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Little Bee-eater (Merops pusillus) New-Year Pageant Inquisitive
Playing with Fire Suganda Fjord - midsummer 20:14 New Year Celebrations
African Sunset Rocky Car-park Rush-hour
Clam-shells Lioness with cubs Midnight Sky
Pyrotechnics Italian Chapel Midnight at the Oasis
Vintage Downtown Urquhart Castle Dust Bath
Sudureyri Harbour Seafood Salad Let Sleeping Lions Lie?
Hokusai Wave Flying Impala Power of the Sea
Squacco Heron (Ardeola ralloides) Homeward Bound Little Grey Fergie
Full Belly Tricks Mobile Hat Shop Rita
Kuful vs. Atonkwa Okavango Sunset Rita
Mother & Baby New Year's Eve Celebration Elmina Bay
Toiling in the midday heat immature Crowned Hawk-Eagle (Stephanoaetus coronatus) Five Small Fish
Stressed Mother Lupinus nootkatensis (Nootka lupin) Last Rays
Stormy Seas Simson Fishing Village by the Sea
Just Browsing Friendly Locals Muddy but Satisfied
Autumn Storm Stormy Seas High Tide Sunset
Makoros African Monarch (Danaus chrysippus) Band on the Run
Greater kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) Barefoot Barrow-Boy Road Warrior
Sunset Gallop Buddies Manicure Maybe?
Modes of Transport No Swimming DANGEROUS CURRENTS - NO SWIMMING - in 2 Languages
After the Flood Preoccupied Hitching a Ride ... on the Charcoal Truck
Tidal Barrier South African Giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis giraffa) Limerick Floods
Mark, Rita & Joe Fun on the Beach Limerick Floods
Flooded Fields Flooded Burren Bush Cooperation?
Flooded Fields Kudu Bulls Storm Christine
Boys from Kuful White Horses Welcome Committee
Reflections Yellow-Billed Kite Savute Airstrip
Inquisitive Goat Carriage Storm Christine
Crowned Hornbill (Tockus alboterminatus) A Road Runs Through it Sandgrouse Storm
Crab Island Sunset Bushman Traditional Dance - Lion attacks Kudu Flooded Fields
Mother & Son Cape Buffalo ET Phone Home
Stampede Storm Darwin - Trees Down Swan Lake
Dagga-Boy - Not Happy! Atlantic Waves Shoreside Reflections
Donkey Foal Flooded Fields Okavango Sunset
Lightning Storm Atlantic Wave Nervous Impala at Sunset
Flooded Riverbank Territorial Dispute Hanging Out at the water-tank
Submerged Rock Red Lechwe (Kobus leche) Flooded Fields
Sleepy Pups Military Bridge - River Shannon in Flood t9%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f154570066.fq7shTpn.jpg
Seaside Snackery Water Lily Storm Bridget
Savute Sunset Military Bridge - Shannon River in Flood Speedy Gonzales
Contre-Jour Storm Bridget Linyanti Sunset
Lingering Fog - Winter Morning What time is it? Local Character
Okavango Waterway Crossing Flehmen Response - Aberdeen Angus Bull Death and re-Birth
Red Lechwe (Kobus leche) + Termite Mound Flooded Fields Kalahari Cattle-Ranch
Atlantic Shore Savute Sunset Kalahari Cattle Ranch
Shannon River in Flood Kalahari Elephants Power of the Sea
Okavango Elephants Cheeky Monkeys Storm Bridget
Flooded Carpark Atlantic Coast –  Setting Sun Monkey Business
Atlantic Coast Highland Cow Marry the Mountain?
Mid-Summer Sunset Mid-Summer Sunset Fruit Bat
Midsummer Sunset Baboon Family Group Loch Eriboll
Baobab Flower Okavango Sunrise Oystercatchers
Dry Season March Scottish Highlands Giraffe Chocolate
Cottage with a view Greater kudu (Tragelaphus strepsiceros) Dwarf Mongoose (Helogale parvula)
Troll Three's Company Sigurdur
1627 Turkish Invasion Filling up / Getting Ready! Fumaroles - Haukadalur Valley
Takeoff She's gonna blow! Blowing
Thar she blows! Full Throttle! Strokkur Geyser
90th Birthday Continental Drift The Pot is Empty
Savute Sunset 90th Birthday Route 1 -  Ring Road - 828 mi.
Skaftafell Glacier Tongue Glacial River Lagoon Strokkur Geyser
Last Light – Eyjafjordur Mountain Farm Mountaineers of Iceland
Brother & Sister Misty Driving off-road is not allowed
Foggy Roads Gullfoss –  Golden Falls Route 939 – Summer Only
Vital Bridge Jökulsá á Brú Gullfoss –  Golden Falls
Shelter from Katla Mountain Farm Welcome to the Town
Red Rocks Isafjordur Midday Downtown Drangsnes
Mid-Atlantic Rift Valley Lake Midnight Sunlight Blue Icebergs
Icelandic Rocks Vatnajökull – Glacier of Rivers Sea-Stack
Abandoned Homestead Blue Icebergs Bay of Houses
Close of Day Icelandic Cows Mossy Rocks
Bog Cotton (Eriophorum angustifolium) Bog Cotton (Eriophorum angustifolium) Seals
New Holland Tractor I'm going on my Holidays Misty Landscape
Eider Duck Escape Eider Ducks –  Midnight Sunset Route 1 Single-Lane Bridge
Short Summer Blue Icebergs Road Building - Route 1
Red & Blue Tie a Yellow Ribbon Greenland Sea - Midnight Sunset
Abandoned Homestead Road Works Skaftafell Glacier Tongue
Orange Lighthouse Thrift (Armeria marítima) Four-Wheel Drive
Seaweed Sheep Hot-Spot Three Red Roofs
Round Bale Press ... Vicon RF 130 BalePack Zetor-7211 + Round Bales Tide's Out
Red Steeple Monster Museum Icelandic Monster
Beware the Kelpie Blue Icebergs Misty Mountain - Late Evening
Muddy Icebergs Unapproved Shortcut Thrift (Armeria marítima)
Submerged Tree Road Building - Route 1 Road Building - Route 1
Okavango Dry Season Steenbok (Raphicerus campestris) Mid-summer Snow-Bridge
Okavango Dry Season Skógafoss Waterfall Mýrdalsjökull Glacier
Impala Buck Takeoff Whalewatching Whale-watching
Un-named Waterfall - Route 939 – Summer Only Reflections Midnight Sunset
Hadeda Ibis (Bostrychia hagedash) Un-named Waterfall - Route 939 Hair-pin Bends
Fish Farming Dettifoss Day-Trip
Bildudalur Cormorant Acacia Wood
Fishing Expedition Vatnajökull – Glacier of Rivers Primary Colours
String of Ponies Clouds in the Valley Humpback Whale-watching
Waterfront Misty Mountain Old 'International' Tractor
Fordson Major Dragonfly on Papyrus Church Interior
Aran Islands Sunset Intense Stare Three-Wheeler
Cycling to School Messy Nest - Hadeda Ibis Mountain Hut
Drop-in Visitor Eider Duck Little Bee-eater (Merops pusillus)
Woman Overboard Impala Herd - on alert Road Maintenance Crew
Barbecue Festival Riverfest Fireworks Riverfest Fireworks
Great Limerick Run - Half Marathon Marathon Runners Marathon Watching
Long & Winding Road DJ Riverfest 2014
Westernmost Road in Europe ... @ 1 am Blue Lagoon Concrete & Steel
Church on a Hill Early Morning Stroll Tour-Bus in a Hurry
Blue Icebergs Snowflake Red House
Sunset Reflection Mine Tunnel Cloud Blanket
Painting with Light Barbeque Competition Tractor Seats
Sleepy Puffin  Cygnus cygnus Local Musicians
Abandoned Homestead Blue Lagoon t9%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f155675096.CEe8IaWw.jpg
St Michael's Mount Primary Colours Dartsmeet
Jurassic Coast - Sunset Durdle Door Lover Birds at Dusk
Stepping Out Suspicion Equine Exercise
Dancing with Horses Bridal Escape Bareback Rider
The Girls Win a Bull Magdalen Chapel
Bridge of Sighs Bodmin Moor Ponies Cornwall Air Ambulance
St. Michael's Mount Abandoned Tin Mines Sheldonian Theatre
Just dozing! Cheesewring Mining Pump House
Busy Bee + Bristly Rose Ghost Horses from the Bog ... 3 Dettifoss
Driftwood Beaches Summer Meadows Summer Meadows
Belted Galloway Heifer Rock House - Cream Teas Blue Icebergs
Gardar - Grounded Black Bear - Female Summer Snow
Dangerous Game Wait for me Red Fox
Mammoth Hot Springs Teddybear Paparazzi Gotta Scritch that Itch!!
Mount Washburn at Dawn Wistful Momma Emerald Pool
Bighorn Juvenile Male Bull in the Fog Blue Pool
Feeling Frisky! Bison Calf Mother and Baby
Foynes Airshow Foynes Airshow Dusty the Dolphin
75th Anniversary Celebrations Pyrotechnics Pyrotechnics 2
Submerged Tree Root Geyser Island Park Reservoir
School Bus - Retired - Chevrolet 6700 Lower Falls - from Artists Point Quiver Tree (Aloe dichotoma)
Misty Morning Tricolour Roan Nguni Bull Looks like I missed the last train!
Foynes 75 Year Celebration Place of Big Noises MV Plassy
Common Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Sorry, I can't hear you! Blacktail Deer (Odocoileus Columbianus)
Tutengeyni - Informal Settlement Foynes 75 Year Celebration Sociable Weavers at Sunset
Challenging Light What's the Story? Road Warrior
Stretching for Peanuts Into the Void The Bear's Tooth in the Beartooth Mountains
Rock Hyrax (Procavia capensis) Martello Tower Pig Racing
Celestial Doorway Bull Snot Turdus migratorius
Brown Bear Idaho Sunset Submerged
Goggomobil Sunset My big helper Mud-Pot Eruption
Yellow Bus Garage Worker Winter Sun
Winter Morning Bank Worker Stampede
Thirsty Work Golden Meadows Maritime Medley
Garage Worker 2 Skerries Sunset Splitting Bamboo with a Machete
Sad Girl t9%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f157299438.vzeHI9al.jpg The Chief
Cassava Planting Crew High Jinks Bakatuie Boat Race
t9%2f33%2f836333%2f4%2f157372212.AyxbV4h7.jpg Thousand Legs Bakatuie Boat Race
Homeward Bound The Chief in his Palinquin Ghost Horses from the Bog 4
Village Meeting Kon-Kon-Sah Homework Club
Sunday Best Traditional Dress School's out
Leprosy Survivor