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There were no trees surviving in Scotland at the end of the last Ice Age.
The first trees to arrive were the birch (c8000BC) and hazel (c7500BC) followed by oak, elm and pine (c6000-5000BC) Alder, rowan, ash, willow, hawthorn, holly, juniper and cherry came after c4500BC...
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19th October 2013   woods at night in the rain 15th October 2013  after the rain DSC_1749 copy.jpg DSC_1698 copy.jpg
2nd October 2013  stormy Autumn night 25th August 2013  Late August DSC_8694-copy.jpg DSC_8417-copy.jpg
22nd April 2013  lightning tree DSC_8159 copy.jpg DSC_8053 copy.jpg 12th April 2013  hazy
7th April 2013  the seasons DSC_6856 copy.jpg 29th March 2013  springtime is so bracing DSC_6941 copy.jpg
26th January 2013  a bit more snow DSC_5831 copy.jpg 23rd January 2013  frosty woods at night 22nd January 2013  bitter wind
15th January 2013  fog DSC_5591 copy.jpg DSC_4661 copy.jpg DSC_4750 copy.jpg
26th December 2012  all is calm DSC_4743 copy.jpg DSC_4739 copy.jpg DSC_4646 copy.jpg
20th December 2012  filthy night 8th December 2012  unexpected snow 6th December 2012  more ice DSC_4134 copy.jpg
22nd November 2012  last leaves 12th November 2012  low sun 3rd November 2012  feels like November DSC_3621 copy.jpg
27th October 2012  by the River Don 25th October 2012  misty glow 23rd October 2012  beautiful day 20th October 2012  October path
12th October 2012  Rainy night 7th October 2012  turning Japanese 6th October 2012  overnight Autumn colour 26th September 2012  still standing
11th September 2012  blustery shower 3rd September 2012  September skyburst 20th July 2012  summer came back 8th July 2012  verdant
WJK_9872 copy.jpg DSC_0017 copy.jpg 23rd May 2012  verdant DSC_0016 copy.jpg
4th May 2012  snow shower 3rd May 2012  spring on the hill DSC_0029 copy.jpg DSC_0060 copy.jpg
DSC_0019 copy.jpg 17th April 2012  icy wind DSC_0110 copy.jpg DSC_0106 copy.jpg
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