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1st October 2007  cirrus DSC_0235s.jpg DSC_0027s.jpg DSC_0035s.jpg
DSC_0224 copy.jpg DSC_0002s.jpg 2nd July 2007  fluffy DSC_0029s.jpg
8th April 2010  big clouds DSC_0096 copy.jpg 9th May 2011  the road home 17th August 2010  fluffy
DSC_0097s.jpg DSC_0001s.jpg 28th August 2010  cloudy DSC_0003a.jpg
20th December 2008  tree at night 14th November 2007  rainbows galore DSC_0000s.jpg DSC_0115s.jpg
DSC_0004s.jpg DSC_0028s.jpg DSC_0107s.jpg 26th March 2009  empty road
12th November 2010  red sky warning DSC_0043s2.jpg DSC_0064s.jpg DSC_0055s.jpg
DSC_0021 copy2.jpg 22nd September 2009  seven pm 24th February 2008  stratospheric effects DSC_0105s.jpg
27th January 2008  January skyburst 2nd August 2009  Balquhain DSC_0031s.jpg 1st October 2008  red sky imorn
19th September 2009  bull in the field 13th March 2010  equinox approaching 19th July 2010  late sun DSC_0132 copy.jpg
22nd May 2008  cloudy 29th January 2008  wispy sky DSC_02183.jpg 24th May 2011  showers
DSC_0007s2.jpg 18th January 2011  full moon fever 20th November 2008  snow on the cards DSC_0013s.jpg
25th November 2008  winter sun DSC_0034s.jpg 22nd  August 2010  the gathering storm 31st October 2011  dark nights
DSC_0125s.jpg PICT0026s.jpg 18th March 2011  nearly full moon DSC_0039s.jpg
DSC_0096s.jpg PICT0032.JPG DSC_0057s.jpg DSC_0233s.jpg
19th February 2008  home for dinnah DSC_0102s.jpg 12th December 2008  early warning DSC_0065 copy.jpg
DSC_0195 copy.jpg PICT0030s.jpg 16th December 2008  pink sky 29th August 2006  fluffiness
DSC_0076s.jpg DSC_0034s.jpg 1st November 2006  wintry sunrise DSC_0093s.jpg
PICT0012s.jpg 17th May 2009  downpour DSC_0049s.jpg 1st October 2006  wet and windy
26th December 2008  frosty night DSC_0119s.jpg DSC_0004s.jpg 18th May 2007  at the seaside
27th August 2009  storm washed DSC_0074s.jpg 17th April 2020  big clouds 24th July 2006  another dawn
DSC_0022s.jpg DSC_0057s.jpg 30th January 2008  ice road DSC_0030s2.jpg
30th April 2010  moOOOoo 27th July 2006  low stratus lit from below 25th August 2010  late summer evening DSC_0025s.jpg
10th December 2008  gibbous moon 29th February 2008  sunshine and showers PICT0002s.jpg 3rd October 2009  stormy
24th March 2009  stones PICT0043a.jpg 20th July 2006  misty sunrise over sleepy hollow 24th September 2010  rainbow
8th November 2008  light breaks through 28th December 2008  another frosty night DSC_0017sky DSC_0054a.jpg
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