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DSC_2624-001.jpg DSC_2621-001.jpg DSC_2608-001.jpg DSC_2510-001.jpg
DSC_2508-001.jpg 7th June 2017  moon DSC_1898-001.jpg DSC_0343-001.jpg
4th February 2017  curly skyburst 10th February 2017  arrival 11th February 2017  road to the beach 25th February 2017  another rainbow
30th December 2016  turbulence DSC_8846-001.jpg 8th December 2016  nearly home again 18th December 2016  High Pressure
29th December 2016 eye burst 24th November 2016  nearly home 14th November 2016  round the corner 11th October 2016 high pressure
13th October 2016  Balnakiel 27th October 2016  morning skyburst DSC_7063-001.jpg 9th August 2016  at the shoppie
22nd August 2016  skyburst 30th August 2016  fleeting skyburst DSC_5755-001.jpg 7th April 2016  starlight
DSC_5205-001.jpg DSC_4466-001.jpg 29th January 2016  stormy day 22nd February 2016   Crisp and clear
DSC_2586-001.jpg DSC_2202-001.jpg DSC_2418-001.jpg DSC_2474-001.jpg
DSC_2313-001.jpg DSC_2311-001.jpg DSC_2061-001.jpg 17th December 2015  night comes early
21st December 2015  shortest day DSC_1287-001.jpg DSC_1289-001.jpg 26th November 2015  the sea and the sky
27th November 2015  November Skyburst DSC_0791-001.jpg DSC_0789-001.jpg DSC_0786-001.jpg
9th October 2015  starry night 12th October 2015  Na Fir-Chlis 15th October 2015  skyburst 16th October 2015  coming home
22nd August 2015  arrival 28th September 2015  skyburst DSC_9473-001.jpg 5th August 2015  tornado warning
26th August 2015  summer continues 3rd July 2015  Cumulus 25th July 2015  thunder clouds DSC_5928 copy.jpg
14th June 2015   calf basking 29th June 2015  summer nights 14th April 2015  perfect weather 26th April 2015  spring sunset
7th May 2015  going home 12th May 2015  Shower approaching 29th May 2015  sky clear DSC_4599-001.jpg
DSC_4409-001.jpg DSC_4214-001.jpg DSC_3947-001.jpg DSC_3845-001.jpg
17th March 2015  sun looks like the moon 20th March 2015  eclipse 25th March 2015  fluffiness 27th March 2015  run around
22nd January 2015  nearly home 10th February 2015  late home DSC_3644-001.jpg DSC_3603-001.jpg
DSC_3599-001.jpg DSC_3555-001.jpg 22nd December 2014  return of the light 23rd December 2014  half past three
DSC_2990-001.jpg DSC_2700-001.jpg DSC_2382-001.jpg DSC_2284-001.jpg
DSC_1743-001.jpg DSC_1545.jpg DSC_1675-001.jpg DSC_0861-001.jpg
DSC_0859-001.jpg DSC_1730-001.jpg DSC_0234-001.jpg DSC_0600-001.jpg
DSC_0024-001.jpg DSC_9828-001.jpg DSC_0233-001.jpg DSC_0551-001.jpg
DSC_0105-001.jpg DSC_0011-001.jpg DSC_7566-001.jpg DSC_7722-001.jpg
DSC_8557-001.jpg DSC_7283-001.jpg DSC_7674-001.jpg DSC_4860-001.jpg
DSC_9352 copy.jpg DSC_7126 copy.jpg DSC_8414-copy.jpg DSC_4869-001.jpg
DSC_6557 copy.jpg DSC_2825 copy.jpg 8th October 2014  October skyburst DSC_4870-001.jpg
DSC_0051-copy.jpg DSC_5349 copy.jpg DSC_4531 copy.jpg nacreous clouds
DSC_3334 copy.jpg DSC_1485 copy.jpg 7th September 2014  brightness DSC_1824 copy.jpg
15th October 2014  bend in the river 18th November 2014  time to go home DSC_2607 copy.jpg DSC_1630 copy.jpg
23rd March 2014  snow showers DSC_6842 copy.jpg 7th November 2014  Friday rainbow 6th September 2014  mammatus clouds
DSC_3054 copy.jpg 26th September 2014  flash of sun DSC_0499 copy.jpg DSC_2511 copy.jpg
DSC_0778 copy.jpg DSC_1419 copy.jpg 16th December 2013  moon 11th June 2014  late
26th March 2014  red sky 1st October 2014  October sky DSC_2620 copy.jpg DSC_0017 copy.jpg
15th November 2013  the sky 24th November 2014  sudden skyburst 14th November 2013  stormy sky 16th November 2013  the moon
4th October 2014  sudden rainbow 23rd October 2014  end to a great day 30th August 2013  fluffy 14th August 2013  nearly home
11th December 2013  car park 31st December 2012  snow shower 8th June 2014  thunderstorm approaching 2nd December 2013  warning
DSC_0155 copy.jpg DSC_0061 copy.jpg DSC_0004 copy.jpg DSC_0037 copy.jpg
1st November 2013  milky way DSC_0013 copy.jpg 15th February 2014  the sky DSC_0036 copy.jpg
20th September 2013  Friday night chaotic sky Untitled.jpg DSC_0027 copy.jpg 27th February 2014  Aurora
DSC_4868-001.jpg DSC_0036 copy.jpg DSC_0023 copy.jpg DSC_0041 copy.jpg
Untitled 7th November 2012  out of the window 5th August 2013  the sky at night 5th September 2013  departure
DSC_0022 copy.jpg DSC_0023 copy.jpg 1st December 2013  milky way 24th July 2012  Somewhere in the highlands
13th July 2012  out for dinnah in Amsterdam 2nd June 2012  moon nearly full 17th November 2013  sudden skyburst 20th November 2013  day of storms
3rd October 2012  out of the window 2nd November 2012  time to go home DSC_0005 copy.jpg 31st October 2012  Last of the light mornings
3rd November 2013  Aberdeen 27th July 2012  moon DSC_0002 copy.jpg 4th October 2012  Ocober skies
22nd March 2012  still DSC_0002 copy.jpg DSC_0007 copy.jpg DSC_0056 copy.jpg
DSC_0010 copy.jpg 29th October 2012  Cold Monday 11th August 2013   scattered showers 4th June 2012  Findhorn
DSC_0005 copy.jpg 2nd October 2012  rush hour skyburst 16th August 2013  heavy shower finishing Friday 13th January 2012  Friday the 13th
3rd April 2012  wintry showers 20th March 2012  equinox 14th March 2012  up the hill 1st November 2011  frost in the air
16th January 2012  early 29th December 2012  sudden skyburst 4th November 2011  nearly home 14th January 2013   the sun
DSC_0018 copy.jpg 18th June 2012  rainbow 19th November 2011  near the stones 29th September 2011  late summer
19th November 2012  last glow of the day 23rd December 2011  morning sky 8th February 2012  purple sky 10th November 2011  there goes the sun
16th October 2011  change in the weather coming 17th November 2011  sun coming up DSC_0030 copy.jpg 8th December 2012  unexpected snow
18th June 2011  ten pm 21st November 2011  through the window DSC_0004 copy.jpg 23rd August 2011  evening sun
25th August 2011  Benachie 13th December 2011  not a red sky 16th March 2012  pinkish sky 28th November 2011  red sky
20th February 2012  on the way home 11th August 2011  sunshine and showers 21st February 2012  lumpy sky 27th September 2011  nebulous
25th July 2012 Ben More 12th December 2011  part of the moon 16th December 2011   rainbow 2nd February 2012  time to go home
18th December 2011  chimneys DSC_0010 copy.jpg DSC_0339 copy.jpg 15th March 2012  Ides
26th February 2012  Is it Spring? 9th March 2012  Friday evening 3rd December 2011  December snow on the cards DSC_0004 copy.jpg
1st January 2012  New Year's Day 28th February 2012  skyburst 20th August 2010  blustery day DSC_0077 copy.jpg
10th January 2012  winter moon 25th March 2011  sleet coming DSC_0010 copy.jpg DSC_0025 copy.jpg
DSC_0040 copy.jpg 13th May 2011  Friday 13th 7th September 2011  cumulonimbus 18th April 2012  nearly 8 pm
18th February 2008  morning star 1st October 2011  strange clouds 3rd June 2011  hot summer night 12th August 2010  The Plough
25th June 2011  warm summer night DSC_0016 copy.jpg DSC_0038 copy.jpg DSC_0014 copy.jpg
DSC_0037 copy.jpg 7th November 2011  red sky 17th April 2011  the moon is full 5th March 2011   day of sunshine
27th March 2010  blue moon 25th March 2009  storminess 10th November 2010  red sky and rainbow DSC_0109 copy.jpg
21st August 2010  wispy clouds 12th January 2011  early flight red sky 30th September 2010  last of the summer
27th August 2010   about to rain 4th October 2011  early October DSC_0039s.jpg DSC_0051 copy.jpg
31st January 2011  Monday morning in January 18th November 2010  still stormy 17th December 2008  winter sky DSC_0026 copy.jpg
22nd March 2011  spring sky 5th May 2011  beautiful dawn DSC_0030 copy.jpg 25th November 2009  funny sky
23rd February 2011  light mornings 14th January 2011  storminess 9th August 2010  Balnakiel DSC_0118 copy.jpg
DSC_0089 copy.jpg 10th September 2010  pink sky 5th November 2011  north or south 10th November 2009  low sun
13th January 2009  windmill 7th April 2011  Ron in the gloaming 14th May 2011  rainbow near the Ivory Tower 11th August 2010  home again
9th July 2010   Uibhist a Tuath 19th June 2008  shower 1st May 2009  cumulus 22nd December 2008  milky way
13th November 2010  East Lothian sky 19th February 2009  back to work 23rd December 2008  birds 21st September 2010  chaotic sky
DSC_0049 copy.jpg 29th March 2009  Knowing 26th April 2010  leaves appearing DSC_0010s.jpg
9th September 2011  September sky 29th October 2009  autumn colour 22nd July 2008  fluffiness 9th October 2008  leaving in the morning
5th August 2009  cows 16th November 2010  perch 9th December 2008  wintry showers 27th May 2008  cumulus
DSC_0025s.jpg DSC_0004s.jpg DSC_0004s.jpg DSC_0026s.jpg
DSC_0013s.jpg 26th May 2011  buttercups and sunshine DSC_0038 copy.jpg DSC_0005s.jpg
2nd April 2011  April showers DSC_0008s2.jpg DSC_0080s.jpg 17th November 2010  stormy sky in the morning
DSC_0046s.jpg back road DSC_0002s.jpg 15th October 2008  Loch Torridon
Slains Castle DSC_0002s.jpg DSC_0029s.jpg DSC_0109 copy.jpg
1st July 2008  cumulus 6th October 2009  missed rainbow DSC_0088copy.jpg DSC_0067s.jpg
DSC_0158 copy.jpg DSC_0036s.jpg DSC_0044s.jpg DSC_0002s.jpg
stormy Craigievar 19th December 2008  first thing 16th August 2009   getting late
20th March 2009  last day of winter 30th August 2010  lonely cow 1st October 2007  cirrus DSC_0235s.jpg
DSC_0027s.jpg DSC_0035s.jpg DSC_0224 copy.jpg DSC_0002s.jpg
2nd July 2007  fluffy DSC_0029s.jpg 8th April 2010  big clouds DSC_0096 copy.jpg
9th May 2011  the road home 17th August 2010  fluffy DSC_0097s.jpg DSC_0001s.jpg
28th August 2010  cloudy DSC_0003a.jpg 20th December 2008  tree at night 14th November 2007  rainbows galore
DSC_0000s.jpg DSC_0115s.jpg DSC_0004s.jpg DSC_0028s.jpg
DSC_0107s.jpg 26th March 2009  empty road 12th November 2010  red sky warning DSC_0043s2.jpg
DSC_0064s.jpg DSC_0055s.jpg DSC_0021 copy2.jpg 22nd September 2009  seven pm
24th February 2008  stratospheric effects DSC_0105s.jpg 27th January 2008  January skyburst 2nd August 2009  Balquhain
DSC_0031s.jpg 1st October 2008  red sky imorn 19th September 2009  bull in the field 13th March 2010  equinox approaching
19th July 2010  late sun DSC_0132 copy.jpg 22nd May 2008  cloudy 29th January 2008  wispy sky
DSC_02183.jpg 24th May 2011  showers DSC_0007s2.jpg 18th January 2011  full moon fever
20th November 2008  snow on the cards DSC_0013s.jpg 25th November 2008  winter sun DSC_0034s.jpg
22nd  August 2010  the gathering storm 31st October 2011  dark nights DSC_0125s.jpg PICT0026s.jpg
18th March 2011  nearly full moon DSC_0039s.jpg DSC_0096s.jpg PICT0032.JPG
DSC_0057s.jpg DSC_0233s.jpg 19th February 2008  home for dinnah DSC_0102s.jpg
12th December 2008  early warning DSC_0065 copy.jpg DSC_0195 copy.jpg PICT0030s.jpg
16th December 2008  pink sky 29th August 2006  fluffiness DSC_0076s.jpg DSC_0034s.jpg
1st November 2006  wintry sunrise DSC_0093s.jpg PICT0012s.jpg 17th May 2009  downpour
DSC_0049s.jpg 1st October 2006  wet and windy 26th December 2008  frosty night DSC_0119s.jpg
DSC_0004s.jpg 18th May 2007  at the seaside 27th August 2009  storm washed DSC_0074s.jpg
17th April 2020  big clouds 24th July 2006  another dawn DSC_0022s.jpg DSC_0057s.jpg
30th January 2008  ice road DSC_0030s2.jpg 30th April 2010  moOOOoo 27th July 2006  low stratus lit from below
25th August 2010  late summer evening DSC_0025s.jpg 10th December 2008  gibbous moon 29th February 2008  sunshine and showers
PICT0002s.jpg 3rd October 2009  stormy 24th March 2009  stones PICT0043a.jpg
20th July 2006  misty sunrise over sleepy hollow 24th September 2010  rainbow 8th November 2008  light breaks through 28th December 2008  another frosty night
DSC_0017sky DSC_0054a.jpg 26th February 2007  looking brighter 1st November 2007  cold and grey
DSC_0001 copy.jpg DSC_0062s.jpg 30th November 2006  off before dawn PICT0036s.jpg
DSC_0022s.jpg 30th October 2006  early start 5th December 2007  storm brewing 18th May 2008  Findhorn Bay
28th January 2008  home in time 12th March 2008  stormy DSC_0013s.jpg DSC_0005s.jpg
DSC_0029s.jpg 10th August 2007  purple sky 20th May 2007  season of romance 23rd September 2007  big skies
10th May 2009  Ythan 11th February 2008  pink evening 15th March 2010  Ides of March 13th November 2008  red sky
25th January 2009  red planet 29th November 2009  St Andrew's Day DSC_0099s.jpg DSC_0130s.jpg
1st December 2006  home early 21st August 2007  still misty DSC_0075 copy.jpg 18th September 2007  last light of the day
19th November 2008  another sunrise 6th June 2008  D Day 10th December 2007  milky way DSC_0082 copy.jpg
DSC_0020a.jpg 2nd May 2008  the cows are back PICT0019s.jpg 18th December 2008  frosty morning
2nd January 2007 (oops 2008!)  elderly man cheats death on a windswept hill PICT0071a.jpg 24th March 2008  Balnakiel 21st September 2006  crossroads
13th October 2008  somewhere in Scotland PICT0051s.jpg DSC_0021s.jpg PICT0032a.jpg
DSC_0108s.jpg 3rd May 2009  fields at Balquhain 31st January 2008  on the way home DSC_0005 copy.jpg
28th November 2008  frosty 13th March 2007  fluffiness 31st July 2007  steaminess DSC_0048s.jpg
DSC_0046s.jpg 13th February 2006 blustery DSC_0043s.jpg PICT0011s.jpg
23rd August 2007  end of the day 4th May 2007  moon 6th March 2009  wisps 9th March 2008  big sky
DSC_0076s.jpg red moon 11th September 2009  September skyburst 29th January 2006 half past four
22nd March 2009  sudden rainbow DSC_0202s.jpg 24th November 2006  late getting away DSC_0039s.jpg
8th October 2008  rainbow appeared 9th May 2008  Friday leap DSC_0010s.jpg
18th November 2005 icy 17th June 2008  lateness of the hour Pict0012.jpg DSC_0003s.jpg
DSC_0025s.jpg PICT0012s.jpg 24th August 2006  cumulus DSC_0011s.jpg
DSC_0066s.jpg DSC_0003s.jpg 30th May 2007  heavy skies PICT0032a.jpg
8th March 2007  orange sky 6th February 2006 turbulence DSC_0091 copy.jpg DSC_0054s.jpg
oct5d.jpg 31st December 2006  last light of the year 16th November 2006  Turriff coos 17th August 2007  new dawn
28th February 2007  sheep 25th August 2006  more fluffy clouds 29th January 2007  from the window PICT0034.JPG
DSC_0031.jpg 18th April 2006 The Grey Lubyanka PICT0033a.jpg DSC_0014a.jpg
15th February 2006 seven forty 12th November 2005 curse of the were-rabbit DSC_0068s.jpg 19th January 2008  Heaven
14th May 2008  three cows DSC_0005s.jpg 13th November 2005 there's always the sky 21st November 2005 snow coming
DSC_0059s2.jpg oct5f.jpg 9th January 2006 getting windy 6th December 2005 Lubyanka
3rd July 2007  before the downpour 19th December 2005 milky sunset 27th March 2006  nipping off DSC_0088s.jpg
26th September 2008  autumn skyburst 16th February 2008  sunny day in Aberdeen 7th July 2006  ten pm 24th May 2007
2nd August 2006  wispy sky DSC_0006a.jpg DSC_0001s.jpg 26th May 2007  made of metal
5th November 2005 crack DSC_0113s.jpg PICT0003s.jpg 29th May 2008  cows in the evening
11th May 2007  Cairngorms DSC_0055s.jpg PICT0065a.jpg DSC_0028s.jpg
DSC_0007s2.jpg 5th May 2009  clouds building DSC_0127s.jpg 18th January 2006 smudgy bit of sun
27th August 2007  calf at sunset 11th December 2007  frosty 24th March 2005  nebulous 25th August 2007  summery evening
DSC_0054s.jpg 25th May 2009  Crovie 26th June 2006  strange kind of wispiness DSC_0047s.jpg
PICT0077a.jpg 6th March 2007  heading for the light 6th December 2007  unexpected 24th March 2007  road to Perth
25th September 2005 rainbows 9th February 2008  Orion 17th September 2005 tails from the tower 18th July 2006  nearly home
27th September 2007  on the mooOOve oyne.jpg DSC_0111s.jpg 21st December 2006  top of the hill
21st December 2010  shortest day 26th April 2008  unexpected skyburst DSC_0005s.jpg DSC_0028s.jpg
8th May 2007  monarch of the meadow 29th September 2007  River Don PICT0004.JPG 20th June The shortest night
19th April, spring shoots 30th August 2007  going to bed early 22nd February 2008  double rainbow 24th December 2005 awake with the birds
8th November 2007  ominous sunrise DSC_0035s.jpg 11th December 2005 altocumulus lenticularis
22nd December 2006  home at last 30th November 2005 changing skies 14th July 2006  nipped out to catch the skyburst 27th December 2005 east wind
Pict0068a.JPG 1st January 2007  a sign of hope 9th February 2005, early bird 31st October 2005 halloween
PICT0020x.jpg 23rd August 2006  Balquhain Stones Pict0021a.jpg 19th April 2006  silver lining
2nd December 2006  the sun left early Pict0041a.jpg PICT0033a.jpg 3rd June 2008  rain clearing away
DSC_0070s.jpg PICT0013.JPG DSC_0040s.jpg PICT0047a.jpg
12th February 2005, Silvery Tay 16th February 2006 conflagration PICT0004x.jpg PICT0001a.jpg
10th November 2005 fluffiness Loch Morlich 20th September 2005 eye of the storm 22nd March 2007  spring arrived today
DSC_0022s.jpg 10th March 2009  Janet the lifesaver DSC_0101a.jpg PICT0038s.jpg
22nd January 2008  late start PICT0001a.jpg Simg0031.jpg 13th December 2005 illuminated cloud
DSC_0090s.jpg 25th April 2006  Redemptor Pict0001x.jpg PICT0024a.jpg
DSC_0014s.jpg 3rd July, menacing sky PICT0030.JPG PICT0054a.jpg
Pict0010a.jpg 30jan3.jpg 26th February 2006 rainbows all day
Pict0066a.jpg oct5c.jpg PICT0067.JPG 16th November 2005 wintry showers
Pict20a.jpg DSC_0100s.jpg PICT0060a.jpg PICT0045x.jpg
Pict0001.jpg 12th November, the fluffiness Pict0019a.jpg
25th November 2005 after the storms 3rd March 2007  moon through the window 12jan2x.jpg
22nd April, late PICT0055a.jpg
19th December 2006  triple sunrise 10th December 2005  winter warmth 12th January, stormy PICT0005.JPG
4th February 2005 sending me a signal Loch Laggan 2nd October 2005 farewell crool towah
1st October 2005 easyjet 27th May 2006  outlook showery 14th August 2007   clouds of summer 20th November 2005 another day
19th September 2005 ghosts 16th January 2006 feeling like spring PICT0021b.jpg
skyburst3.jpg 28th July 2006  Findorn by the beach 2nd April 2006  flying fish weather
Full Moon Pict0006.jpg 13th October
26th December 2005 wispy heralds of snow Pict0002.jpg 21st August, 6.00 am, time for bed... 18th May, The Ivory Tower
5th October 2005 faithful friend 25th November, early flight Galway
1st February 2006 elusive wispiness of the winter sun 27th December, storm coming 19th November 2005 more ice
5th August 2005 broch 8th August, Donegal Galway PICT0145a.jpg
20th December 2005 half past three 11th November... 4th February 2006 busy day in town
5th November 2006  edge of Donview forest 29th May 2005  4am skyburst9.jpg
29th April 2006  eight thirty 25th September 2006  late skyburst PICT0016a.jpg 13th September, wispy
1st September 2006  monstrously fluffy clouds Pict0023.jpg Pict0021.jpg
29th November 2005 freezing fingers Ents late evening
24th February 2006 Loanhead of Daviot Loch Laggan PICT0016a.jpg
skyburstb.jpg 28th October 2005 balmy days Pict0011a.jpg
12th September, breezy 25th April, time for toast 15th December 2006  a sign 23rd May 2005    Cabin staff, doors to manual
PICT0012a.jpg 13th May, stuck inside a cloud seaside2.jpg
14th February 2005, home again! Benachie 29th March 2005 5th April  Sutherland coast
11th November 2005 rough seas 26th September 2005 angels 30th January, crack of dawn
Eddrachillis Bay Crovie Crovie Brodie Castle
Crovie Simg0005.jpg 05.05.05 downfall
17th May 2005  time for bed thunder approaching Atlantic Airways Lockeed Electra 27th August 2005 the laziness
30th November, heaven's above Loch Morlich DSC_0031 copy.jpg
27th September, sky-burst 17th February 2005, another skyburst Loch Morlich 31st October, ghostly tree