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Turtle Island At Night P1180315-7 The 6:22 Train To Toronto P1180325 Winter Sunrise P1180268 Winter Sunrise P1180294-6
House On A Point At Sunrise DSCN02962-4 Drive-thru Old Log Barn At Sunrise P1180231-3 Mmm! Raspberry Sorbet 03096v2 Last Quarter Moon Sunrise P1180201-3
Winter Barbers Creek At Sunrise P1180210-2 Four Swans A Swimming DSCN03050 Tree Row Sunrise Shadows P1180150-6BW Sunrise Cloud DSCN02983-5
Abstract In Ice P1180177-9 Ice Fishing Shack At Sunrise DSCN02872-4 Ice Fishing RVs At Sunrise DSCN02923-5 Air-Conditioned Barn Sunrise Shadows DSCN02980-2
Spooked DSCN02779 Winter Farmscape At Sunrise P1180093-9 Spooked DSCN02772 Tree Row Sunrise Shadows P1180150-6
Smoking Smokehouse At Sunrise P1180134-9A 20170212 Snowstorm P1180076 Fishing Boat At Sunrise 53584 Winter Nightscape P1180057-60
Tulip Interior P1180021 Combined Lock In Winter P1180046-8 Boathouse Beside The Swale P1170970-6 Snowy Winnifred Street P1180031-3
Snow Moon Setting P1180009-10 Sunset At The Swale P1170884-90 Departing Clouds P1170891-3 Rideau Canal Museum At Dawn P1170868-70
Frozen Swale At Sunrise P1170656 Winter Irish Creek At Night P1170748 Red Tulips P1170860 Frozen Swale At Sunrise P1170639-41
Barn In Winter P1170766-8 Art House Under The Stars P1170852-4 Heritage House At Night P1170856-7 Winter Tulip P1170848
This is NOT a sunrise or sunset P1170751 11-17 Victoria Avenue P1170817-23 Water Tower At First Light P1170840-2 Frosty Rideau River At Sunrise DSCN02286-8
Perched Starling DSCN02670 Lower Reach Winter Hiker DSCN02628 Brightly Lit House P1170485-7 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN02661-3
Red Barn In Winter P1170766-8 Irish Creek At Night P1170746 Collapsing Boathouse P1170674 'Art' Collapsing Boathouse P1170674
Snowy Shoreline Rocks P1250197-9 Snowy Shoreline Rocks P1250197-9bw Old Red Boathouse Gone P1170663-5 Turtle Island After Sunrise P1170726-32
Broken Bench Beside Pines P1250181-3 Red Sky At Night P1170595 Beckwith At William P1170455-7 Lone Tree In Foggy Park P1170514
Decommissioned Railway Bridge At Night P1170598 Falls At Almonte DSCN02588v2 Horse Shelter On A Foggy Winter Day P1170550 Winter Lane At Sunrise P1170381-3
Ice-Coated Branches P1170413 Railway Museum At Night P1170439-43 Icy Porch Railing P1170425 Ice-Coated Tree P1170422
Rideau Canal Sunrise P1170393-5 On The Blakeney Rapids Trail DSCN02556 Birds On A Wire DSCN02469 Winter Barn Under Ominous Cloud P1170287-91
Blakeney Rapids DSCN02475-7 Sunrise Solar Pillar P1170370-4 Irish Creek Sunrise P1170272-6 Collapsed Boathouses At Sunset DSCN02448-50
Wolf Moon & Light Standard P1170190-2 Barn & Inukshuk Art DSCN02355-7 Winter Leaves DSCN02367-9 Red Barn Winterscape DSCN02358-60
Ajo Mountains At Sunrise 82698 Desert Scene 82541 Desert Scene 82486-7 Turtle Island Sunrise P1170066
Frosty Rideau River Sunrise DSCN02310-2 Frosty Rideau River At Sunrise DSCN02265-7 Buck Lake DSCN02127-32 Bedford Mill DSCN02196-8
Winter Cornfield Sunrise P1160960-2 Winter Canal Basin P1170140-2 Rideau Canal On A Bright Night P1170127-9 Canadian Rockies at Sunset 17110
Winter Sunrise P1170094-6 Rideau Canal Sunrise P1170055-7 Winter Sunrise P1160996-8 Holiday Elgin Street P1160812
Car In Motion P1160924-6 Starlings In Flight DSCN01691 Pigeon Warmer Chimney DSCN02043 Blue Jay Atop A Pine P1250176