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"A picture is the expression of an impression. If the beautiful were not in us, how would we ever recognize it?" Ernst Haas
Ghana Beaches
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Ghana Village
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Cockles Harvest Brenu Beach Dancer Christmas Goat 2 Beauty Parlour
Christmas Goat 4 Tree Shop Fancy Dress Celebrations Christmas Goat 5 High Five
Groundnut Soup for Sale Brenu Beach Lying in Repose Coconut Palm Root System The Chief of Abbe Village
Fancy Dress - Ghana Style 3 Fast-Food –  Ghana-Style –  6am –  Fante Kenkey Rainbow Agama Elmina Beach Fancy Dress - Ghana Style
Family Group Christmas Goat 7 Anomabu Beach Fancy Dress - Ghana Style 2 Dove in a Paupau Tree
Fancy Dress - Ghana Style 3 Christmas Goat 1 Pounding Fufu Brenu Beach 7 Smoked Fish for Sale
Rita & Linda Road to Mankessim Hospital Chicken Fight Climbing the Bamboo Pole Lightning Storm
Rose and Rose Brenu Beach 5 Bush-meat Boti Falls Christmas Goat 6
Orange Seller + Family Thousand Legs - Millipede Christmas Goat 3 Contorsionist Beauty
Village Life Selling Kenkey Making Banku Latif the Welder Harmattan Haze
Fancy Dress Brenu Beach Oisin & Kwame Cardinal's Farewell Pounding Fufu
Fishermen Return Spectator Sport Brenu Beach 12 Village Children Village Cat
Cloth for Sale Brenu Beach 20 Brenu Beach 3 Brenu Beach 18 Fishing Crew
Siberian Hamster? Fort St. Jago Elmina Sunset 3 Contentment Mantey Family
Coconut Grove Nativity Play Brenu Beach 11 Grasscutter Preparing Banku
Fufu 2 Sour Puss Elders Toast Grace with Plantain Cockroach
Brenu Beach Sunbird? Brushes for Sale Fort St Jago Harmattan Haze 4
Won-Jak Enjoying a Sprite Snacks Taxi Tow-Truck Fort St Jago 2
Cardinal Turkson Lagoon Ceremony Observers Taxi Driver Football Team Nanny Goat
Atomic Rooster Fishing Fleet Brenu Beach 14 Coastal Village Fruit Vendor
Happy Kids The Chief Nzulezu Boatman Brenu Beach 2 Child-Care Clogs
Brenu Beach 9 Brenu Beach 21 Village Well Nanny Goat Bamboo Cannon
Barefoot Ninja Rainbow Agama 4 Coconut Tree Chicken Stretch The Quads + Sr. Pat
Musical Instruments Friendly Policeman Bird Man The Volunteers Elmina Castle & Jagg Fort
Bicycle made for Three Top of the Morning Fishermen Return Handstand Returning from the Market
Beauty & Co. Seever Snake Eel (Brachysomophis atlanticus) Fort St Jago 3 Augustina
Slash and Burn Beauty 2 Brenu Beach East Camera Shy Anamabo Beach
Brenu Beach Chicken Feed Fufu 1 Nativity Play Audience Elmina Beach
Blockmaker Pillow Walk Cutlass Crew Brenu Beach 10 Brenu Beach 13
Brenu Beach 4 Elmina Sunset Dawn Snack Aunty B Rough Sea
Elmina Harbour Head Gear Pretty Girl Start them Young Downtown Shopping
Elmina Bay Brenu Beach 16 Cape-Coast Beach Village Primary School
Three Musketeers The Volunteers Devil Ants Road Hog Head Gear
Village Life Scrubs for Sale Soursop Elmina Bay Supply-Chain
Village Life The Annunciation Salon Sign Rainbow Agama 2 Fort St Jago 4
Martha, Mary and Kojo Volunteers on the Lake Coconut Sunset Water Babies Canoe Trip 2
Fish Drying Brenu Beach 15 The Chief with the Elders Bread Oven Scrubs Vendor
Village Kids Cutlass Clearance Village Children Patrick Where's my change?
Card School Billy the Kid Brenu Beach 22 Friends Nzulezu Boatman 2
Rainbow Agama Rough Seas Harmattan Haze 2 Meeting the Chief & Elders Kojo, Martha, Mary & Grandma
Beach Manoeuvres Teak Leaf Elmina Sunset 2 Ann Marie Elmina Bay 2
Elmina Castle & St. Jago Fort Elmina Bay Curiousity Akakachi Kids Smoked Fish
Big-Ben Car-Wash Beach Warriors Going Fishing Canoe Trip Wall of Water
Shoe Shine Time Three Boats Anamabo Beach Resort Girl on a Bike Another ho hum day in paradise
Forest Canopy Walk Brenu Beach 21 Rainbow Agama 3 Cape-Coast Nativity Play
Eco-Friendly Bus-stop Hooded Vulture (Necrosyrtes monachus) pre-departure Chiefs Brenu Beach
Brenu Beach 25 Beach Football King Canute Ann Marie Enyinndakurom
Weighing Anchor Bootleg Block-making Kojo Picnic at Umbrella Rock Queen of the Tropics
Out on a limb Village Elder Oranges for Sale Elders Meeting Your Country Needs You
Sunrise Smiles Convolvulus Elmina Coastline Fishing Fleet's Return Christmas Eve
Harmattan Haze 3 Brenu Beach 23 I'm Watching You Brenu Beach 24
Beach Football Proud Father Elmina Harbour Missing ... one car Smoked Fish Seller
Boti Falls 2 The Chief Brenu Beach 17 Sister & Brother Christmas Eve 2
Cow-Herd Two of the Quads Village Life Christmas Present Sleepy Baby
Fishing Fleet Cardinal's Mass Fancy Dress Celebrations 2 Fishing Village Fish Fillets - a la plage
Treetops Walkway Roadside Mango Stall Harmattan Haze Elmina Sunset 4
Bush Filling Station Palm Nuts 2 Vulture Head Shop Tiger
Dugout Canoe Downtown Shopping Posing for Brunni Going Fishing Sea Never Dry
Palm Nuts Goodbye Homeward Herd Village Life - Christmas Eve Cowboy
Security Guard Celebration Dance Luke Pouring a Libation for the Ancestors Red Mud Roads
Vincent Door of no return Kwame & Oisin Funeral March Three boys
Fishing Crew Caution The Chief of the Fisherfolk Forest Canopy Walk Cool Gaze
Sorry, I'm busy Going to Mass Homecoming Separating the goats from the sheep Camera Shy
Acting Up Water Carrier Headphones Tip-toe through the Treetops Rubber Tapper
Tree Root Three Parties Saw Doctor Audience with the Chief Midday Heat
Azonto - Handsfree Resting in the Rainforest Seed Pods Sunday Best Christmas Day
Pied Crow What to do? Ben Oranges for Sale Sunset Ballet
Fun on the Beach Lollipop Browsing Busea Beach Meeting with the Chief and Elders
Kojo & Siobhan Fresh Coconuts Little Angels Saying Goodbye Groovy ... Ann Marie
Simiu School Snake Eel (Brachysomophis atlanticus) Newborn Lamb Dr Mark Mantey The Beautiful Game
Brenu Beach Dr. Mark Mantey Wheelbarrow Recliner The Cardinal's Mass
Catching Crabs Last Rays Cutlass meets Coconut Soccer Team Please buy some ice-cream!
Obama Girl Playing in the Rain The Guesthouse African Sunset Going to Mass
Old Timer Brenu Beach Sore Finger A Place beyond our Dreams Elmina Bay
Phi Lad Elp Hia Billy the Kid - Tailgate Party Rita, Mark & Joe Fishing Village by the Sea Ripe Mangoes
A Woman's Life Fisherman Running Water Mother's Little Helper Kuful vs. Atonkwa
Fresh Bread Hands Free Just Good Friends Me and my Mom Firewood
Lake Bosomtwe Sheebeen Watching for traffic Cape-Coast Beach Morning Commute
Papa Ando (Patrick) Net Fishing There's something in your eye! Know your Onions The Gift of a Rooster ... and a Goat!
Convolvulus Water Melon Sunday Best Curious Kids Lagoon Ceremony at Dusk
Elmina Bay Defensive Pose Gathering Firewood White Flower Before the Graduation
Coconut Trees Coconut Grove Tenderness Drive-by Snacks Boys from Kuful
Evining Run Fresh Mango Leaves Hand-Loom Energy and Enthusiasm Jacqueline with her Mom
Raindrops keep falling ... Gladys' New Dress New Baby - Proud Mum Half & Half Sunday Finery
African Monarch (Danaus chrysippus) Not so sure? Sand Hound Race for Home Messages
Coconut Tree Thousand Legs Stone Arch Simiu School Red-Flag, Green-Flag
Leprosy Survivor Tro-Tro Another hard day at the office? Can I come in? Me & my Mom
Theresa Bucketload of Mangoes Tropical Downpour What's that smell?
Snake Eel Buddies Hand Loom Fun on the Beach Homework
Modes of Transport Brenu Beach Mural One big happy family Mobile Hat Shop Cooperation?
Cuttlefish Happy Family Group Beach Resort Water Sellers Fishermen Return
Afashe Festival Fetish Priestesses Lagoon Opening Ceremony Hitching a Ride Red Kite Sky
Head-Gear Homework Club Barefoot Barrow-Boy Painter Fetish-Priest – Lagoon Ceremony
Buddies Old-Timer Cycling to School Kojo Creepers Crossing
Dusty Roads Mr. Isaac –  in repose Guard Dogs Top of the Morning! Claire
Footballers First Morning –  Happy to be going back to school Fishermen Returning Fishermen Returning Winning Team
African Sunset Enjoying the Attention Prepare for Takeoff Pascal Mori and his Wife
River Dance Bedtime Stories? Back-Packer Dangerous Passage Trudy
Golden Hour Cricket Aine Village Effort! Splitting Bamboo with a Machete
Diddle, Diddle, Dumpling Footprints in the Sand Newspaper Reading Dangerous Passage 2 Football Team Characters
Orange Friday Celebration Hot Line Minding the Net Life's a Beach Morning Snack
Cautious Smile Good day at the Market Fishing Village Tender Love & Care Orange Seller
Elmina Bay Yellow Flower Fishy Bits Last Ditch Effort
Sorting the Catch Casting the First Net Fishermen Returning Dangerous Passage Afashe Festival
Elmina Coast Ahoto/Kuful Warriors Homeward Bound Walking to the Farm Dancing in the Aisles
Thousand Legs Mr & Mrs Hope (Ata Mamie) Spectators Kebab Stall Brenu Sunset
Mending the Nets Miss Bakatue 2015 Swallowtail at Rest Kon-Kon-Sah Funeral Attire
Afashe Dancer Fishermen Return 2 Afashe Boat Race Market Bound The Chief
Brenu Beach I'm not so sure Afashe Festival Disaster in Paradise Sunday Best
Northern Delegation Brenu Beach Camouflage Wife of the Chief Mourner
Charcoal Warriors Elmina Bay Elmina Bay Sunset Manual Tricycle Cassava from the Farm
Cassava Planting Fancy Dress Kuful Youth Sunlit Vase Come hither!
Preparing the Nets Fighting the Blaze Shhh! Small Girl
Tropical Sunset Goat for Sale Headgear Sunset Fun Fancy Dress
Papa Nyankopa (Good Friend) Launching though the Waves The Chief in his Palinquin Beach Fishing Brenu Beach
Gongong - Town Crier Coconut Party Market Trader Rocky Coast Homeward Bound 2
High Jinks Face-Paint John Fancy Footwork Homeward Bound
Bush Road Flag Bearer Beach Fishing Community Effort Gliding Vulture
Man at Work Roof on Fire Bakatuie Boat Race Africa Pothole Afashe Participants
Ghana Goat Afashe Dancer Bakatuie Boat Race Tough way to make a living 2nd Runner Up
First Net Cast Launching though the Waves 2 Village Meeting Foot-Soldier School's out
Village Effort! Succulent Afashe Participant Having a Laugh Agnes Avoga (Dada) RIP
Disaster in Paradise Afashe Participant Small Girl Flying the Flag This way to the Fire
Sea meets Land Queen Mother Resting The Chief The Chief - in his Palanquin Breakfast
Mobile Shoe Store Palanquin Bearer Headgear Afashe Participant Drumming Team Breaking Through
Sunday Best Play Fight Posing The Chief Three Sandy Amigos
Having a Laugh Tropical Sunset Hard Stare Serious Tight-knit Teenager Group
Busy Beach Joy Dadi  Bitters Head Drums Kwasi Mark Senior Small Fish Supper
Diaper Depot Young Wrinkly Heading to the Market Charcoal Warriors 2 Flying the Flag
Afashe Spectator Roadside Decoration Wave Runner Just good friends! Euriphene ??
Young Elephants Bathing Hanky Panky in the Jungle Sheep on the Run Morning Drink Bakkatue Festival
Thanksgiving Celebrations Brenu Sunset Pulling in the Net Wedding Cake High Jinks
Forest Path Range of Emotions Play Time Threat Display Mending Nets
Kintampo Waterfall Young Male Fancy Dress - Juniors The Safari Guides Evening Dip
Makolo Market Ready to Launch Coconut Kids Hazy Sunset Kayayei
Market Trader Common Warthog (Phacochoerus africanus) Kayayei Sombrero Disgruntled Male Hanging out at the Fruit Bar
Watchful Eye All hands to the pump The Band Mr. Tse Banku and Tilapia with Peppers Stew
Bad Hair Day? Alex and Nolly Play Time Ready for Action A Woman's work is never done
Assembling a new wooden pedal-chair High Jinks at Dusk The Management Team Alex Why did the Chicken cross the Road?
The Happy Couple Joseph Squeegee Man Excitement Patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas)
Kuful Kids All in a day's work! Mud Road - Wet Season Having a Laugh Northern Red Bishop  (Euplectes franciscanus)
Working on the Construction of the Hostel The Boys are back in Town Tenderness Kuful Kids 2 Wedding Guests
Atlantic Swell Play Time Elmina Bay at Dusk Rainy Season - Cloudy Evening Construction Crew
Barefoot Thatcher Ahotokurom Special Needs School Gloria and her Mom Rock Fishing Village weaver (Ploceus cucullatus) - Building the Frame
Mixing Paint Stopping for a Chat Elmina Bay Sunset Pied Kingfisher  (Ceryle rudis) Red Bishop - Weaver
Elmina Bay - Harmattan Sunset Harmattan Haze - Sunset Harmattan Sunset Elmina Bay - Harmattan Sunset Brenu Beach - Harmattan Sunset
Harmattan Sunset Bridge over Troubled Waters? Sunset Javelin Practice Harmattan Sunset Brenu Beach Sunset
African Dawn Wary Male - Dry Season Patas monkey (Erythrocebus patas) Brenu Dawn Red Throated Bee Eater (Merops bulocki)
Harnessed Bushbuck or Kéwel (Tragelaphus scriptus)  - Female Elmina Bay Sunset Fisherman's Return Vulture Black heron (Egretta ardesiaca)
Coconut Sunset Angry Dusty Male Three Little Pigs Yellow Winged Bat (Lavia frons) White-faced whistling duck (Dendrocygna viduata)
Red-throated bee-eater (Merops bulocki) Olive baboon (Papio anubis), aka Anubis baboon Atlantic Waves Fishermen Retrieving their Boat Harmattan Sunset