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Slowly Sinking Into The Swale DSCF18218 The Swale At Sunrise 20140823 Squawking Gull DSCF17918 Perched Chickadee P1080843
Lockdown P1080795 Canalside Picnic Tables 20140822 Wolford Chapel In Sunrise Glow P1080918-20 Smiths Falls At Night 20140821
Tiny Yellow Wildflower DSCF18140 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140820 Basement Stairs P1080910 Otter Creek Sunrise P1080888-90
Wet Otter DSCF18070 Broad-winged Hawk DSCF18053 Early Boat 20140819 Nogies Creek At Sunrise 20140818
Loon Breakfast 20140817 Stopping To Smell The Flowers 20140815 Sunrays Over The Rideau 20140816 Old Barn At Sunrise 20140814
Ornge C-GYNM (P1080537) Spare Room Corner P1080685-7 Smiths Falls Cenotaph 20140813 Loon With Breakfast 44560
Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1080624 Otter Creek Sunrise 20140812 St Thomas Anglican Church P1080581-3 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1080637-9
Sterling the Second P1080567 Dead Or Alive 20140811 Misty Clouded Sunrise 20140810 Loon Stretching Its Wings 44568
Crossed Contrails At Sunrise 20140809 Red Sun Rising Balancing Act P1070843 Loon With A Bite Of Breakfast 20140807 The Morning Train Arriving 20140808
Lily Closeup DSCF17451 Loon Spreading Its Wings P1080211 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise P1080047-9 Rideau Canal Sunset P1080190
Five Geese Aswimming 20140806 Clouded Sunrise 20140805 Grasshopper Closeup DSCF17814-6 Kawartha Voyageur At Night 44460-3
Experimental Farm Field DSCF17631 New Equine Pals P1070905-6 Heron On A Rock DSCF17750 Misty Sunrise 20140804
Rideau Canal At Dawn 44222 Bee On A Coneflower DSCF17547 Morningside Lane DSCF17658-60 Red Sun Rising P1070855
Trees In Sunrise Ground Fog P1070785-7 First Sign Of Autumn DSCF17563 Red Sun Rising Over Mist 20140803 Bug On A Black-eyed Susan DSCF17339
Coneflower DSCF17545 Bug On A Yellow Lily DSCF17454 Red & Yellow Lily Closeup DSCF17443 Foggy Rideau Canal Sunrise 20140802
Sunflower DSCF17241 Spiky Pink Flowers DSCF17285 Chipmunk DSCF17383 Bee On A Black-eyed Susan DSCF17324
Yellow Butterfly DSCF17532 Green Heron On A Log DSCF17684 Cute Little Bug On A Yellow Lily 20140801 Bee Leaving Beebalm DSCF17568
Heron By A Dam P1070515 Wall Of Corn P1070686-8 Facing The Bush 20140731 Beckwith Street Bridge At Dawn 44412-4
Rideau Canal At Dawn 44406-8 4 AM Traffic 20140730 Rideau Canal Sunset P1070659-61 On The Shelf DSCF17238-40
Irish Creek Sunrise 20140729 Docked At Centennial Park 20140728 Grazing Appaloosa DSCF17109 Field of Purple Loosestrife 20140727
Boats At Chaffeys Lock DSCF16910-2 Bug On A Little Purple Flower DSCF16871 Doe & Fawn 20140726 Edmunds Dam 20140725
Red Lily Closeup DSCF16627 One Ugly Bug DSCF16665 Strandherd-Armstrong Bridge From Below 44334-5 Daisy Closeup DSCF16791
Coneflowers P1070476-8 Red White & Blue Bow 20140724 Country Sunrise 20140722 Bales In Morning Mist P1070269
Sunrise Ground Fog 20140721 Sunrise Fishing 20140719 Bales & Sunrise Shadows 20140716 Biting Off More Than It Can Chew 20140715
Clouded Perigee Moon 20140713 Setting Moon 20140712 Bales In Misty Sunrise 20140718 Horse Fence Shadows 20140710
The Swale At Sunrise 20140709 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1060603-5