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Palm Springs Neighbors and Friends - ADDRESSES and NAMES, no photos - click on image to read
Don Boyd

Palm Springs Neighbors and Friends - ADDRESSES and NAMES, no photos - click on image to read

Palm Springs Neighborhood, Hialeah, Florida view map

The mostly great NEIGHBORS and FRIENDS that I can remember were, with valuable help from Beverly Lavallie Cline, Donna Mehalko, Suzette Martinez, Chris Martin, Mark Ramirez and those who have written in, are:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ West 9th Lane between 56th Place and 60th Street (new in summer 1957) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

5600 W. 9 Lane: the Bever family, with crazy son Danny and a younger daughter. Mr. Bever was a volatile Eastern Airlines mechanic and always calling the cops on us for real and imagined incidents.

5601 W. 9 Lane: the Mehalko family, who previously lived in the 5800-5900 block of W. 9th Lane between the Hipke's and the Hines and moved to the 5601 home in 1963. Their children were Donna, Mike, Andrew and Paul.

5630 W. 9 Lane: forgotten names

5631 W. 9 Lane: the Sheffield family with husband George, wife Jackie, daughter Lorri and son Michael. George was an elevator repairman with Otis Elevator and a big custom hot rod buff who built incredible hot rods. In the late 90's I heard Lorri give a tribute to her dad on Majic 102.7 because he was retiring from Otis after 40+ years with the company.

5660 W. 9 Lane: the Cheleotis family with husband Johnny, wife Dotty (photo ), daughters Lu Ann (photo ), Joni (photo ) and Trisha, sons Johnny (photo ) and Mark. Johnny served in combat with the U. S. Marine Corps in Korea during the Korean War, was seriously wounded by shrapnel and had the scars to prove it. He worked for The Miami News as a pressman and Dotty was a Miami News counselor and my boss when I started delivering the paper in 1960. They moved to Lima, Ohio around 1969. A 1962 photo of Dotty and a group of paperboys is at and a 1970 photo of Lu Ann and little Johnny in Lima is at .

5661 W. 9 Lane: the Eugene "Gene" and Teresa Kayal family and three sons Gene Jr., Brian and Bruce. Big Gene graduated from Gesu High in downtown Miami in 1948(?) where he was a football star. His parents operated a grocery store at NW 1st Avenue and 14th Street from 1948 or 1949 until the 60's. Big Gene was a food broker with A. A. Greene Food Brokers and tragically died of a heart attack at age 34 while I was in boot camp in the summer of 1966. Teresa moved with her sons back to St. John, New Brunswick. Gene had a brother named Mike whose wife was Becky and their children were Joe, Michelle and Timmy and they lived in the Bird section of Miami Springs. Mike was a store manager with Food Fair. Gene's other brother was Ray whose family names we can't remember but Ray ran the Sirgany companies at the airport and other places for decades and is still involved with the company and their joint ventures. The Kayal home was sold to Barbara Sullivan who lived there for many years. A photo of Teresa and little Gene in 1970 is at:

5690 W. 9 Lane: the Schmidt family, with husband Dan, wife Betty, son Dougie (Douglas A.) (HHS '68) and daughter Claudia (photo at ). Dan was an iron worker and his wife was a model. Doug got on with FP&L as a lineman in the early 70s and made it a career from what I heard from FP&L workers doing work at MIA during my employment. I spoke to Doug on 7/10/11 for the first time since 1974 or so and he told me that he retired from FP&L after 30 years, lives in Broward county and works as a contractor for alternative power companies. He told me that Claudia lives in Kendall. His father Dan passed away in Stuart in 1998 and his mom Betty passed away on 5/19/10. Doug is one of my Facebook friends so we will stay in touch.

5691 W. 9 Lane: the Boyd family with my father John M. Boyd, son Donald (me) (HHS 65), and our housekeeper Clarice "Gram" Arnold, mother of his long-time girlfriend Irene Anthonsen. "Gram" babysat for practically all the kids in the neighborhood and always had fresh cookies on hand to give to kids needing a sugar fix before dinner. She also made me mow the front yard twice, once in each direction, because it made it look "better." John died in an auto accident in Osceola County on September 20, 1975, 20 days after he retired from Miami Beach Federal Savings and Loan Association (now Bank of America). Gram passed away at her daughter's home in Miramar in 1977 or 1978 - we were not notified by her daughter of her death. My aunt Norma lived in the house until 1980 when I sold the home and she returned to her home in Miramar.

5700 W. 9 Lane: the Lavallie family with husband John, wife Dottie and their daughters Debbie and Beverley and son Richard. John was from Chicago, served in the Air Force at MacDill AFB and became an Eastern Airlines mechanic. Dottie worked part-time at the Publix on Palm Springs Mile and later worked at Our Lady of the Lakes Catholic Church in Miami Lakes. Her sons from a previous marriage were Randy and Ray Joiner from Auburndale, FL who used to come down for the summer in the late 50's and early 60's and we were buddies every summer. A 2010 photo of Randy in Auburndale is on my site at .

5701 W. 9 Lane: the Shields family, with husband Harold, wife Yvette, son Mark (HML '76) and daughters Pamela (HML '74) (photo at ) and Becky (HML '79). Mrs. Shields worked for Hurst Hurricane Shutters, a competitor to our family friend's Jones Shutter Products. Mr. Shields passed away in 1993. Pam now lives in Pembroke Pines and I'm in touch with her via Facebook.

5730 W. 9 Lane: the Stopanio family with son Tommy who was a year or two younger than me, and another child. They were from New York and they built a nuclear fallout shelter in the backyard in the event of a war during the Cuban Missle Crisis. They owned a beauty parlor in the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach. They later moved to North Miami Beach. The home was then owned by a bachelor with a lot of lady friends.

5731 W. 9 Lane: I can't remember the name of the original owners but they had a son a year or two younger than me who I played with occasionally. The home was later bought by the Pena family, with husband John and wife Joanne Pena, daughters Pam and Linda and son John. They started JP Realty in Hialeah and they probably sold a third of Hialeah over the years. Son John now lives on a lake in Palm Springs North next to the Luzoros, friends of ours. What a small world! A recent photo of "Little John" is located at .

5760 W. 9 Lane: the Martin family, with husband Chick and wife Nancy. Chick was a barber. Their children were Christopher, Robin, Mary, Jacqueline, Patrick and Tonya Rose "Rosie". Nancy got into the hippie movement in the 70s and was the talk of the neighborhood. Chick passed away in August 1981, Nancy now lives with Robin and Robin's husband in Vancouver, WA, Chris lives in Tumwater, WA, Mary lives in Whittier, CA, Jackie lives in Naples, FL, and Patrick lives in Salina, KS. Thanks to Chris for providing updated information.

5761 W. 9 Lane: the Mills family - very nice and quiet folks with daughter Cheryl (photo at ). This home was later sold to Chipper Campbell who grew up around the corner at 991 W. 55 Place.

5790 W. 9 Lane: the Clark family, with husband Frank and wife Kathy, daughter Donna and son Larry. Frank worked for Delta Air Lines.

5791 W. 9 Lane: forgotten names

--- W. 58th Street divided 9th Lane at this point ---

5800 W. 9 Lane: the Lay family

5801 W. 9 Lane: the Stan and Jane Strouse family with son Stan Jr. "Junior".

5830 W. 9 Lane: the Phil and Linda Darch family with sons Phil and Freddy.

5831 W. 9 Lane: the Alterizio family with daughters Diane (HHS 66) and Suzanne (photo at ).

5860 W. 9 Lane: unknown or forgotten

5861 W. 9 Lane: unknown

5890 W. 9 Lane: the Louden family. Mr. Louden worked for Eastern Airlines, son Jake (photo at ) was my age and younger daughters Dorothy "Dotti" (HHS 69) and Roberta "Bobbi" (HHS 71) (photo at: ). Jake (would have been HHS class of 65) served in the Marine Corps instead of graduating, entering in a buddy program that included several other Hialeah guys that I grew up with.

5891 W. 9 Lane: the Bob Hipke family, headed by Coach Hipke of Hialeah High fame, with son Robert and daughter Tracey (born in 1968). The family moved to Crystal River in 1976.

5900 W. 9 Lane: unknown or forgotten

5901 W. 9 Lane: unknown or forgotten

5930 W. 9 Lane: unknown or forgotten

5931 W. 9 Lane: unknown or forgotten

5960 W. 9 Lane: unknown or forgotten

5961 W. 9 Lane: unknown or forgotten

5990 W. 9 Lane: unknown or forgotten

5991 W. 9 Lane: the Thompson family with son Donald (HHS 65), my age and a good guy. He served in the Marine Corps.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ West 9th Court between 56th Place and 60th Street ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

5600 W. 9 Court (behind the Mehalkos): the Riggs family with husband Joe (now deceased, Diana and son Brannon.

5630 W. 9 Court (behind the Sheffields):

5660 W. 9 Court (behind the Kayals): the Basil J. and Lucille York Barimo family, sons Steve, Ken, Basil Jr. and daughter Sharon. Thanks to Donna Mehalko for providing information on them. Basil and his family moved to Miami in 1945 and Basil went to Miami Edison until 1947 when he transferred to Lindsey Hopkins where he graduated in 1948. His parents owned and operated Charlies Grocery, a business established in the 1930's, at the southwest corner of NW 12th Avenue and 29th Street from 1945 until the early 1960's when the widening of 12th Avenue wiped out part of the building and they sold out. Basil started working for FP&L downtown in the Ingraham Building in 1957 and at their Coral Gables office before retiring in 1988. Basil Jr. is now an executive with the Air Transport Association in Washington, DC. Basil and Lucille now live in Franklin, TN, where my mother-in-law lives, and I visited Basil on April 14, 2008 while in Franklin for the air show at Smyrna and again in August 2008. Basil was also Gene Kayal's cousin, who lived behind him and next to me. Sadly, Basil passed away on December 18, 2008 in Franklin, Tennessee after battling cancer. Our heartfelt sympathies to Lucille and his children.

5690 W. 9 Court (behind the Boyds): the Fargason family with husband Jack, wife Pat, and daughter Andrea(HML '75) (photo at ) and son Clay. Jack passed away on September 27, 2006 and I saw Pat and her kids at the funeral home for the first time since the late 70's. Andrea now lives in Blairsville, GA and I'm in contact with her via Facebook.

5700 W. 9 Court (behind the Shields): Mrs. Ingraham, an elderly lady who used to hire me to mow her lawn.

5730 W. 9 Court (behind the Penas):

5760 W. 9 Court (behind the Mills): the Byron "Ike" and Dulcie "Dol" Van Valkenburg family. One son Byron Keith "Bugs" was almost 5 when he died because a car hit him on his bike just west of DuPuis Elementary on W. 12th Avenue on October 28, 1961. Another son was Leon Rowe (photo ). One daughter was Melody Rae (photo ). Another daughter was Theresa Robin and another son was Jeffrey Scott. Ike was a pipefitter and refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanic and he repaired my central A/C a few times in the early 80's while working for Fookes Air-Conditioning which merged into Larrabee Air-Conditioning later on. In July 1994 Ike reported that he was living in a fifth wheel travel trailer and loving it .

5790 W. 9 Court: unknown or forgotten

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ West 10th Avenue, north of W. 56th Place ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

5601 W. 10th Avenue (behind the Bevers): unknown or forgotten

5631 W. 10th Avenue: unknown or forgotten

5661 W. 10th Avenue (behind the Cheleotis family): the Albert family with dad Corky, mom Nancy, daughter Sharon and son Alan.

5691 W. 10 Avenue (behind the Schmidt family): the Meisenholder family. Mr. Meisenholder worked for Pan Am. Their children were Billy (photo at ) (now living in the Panhandle with three kids), Loretta (now living in Hernando County), Mary (HML-77) (now living in Jacksonville), Barbara and Rosie who was born in 1968. One of the daughters later worked for an airline (Challenge Air Transport?) at MIA in the mid-80's - I taught her how to operate a jetbridge in one of my classes at the airport.

5701 W. 10 Avenue (behind the Lavallies): the Braddy family with husband Lou who worked in construction and his wife owned a beauty parlor. Their children were Jimmy, born around 1959 and Lisa, born around 1961.

5731 W. 10 Avenue (behind the Stopanios): after the original family moved out, the Matos family moved in. He was a doctor in Cuba prior to coming to the USA.

5761 W. 10 Avenue (behind the Martins): the McGough family with daughter Patty and two other daughters.

5791 W. 10 Avenue (behind the Clarks): the Wally and Kika Sanjurjo family with daughter Hortense and sons Ronnie (photo ) and Gregory (photo ). Wally was a long-time employee of Pan American World Airways who always joked around with me. I recall that they traveled a lot on their Pan Am employee/family passes. I was their Miami News paperboy in 1960/61. Hortense was a year or two younger than me and her brothers were younger than her. They were originally from Puerto Rico.

5801 W. 10 Avenue (behind the Lays): David and Norma Byers with sons Davey (photo at ) and Christopher. David was an electrician with Eastern Air Lines.

5831 W. 10 Avenue: unknown or forgotten

5861 W. 10 Avenue: unknown or forgotten

5891 W. 10 Avenue: the Palisin Family - the father worked at National Airlines. They had lots of kids with son Adam, daughters Ida and Faith, son Ernie (photo at ), son George (photo at ) and others I can't remember now

5901 W. 10 Avenue: unknown or forgotten

5931 W. 10 Avenue: the Allen family with daughter Apryl (HHS 64) and son Perry (HHS 66). The Rodriguez family moved into this home in 1967.

5961 W. 10 Avenue: unknown or forgotten

5991 W. 10 Avenue: unknown or forgotten

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ W. 10th Avenue between Lake Laurence West and Lake Laurence East (built in 1960) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

6060 W. 10 Avenue: the Cook family with son Richard and an older brother.

6120 W. 10 Avenue: the Harold and Marne Hurst family, with sons Ray (HHS 66), David, Danny and Scotty and daughter Karen. David, a Facebook friend, says that they moved there in August 1960.

6180 W. 10 Avenue: the Hameetman family with son George (HHS 65) and daughter Sherry (HHS 67). George served a career with the Hialeah Police Department and was heavily involved with the organization of HHS Class of 1965's 40th Reunion in 2005.

6360 W. 10 Avenue: the Murphy family with mom Billie Ann (photo at ), twin daughters Rosalyn and Marilyn (HHS 66) and other boys and girls whose names escape me so someone will have to provide them. Billie Anne was an executive with Sengra (now Graham Companies) for many years and lived in Albany, Georgia after her retirement. Daughter Rosalyn and her husband have owned and operated Miami Lakes Sporting Goods since 1973 at the Cypress Village Shopping Center and then later on Main Street in Miami Lakes where they are still in operation.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The unincorporated "county" section, east of W. 9th Court from W. 56th Place to W. 60th Street ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Thanks to Kay Coulter for contributing many of the below addresses and names in this area)

11101 NW 62nd Court: the Carroll family with daughters Sarah (HHS-65) and Martha (HHS-67) and son John.

63?? NW 110th Street (north side of W. 56th Place): the Rizzuto family with daughter Judy and daughter Peggy, one of my first infatuations

6295 NW 111th Terrace: the McKinley family with daughters Beverly and Becky and son Russell.

6305 NW 111th Terrace: Andy and Mary Martinez with daughters Suzette (HHS 70), Karen (HHS 74) and son Mark (HML 78). They were behind and one house over from Regina Harley. Suzette says her parents bought that home in July 1955 for $9,000 and that they lived in that home for 50 years. They now live with Suzette in Ocala. A beautiful 1955 black and white photo of the Martinez home is at:

6311 NW 112th Terrace: the Krissel family with father Adolf, mother Mariana, son Edgar and daughter Doris. Adolf, Mariana, and Doris all moved back to Germany in the mid-1970's, where Adolf and Mariana were originally from, but Edgar stayed and remains in the South Florida area.

6320 NW 111th Terrace: the Cleland family with daughter Linda who still lives in the home.

6120 or 6140 NW 112th Terrace: the Don Innes family with son K. A. who has posted in the Hialeah Commentary gallery (7-JUL-2007) and daughter Karen. Art Innes, Mr. Innes' father, worked for the Dade County Port Authority before I joined the renamed Aviation Department in 1974 and I heard tales about him from the old-timers. Don Innes was a FAA Tower supervisor at Miami International Airport from 1945 until 1970 and he invited me down to see the tower when I was 12 or 13. How ironic that I became supervisor of that same tower starting in 1991 after Pan Am died - our gate controllers assign gates from it and do pushback control there now too.

62__ NW 112th Terrace: the Ciaccio family with daughter Valerie (HHS 65) before they moved out to 5690 W. 14th Court in the early 60's.

6280 NW 112th Terrace: the Brooks family with mother Hazel (father's name not remembered) and two sons, Melvin and Leon (HHS 59).

6300 NW 112th Terrace: Leroy and Pat Harris with no children. They lived directly behind the Martinez family at 6305 NW 111th Terrace.

6310 NW 112th Terrace: the Harley family with daughter Regina (HHS 64). Regina had one hell of a slap punch but she was a year older and a lot wiser. Phone: 821-3237 at the time.

6320 NW 112th Terrace: Bill and Shirley Jackson with daughters Debbie and Lisa Jackson-Hinds (HML 81)(now live in Kendall) and son Billy. The Jackson home was directly across the street from the Coulter family.

6321 NW 112th Terrace: the Coulter family, with father Edison who worked for Pan Am with his twin brother Edsel and who I knew from assigning Pan Am gates at MIA (but I never knew that he lived so close to where I grew up), daughter Cheryl (HML 74)(photo at ), son Ray (HML 75) (photo at ), son Todd and daughter Kim (twins who graduated from Cooper City High in 1984 due to a move in 1980). Kim has posted comments below.

6330 NW 112th Terrace: the Butler family with a bunch of kids but Kay Coulter can not remember any of their names.

6331 NW 112th Terrace: Mr. and Mrs. Ehmer. Kay Coulter can't remember their first names and she does not believe that they had any children.

6275 NW 113th Terrace: the Simonitis family with daughter Alberta (HHS 65), my age

63__ NW 114th Street (south side of W. 60th Street): the Draper family with son John, my age - they lived about midway between 9th Court and 8th Avenue in the late 1950's and I don't remember him at Palm Springs Junior or Hialeah Senior so maybe they moved out.

6320 NW 114th Street (next door to the Bodzioks): the Mayville family with father Ollie Sr., mother Jane, son Ollie Jr., daughter Suzanne and twin daughters Nannette and Jannette.

6330 NW 114th Street (south side of W. 60th Street): the Bodziok family with father Paul, mom Marge, daughter Barbara and son Jim. Paul worked for RCA and passed away in 2001. Marge was an assistant manager at G. C. Murphy's in the Palm Springs Shopping Center and passed away in November 2008. Jim now lives in Houston. Barbara graduated from HML in 1976 and now lives in Cape Coral. Thanks to Barbara Bodziok Fuentes for this information and the below information about the Mayvilles and families at W. 9th Court and 60th Street.

On the corner of 60th St. and 9th Court were Ginny Gallahue, the Alvarez family and the Chasmar family, with kids Mary and Joey.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ South side of West 60th Street ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Built by R&R Construction in 1957)

1000 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1010 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1020 W. 60th Street: the Hinkle family with daughter Norma (HHS 65), son Philip (HHS 66) and daughter Natalie (photo

1030 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1040 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1050 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1060 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1070 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1080 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1090 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1100 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1130 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1160 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1190 W. 60th Street: no info yet

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ North side (lakefront) of West 60th Street ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Built by Laurence Construction in 1960)
(Special thanks to Bruce Baker for contributing some of the names and where they were)

915 W. 60th Street: the James Family with son Dale (HHS 73)

1001 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1015 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1029 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1043 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1057 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1071 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1085 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1099 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1101 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1115 W. 60th Street: the Alkema family with sons Norman my age and John (photo at )

1129 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1143 W. 60th Street: no info yet

1157 W. 60th Street: the Marshall family with several kids including Mickie, Donald and Sue Ellen.

1171 W. 60th Street: the Jansik family with son Art, now a chiropractor in Miami Springs, and daughter Francine.

1185 W. 60th Street: Bruce Baker believes the Parson family lived here

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ West 12th Avenue ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Special thanks to Bruce Baker for contributing most of the names and where they were)

6025 W. 12th Avenue (corner of W. 12th Avenue and W. 60th Street): the Dr. Berge Markarian family - a photo of them is located at

6065 W. 12th Avenue: the O'Connell family. Son Ken went to HHS and played football with Silvio Cardosa, daughters Susan and Colleen who Bruce Baker believes went to HML.

6085 W. 12th Avenue: a couple with no children and the husband's name was Ben.

6125 W. 12th Avenue: the Jack and Anne Baker family (original owners until 1979) with sons Jack (HHS 72), Bruce (HML 74), and Glenn (HML 75). Jack now lives in Las Vegas and Anne passed away in August 2009.

6145 W. 12th Avenue: the Batchelor family with sons Stanley and Jack and daughter Sarah Jean. Bruce Baker says that Jack runs the Dixie Garen Supply in North Dade off US 27.

6165 W. 12th Avenue: the Hopkinson family. One daughter Mary L. was HHS 65. Bruce Baker says that one daughter was in law enforcement in Tallahassee for many years.

6185 W. 12th Avenue: the Jim Whitaker family with sons Victor (now a teacher at HHS), Jimmy (now in construction on west coast of Florida), Dean(also in construction on west coast of Florida), daughter Dee Dee (now lives in Southwest Ranches in Broward County and married to Allan Milam who owns the Milam Grocery stores and they have two daughters). Jim lives in Southwest Ranches and will be moving to Stuart in the near future at the time of this writing (October 2012). A 2012 photo of Jim is at and a photo of the Whitaker Tower on the western shore of Lake Laurence West is at .

6225 W. 12th Avenue: the Van Duser family with son Ronald (HHS 66), daughter Lynn (HHS 67) and son Kevin (HML 75).

6245 W. 12th Avenue: the Leolin and Frances Tice family with daughters Virginia "Lee" (HHS 196_) (now in Lehigh Acres), Linda (HHS 1965) (now in Pembroke Pines), son Bob (HHS 1967) (now in Davie) and daughter Robin "Rowan" (HML 1975) (now in Palm Bay).

6265 W. 12th Avenue: no info yet

6285 W. 12th Avenue: no info yet

6325 W. 12th Avenue: no info yet

6345 W. 12th Avenue: no info yet

6365 W. 12th Avenue: the Borreca family with son Arthur "Artie" (HHS 65) (photos at , and ). Artie pursued a career with the Hialeah Fire Department and retired many years ago and still lives here.

1190 W. 64th Street (NW corner of lake): the Thompson family with son John (HHS 72), daughter Ann (HML 74) now living in Stuart and another younger daughter, name forgotten.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ West 59th Place ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Special thanks to Mark Ramirez for contributing most of the names and addresses on W. 59th Place)

1001 W. 59th Place: no info yet

1011 W. 59th Place: the Miller family with son Bill (HHS 65) my age. Mr. Miller worked for the Post Office. Bill and I went to Immaculate Conception together.

1021 W. 59th Place: no info yet

1031 W. 59th Place: the Bradley family with mom Earlene, son David my age and younger son Carl. David left Hialeah High to join the Army and served a tour in Viet Nam. He mailed me a Purple Heart for safekeeping until he got back because he didn't want his mom to know he had been wounded over there.

1041 W. 59th Place: the Jose and Cathryn Ramirez family with sons Joe (HML 73) and Mark (HML 74 and now a Hialeah firefighter), and sisters Linda, Virginia and Karen (deceased in March 1963)

1051 W. 59th Place: the McWhorter family with father Earl

1061 W. 59th Place: the Marsten family with daughter LoydAnn. Later on P. J. Williams, a physical education teacher moved into the home at this address

1071 W. 59th Place: the Berard family with son Mark. The father was killed in a wreck on the Palmetto around 1968 or 1969.

1081 W. 59th Place: the Rexroad family until they moved to the southwest corner of W. 12th Avenue and 60th Street, diagnonally across from the Dr. Markarian family

1091 W. 59th Place: the Tony and Joan Paigo family with sons Tony "TJ" born 1955, Robert "Bob" born 1956 and Tom born 1958, and daughters Joan born in 1957, Judy born 1959 and Jeannie born in 1960.

1101 W. 59th Place: the Nataluk family with son Teddy born in 1958

1131 W. 59th Place: the Highnote family

1161 W. 59th Place: the Bushway family with son John my age and I believe a younger sister. John and I went to Immaculate Conception together.

1191 W. 59th Place: the Siry family - Mr. Siry taught at Hialeah-Miami Lakes High

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ West 56th Place ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
(Special thanks to Harriet Vaccarrello (HHS '67) for providing most of the information on the 55th and 56th Place neighbors!)

970 W. 56th Place: the Jeffries family with sons Drake (HHS 65), and Kevin.

990 W. 56th Place: the Victor Blardinelli family with daughter Vickie (HHS 67). Her cousin Ronnie Blardinelli, also a HHS 67 grad, lived around the corner at 5490 W. 9th Lane. Mr. Blardinelli maintained a perfect lawn and was a really nice guy.

1000 W. 56th Place: the Ale family with Mrs. Ale being the librarian at Palm Springs Junior High across the street and sons Clark and Charles (photo at . I thought they also had a daughter my age but she's not in the HHS yearbook.

1010 W. 56th Place: unknown last name but they had a daughter Debbie.

1020 W. 56th Place: the Edwards family with son Michael.

1030 W. 56th Place: the Kastle family with dad Robert (now deceased), mom Mary, daughters Dora, Evelyn (photo and sons Bob (photo ) and Richard.

1040 W. 56th Place: the Camballetta family, with husband Louie and wife Josefine, sons Sammy and Frankie. Louie was a mechanic and sang opera. Josie died from cancer.

1180 W. 56th Place: the Raplenski family with son Walter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ W. 55th Place ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

951 W. 55th Place: the Geyer family with father Ralph, mother Jean, daughter Lela (HHS 1963), daughter Kandace "Kandy" (PSJH 1963), daughter Bonnie (DuPuis Elementary), and brothers Paul and Mark. Family relocated to southern California in 1963. Kandace still connected to the Jeffries family on 56th Place by marriage. (Thanks Kandace!)

991 W. 55th Place: the Campbell family with son Chipper, my age and daughter Noja (photo )

1001 W. 55th Place: the Carrillo family with son Louie (HHS 65). Mr. Carrillo was a chef at the Fontainebleau Hotel. Louie served in the USCG from 1966 to 1970, became an air traffic controller and VP of the PATCO Local at MIA and hit it big with Amway after the air traffic controllers strike.

1011 W. 55th Place: the Flutie family, with husband Emil Flutie Jr., wife Joan, sons Michael and Sandy and baby sister Vicki. Both Michael (photo and Sandy (photo ) became Hialeah police officers and made it a career retiring as Sergeants.

1021 W. 55th Place: the Vaccarrello family, with husband Steve, wife Hilda, daughters Harriet (HHS 67), Nanette (HHS 70) (photo at ) and son Steven (HML late 70s).

1031 W. 55th Place: the Tricoli family with husband Anthony, sons Franklin (HHS 64), John and daughter Anita(photo at ). They owned Tricoli Realty in Miami Lakes until they sold out to a national firm as I recall. Anthony Tricoli passed away in March 2009 in Boca Raton.

1041 W. 55th Place: the Robello family with son Ray.

1071 W. 55th Place: the D'Amour family with husband Walt, wife Maria, sons Kevin (photo at ), Kenneth and daughter Jeanette. Walt was a pilot and a flight engineer, at one time with TAN Airlines of Honduras and later with National Airlines and Pan Am as a flight engineer. His wife Maria was a teacher. One of the sons taught my daughters many years later at Hialeah-Miami Lakes Senior High. Walt passed away on September 18, 2006 and a memoriam to him is at .

1191 W. 55th Place: the Appler family with mom Gloria and son Charlie.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Other nearby streets in Palm Springs ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

5373 W. 8th Avenue: the Hough family with sons Charlie (HHS 66) and ___. Mr. Hough was the best tipper on my Miami Herald route, giving me a $5 tip (minimum wage back then was $1.15 and $1.25) for Christmas in 1963 and 1964 plus monthly tips when I went to collect for the papers. Charlie was a great baseball pitcher at Hialeah High and was the 8th round draft pick by the Los Angeles Dodgers right after high school. He played on minor league teams until he debuted in Major League Baseball on August 12, 1970. He played for major league teams until 1994. His complete statistics are at:'R'§ionType=career&statType=2&season=2012&level='ALL' .

5560 W. 8th Avenue: the Boyette family with daughter Debbie.

5590 W. 8th Avenue: the Asbell family with daughter Janet (moved to Cutler Ridge in 1966). Mr. Asbell worked for Eastern Air Lines.

891 W. 53rd Street: the Johnson family with sons Jerry (HHS 64) and James "Jimmy" (HHS 66). I knew them pretty well back then and Mr. Johnson let Jerry drive his old police Harley-Davidson to and from school among other places and I rode on it numerous times without too much damage to my body.

921 West 53rd Street: the Frank and Marion Dell family with daughters Donna (HHS 72), Karen (HHS 73) and Joyce (HHS 74). All three daughters went to DuPuis, Palms Springs Junior and Hialeah High. Karen says "We used to have huge parties growing up and 53rd Street was filled with cars those evenings! It was a great place to grow up!"

562 W. 53rd Terrace: the Fred and Jackie Wullenweber family with sons Clark (HHS 65) and Kurt (HHS 69) and daughter Kristi. Fred was a math teacher at Filer Jr. High and then Hialeah Jr. High. The family then moved to 6532 W. 8th Avenue in 1966.

552 W. 53rd Terrace: the Art and Evelynn Wazniak family with sons Rick and Art. (Info provided by Kurt Wullenweber).

850 W. 54th Street: the Stoeber family with daughters Barbara (photo at: , son Warren and daughter Blanche (photo at .

6521 W. 8th Avenue: the James Cowan family, with forgotten name wife and daughters Patricia and Susan and son James III. (Info provided by Kurt Wullenweber who lived one house to the north)

6532 W. 8th Avenue: the Fred and Jackie Wullenweber family with sons Clark (HHS 65) and Kurt (HHS 69) and daughter Kristi. Fred was a math teacher at Filer Jr. High and then Hialeah Jr. High. They lived in this home from 1966 to 1969.

5390 W. 9th Avenue: the Tony and Dalia Pesce family. Their daughters were Debbie and Toni Marie and their son was Michael. Tony worked many years for Delta Air Lines.

5373 W. 9th Court: Marion and Al Diamonti with son Michael (HHS 62) and daughters Diana (HHS 65) and Gail (HHS). Diana says some of her neighbors were Margaret Keefe (HHS 66), Bobbie McCullars (HHS 65) and Donna Thacker (HHS 64).

5490 W. 9th Court: the LeRoy Blardinelli family with son Ronald W. (HHS 67).

5390 W. 9th Lane: the Biles family with son my age Harry E. (HHS 65), daughter Ella J. and daughter Tammy (HHS 84).

930 W. 53rd Terrace: the Keefe family with daughter Margaret (HHS 66)

950 W. 53rd Terrace: the Thacker family with daughter Donna (HHS 64)

981 W. 53rd Street: the Swick family with son Fred who has contributed some real treasures to be displayed on this site in the future.

5490 W. 10th Avenue: the Register family with son Bobby (HHS 65)

5491 W. 10th Avenue: the Anderson family with daughter Saundra (HHS 65)

5491 W. 11th Avenue: the Sullivan family with husband Frank, wife Jane, sons Frank (HHS 63), Patrick "Pat" (HHS 64), John "Jack" (HHS 65), Edward "Eddie" (HHS 67) and Richard "Rick" (HHS 69). I was over there about one third of the time so they really had six sons. Frank worked for Chase Federal S&L and Jane was a substitute teacher with Dade County Public Schools, mostly at Meadowlane Elementary School in Hialeah.

5471 W. 11th Avenue: the Mosely family with two sons my age that I can't remember the names of. In 1960 the Fred Zimmerman family moved in with son Robert "Bob" (HHS 65) and daughter Jacqueline "Jackie" (HHS 69) (photo at )and another older daughter. Jackie passed away from breast cancer on March 1, 1998, in San Mateo, California.

5411 W. 11th Avenue: the Wilson family with parents Sgt. and Mrs. Harry Wilson, son Harry Duncan Wilson and daughter Annebelle (HHS 65). Duncan is in several photos in the "Friends" gallery.

5391 W. 11th Avenue: the Bocskey family with father Joe and sons Terry and Lawry. There are photos of Terry at: and

53__ W. 11th Avenue: the De Tomaso family with daughter Dawn (photo at: ) and son Alan (photos at:, , and ).

1101 W. 54th Street: the Bobcik family with daughter Daryl and son Gary (photo at ).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Palm Springs Estates and west of 12th Avenue ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

5635 W. 12th Court: the Al and Thelma Sciadini family with daughter Libby (HHS 66)(photo at ), son John and daughter Cynthia (HML '75) (photo at ).

5690 W. 12th Lane: the Moye family with sons Jack (HHS 64) and Ken (HHS 66)

5705 W. 12th Lane: the Payne family with daughter Nancy (HHS 66)

5605 W. 13th Avenue: the Muniz family with son Louie (HHS 66) and daughter Chandy (HHS 67)

5635 W. 13th Avenue: the Doll family with daughter Sandy (HHS 71)

5665 W. 13th Avenue: the Rivera family with sons Ruben (HHS 66) and Raul (HHS 67)

5730 W. 13th Avenue: the Shaw family with son Dan (HHS 67)

5735 W. 13th Avenue: the Cooley family with daughter Mary Ellen (HHS 66)

5790 W. 13th Avenue: the Davis family with son Jim (HHS 66)

5800 W. 13th Avenue: the Bush family with daughter Judy (HHS 66) and son Rusty (HHS 67)

5865 W. 13th Avenue: the Tidwell family with daughter Charlotte

5430 W. 14th Avenue: the Frau family with daughter Martha (HHS 65)

5690 W. 14th Court: the Ciaccio family with daughter Valerie (HHS 65) and daughter Nadine. They previously lived on NW 112th Terrace in the county section before moving to Palm Springs Estates. A 1991 or 1992 photo of Valerie is located at:

5985 W. 14th Lane: the Summers family with daughter Kay (HHS 66) and son Stephen (HHS 66).


OLD COMMENTS copied here from the Hialeah commentary gallery:

These were the comments in the Hialeah commentary gallery that pertained to folks in the Palm Springs development and I'm copying them here since I moved the commentary here. You may enter more comments by continuing down and clicking on "post a comment" and your comments will appear in the normal comments location at the bottom of the page.



Don Boyd 09-Sep-2008 03:47

Susan, thanks for answers to my questions. I'm sorry to hear that the older Fluties have passed away.

Yeah, I talked with your dad one day about NAL and PAA and he was really straining my brain trying to remember things and people he talked about but I enjoyed our talk. He's friends with one of my neighbors (Nancy Gaines) who knew him way back when.

The girl from Sears - I can't believe I can't remember her first name (Linda?)- lived on W. 10th because I gave her a ride home a couple of times and as I recall it was like 4 or 5 homes north of 60th on the east side of 10th. I'm pretty sure her last name was Tanca because I always called her by her last name instead of her first because I thought it was cute. But then again, the Heineken over the past 40 years has probably rearranged some memory cells. The name Carol doesn't ring a bell. She was very short and very well built - I do remember that accurately. : )



susan 09-Sep-2008 01:28

Don: Was it Carol Panka?


susan zurawski flutie 08-Sep-2008 15:14

Don: Forgot to mention that I did get this from my dad and also a friend up here that was hired and worked for Ralph Renick. Yes, I do remember a girl last named Tanka but I don't think she lived on the lake. I thought she lived a few streets north...closer to Lana Clements, Lori Plummer , Diano Pupo, and Maureen Williams.


Susan Zurawski Flutie 08-Sep-2008 14:44

Sadly the elder Flutie's, Emil Sr., Emil Jr, and Albert have passed away. Emil Sr. and Albert left Hialeah and moved down to the Keys in the 60's. My husband Michael and his brother Sandy (Emil Jr.'s sons) were both on the Hialeah Police Dept. as Sgts. until 2000 and 2001. Albert lost his son, Steve to cancer but Glenn is doing very well in Ft. Lauderdale. Yes, my dad likes to talk shop when it comes to the airlines. I remember the old MIA when it still had outdoor concourses. I think they were green. I remember not liking to climb the stairs to the planes when it was windy and cold. National Airlines picnics at Crandon Park were always such a big event. When the airport was still small enough and the building that is now George T Baker, they would drive the planes across the street to get there. By son went on to attend George T Baker while at HML. He presently runs his own successful avionic company. I saw your mention of Immaculate. I have a year book from the years 63-64. People talk about a lot of kids in classes. You should see how many we had then!


Don Boyd 08-Sep-2008 02:49

Susan: thank you for your comments and memories. I'll send Louie Carrillo an e-mail telling him to read your comments.

Are the elder Fluties still alive? Their neon shop used to be just west of a family friend's company (Jones Shutter) at 246 NW 29 Street and I used to wander in to the Flutie's shop back in the mid to late 50's before and after we moved out to Hialeah in 1957.

The Murphy's mom, Billie Anne, is still alive and kicking and a photo of her is at - I get e-mail jokes from her fairly frequently - she lives up in Jawjuh.

Did you know a girl by the last name of Tanca (first name escapes me right now and that will drive me crazy) on the east side of W. 10th (Lake Laurence East) several houses north of 60th Street who was about your age? I worked with her at Sears Northside in the 71-73 time frame.

Your dad and I have spoken about old Pan Am days and I get e-mails from him occasionally. Did he tell you about this site or did you discover it on your own?



susan Zurawski Flutie 08-Sep-2008 00:51

Another comment. I just ready a old blog from Debbie Livesey. Her mom and mine ran girl scouts at Immaculate. Also, Dr. Jerome Harold. You mention Emil and Albert Flutie. That was my husband's dad and uncle.


susan flutie 08-Sep-2008 00:32

What a great find. My name is Susan Zurawski Flutie. We lived at 6140 W 10 Ave. When we moved in we were the only ones on the block for Lake Lawrence west. I am married to Michael Flutie, who has been mentioned by Louie Carillo and the web master. I attended Immaculate, he attended DuPuis. We both went to Palm Springs Jr. and Hialeah High. Nanette Vaccarello I remember you. Louie if you follow up on this web site please let us know how to contact you. Michael and Sandy have both since retired from Hialeah Police Dept. We have contact with Bob Critcher, Art Jansik, and Jeff Blardenelli. My parents just moved up here (Jensen Beach) 7 years ago. I think they may have been the last originals on the street. So many memories were mentioned in previous comments. Did any one take dance lessons at Maridon? It was located on W 12 Ave by the MooCow , Eds Hardware. My best memories were growing up on our lake. The Whitakers across, Hammeetmans, Apostles, Murphys, Hursts, Browns, Willis' all on the lake. Tuesday morning summer movies, getting candy at the counter in Murphy's. I remember spending so much time out west of the Palmetto on "the land". Riding horses on the dirt road that now goes past Palmetto Hospital. Before we had "the mall" I remember the place to shop was Northside or 163st. I remember they built Burdines first and we all said WHY would they put a store way out there! Funny, we never were bored. Now days if you don't have a game system and cell phone you are lost.


Don Boyd 13-Aug-2008 03:33

Again, thank you everyone for your comments and memories. Visitors to the site love to read them for old times sake and to refresh their own memories of good times.

Donn and Taffee, I knew the Coulter brothers from the airport when they were both with Pan Am and I knew Cheryl around 1977-78 when she was dating a guy who lived around the corner from some buddies of mine. I don't think I've seen her since the early 80's.



Donn Roebke 13-Aug-2008 02:45

We knew Edison & Mollie Coulter when we lived in Hialeah and went to the same church. They had four children. Ray and Cheryl were the oldest. I think Ray lives in Omaha, Nebraska and Cheryl is local. Later they had twins, Kim & Todd, who were flower girl and ring bearer in our wedding in 1973. I'm not sure where they are now. Edison & Mollie moved to Pembroke Pines in the early '80's and he continued to work for Pan Am at Ft. Lauderdale until he retired. Edison passed away a few years ago, but I remember meeting his twin brother.


Taffee Kedgley 26-Jul-2008 23:55

West Hialeah brings back alot of memories. And some of the names in the other posts did too. Edison/Molly Coulter...Edison had a twin brother named Edsel and I beleive they both worked at Pan Am. I used to babysit for a family named Andreolas, but they lived on W. 7th Lane in Hialeah. They had two daughters, the oldest was Andrea and I cannot remember the youngest one's name. Marion Edwards also lived on W.7th Lane (we lived at 4182) - anyway, they raced cars out at Hialeah Speedway and I think they had a paint and body shop or a garage. Also on W. 7th Lane was the Blake family, son Danny and daughter Robin. They had four big pine trees on the front swale. Next to them were the Schaffer's, Mel (Eastern Airlines) and Betty, son Brian, daughter Sherry. We lived next to them, the Pullens, Richard and Blanche, daughters, Taffee, Laura, Leslie, and son, Craig. My dad worked at Pan Am for over 35 years. Across from us were the Sciscoes, the dad worked at Delta, the mother was Corinna, they had a son Danny and a daughter whose name escapes me. Next to them lived a girl, Donna Nunnely. Behind us were the Remillards, Bruce, Debbie and Jerry were the kids. On the cross street was a family named Landry, the mom was a nurse, the kids were Michelle, Suzanne and Keith.
Anyone out there remember any of these???


Robbin P. Learned 08-Jul-2008 06:37

Don, I Enjoyed this site so much, and I remember all of the Businesses Mentioned, sure Brings Back a lot of Memories. I was saddened about Jackie Zimmerman, as I went to Palm Springs JR. High, with Her, and I was in Love With Her, in JR. High, She Was A Beautiful Girl. I Had Hoped Always To See Her Again, some Day, So Sad, About Jackie, May She Rest In Peace .


Don Boyd 30-Jun-2008 02:55

Okay Mike, thanks, you're 15 years behind me and you probably went to HML with kids from my Miami Lakes neighborhood (Sandy Vura, Janice Shields, Bill Potter, Bill Riggs, the Giattino kids, Geri Riggs, and a few others whose names I can't remember right now).

Did Edison Coulter work at Pan Am? If so I knew him back in the 70's and 80's at the airport. Did he have a daughter or had she moved out by then? I knew her in the mid 70's but she was older than you. Perhaps other readers will recognize the other names.

The first exodus of folks from Dade County started in the early 60's. There were a lot of kids who went to Palm Springs Jr. High with me who either never made it to Hialeah High or left Hialeah High before they graduated and since Hialeah was the only high school for us at the time I can only surmise that their parents moved from the area. The exodus of the early 80's was Mariel boatlift related.

Drop me a line when you have the old photos. Thanks.



Mike 29-Jun-2008 21:20

Thanks, Don. I didn't graduate from HHS but rather from HML in '81. I'm 44 now. I'd have to agree with you about Jano's. I've been on a quest for a number of years now in search of a sub and potato salad as good as what they served no avail.

Next time I visit my mother I'll grab some photos of Hialeah to send. My parents bought their house on NW 112th Terrace new in the late 50's. Mom and Dad were both Miami natives, but went to Miami-Jackson HS...lived in Alapattah and then Miami Springs if memory serves. Dad worked at Pan Am and kept racing Greyhounds with his brother who owned Arista Kennels, also in Hialeah. Other neighbors on our the block included Bill and Maxine Jackson, Edison and Mollie Coulter, David and Kitty Ashley, and George and Betty Andreolas...not sure if any of those names ring a bell for anyone. It goes without saying that everyone's now moved on from the area, with the exodus starting in the early 80's.

When I was a kid I used to cut the grass (all 5 square feet of it!) for my pediatrician, Dr. Blinski, who had a little office behind Jackson-Byrons and the theatre. The only thing I remember about DuPuis was the mural they put up while I was there by a library....and Mr. Biance, by 6th grade teacher. Palm Springs JHS had an episode of arson while I was there...a kid who lived a few streets over set a classroom on fire over the weekend and we had a few extra days off from school. I see from some of the photo's here the old "gum tree" at Palm Springs is obviously long gone ;-) Good times...and to echo some of what I've read in your other comments, Hialeah was a great place to be a kid.


Don Boyd 29-Jun-2008 04:11

Hi Mike, glad you found us. I miss Jano's a lot. They had the best subs in the area. We also had several home parties catered by them and our guests always raved about the quality of the food.

What year did you graduate from HHS so I can have some kind of age reference? Yes I am interested in old Hialeah photos since they are rather scarce compared to Dade County. Thanks for posting.



Mike 28-Jun-2008 20:35

Hi Don: I found your "memories of old Hialeah" by accident while looking to see if Jano's Sub Shop was still around. Lots of great memories here. I grew up on NW 112th Terrace, in the "county" section of Hialeah and went to both DuPuis and Palm Springs Junior...and then onto HML. Hialeah was a great place 'back in the day.'

I'm sure I could dig up some old photos if you're interested.


Peter Sandler 23-Jun-2008 02:53

I am the Guest who posted the 3/31/08 comments. My brother Richard and I grew up in Palm Springs starting in 1956 when we moved from NYC. We sold the house in 1965 and my mother and I returned to NY. I was only 14 at the time. Richard was 22 and stayed in Florida. He'll post his own comments.

Other friends and people I remember, but can't give locations for (I was too young to drive and my mother would drive me to visit) are Ginny and Ray Lamont (sp?). He was a doorman at the Fountainbleau in MB. They had a daughter Debbie who was around my age. There was Evelyn and Neil Garfield. He was a cop - don't know where. I remember that my mother told me he had shot and killed a burglar somewhere. It was big news at the time. There was the Threlkeld family, who lived across the street from us. Behind us and to the left were Tony and Clell Villella - brothers who lived with their parents. They were not pleasant neighbors.

On free days my friends and I would take bamboo poles, fish line and bread crumbs and go down to the canal and fish. I always caught these ugly, nasty fish with spines. They were always thrown back. Totally turned me off to fishing. Somewhere else in these postings is a reference to Red Road, which ran along one of the canals. My mother told me it was nicknamed Red Road because of the number of accidents along it.

On Saturday mornings I would go alone or with friends to the Palm Springs Theater to see the movies. It was $.25 for admission. Sometimes there were two movies. The candy was equally cheap.

Sometimes on the way to someplace we would pass through Liberty City. There was also a drive-in there that we would go to occasionally. Even then it was a really run-down area. Those were the only black people I ever saw. None in Hialeah that I ever came across. Discrimination then was rampant, and sometimes violent. More on this in a later posting.


Don Boyd 03-May-2008 04:36

It's great to hear from you Chris. I'll e-mail you privately.



chris 03-May-2008 00:34

Don, I grew up on the same block as you. My name is Chris Martin. 5760 W9 lane. Gram or grammy as we called her baby sat us all the time. She had a parakeet named Bluebird that could talk and you had a neat room full of model battleships. Our house looks so different. Recently I had the curiosity to see listings on properties in foreclosure in the Hialeah area. There was one listed on W. 9th Lane. Asking price? 375,000. Dad bought the house new in 1957 for 10thou. Times change. The Clarks, our neighbors, correct names are Frank, Kathy, Donna and Larry. I had a thing for Donna when I was 6. Ha!


Don Boyd 31-Mar-2008 04:36

Guest: it's a small world and I thank you for writing with your memories. Beth Block lived on Lake Laurence East at W. 8th Avenue just north of W. 60th Street. One of my friends married her in the early 1980's and they live up in west Broward. She has a daughter from a previous marriage to another Hialeah guy. Both she and my buddy were teachers at Palm Springs Elementary with my wife for years until my wife transferred to Hialeah Middle. All of them are retired now.

Harvey Bendfeldt worked for Pan Am until they died - he has a comment somewhere in the aviation galleries I think. He was also my neighbor in my cul-de-sac in Miami Lakes for years and his son put up my hurricane shutters in advance of Hurricane Andrew in 1992 when we were trying to get back home from a vacation in the Panhandle. We got home about 12 hours ahead of time and all the shutters were up. They moved a year or so after that and I don't know where they are now but Harvey's e-mail might be with his comment if you can find it.

Faith Palasin lived on W. 10th Avenue, facing the Dupuis/Palm Springs Jr. athletic fied, a block over from me and I knew her and some of her brothers/sisters. They are mentioned on the "W. 10th Avenue Gallery" at

Those are the only three names I can remember of the group that you mentioned. Again, thanks for writing.



Guest 31-Mar-2008 03:53

I have no idea why I thought of this today, but I was thinking about a girl I knew in the 60's, Beth Block from Hialeah. That's what led me to this site, thinking of her and old Mayor Milander (actually his reference, which I googled, is what got me here). She lived on a house backing on a lake. I moved with my family from NYC to Palm Springs into a brand-new house at 451 West 55th Place in 1956. We were there until 1964. Originally when I started school I went to Twin Lakes Elementary. John G. DuPuis opened when I was going into 2nd grade. I remember being surprised how colorful each of the outside classroom doors were - very different from Twin Lakes.

Our neighbors on either side were the Taylors - Sharon was the older sister and Kathy was younger. I visited the neighborhhod many years later and actually ran into Kathy. She worked for USPS and was delivering mail at DuPuis. On the other side were the Bendfeldts (sp?). There was Harvey the older son and JoMarie, who we called Joey.

Some other student's names I recall from school: Faith Palasin, Jolene Bahan, Stan Adkins, Debbie Lamott, Eric and Leslie Bystrom. I also remember teachers Mr. Bartell from DuPuis and Mr. Krizenecky (sp?). I liked them both.

I have lots of other memories, but will revisit and post more later.


Don Boyd 24-Feb-2008 20:30

Thanks for your words Karon. I remember when you moved in, since I delivered the papers daily in your area and was always hitting on new homeowners to subscribe to the paper. I'm pretty sure your parents subscribed. You were gorgeous and it did not take long for every guy in the area to be talking about that new Karon Kell girl out on W. 53rd by the powerlines. If you only knew how many guys in west Hialeah who were in serious like with you!



Guest 24-Feb-2008 20:00

Don, I am flattered by your kind words (or that you would even remeber me at all). When I stumbled upon this site, I became enthralled by all the terrific photos. Also, your opening words struck a cord with me. So much of the pre-1960 history of the greater Miami area has been marginalized and even negated by some with that "sleepy swamp" mantra one often hears. Those of us who know better must be guardians of the true history, culture and heritage of the folks who established and built wonderful communities where their families grew and delighted in their environs and each other.

Thanks again,



Don Boyd 24-Feb-2008 14:08

Ah ha, Karon, I had your first and last name misspelled in the commentary and I've fixed it. I remember you well because you were on my News route and your home area was about the last section that the Lovell Brothers built before completing their Palm Springs Estates development. Thanks for writing in, it's always good to hear from someone I used to know or know of so many years ago. I hope all is well with you.

Hope, thank you too for writing in with your memories. I remember your dad as mayor very well and hopefully we will get a photo of him as mayor up on the site along with a photo of Henry Milander.



Karon Kell 24-Feb-2008 07:01

Hello. Like so many others here, I want to thank you for this site. I moved to Miami from Chattanooga in the 50s with my grandparents. So many changes in this territory, eh? By early 1960 my mother had remarried and we moved into a newly built home on west 53rd street and 14th lane in Hialeah. It was on the canal and that pipe that many used to traverse the canal was behind our house. I recall when the hospital was newly built behind us, our family observed a cow from the adjacent pasture go into the back entry of the facility; but, never did see it come out again! My mother continued to reside in that home until just 2 years ago when my stepfather passed away. But my oh my how the area had changed over those 45 years. Once again, thanks so much for your wonderful memories of Happy Days in Hialeah. BTW, I noticed the name Moye. I remember going to school with a Jack Moye. I probably went to school with others on this board, too.

Greetings to y'all.



Don Boyd 15-Feb-2008 03:46

To Lisa Kastle: sorry I just got around to correcting the spelling of your last name and adding the other siblings. I just noticed it.

To Guest: thanks for the information on the Albert family at 5660 W. 10 Avenue.



Don Boyd 09-Feb-2008 19:14

Hi Ken, thanks for the info on the gas stations. That was a Shell at 10th and 49th, across from the Pizza Palace on the south side. Your home was on my Herald route, which I had from the latter part of 1963 until high school graduation in June 1965. I used a bike, like virtually all of the carriers in that area at that time but I had a friend who used a Vespa on his route for a while. We also used it a few times on my route in the beginning but it didn't last long.



Ken Hirsh 09-Feb-2008 15:40

Hi again Don, it's been a while since my last comment. I believe the other gas station at the corner of W. 49th and 12th was a Cities Service, then Citgo Station. I believe there was a Shell at 10th Ave. I just noticed you were a newspaper carrier for the Herald. You may have been our "paper boy." We lived at 5470 W. 8th Court from 1956 - 1977. Did you drive a blue Vespa scooter?

Ken Hirsh


Guest 22-Jan-2008 14:57

On the other side of the Meisenholder family was the Albert family: Corky, Nancy and children Alan and Sharon. Corky worked for Eastern airlines. Corky and Nancy and daughter Sharon all live in marion county, son Alan lives up north some where.


Don Boyd 21-Dec-2007 18:27

Many thanks Davey for filling in some gaps in neighbors names and addresses! I added your information to the list of neighbors. Let me know if you can remember more.

Your name is familiar for some reason, and not from the neighborhood. Can you e-mail me please?



Dave Byers 21-Dec-2007 17:14

What a great site! I'm "Davey"Byers. We lived at 5801 W. 10th Ave. My father David worked as an electrician with Eastern Airlines. My mothers name is Norma. My brother Christopher was born in Hialeah. We moved there around '56 or '57. I went to Dupuis Elem. and have fond memories of the school. The one room "portables" and one teacher in particular. I think her name was Mrs. Hamilton. The rock pits and the tar pits just beyond the school, where we lost a lot of shoes! LOL. My best friends were Gregory San Jourjo who lived right across from us on the corner of W. 58th St. His folks were Wally and Kika. They also had another son Wally and a daughter, Hortence (sp?). Right behind us on W. 9th Lane were the Lays. Next to them were the Darches, Phill and Linda. Their two sons Phill and Freddy. On the other corner of 58th and 9th were the Strouses. Stan and Jane. Their son Stan Jr. Nick named Junior. Junior later was found dead after going AWOL from Parris Island, I think in '68 or '69.

A lot of great memories! It was a peaceful time. Thank you for having this site. Would love to hear from school mates and friends.


Randy Paulsen 06-Dec-2007 09:19

Hey Don

Randy Paulsen here again. I see that Nanette Vacarello posted a comment . We were talking about her when the people that lived by Dupuis Elementary came up.
So if you hear from her again have her email me. It would be fun to talk.


Bill Avery 27-Sep-2007 00:38

I just happened to come upon this site tonight and this is great! I lived in Hialeah from 1957-1967, and went to Immaculate Conception Elemetery School from 1957-1961, then to Pace High in Opa Locka. This sure brings back some great memories. My first job was at Burger in a Hurry on Palm Ave by the auditorium. I also worked at Ruffy's restaurant in Palm Spring Mile, but it was after John Ruffino sold it. I bowled at the Palm Springs Lanes.

Remember the old Liggett Rexall Drug Store in Palm Springs Mile Center with the soda fountain? It was right next to the Grand Union grocery store.

I also delivered papers for the Miami News and Dottie Cheleotis was my counselor too. I think that it was around 1962. We lived at 5430 W. 7th Ave first, and then moved across the street to 5451.

I was 1 year behind you at Immaculate Conception. Remember Mr. Brennen, the 8th grade teacher there? And Mr. Wall in 7th grade?

It was a lot slower times back then. Sometimes I wish we could all return to those fun times.

I left Hialeah around 1967, and just recently moved back to Florida to retire and settled in Titusville.


Nanette (Vaccarello) Rivers 13-Jul-2007 16:59
I would love to know who remembered me (Nanette Vaccarello). Someone anonymous posted a comment that they remembered me!


Don Boyd 07-Jul-2007 19:40

KAI - thanks for posting your great memories. When did you live on NW 112th Terrace in the unincorporated area? You were between NW 62nd Court and 63rd Court (W. 9th Court on the Hialeah side) if you lived next to the Harleys. If it was late 50s/early 1960 then I know it was your dad who arranged for me to spend a few hours in the regional radar room and then the tower cab at MIA when I was 11 or 12 years old. Someone high up with the FAA Tower lived over there, which was only a block or two from my home, and the Miami News carrier in that area told me about him. I went to see him at his home and asked if I could get a tour of the tower and he said "sure, let me know when you want to come down!" and I did and I got the royal treatment at the tower. What a small world! And then weirder yet is that I arranged for my section's gate controllers to move into that same tower cab in early 1992 after Pan Am died in December 1991 and they're still in there assigning gates and handling airliner movements in the terminal area. I also remember hearing tales from the Port Authority oldtimers when I first got on with the airport in 1974 about your Port Authority grandfather passing away on the job while across the street. This is unbelievable!



Kai 07-Jul-2007 17:30

Hello Don... We have communicated about some of your MIA aircraft/airport pictures over the years. My dad Don Innes was a tower supervisor from the end of WWII to 1970. My grandfather Art Innes worked for the Port Authority as a ramp supervisor until he in the late 50's (laid his head on the lunch counter at a drug store on 36th street near the Pilot House Bar and never woke up. He was on his lunch break and in uniform.)

I literally grew up at MIA and can remember opening day of the current terminal. When my dad working midnights I would run wild through the terminal all night long. I was about 5-6 years old. I'd hit every phone booth and collect nickels and dimes that people had left. Little kids could do that back then without fear of kidnapping or molestation like these days. Of course, all the Port Authority guys and PSD Officers knew me and kept an eye on me for my dad.

Growing ups we lived in several places in Hialeah and the Springs. My earliest recollection as on Glendale Drive in the Springs. Then we move to the unincorporated area (112th Terrace) in Palm Springs/Hialeah. We lived next door to the Harley's (you mention Regina) and my sister (Karen) hung with the Nadine Ciaccio. I even remember them as they had this big huge circus ball in the back yard. I climbed on it and tried to roll it with my feet and fell. That hurt a little kid of about six.

My parents divorced while living there and my dad took up residence at 37th Street and 59th Avenue in Virginia Gardens. That was where I fell in love with Grace's and when I started working for Naples Airlines in 1970 I would go there everyday for a sub and would sit at the end of Red Road next to Prop Service and eat and watch planes. Over several years I worked for Executive, Shawnee, Mackey and Naples (PBA). I then got into air cargo when I am today. I left the south Florida area in 1978 to Nashville, TN and then here in Denver last year.

My mom (Rosalie) was a bartender for Dobbs House in the MIA terminal for years and we lived on E. 17th and 4th (across from the A&W), W. 45th and 5th and many years on 37th Place and 5th Court (under the old water tower). I used to hang with the Slade (Carl F.) boys (Mike and Rick) as part of Hialeah REACT as well as many of the Hialeah Police AIU (Accident Investigation Unit or better known as Alcoholics In Uniform) officers assisting at accidents and the like. I also went with Dr. Whaley's (Vetranarian Office at 16th and E. 4th) daughter for a few years way after living near the office.

Of course, like many that have posted the visions of earlier days is phenomenal. I can still see, taste and smell Patsy's Pizza and the red//white checked table clothes. The stale beer smells of Mae and Dave's as well as the Boots & Saddle (I think that was owned by Spanky McFarland of Our Gang fame). Of course I was way to young to drink but back it those days kids could go into bars and even sit at the bar.

I remember playing around in Government Field and Westland Mall being built. Spent a lot of time up and down 49th Street. Even worked for 2-weeks at the Zayre's store when I was 16. While doing "patrol" with REACT I remember EA401 flying overhead that ill-fated night while sitting at 49th and Red Road. Shortly after that directing (stopping) traffic at various intersections (Palm/E. 4th and 32nd mainly) to clear paths for police and ambulances shuttling between Hialeah Hospital, Palmetto General and the Coast Guard at Opa-Locka with survivors, doctors and equipment.

So many of the places mentioned brought back so many memories of my childhood and young life that it brought tears to my eyes when I would relate something that I remembered happening at one of them.

Thank you and your readers for that wonderful trip. Keep up the great job both here and the aviation side too.


Dr. Jerome D. Harold (ret.)
Jeremy305@CFL.RR.COM 13-Jun-2007 11:46

I lived in Miami at 3814 NW 2nd Avenue, went to Robert E. Lee Jr. High School
on N.W. 5th Avenue. One of my best buddies was EMIL FLUTIE. Emil and his brother, ALBERT had a father that owned a neon sign company in Hialeah. Emil Flutie was a very small guy, and was often teased over that but he made up for it by being taller than the rest of us in 'brains'. He must have had a sky-high I.Q. rating. It surprised me years later to learn Emil went on the become a rather successful jockey, riding usually at our own Hialeah Race Track. After that, I lost track of both of them but later Emil became an uncle to a guy that became famous on his own as a football player at Boston College and came to Miami in 1964 to play the Univ. of Miami in the last game of a season that saw the U of M as one of the best college teams. "Doug" Flutie led his Boston team in a surprising national upset when he "invented" the famous "Hail Mary!" pass that beat the U of M on the last play of the game. Doug later became famous in the NFL and the Canadian League and today, 2007, he lives in a mansion at Melbourne Beach, Fla. I lost track of Emil and Albert Flutie after I went to college in Indiana in 1950. My own best memory of Hialeah was the Amelia Erhart's departure on her last, fatal flight to go around the world. About that time, a big Air Show was held at that airport, not yet named after Earhart, whe the Governor of the Bahamas, the Duke of Windsor was there and I was his person 'guard' as a Boy Scout. I spent a good bit of the time with him and his wife in their private booth. I live now on Merritt Island, near the launch pads, but I miss those great days in Miami and Hialeah.


Lisa Hunadi 12-Jun-2007 16:40

This website is great. I just wanted to say that i am Lisa, one of the daughters of the "Castles" - the family name is spelled "Kastle". "Mary" is my Mom and she still lives in Miami Lakes, The Moors. "Dora" lives in Marietta, Ga and has been married for over 40 years to Bob Schultz. There are 3 other Kastle kids, Evelyn who lives in Lake Worth, FL, brothers Bob in Pembroke Pines and Richard in New York City. Dad, Robert Kastle passed away nearly two years ago. We have fond memmories of old Hialeah. Thanks for sharing this website.. I am glad i found it.. I will send a link to all the people i know that are interested.


Don Boyd 16-Feb-2007 16:48

Anonymous: what time frame was that? I don't remember the Vacarello name at all back in the late 50's thru mid-60's. Randy: thanks for the Ale family name at 1000 W. 56th Place - I had forgotten the name. The Blardinellis (daughter Vickie) were opposite them at 990 and her cousin Ronnie Blardinelli lived around the corner at 55th Place and W. 9th Lane or Court - Vickie and Ronnie both graduated in 1967.



Anonymous 14-Feb-2007 05:17

Also, just in front of PS Jr. High, a family and a girl named Nanette Vacarello.


Randy 13-Feb-2007 18:42

Don, I looked up your old address on Yahoo. 5691 W 9th Lane. I used to walk by the
end of your street going home from Palm Sprgs. Jr. every day. There was always an
ice cream truck parked there after school. He used to sell us ice cream on credit after
school. I still owe him money. Other people that lived close to you at that time were
Ale's and Blardinelli's just adajacent to the Junior high on the corners. I played little league baseball with them. This has been a real trip back in time. CYA


Don Boyd 13-Feb-2007 17:02

Hi Randy: ah okay, you lived over near Pege Burke who was in the class of '65. Now I remember the fights at the church on 12th Avenue after school at Palm Springs Junior, sometimes a daily occurrence. The roofs are mostly shingle and barrel tile now but the gravel and spray on white paint, which was the rage back in the 60's, was a great idea if you wanted to reduce the heat being absorbed through the attic, especially if you didn't have A/C back then like most of us. You need to come back and see how different it is now, and not for the better.



Randy 13-Feb-2007 15:30

I do remember Ed's hardware just around from 7-11. Used to buy BB's there to go
shoot at the rats in the garbage a mile or so up the street across from the canal.
Also, below the 8th Ave bridge was good for way under age smoking. The church across from Palm Springs Jr. where fights were always held after school. I never tried the liquor store you mentioned. I used to go over by Walker Park and buy it at the Cuban stores. With or without a phony ID.


Randy Paulsen 13-Feb-2007 14:51

I lived at 5490 W 7th Ave. I went to both DuPuis Elementary and Palm Springs Jr. High in that area. I finished high school at Hialeah Sr. in 1970. I currently live in Dallas, Tx.
I have never been back to that area since I left in 1970 to go to college up north. Do people down there still put gravel on their roofs and paint it white?

Randy Paulsen


Don Boyd 12-Feb-2007 15:38

Thanks for your comments. I remember the Fluties now that you mention it; they lived on W. 55th Place west of 10th Avenue. Their neon shop was on NW 29th Street a door or two down from Jones Shutter Products which was owned by a family friend. As I recall the Flutie brothers became Hialeah police officers. Where did you live in relation to the Fluties?



Randy 12-Feb-2007 03:36

I remember that tall silo. I went to grade school at DuPuis Elementary and I can remember hiking out there with a classmate when I was in about 3rd or 4th grade. His name was Mike Flutie and his father owned Flutie neon signs. (billboards) I remember that silo was full of scorpions running around inside. Pretty scary.


Don Boyd 26-Nov-2006 16:38

Roberta, I delivered the Miami News to your home in the early 60's and I knew your mom and dad (good people!), plus your brother Jake who was my age (who sends an e-mail occasionally) and your sister Dottie briefly. Thanks for writing, Roberta.


Roberta Louden 26-Nov-2006 08:02

Remember the horse stalls in Miami Lakes and the BARN? It was alot of FUN growing up in Hialeah. It sadens me to come back there now BUT I will always remember the "good ol days"!!!!!!!! I lived on 58th and 9th Lane. I worked at the famous Julius Caeser's and was friends with Donna and Marc. McDonalds on 49th after the football games was the best! I went there last weekend and OH MY GOSH!!! I am glad I moved!!! God Bless


Don Boyd 16-Nov-2006 06:30

Many thanks to everyone for adding even more memories in their comments. Keep them coming!

Thanks to Tom for Pam's name from the Pena family.

Special thanks to Gene and Bruce Kayal for writing. I remember when they were born and I babysat them for spending money whenever Gram had another babysitting job to do. Your dad was a great guy and like a second father to me from age 10 until I left for boot camp at age 18. Your mom was great also.



Gene Kayal 15-Nov-2006 19:59

I have many fond childhood memories of growing up on West 9th Lane. It really was a golden age. I could play outside all day with my friends and my mother neither knew where I was nor worried about it. Something impossible for either my wife or I to let our children do today. The neighborhood was filled with wonderful people. However, we were especially lucky because we lived next to our best friends in the world, the Boyd and the Cheleotis families.


Tom Fitzpatrick 15-Nov-2006 13:58

One of John and JoAnne Pena's daughters names is Pam, and she and her brother work doing real estate appraisals. Their office is by the Miami Lakes Police Dept.


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Russell Sabbag 20-Feb-2015 03:41
Great site!! My family lived on W 55 Place from 1958 -1976
1051 W. 55 Place - Russell and Evelyn Sabbag with daughter Dianne (graduated from Hialeah High in 1972) and son Russell (graduated from HML in 1976). Moved to South Miami in 1976.
Don Boyd21-May-2013 04:25
Thank you very much, Kim, I appreciate it. I added them to your street section above and gave you credit for contributing many of the names for the county section. : )

Kim Coulter 21-May-2013 01:54
Just a few additions to what you already have about the neighbors I had on N.W. 112th Terr.

6300 N.W. 112th Terr. - Leroy and Patricia Harris had a son Michael (or Mike) who has posted comments on here (see 6/29/08). He graduated from HML in 1981.

6320 N.W. 112th Terr. - Bill and Shirley Jackson had another daughter Lisa Jackson-Hinds (now lives in Kendall), who also graduated from HML in 1981.

6331 N.W. 112th Terr. - the Ehmer family (I can't remember their first names). I don't believe they had any children.

6311 N.W. 112th Terr. - the Krissel family. Adolf (father), Mariana (mother), Edgar (son), and Doris (daughter). Adolf, Mariana, and Doris all moved back to Germany in the mid-1970's, where Adolf and Mariana were originally from, but Edgar stayed and lives in the South Florida area.

6330 N.W. 112th Terr. - the Butler family. They had a bunch of kids but I can't remember any of their names.
Don Boyd20-Apr-2012 05:32
Thank you for writing in, Kandy! I have added your family information to the W. 55th Place section.

Kandy Geyer 19-Apr-2012 20:45
My name is Kandace (kandy) Geyer. I lived at 951 West 55th Place until June of 1963. My father was Ralph, Mother Jean, Sister Lela (HHS 1963), me- Palm Springs Jr. High 1963, Bonnie (Dupuise Elementary ), Bothers Paul and Mark. House lost in foreclosure 1963. Relocated to Southern California. Still connected to the Jeffries family on 56th Place by marriage. Many, many good memories of growing up in Hialeah.
Winston Marler 08-Nov-2010 17:34
No sure how I stumbled on this website but I remember many of the faces and names you have pictured and went to DuPuis and Palm Springs with many of them. I lived on 53rd between 10th and 12th Ave and probably walked by everyones homes at one time or another. Thank you for all the work you did here. Winston Marler
Guest 31-Oct-2009 00:00
At 5390 W. 9th Ave. lived Tony & Dalia Pesce. Tony worked many years for Delta Airlines. Their children's names Debbie, Toni Marie & Michael.