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Golden Cornfield P1100400-2 Fall Fence 20140923 Empty Docks 44854-8 Pumpkin P1100337
Pumpkin P1100337 Art Victoria Park At First Light 20140922 Lone Red Tree 20140921 Three Boats DSCN0538
Downtown Streetlight At First Light 20140920 Frosty Leaves P1100317 Frosty Footprints 20140919 Autumn Colors In Summer 44826
Blakeney Rapids DSCF18508-10 Autumn Marsh 20140918 Bales In Misty Sunrise 20140917 Barn In Misty Sunrise 20140916
Medieval Window DSCN0428 Acorn On An Oak Leaf 20140915 Laundromat 44761.67.70v2 Laundromat 44761.67.70
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140913 Kawartha Voyageur At Night 20140914 House On A Point At Sunrise P1100082 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140912
Wet Bee 20140911 Autumn In Summer  P1100019-21 Fridge Handles DSCF18374 Equine Pal 20140910
Bedroom Blinds DSCF18363 The 6:22 Out Of Smiths Falls 20140909 Harvest Moon Rising Over The Rideau DSCF18352-4 Sunrise Sunrays P1090985-7
Silo & Trees Above Sunrise Fog 20140908 Rideau Canal Sunset P1090820-2 The Narrows At Sunrise 20140907 Stripes DSCF18334-6
Smiths Falls VIA Rail Station 20140906 Bullfrog On A Leaf DSCF17577 Ornamental Gardens Bench DSCF17433 Red Sun Rising 20140905
Ornamental Gardens Path DSCF17403-5 Gull & Sailboat P1090315 Mirror Mirror On The Wall DSCF18328-30 Gazebo & Sunrays P1090719-21
Trees In Misty Sunrise 20140904 Rail Yard Pedestrian Underpass P1090632-4 Tank Car Train 20140903 Milk Can Mailbox Base P1090647
Sunset Storm Clouds P1090524-6 Misty Sunrise P1090572-4 Pair Of Purple Flowers DSCF18304-6 Country Lane 20140902
A Rafter Of Turkeys 20140901 Quiet Back Road DSCF18292-4 Rideau Canal Sunset 20140831 Merrickville Ruins At Sunrise P1090440-2
Merrickville Locks At Sunrise 20140830 Old Log Barn In Sunrise Glow P1090418-20 Heron At Sunrise P1090476 More Premature Autumn Color 20140829
Irish Creek Sunrise P1090339 Barn In Mist P1060537-9 Morning Landscape 20140828 Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise 20140826
First Sign Of Autumn 20140827 Grasshopper Closeup DSCF18245-6 Lone Tree In Misty Sunrise P1090115-7 Pines In Misty Sunrise P1090205-7
Lone Tree In Misty Sunrise 20140825 Pale Horse In Misty Sunrise P1090042 Misty Sunrise 20140824 Slowly Sinking Into The Swale DSCF18218
The Swale At Sunrise 20140823 Perched Chickadee P1080843 Squawking Gull DSCF17918 Lockdown P1080795
Canalside Picnic Tables 20140822 Wolford Chapel In Sunrise Glow P1080918-20 Smiths Falls At Night 20140821 Tiny Yellow Wildflower DSCF18140
Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140820 Basement Stairs P1080910 Wet Otter DSCF18070 Otter Creek Sunrise P1080888-90
Broad-winged Hawk DSCF18053 Early Boat 20140819 Nogies Creek At Sunrise 20140818 Loon Breakfast 20140817
Sunrays Over The Rideau 20140816 Stopping To Smell The Flowers 20140815 Otter Creek Sunrise 20140812 Dead Or Alive 20140811
Misty Clouded Sunrise 20140810 St Thomas Anglican Church P1080581-3 Loon With A Bite Of Breakfast 20140807 Red Sun Rising Balancing Act P1070843
The Morning Train Arriving 20140808 Five Geese Aswimming 20140806 Clouded Sunrise 20140805 New Equine Pals P1070905-6