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A former Daily Mail editor is reputed to have said "The ideal Daily Mail article should leave the reader either hating someone or fearing something."

Thanks to my plucky young assistant Ruth for technical advice and driving like a bat out of hell down this alley 20 times.

The one below was taken in the same alley, with no assistant, plucky or otherwise:

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Arjayphotography11-Dec-2011 15:19
Awesome! Agree with Stu....this is a masterpiece. The angle creates unease in the viewer, the red, obvious dread, and the paper headline balances everything. Not sure the light streaks add that much to tell you the truth - but they do add power I guess.
Yiannis Pavlis10-Apr-2010 18:04
Well taken from a creative angle. Impressive work with awesome presentation. Well done!
Stu Egan12-Sep-2006 21:20
A masterpiece.
Tiago Gracio16-Jul-2006 10:29
Great point of view and nice lines finishing in infinite. Great colors, a little bit red, but It's nice, cause of the pure evil ;)
Ana Carloto O'Shea01-Jul-2006 13:43
Well I am still in time to congratulate you and your daring assistant on this very cinematographic approach to photography :))
I do remember your daring alley shots... so this one came as not surprise... I mean, the shot was a surprise, but the fact that it's so damned good wasn't really.... Imean, the shot is good, what wasn't really, was really what............ what am I talking about?? Ah! never mind, but you know that really, don't you? I mean... what I meant to say, not really what I am writing, right? :o)
R.Moreno26-Jun-2006 13:09
What a evocation!! I like the point of view and perspective. V.
SRW25-Jun-2006 13:16
Stunning work (both of you...)! (V)
Ray Rebortira25-Jun-2006 04:32
An apocalyptic vision but only a master like you can turn the colour of seduction into shades of dread. Bravo!!!
Adalberto Tiburzi24-Jun-2006 18:40
The sky, the sky... ;-)
Chris24-Jun-2006 08:57
Ever played the old Playstation game 'Wipeout'? This that.
scott clarke24-Jun-2006 01:08
Excellent, looks a little tight to be in there with a camera and a vehicle though.
bruce berrien24-Jun-2006 00:02
You have an assistant? You rascal, you!
Bob Floyd23-Jun-2006 19:03
Sweet! Brilliant, right down to the tilt of the frame. V.
shatterbug23-Jun-2006 18:16
Brilliant shot! The streaks of red light and the overall red tones so compliment the headline and title! Love the tilt too! Vote!
ruthemily23-Jun-2006 16:23
lol, i hope that comment is in french! ;)
natisunber23-Jun-2006 11:56
Terrible!! (congrats to both of you!;)
Guest 23-Jun-2006 10:04
( !!!!! )
~ l'Adal
Ann LT23-Jun-2006 02:40
You have an incredible eye.
The red here really defines evil! V
Guest 23-Jun-2006 01:16
Crazy perspective. Wonderful. Andn all the rest too, colours, light, tilt, newspaper. Big Vote.
Duncan Smith22-Jun-2006 21:55
Quite inspired, in several ways. Good to have a willing assistant too.
Rob Rosetti22-Jun-2006 19:57
Pure art. I'm speachless! Roberto
Donna Lear22-Jun-2006 17:22
Just amazing. V
Richard Calmes22-Jun-2006 16:52
Great composition! Great statement! Vote
ruthemily22-Jun-2006 14:47
i like that quote. i wonder if he realised that the average daily mail article leaves the reader hating the editor...
Gilles Navet22-Jun-2006 11:26
Que c'est bien fait. Je peux imaginer plein de chôse. C'est ça la magie d'une belle image, le pouvoir de donner à imaginer aux autres....
Vote mon ami
Shimon Levkovich22-Jun-2006 10:00
Incredible shot. Voted.
Sharon Rogers22-Jun-2006 08:55
*cough* v>
Sharon Rogers22-Jun-2006 08:55
whoo hoo!!!!
ruthemily22-Jun-2006 08:31
seems as though you had a very pragmatic and sagacious assistant!! i'm so glad this worked out so well, it was such a good idea. no doubt made for some very interesting CCTV footage, beats old men pissing against the wall i suppose. unless it was a speed camera..LOL...i know where to send the bill, Mr O'Shea.
and yes, i've'd be wrong not to! :)
Guest 22-Jun-2006 05:39
Oh this is awesome. I didn't notice the newspaper until looking at it for at least a few seconds (when I had already decided it worked for me). I appreciate the commentary immensely, but suspending my belief for a few moments the stories here - how it looks as if the person high tailing it outta there is the person who dropped that newspaper. Fantastically creative subject matter and some great stories here. gmv
Guest 22-Jun-2006 05:03
On the road.
~ l'Autre
AL22-Jun-2006 03:08
Evilly good! Incredible angle and lighting. And the paper just said it all. Special thanks to Ruth. Voted.
Yann Pindeler22-Jun-2006 02:24
Two incredible diagonals for a masterful mise en scene.
Interesting. My vote...
Lisa Sullivan22-Jun-2006 01:20
Congrats to both you and your gorgeous assistant! Very well thought-out and executed shot.
~ Lisa
Bob B.22-Jun-2006 00:34
Terrific! Welcome to the Dark Side!
david procter22-Jun-2006 00:20
I new I'd go to hell via reading the daily mail! really ace!v
Ray :)22-Jun-2006 00:18
This is so good Niall. Even the headline fits the newspaper..
Can I vote for both of ya?
faye white22-Jun-2006 00:17
wicked good!!
Dan Chusid22-Jun-2006 00:03
Sometimes evil can be good!
jude21-Jun-2006 23:56
Oh.. and that's a HUGE mo-fo'n vote
Craig Persel21-Jun-2006 23:56
This is absolutely awesome. Everything about it is perfect. Big vote.
jude21-Jun-2006 23:55
omg.. how good.. how hilarious (the thought of her driving like that just to accomodate you..LOL).. how EVILEEEEE looking. So damn creative..
And I'm going to have to say, one of your best.
I'm assuming Ruth made it out of their alive.. ;)
Adrian Reilly21-Jun-2006 23:36
Awesome Niall:-) that a great newspaper addition, really like the angle to. Vote