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Dead Sea

The Lowest Point in the world.
Dead Sea is located in the Syro-African Rift, a 4000-mile fault line in the earth's crust.
The lowest point of dry land on earth is the shoreline of the Dead Sea at 1300 feet below sea level.
Figures for the Dead Sea's salinity today range from 26-35%.

IMG_4559 IMG_4555 IMG_4549 IMG_4518
IMG_4512 IMG_4508 IMG_4480 IMG_4473
BM4J0449 BM4J0425 IMG_4542 BM4J0424
BM4J0401 BM4J0398 BM4J9495 IMG_4000
IMG_4010 IMG_3997 IMG_3996 BM4J9647
BM4J9528 BM4J9529 BM4J9467 BM4J9491
BM4J9470 IMG_3992 BM4J9649 IMG_1614
IMG_9846 DSCF4786 DSCF4773 IMG_9456 - Salt stalactites
BM4J5803 IMG_9374 DSCF4787 DSCF4691
DSCF4678 IMG_9339 IMG_9227 DSCF4669 - Mount Sodom
IMG_7192 IMG_7177 IMG_7241 IMG_7184
IMG_7173 IMG_1719 IMG_3121 IMG_5305
IMG_4299 IMG_4316 IMG_9845 BM4J5809
IMG_9693 IMG_9397 IMG_9347 DSCF4694
IMG_9080 IMG_9078 IMG_9113 IMG_3334
IMG_3337 IMG_6306 IMG_1554 IMG_1561
IMG_7115 IMG_7100 IMG_7099 IMG_7079
IMG_7076 IMG_7060 IMG_7061 IMG_7200
IMG_7254 IMG_7244 IMG_7190 IMG_7250
IMG_7236 IMG_7056 IMG_6652 IMG_6630
IMG_0195 IMG_0170 IMG_0181 IMG_5271
IMG_6288 IMG_9392 IMG_6640 IMG_9336
IMG_5405 IMG_3073 IMG_3311 IMG_0520 - Dancers in the Dead Sea
IMG_8963 IMG_0175 IMG_9700 IMG_0574
IMG_8960 DSCF3859 IMG_5886 DSCF3875
IMG_5889 IMG_5900 deadsea-1 IMG_0326
IMG_5152 IMG_3207 IMG_3146 IMG_3145
IMG_1725 IMG_5112 IMG_1658 IMG_1839
IMG_1848 BM4J9401 BM4J9400 BM4J9398
IMG_9704 IMG_9705 IMG_9692 IMG_9641
IMG_9682 - Alien in dead sea IMG_9680 IMG_9672 IMG_9657
IMG_9647 IMG_0582 IMG_0551 IMG_0541
IMG_3255 IMG_3348 IMG_3112 - Coexistence IMG_1657
IMG_0517 IMG_9614 IMG_9597 DSCF1184
IMG_3095 IMG_3088 IMG_3521 IMG_3139
CRW_8676 IMG_0580 - Gabriel Angel IMG_3320 IMG_0721
IMG_0718 IMG_1804 IMG_9599 IMG_9616
IMG_9606 IMG_1653 IMG_1642 IMG_1651
IMG_1656 IMG_4207 IMG_6087 IMG_3941
IMG_8803 IMG_9611 IMG_6290 IMG_3942
IMG_9684 IMG_9667 IMG_6022 - Dead Sea Works IMG_8784
IMG_8824 IMG_8786 IMG_6296 IMG_3953
IMG_2173 IMG_6609 IMG_6079 IMG_2449
IMG_2420 IMG_2412 IMG_0726 IMG_0502
IMG_0505 IMG_5731 IMG_9523 IMG_9567
IMG_9335 IMG_6320 IMG_7389 - in the Dead Sea IMG_7384 - in the Dead Sea
IMG_2479 - Remnant IMG_3025 IMG_6640 IMG_9542
IMG_3869 IMG_9382 IMG_3877 IMG_3868
IMG_3854 IMG_6318 IMG_6602 IMG_5100
IMG_7763 IMG_7728 IMG_5407 IMG_5395
IMG_3069 IMG_3065 IMG_5392 IMG_5397
IMG_5411 IMG_3306 IMG_0122 IMG_0190
IMG_6101 IMG_9379 IMG_6386 relations
IMG_3334 IMG_3338 IMG_3844 IMG_0024
IMG_0574 IMG_9676 IMG_9704 IMG_0191
IMG_1100 IMG_2446 IMG_3529 IMG_3887
IMG_1027 IMG_0570 IMG_6656 IMG_6657
IMG_0158 - Time traces IMG_3939 IMG_5292 IMG_0169 - Pearls of salt
IMG_7746 IMG_7741 IMG_3179 IMG_3056
IMG_0125 IMG_3936 IMG_8955 IMG_0521 - Dancers
IMG_5296 IMG_9685 IMG_7764 IMG_7761
IMG_3945 IMG_3303 IMG_6652 IMG_8101
IMG_6314 IMG_6286 IMG_7382 IMG_7689
IMG_1437 IMG_3347 IMG_4117 IMG_4099
IMG_4127 IMG_3085 IMG_3527 IMG_7718
IMG_6633 IMG_5291 IMG_6389 CRW_4227