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County Clare often referred to simply as Clare, is one of the original 26 counties within the Republic of Ireland and is also part of the Province of Munster. The county system has existed since the 16th century and counties form a significant part of local identity and culture in Ireland. Located on the mid-west coast of Ireland, Clare lies north of the River Shannon and covers a total area of 1,215 square miles (3,150 km²). The biggest town and county seat is Ennis.
During the Early Middle Ages this area was part of the Kingdom of Connacht ruled by the Uí Fiachrach Aidhne, until it was annexed to the Kingdom of Munster to be settled by the Dalcassians in the mid-900s. It was renamed Thomond, meaning North Munster and produced Brian Boru during this period, one of the most noted High Kings of Ireland. From 1118 onwards the Kingdom of Thomond existed as its own petty kingdom, ruled by the O'Brien Clan.
There was some Norman influence during the 14th century due to battles with the de Clare's for control. Sovereignty of Thomond was handed over to the Tudors in 1543 and the area joined the Kingdom of Ireland as a county.
Clare's nickname is the Banner County, which may refer to a former local tradition of carrying banners at political meetings and public occasions. Reference: Wikipedia

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White Horses
Alpacas (Vicugna pacos) Kilkee Marine Rescue Upside-down Waterfall
Horse-Fair, Spancil-Hill Doing a deal Stormy Water
Killaloe Twilight Islandavanna Ennis Abbey
Autumn Storm 3 Burren Bush Atlantic Fury
You can lead a horse to water ... Flehmen Response - Aberdeen Angus Bull Flooded Blackthorn
Student Village Alpaca (Vicugna pacos) Spancilhill Fair
A lot of Bull! Corofin Donkeys Long Drop
Sea Cliffs Doughmore Beach Greylags on the wing
Pony Champion Tetrahedral Rocks Dusty the Doolin Dolphin
Common Blue Atlantic Sunset Quin-Abbey mid-summer
Pups for Sale Atlantic Coast 2 Atlantic Spray 2
7 Wild Burren Goat Coastguard Fly-by Blackthorn Bush
Wave Warning Brimstone Butterfly Air-Sea Rescue
Family Group O'Brien's Castle Winking Goat
Horse Judging Competition Cygnus cygnus Cloud Curtains
Doonbeg Waves Sunset Fishing Cool Tin Roof
Aran Islands Sunset Doughmore Beach Bumble Bee
Reality Check Doolin Harbour Sea-Stack, Cliffs of Moher
Spring Gentian Cooley's House Cliffs of Moher
Beach Buddies Vaughan's, Kilfenora Magic Light
Foggy Cliffs 3 Doughmore Beach Donkeys
Leamanagh Castle Rusty Shed Bloody Cranesbill (Geranium sanguineum)
9 Evening Silhouette Mackerel Sky Foggy Cliffs 2
The Old Mill Bar Summer Evening Mallard Quintet + Mom
Two Horses Bunratty Castle Gimmie Shelter
Clints & Grykes Ayatollah Flooded Fields
Crows on Hay Doughmore Sunset Red Sky at Night
Hidden Depths Tawnagh West White Horses
Black & White Kite-Surfers Doughmore Beach
Atlantic Coast Atlantic Waves Galloping through the Foam
Connemara Pony High Tide Reflections Atlantic Coast
Burren Reflections Burnet Moths Last Rays
Golden Plover (Pluvialis apricaria) Atlantic Waves Currach Race Team
Flying Jetski Atlantic Coast Kilbaha Point
Tubridy's Bar Atlantic Wave Hokusai Wave
You can take a horse to water ... Crab Island Sunset Red Navaho Sunset
Winning Team High Tide Islandavanna Sunset
Doughmore Beach Pyramidal orchid (Anacamptis pyramidalis) Ripples
Sand Patterns Linnane's, Kilfenora Moher Waves
Green Water 2 Kilbaha Harbour Spring Gentian
Water-Polo - Clare-Team Pony Rides Common Blue Butterfly (Polyommatus icarus)
Man from Pretoria Windswept Tree Burren Sheep
Atlantic Coast 6 Blarney Woolen Mills Currach Race
Surfing the Dream Atlantic Coast Atlantic Coast
Enjoying the Right of Way Doughmore Beach Atlantic Swell 4
Atlantic Coast Poseidon Doonbeg Beach
Winter Light Burren Landscape 2 Frozen Lake
Orange Tip Butterfly Lahinch Sunset River Wall
Burren Reflections Connemara Pony Lahinch Reflections 2
Stormy Sky Time to go Home? Close Scrutiny
Sloblands Cool Blue Atlantic Spray
Purple Orchid Meet the Champion Atlantic Wave
Burren Landscape Reflections Doughmore Beach
Solitude What's up Doc? Lahinch Reflections
Harness Auction It's a dog's life Hydro-Therapy
Atlantic Coast 2 From the Deep Doughmore Beach
Atlantic Waves Cathedral AD 1200 Clare Abbey
Mutton Island Liquid Gold Atlantic Sunset
Atlantic Storm Rush Hour Islandavanna Evening
Mucky Grey Green Water Looking into the Abyss
Atlantic Waves Last Rays Loop-Head Lighthouse
Doughmore Beach Making Waves Too Rising Tide lifts all Boats
Ready, Steady, Chip off the old block Foggy Cliffs 5
Geology Expedition Kite Surfer Musical Trio
Sunset Rider Jaunting Car 3 Doughmore Dusk
Wall of Water Suspended Like Father, like Son
Charity Run A Murder of Crows Doolin Harbour
Beach Exercise Dolphins Atlantic Rain Storm
Loop-Head Cliffs Minnie Mouse on her Motorbike Burren Landscape
The Sweater Shop Facing West Wave Dancing
Burren Stone Wall Galway Bay 8-Jan-09 ... Lahinch Seafront
Doughmore Beach Stormy Sky 2 Flotsam or Jetsam?
Kite Surfer Foggy Cliffs 4 Doughmore Beach
Summer Lake 29-Jan-09 ... What's for supper? Charity Run
Castle Window Shepherd's Delight 2 Doughmore Dusk 5
Burren Rocks Foggy Morning Crossroads Bar
Doolin Pier Killerk-Cascade Shannon River
Doughmore Dusk 3 Shannon Reflections Burren Reflections
Aughinish Doolin Harbour Loop-Head Lighthouse 2
Foggy Cliffs 1 Dilapidated Kissing Gate Mullaghmore
Precarious Perch Winter Lake Jaunting Car
Sea-Stack Blackthorn Black Head Lighthouse
On the edge Shepherd's Delight Burren Reflections
Golden Wave Summer Evening Old House
Storm Imogen hits Lahinch Seafront Burren Reflection Rock Formation
Flower Kettle Burren Limestone Sands of Time
Burren Bush Ice Triangles Stormy Sky 3
Storm Imogen hits Lahinch Seafront Doughmore Dusk 4 Burren Landscape
Canal Reflection Atlantic Coast Martello Tower 3
Burren Flower Doonmore Four in a Row
Mutton Island Jaunting Car 2 November Floods
Waves & Spray Coastline Action Atlantic Coast
Mutton Island High Tide Welcome to Fanny O'Dea's Pub
What's the rush? Blue Moon Doughmore Beach - after Sunset
Aughinish Martello Kettle Power Doughmore Dusk 2
White Horses on Green Water Twins Out of the Deep
Martello Tower Sunset Watchers Cliffs of Moher
Lahinch Sunset Doughmore Beach Doonbeg Castle (16th c.)
Dolphin Patrol Evening Light Burren Bush
Celtic T-shirts Kite Surfer 3 Moonlight Flood
Atlantic Coast Mother & Son Burren Reflections
Flooded Road Doolin Pier Doolin Sunset
Mutton Island Ripples 2 Small Brown Job?
Fly by Green Water 3 Atlantic Storm 2
Cabbage-Patch Kid Sea-Stack Galway Bay
Atlantic Wave Follow the Leader Galway Bay
Sunset Exercises Doughmore Beach Loop Head Cliffs
Queen of Aran Atlantic Waves Burren Landscape
Winter Shadows Doolin Pier Creative Shop
Blondie Sixmilebridge Cattle Market Mudflat Rivulets 2
Beach Party Wall of Water Atlantic Coast 4
Cob Stallion for Sale Three Horsemen Submerged Tree Root
Coastal Erosion Beach Exercises Atlantic Waves
Faithful Friend Turbulent Seas Ringed Plover on the Wing
Atlantic Coast Atlantic Waves Winter Evening
Flooded Fields Sea Foam Window of Opportunity?
Doughmore Beach - Sunset Atlantic Coast 5 Doughmore Beach
Boarded Up Vandeleur Walled Gardens Rain Storm
Burren Reflections 2 Snow Clouds over Crab Island Farrihy Bay
Red Sky at Night - Shepherd's Delight Evening Walk Atlantic Coast 7
Sea-Stack Trick of the Light Ringed Plover in Silhouette 2
Matchmaker Bar Ringed Plover in Silhouette Eventide at the Cornerstone Bar
Dances with Waves Mudflat Rivulets 3 Doughmore Beach
Complex Sunset Evening Stroll Atlantic Coast 8
Atlantic Storm Atlantic Storm Atlantic Wave
Doughmore Beach Burren Reflections 3 Mackerel Sky
Horse Laugh Burren Reflections Beach Action
Spanish Point Gathering Seaweed Atlantic Wave
Dusty the Doolin Dolphin 2 Rock Games Fun & Frolics
Storm Break Atlantic Waves Atlantic Coast 6
Atlantic Waves Dangerous Photography Mad Cow
Atlantic Storm Spanish Point Green Wave
Rush Hour ... Milking time Wintery Evening Horseman, pass by!
Tranquillity Evening Light Doughmore Beach - Sunset
Sunday Ride-out Atlantic Coast 3 Green Wave 2
Ringed Plover Flock Approaching Front RNLI Member
Atlantic Coast Shipping Lane Atlantic Coast
Ringed Plover Spring Tide Loop Head
Beach Exercises Sloblands Sunset Doughmore Beach
Ocean Spray Atlantic Storm Doughmore Beach
Sea Spray Five Sanderling Marine Rescue
Where's the Ball? Beady Eye Mutton Island
Low Tide Sunset Dip Restless Ocean
Mutton Island Doughmore Beach Heather Berry
Doolin Harbour Atlantic Coast 5 Storm Approaching from the West
Something Interesting? Doughmore Beach Dusty the Doolin Dolphin 3
One Pig Happy Family Golden Coastline Doughmore Beach
Atlantic Storm Busy Winter Afternoon Atlantic Storm
Quin Abbey Horse Fair Cliffs of Moher - Golden Hour
Atlantic Coast 2 Atlantic Waves Atlantic Swell
Doolin Harbour 2 Atlantic Coast 4 Last Rays
Sleeping Giant Blue Hour Dreaming Atlantic Storm
Riders on the Storm King Canute Atlantic Storm
Wintery Sunset Rising Wave Surfers
Mutton Island Atlantic Coast Friendly Donkey
The Sweater Shop Ripples Three + Three
Last Light Estuary Walkies
Restless Ocean Limestone Coast Sea Stack
Dancing at Lughnasa Milking Time Atlantic Evening
Creegh River meets the Sea Airborne Mutton Island
Stormy Seas Atlantic Ocean meets Cliffs of Moher Doughmore Beach
Cliff-Top View Atlantic Coast Atlantic Coast
Admiring the View Flooded Burren Bush Cliffs of Moher
Flooded Fields Sunset Gallop Atlantic Coast
Mutton Island 2 So much grass! ... So little time! Atlantic Storm
Cliffs of Moher Crab Island in Ocean Swell Cliffs of Moher
Golden Hour Atlantic Shore Fruit & Veg.
Storm Christine in Action Atlantic Storm Shining Through
I'm late, I'm late! Crab Island Sunset Bucolic Scene
Dolphin Breaching Bowing to the Inevitable? Sea Spray
Doughmore Beach Going for a Swim Curiosity
Stormy Seas Dreamtime Young Wild Boar
Horizontal Rain Marry the Mountain? Lough Derg
Summer Evening Atlantic Storm Donkey Foal
Atlantic Wave Rocky Car-park Murmuration
Atlantic Coast Tailgate Party Struggle: Clouds vs. Sun
Doolin Harbour Atlantic Waves Mutton Island
Atlantic Waves Storm Christine Winter Sky
Cliff Face Sunset Three Boats Flooded Fields
Atlantic Wave Ocean Spray Flooded Fields
Haunted Meadow Old Friends Dreamtime 2
Enjoying the Horse Fair Peaceful Atlantic Summer Time
Doughmore Beach Lone Surfer Last Rays
Avenging Angel Crab Island under Siege Atlantic Dunes
mid-Summer Ritual Power of the Sea White Horses
Galway Bay Atlantic Coast Sea Stack 2
Tetrahedral Storm Christine Atlantic Storm
Atlantic Sunset Waves Dangerous Photography Atlantic Coast
Atlantic Coast –  Setting Sun Sunset Surf Atlantic Coast
Taking the Curragh for a Walk Wall of Water 2 Shelter from the Storm
Salad Days Flooded Fields Burren Reflections
Aran Islands Sunset Christmas Eve A Road Runs Through it
The End of the Day Submerged Rock Happy New Year - Last PAD photo of 2015
Power of the Sea Sunset Frolics Reflections
Atlantic Storm Storm Imogen hits Doolin Pier Doughmore Beach
Flooded Fields Riddle of the Sands? Clean-up after the Storm
No Parking in the Yellow Box Uphill Battle Sunset Surfing
Blue Reflections Facing the Wave Crab Island at Dusk
Reflections Storm Imogen meets Liscannor Harbour Winter Sunset
Les Miserables Cliffside Walk Burren Bush
Mist Shrouded Cliffs Little & Large Atlantic Coast
Power of the Sea Mutton Island Sunset 2 Les Miserables
Atlantic Waves at Dusk Mutton Island Signal Tower Lion's Tooth
Winter Sunset The Power of the Sea Trotter Training
Harvest Moon Power of the Sea 4 Sea-Foam Blizzard
Green Atlantic Wave Mist Shrouded Cliffs Wall of Water
Kayak Surfer Power of the Sea 2 Atlantic Waves at Dusk
Sunset Surfer Reflections Winter Sunset on Mudflats
Common Bottlenose Dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) Cliffs of Moher Pebble Beach
Cliff-face Cormorant Power of the Sea Crab Island Sunset
Galway Bay Winter Day Winter Sun Lapwing Flock
Wild Atlantic - Winter Sunset Stormy Sea Wild Atlantic Coast
Rocky Shore at Sunset Contre Jour Cliff Face Wave
Crab Island Sunset Les Miserables Sunset Takeoff
Sunset Surfer Cliffside Stroll Les Miserables
Atlantic Wave at Dusk Fun at the Beach Atlantic Coast
Crab Island Sunset Clifftop Stroll Uphill Battle 2
Power of the Sea Lapwing Flock 2 Power of the Sea 1
Harvest Moon Dancing Water White Horses
Atlantic Wave Atlantic Waves Low Flying
Atlantic Waves at Dusk Kayak Surfer Spanish Point Sunset
Power of the Sea Les Miserables Sea Shore Patterns
Atlantic Waves Heading for a Fall Winter Dusk
Storm Imogen hits Doolin Pier Les Miserables Sunlit Waves
Water Colour 2 Atlantic Waves Storm Frank
Bucolic Gold Cliff-side Fly-by Cliff-face Cormorant
Winter Solstice Sunset Evening Sky Summer Evening by the Sea
Red Sky at Night Crab Island Sunset Red Sky at Night
Bareback Rider Atlantic Storm Approaching Crab Island Tip-Toe through the Surf
Atlantic Waves at Dusk Trump Tower Burren Reflections
Atlantic Coast at Sunset Crab Island Sunset Atlantic Sunset
Rolling Wave Aileen’s Wave Cliffs of Moher at Dusk
Wild Atlantic Waves Crab Island Sunset Atlantic Waves
Kayak Surfer Atlantic Winter Sunset Green Atlantic Waves
Wet Rocks Mudflat Sunset Atlantic Waves at Dusk
Spanish Point Sunset 2 Cliff-edge Flyby Aileen’s Wave 2
Crab Island Sunset Atlantic Coast Galway Bay Sunset
Follow the Leader Wave Conductor Power of the Sea 3
Lenticular Clouds (Altocumulus lenticularis) Misty Cliffs Weak Winter Sun
Clouds Power of the Sea Les Miserables
Fun at the Beach Bird Flock - Winter Sunset Rocky Shore
Doonbeg Sunset Surfer Storm Imogen hits Doolin Pier Floating Golden Rocks
Mutton Island Sunset Golden Hour Flying Jetski
Atlantic Coast Atlantic Coast Sunset Seven Seagulls
Atlantic Wave at Dusk Les Miserables Horizon on Fire
Atlantic Coast Mountainous Sea Low Tide Winter Sunset
O'Brien's Tower Winter Sun Low Tide
Atlantic Coast Backlit Briar-Leaf Atlantic Coast
Good Friends Les Miserables The North wind doth blow
Mutton Island Signal Tower Sunset Atlantic Wave Les Miserables
Cliff-top Horses Les Miserables Crab Island Sunset
Ocean Spray Water Colour Storm Imogen hits Liscannor Harbour
Winter Solstice Sunset Atlantic Coast Crab-Island
Misty Cliffs of Moher Crab Island Sunset Rugged Clare Coastline
Shannon River Sunset White Horses Wild Atlantic - Winter Weather
Blue Hour Blackhead Sunset Cliffs under Siege
White Horses Waiting for Waves Sunset Explorers - Ruined Coast-Guard Station
Atlantic Ocean meets the Cliffs of Moher Cliffside Walk Winter Sunset
Abandoned House Stormy Coast Flotsam or Jetsam
Stormy Seas Atlantic Ocean meets the Cliffs of Moher Approaching Storm
Crab Island Sunset Les Miserables Horse Whisper
Atlantic Ocean meets the Cliffs of Moher Atlantic Sunset That's what sea-walls are for!
Cliff-face Cormorant Wild Atlantic Coast A face that only a mother could love!
Crab Island Sunset Atlantic Surfer 4 Doughmore Sunset
Seaside Photo Party Rugged Clare Coastline Green Wave
Atlantic Ocean meets the Cliffs of Moher Atlantic Surfer 3 Don't Count the Days
Sunset Afterglow Wave Skimming Cormorant Trump Castle
Atlantic Surfer Mudflat Sunset Winter Sunset
Winter Solstice Sunset Mudflat Migrations