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DSC_5928 copy.jpg 14th June 2015   calf basking 29th June 2015  summer nights 14th April 2015  perfect weather
26th April 2015  spring sunset 7th May 2015  going home 12th May 2015  Shower approaching 29th May 2015  sky clear
DSC_4599-001.jpg DSC_4409-001.jpg DSC_4214-001.jpg DSC_3947-001.jpg
DSC_3845-001.jpg 17th March 2015  sun looks like the moon 20th March 2015  eclipse 25th March 2015  fluffiness
27th March 2015  run around 22nd January 2015  nearly home 10th February 2015  late home DSC_3644-001.jpg
DSC_3603-001.jpg DSC_3599-001.jpg DSC_3555-001.jpg 22nd December 2014  return of the light
23rd December 2014  half past three DSC_2990-001.jpg DSC_2700-001.jpg DSC_2382-001.jpg
DSC_2284-001.jpg DSC_1743-001.jpg DSC_1545.jpg DSC_1675-001.jpg
DSC_0861-001.jpg DSC_0859-001.jpg DSC_1730-001.jpg DSC_0234-001.jpg
DSC_0600-001.jpg DSC_0024-001.jpg DSC_9828-001.jpg DSC_0233-001.jpg
DSC_0551-001.jpg DSC_0105-001.jpg DSC_0011-001.jpg DSC_7566-001.jpg
DSC_7722-001.jpg DSC_8557-001.jpg DSC_7283-001.jpg DSC_7674-001.jpg
DSC_4860-001.jpg DSC_9352 copy.jpg DSC_7126 copy.jpg DSC_8414-copy.jpg
DSC_4869-001.jpg DSC_6557 copy.jpg DSC_2825 copy.jpg 8th October 2014  October skyburst
DSC_4870-001.jpg DSC_0051-copy.jpg DSC_5349 copy.jpg DSC_4531 copy.jpg
nacreous clouds DSC_3334 copy.jpg DSC_1485 copy.jpg 7th September 2014  brightness
DSC_1824 copy.jpg 15th October 2014  bend in the river 18th November 2014  time to go home DSC_2607 copy.jpg
DSC_1630 copy.jpg 23rd March 2014  snow showers DSC_6842 copy.jpg 7th November 2014  Friday rainbow
6th September 2014  mammatus clouds DSC_3054 copy.jpg 26th September 2014  flash of sun DSC_0499 copy.jpg
DSC_2511 copy.jpg DSC_0778 copy.jpg DSC_1419 copy.jpg 16th December 2013  moon
11th June 2014  late 26th March 2014  red sky 1st October 2014  October sky DSC_2620 copy.jpg
DSC_0017 copy.jpg 15th November 2013  the sky 24th November 2014  sudden skyburst 14th November 2013  stormy sky
16th November 2013  the moon 4th October 2014  sudden rainbow 23rd October 2014  end to a great day 30th August 2013  fluffy
14th August 2013  nearly home 11th December 2013  car park 31st December 2012  snow shower 8th June 2014  thunderstorm approaching
2nd December 2013  warning DSC_0155 copy.jpg DSC_0061 copy.jpg DSC_0004 copy.jpg
DSC_0037 copy.jpg 1st November 2013  milky way DSC_0013 copy.jpg 15th February 2014  the sky
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