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21st November 2011  through the window DSC_0004 copy.jpg 23rd August 2011  evening sun 25th August 2011  Benachie
13th December 2011  not a red sky 16th March 2012  pinkish sky 28th November 2011  red sky 20th February 2012  on the way home
11th August 2011  sunshine and showers 21st February 2012  lumpy sky 27th September 2011  nebulous 25th July 2012 Ben More
12th December 2011  part of the moon 16th December 2011   rainbow 2nd February 2012  time to go home 18th December 2011  chimneys
DSC_0010 copy.jpg DSC_0339 copy.jpg 15th March 2012  Ides 26th February 2012  Is it Spring?
9th March 2012  Friday evening 3rd December 2011  December snow on the cards DSC_0004 copy.jpg 1st January 2012  New Year's Day
28th February 2012  skyburst 20th August 2010  blustery day DSC_0077 copy.jpg 10th January 2012  winter moon
25th March 2011  sleet coming DSC_0010 copy.jpg DSC_0025 copy.jpg DSC_0040 copy.jpg
13th May 2011  Friday 13th 7th September 2011  cumulonimbus 18th April 2012  nearly 8 pm 18th February 2008  morning star
1st October 2011  strange clouds 3rd June 2011  hot summer night 12th August 2010  The Plough 25th June 2011  warm summer night
DSC_0016 copy.jpg DSC_0038 copy.jpg DSC_0014 copy.jpg DSC_0037 copy.jpg
7th November 2011  red sky 17th April 2011  the moon is full 5th March 2011   day of sunshine 27th March 2010  blue moon
25th March 2009  storminess 10th November 2010  red sky and rainbow DSC_0109 copy.jpg 21st August 2010  wispy clouds
12th January 2011  early flight red sky 30th September 2010  last of the summer 27th August 2010   about to rain
4th October 2011  early October DSC_0039s.jpg DSC_0051 copy.jpg 31st January 2011  Monday morning in January
18th November 2010  still stormy 17th December 2008  winter sky DSC_0026 copy.jpg 22nd March 2011  spring sky
5th May 2011  beautiful dawn DSC_0030 copy.jpg 25th November 2009  funny sky 23rd February 2011  light mornings
14th January 2011  storminess 9th August 2010  Balnakiel DSC_0118 copy.jpg DSC_0089 copy.jpg
10th September 2010  pink sky 5th November 2011  north or south 10th November 2009  low sun 13th January 2009  windmill
7th April 2011  Ron in the gloaming 14th May 2011  rainbow near the Ivory Tower 11th August 2010  home again 9th July 2010   Uibhist a Tuath
19th June 2008  shower 1st May 2009  cumulus 22nd December 2008  milky way 13th November 2010  East Lothian sky
19th February 2009  back to work 23rd December 2008  birds 21st September 2010  chaotic sky DSC_0049 copy.jpg
29th March 2009  Knowing 26th April 2010  leaves appearing DSC_0010s.jpg 9th September 2011  September sky
29th October 2009  autumn colour 22nd July 2008  fluffiness 9th October 2008  leaving in the morning 5th August 2009  cows
16th November 2010  perch 9th December 2008  wintry showers 27th May 2008  cumulus DSC_0025s.jpg
DSC_0004s.jpg DSC_0004s.jpg DSC_0026s.jpg DSC_0013s.jpg
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