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There were no trees surviving in Scotland at the end of the last Ice Age.
The first trees to arrive were the birch (c8000BC) and hazel (c7500BC) followed by oak, elm and pine (c6000-5000BC) Alder, rowan, ash, willow, hawthorn, holly, juniper and cherry came after c4500BC...
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DSC_0301-001.jpg DSC_4891-001.jpg DSC_4227-001.jpg DSC_4502-001.jpg
DSC_4849-001.jpg DSC_3955-001.jpg DSC_3188-001.jpg DSC_3295-001.jpg
DSC_3690-001.jpg DSC_3324-001.jpg DSC_3656-001.jpg DSC_3425-001.jpg
DSC_3349-001.jpg DSC_3592-001.jpg DSC_3689-001.jpg DSC_3351-001.jpg
DSC_2773-001.jpg DSC_1627-001.jpg DSC_3654-001.jpg DSC_1629-001.jpg
DSC_2810-001.jpg DSC_3150-001.jpg DSC_1623-001.jpg DSC_1737-001.jpg
DSC_1741-001.jpg DSC_0169-001.jpg DSC_1273.jpg DSC_7550-001.jpg
DSC_0250-001.jpg DSC_0135-001.jpg DSC_7649-001.jpg 8th April 2015  sad house
DSC_0384-001.jpg DSC_3701 copy.jpg DSC_4124 copy.jpg DSC_7229-001.jpg
DSC_5909-001.jpg DSC_0830-001.jpg DSC_7245-001.jpg 30th June 2015   holiday weather
DSC_2151 copy.jpg DSC_7050-001.jpg DSC_4800-001.jpg DSC_4466-001.jpg
13th December 2014  woods by the river DSC_2881 copy.jpg DSC_2776 copy.jpg DSC_2057 copy.jpg
DSC_2691 copy.jpg DSC_1698 copy.jpg DSC_8159 copy.jpg DSC_8694-copy.jpg
DSC_8053 copy.jpg DSC_3813 copy.jpg 28th December2014  icy DSC_1749 copy.jpg
DSC_4739 copy.jpg DSC_4134 copy.jpg DSC_8417-copy.jpg DSC_4646 copy.jpg
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