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John J Carrick From Afar P1030365 Perth Bandstand At Night P1030336-8 Holiday Perth P1030333-5 Autumn Snowscape P1030316-7
Assembling A Train P1030286 Autumn Leaves In Ice P1030260 Snowy Pine P1030314 The 6:22 To Toronto P1030277
First Ice On The Canal P1030231-3 Red Barn P1350102-4 Gull Mass Exodus P1030211 Splashdown P1030222
Side Lit Fallen Autumn Leaf P1030176-8 Heron Beside Swamp Grass P1030014 Snow Amid Fallen Autumn Leaves P1030170-2 Irish Creek Night Sky P1030039
Black-capped Chickadee P1030095 Autumn Leaves Afloat P1030080-2 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1030047-9 Powered Paraglider P1030101-3
Irish Creek Night Sky P1350225 Autumn Wolford Chapel P1030027-9 Heron Head P1030020 Victoria Park From Afar P1350199-04
Autumnscape P1020894-6 Ducks In Flight P1010179 Canal Basin At Night P1350181-4 Sunrise Beyond Turtle Island P1350131-7
Duck Island Autumn Trees P1020807 Sandra & Raspberry Sorbet P1020871 RCAF F-86 Sabre P1020349-51v2 Splashdown P1020784
Autumnscape P1200516 Autumn St Lawrence Seaway P1020381 Wet Oak Leaf Macro P1350093-8 Wet Oak Leaf P1020702
Wet Oak Leaf P1020702BW Wet Oak Leaf Closeup P1020704-6 Rideau Canal At Night P1020689-91 Blockhouse Island Quay P1020289-91
LED Disco Party Bulb P1020663 Wet Autumn Leaf Underside P1020622-4 Gull In Flight P1020649 Rideau River At Dawn P1020609
Autumn Snow P1020566 Autumn Snow P1020569 Fall Snowfall P1020515-7 Fall Snowfall P1020446-8BW
Snowy Oak Leaf P1020422-4 Fall Snowfall P1020440-2 Fall Snowfall P1020446-8 Fall Snowfall P1020434-6
Autumn 2018 First Snowfall P1020401-3 Detached Lock At Night P1020169-71 Autumn Hardy Park P1020256-8 Autumn St Lawrence Seaway P1020382-4
Ring-billed Gull Up Close P1020394-6 Autumn Moon P1020218 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge P1020163-5 Autumn Barn P1020070-2
Flock Taking Flight P1020049 Clouded Hunter's Moon P1020002 Evening Sunbeams P1010991-3 Merganser Swimming Through Reflections P1010960
Sunrise Clouds P1340985-91 Blowing Flags P1010975 Canal Basin At First Light P1010910-2 Male Hooded Merganser P1010965
Canal Basin At First Light P1010901-3 Autumnscape P1010877-9 Precipitating Cloud At Sunrise P1350049-55 Stretching Goose P1010793
Sole Sisters Run Walk 2018 (P1010822) Mating Geese P1010788 Autumn Reflected P1010529-31 Downy Woodpecker P1010715
Wood Duck Standing On The Canal P1010732 Autumn Tamaracks P1010346-8 Raccoon Digging In Mud P1010626.2 Autumn Horse Fences P1010478-80
Interesting Sky P1010406-8 Autumnscape P1010373 Sandra Beside The Canal P1000934-6 Gull Landing P1010395
Wind Turbines & Lone Tree P1010127-9 Swan In Flight P1010197 Red Barn With White Trim P1010255 Two Swans In Flight P1010202.4
Red Sky At Sunrise P1350035-41 Farm Wagon & Wind Turbines P1010151 Autumn Leaves P1000946-8 Autumnscape P1000970-2
Rosedale Creek Otter P1010025 Sunrise Through Ground Fog P1330597-03 Airborne Le Boat P1000753 Le Boat Winter Storage P1000847
Autumn Backroad P1000601-3 Autumn Sailboat P1000577 Otter Lake At Sunrise P1330569-71 Autumn Chickadee P1000875