230190-4
Bales & Tree In Sunrise P1230307-13 Departing Storm Clouds At Sunrise P1230274-6 Giant Rubber Duck Backside P1230220-4 Barn At Sunrise P1230259-61
Giant Rubber Duck Close Up P1230160-4 Giant Rubber Duck P1230195-9 Barn In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1230256-8 Giant Rubber Duck P1230170-4
Sunstruck Black-eyed Susans DSCN13618 Trees In Sunrise Fog DSCN13690-2 Bales & Barn In Sunrise Fog DSCN13681 Kawartha Voyageur In Night Fog P1220972-8
White Horse P1230100 Horse & Foal P1230098 Equine Pals At Breakfast P1230124 Night Fog Along The Rideau P1230083-9
Kawartha Voyageur In Night Fog P1220993-9 Foggy Night At The Canal Basin P1230027-33 Almost A Sunrise P1220958-64 Sunrise Ground Fog P1220643-9
From Juvenile To Mature DSCN13564A Tree In Sunrise Fog P1220790-6 Purple Loosestrife Pasture P1220900-2 Night Transforming Into Day P1220613-5
Curved Staircase DSCN13140 Blue Light Special P1220870-5 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1220849-55 Foggy Morning Dog Walker DSCN13454
Bales In Sunrise P1220817-9 The Opinicon DSCN13125-7 Bales & Ground Fog P1220811 Curved Staircase DSCN13167
Smithing A Bottle Opener DSCN13338 Diving DSCN13280-3 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1220685-91 Dragonfly On A Purple Flower DSCN13174
Farmer Working At Sunrise P1220629-35 Blacksmith's Fire DSCN13354.5.8 Grazing In A Field Of Wildflowers P1220601.9 Monarch On A Milkweed DSCN13084
Rolling Fields At Sunrise P1220577-9 Yellow Warbler In A Tree DSCN13030 Pink Daylily Stamen DSCN12984 Soy Bean Field P1220571-3BW
Kawartha Voyageur At Dawn P1220541-9 Kawartha Voyageur At Twilight P1220496-8 Kawartha Voyageur At Twilight P1220490-2 Fog Layer & Barn At Sunrise P1220459-65
Hotel On Land, Hotel On Water DSCN12906 Kawartha Voyageur At Night P1220447-9 A Seldom Seen Scene P1220480-6 Boating Waxwing DSCN12757
Pink Coneflower Stamen DSCN12678 Studebaker Grill DSCN12725 1931 Chrysler Coupe DSCN12719 Barn In Sunrise P1220441-3
Waxwing In A Tree DSCN12683 Sylvan Sunrise P1220377-83 Milky Way Over The Rideau P1220328 Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1220403-5
Milky Way Over Irish Creek P1220336 Waxwing In A Tree DSCN12642 Clouded Sunrise P1220273-5 Backlit Heron In A Tree DSCN12460
Clouded Sunrise P1220288-90 Sunrise Sunrays P1220141-7 Goose Feather Closeup DSCN11960 Lower Rideau Lake Sunrise P1220217
Church & Ground Fog At Sunrise P1220251-7 Preening Swan DSCN12407 The Fallen DSCN12292-4 Mushroom Gills DSCN12258
Sunrise Sunrays P1220182-8 Mushrooms DSCN12202-4 Heron Walking A Dock DSCN12058 Mushrooms DSCN12229
Snoozing Swan DSCN12028 Purple Wildflower DSCN12086 Lower Reach Sunset DSCN12049-51 Cedar Waxwing DSCN12008
Clouds At Sunrise DSCN11795-7 Merganser Profile DSCN12022 Channel Marker In Fog DSCN11990 Blue Hour Boat Basin DSCN11896
Light In A Window P1220041 Tanker Train In Dawn Fog P1220062 Tail Light Trails DSCN11899 Sitting On The Dock Of The Basin DSCN11755art
Sunrise Cloud & Contrail P1220005-9 Thunder Moon Setting P1210997-02 Swan Honking DSCN11877 Thunder Moon Rising P1210902-4