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Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park, New Mexico

Mesilla Bosque is a 300 acre state park that opened in December 2008. Its aim is to help rehabilitate the natural environment along a stretch of the Rio Grande near the town of Mesilla, adjacent to Las Cruces New Mexico. The term 'bosque' refers to the original riverside woodlands that have been much altered since the 19th century by development. An additional 600 acres of land that incorporates the adjacent Chihuahuan desert environment will soon be added to the park.

We are fortunate to live near the park, which is about a 15 minute walk from our house. My goal is to gradually document the environment of the park over time. All of the photos in this gallery were taken within the park or just outside its boundary in the nearby meadows and arroyos that lead into the park.
A 'wetland' area of Mesilla Valley Park mostly dry from almost 4 years of drought 'Upland' area of Mesilla Valley Park east of the Rio Grande These trees are salt cedar, an invasive species that is gradually being removed from the park t9%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f153854124.8Bh8tbOB.jpg t9%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f153854123.ZlLaUMpY.jpg t9%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f153854122.6JQHQhKt.jpg
t9%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f153854121.ulNNEhrZ.jpg t9%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f153851791.1l8GKPd0.jpg Mesilla Valley Park with Organ Mountains in background t2%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f147053531.iOolt6tJ.jpg Picacho Peak from Mesilla Valley Park t2%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f147029442.BFVDIy0U.jpg
t2%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f147023964.HFbaMb7R.jpg t2%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f147015937.cgLlgaly.jpg t2%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f147015936.wfEPwQhD.jpg t2%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f147014688.bzgrXMhI.jpg t2%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f147014435.8eirKqbL.jpg t2%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f147014434.35IZkbYS.jpg
t2%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f147014433.R3jHXPaK.jpg t2%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f147014432.hmoUoMd3.jpg t2%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f147014431.h74ibmEI.jpg t2%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f147014430.x4xkS1Ba.jpg Picacho Peak from Mesilla Valley Park White-winged dove
Organ Mountains from arroyo adjacent to park t4%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f137323047.eXZQd53H.jpg Heavy summer monsoon rains produced many wildflowers in September Heavy summer monsoon rains produced many wildflowers in September t4%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f137284862.z6jZB0Qy.jpg t4%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f134065391.okeJG1sK.jpg
t4%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f134051201.bZRQkleV.jpg Organ Mountains from the Mesilla Valley Bosque Park Picacho Peak from Mesilla Bosque t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f130747885.Bbk8UNAP.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f130276653.T4Y4zjc8.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f130274809.w7oxEqj5.jpg
View from park across Rio Grande to Organ Mountains 'Tumbleweeds' blown into the Rio Grande by heavy winds t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f130032466.Y6oWyHGu.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f130029499.sVUIJktu.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f130024411.1kyQ6Qs4.jpg Sunset from the Mesilla Valley Bosque State Park
t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116647858.dplsEk59.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116647860.KeahBPfZ.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116647862.MCqdcYJh.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116647864.Cqsi1Ylh.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116647866.66DgN1Jv.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116647868.4cRLQeNG.jpg
American coot  (Fulica americana) t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116647873.HKSnNKgx.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116647876.GTaJ56xZ.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116647879.MC7H3yvo.jpg Mesquite tree -- pods were eaten by Native American inhabitants of valley t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116647885.Ra2K86Ra.jpg
t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116647889.Of1aay2q.jpg Female Wood Duck (Aix sponsa) t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116647896.zc0lJmmq.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116648819.ogrQqsVv.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116660161.Csnmx6LO.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116663540.S5u6JV9G.jpg
t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116678592.mwg8uK2T.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116693751.Ds36sg8j.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f116831446.lHNbGS7s.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f117187017.yyrR2OJo.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f117193868.KqG9x9cO.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f117212832.V9unCikQ.jpg
t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f117234255.JEC9PfWe.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f117288401.Om5VAcoB.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f117310954.mzmY9kHT.jpg Camouflage - Horned Lizard t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f117713528.STgfy4f8.jpg t1%2f56%2f151956%2f4%2f118081091.m1cihvTN.jpg