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Clouded Sunrise P1320013-5 Federal Caribou DSCN27508 Loon Coming Up Empty DSCN27922 Dragonfly (crop) DSCN27973
Dragonfly DSCN27987 Dragonfly DSCN28009-11 Rain At Last DSCN27896 Loon Pair, One With Catch DSCN27943
Damselfly On A Water Lily DSCN27861 Damselfly On A Water Lily (crop) DSCN27861 Little Water Lily DSCN27871-3 Sunrise Over Ground Fog P1320006-12
Double-crested Cormorant DSCN27535 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27655 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27721 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27634
CP Tanker Train P1310976 Ground Fog At Sunrise P1310839-41 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27689 Coneflower Closeup DSCN27793
Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27539 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27619 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27620 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27621
Brockville Railway Tunnel Lighting DSCN27677 Brockville Railway Tunnel (iPhone0225-08h02m44s835) 'Avoid Touching The Walls' DSCN27577 Brockville Railway Tunnel-North Portal DSCN27703-5
Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27613 Brockville Railway Tunnel-South Portal DSCN27733-8 Foggy Farm P1310776-8 Lower Rideau Lake Clouded Sunrise DSCN27379-84
Widow Skimmer Dragonfly DSCN27477 Equine Pal In Pasture At Sunrise DSCN27424 Fishing At Sunrise DSCN27328 Turkeys In A Field At Sunrise DSCN27355
Four Bales In Foggy Sunrise P1310842-4 Gordon & Anabelle 5523 Hotel At Dawn P1310961-6 Buggy Creeping Bellflower DSCN27214-25
Heron In Murphy Park At Sunrise P1310930 Heron Poised To Strike P1310944 Two Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1310809-11 Happy 4th of July (49180)
Canada Day 2018 (49191) Canada Day 2018 (49244) Canada Day 2018 (49245) Heron In Flight DSCN27099
Yellow Butterfly DSCN27097 Canada Day 2018 (composite) Canada Day 2018 (49174) Canada Day 2018 (49243)
Canada Day 2018 (49241) Canada Day 2018 (49232) Canada Day 2018 (49157) Bales In Sunrise Ground Fog P1310764-6
Canada Day 2018 (49243) Squirrel With Peanut DSCN26965 Church In Misty Clouded Sunrise DSCN26943-5 Flicker Taking Flight DSCN26879-11h35m42s416
Heron In The Bush DSCN26899 Northern Flicker Chick DSCN26879-08h43m49s400 Wet-head Loon DSCN26776 Flicker & Chick DSCN26879-08h42m10s870
Sunrise Cloud DSCN26848-50 Heron Out For A Stroll DSCN26766 Old Barn Latch & Lock DSCN26687BW The Hay Is Better On The Bottom DSCN26666
Common Loon Pair DSCN26800 Sunrise Sky DSCN26570-5 Duke Head-on DSCN26645 Flicker Out On A Limb DSCN26608
Field Of Bales At Sunrise DSCN26582-7 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN25864-6 Misty Rideau Canal From Afar At Sunrise DSCN26387-9 Great Blue Heron At Sunrise DSCN26426-7
Cedar Waxwing DSCN26384 Sunrise Fog DSCN25846-8 Great Crested Flycatcher DSCN26363 Horses Under Threatening Sky DSCN26351
Heron On Dead Wood DSCN26330BW Heron On Dead Wood DSCN26330v2 Heron On Dead Wood DSCN26330 Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN25809
Edmonds Canal Cut DSCN25822-4 Parrot Profile DSCN26206 Common Loon DSCN26004 Dragonfly Closeup DSCN26113-5
Kingbird Harrassing Osprey DSCN26170 Loon Floating Near Float DSCN26038 Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN25939-41 Merrickville Lock 22 (DSCN25759BW)
CP Engine 2277 At Sunrise DSCN25936-8 Departing Heron DSCN25973 Mama Wood Duck & Ducklings At Sunrise DSCN25858 Flowering Rush Blossom DSCN25636
Heron With Breakfast DSCN25918 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN25879-81 Merrickville Lock 22 (DSCN25767) Looming Dawn Clouds P1310740-6