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Only one more...

Only one more...


something is wrong in this image,
can you tell me what it is?
And... army, aviation or navy?

So far...
everybody missed the subtle detail...
but quite a few guessed somethig else also.
Good, continue ;)

** ** **

Thursday challenge: Stripes

other sizes: small medium large
Laurenan13-Feb-2009 14:22
Le Capitaine de Corvette dans la lumière
J. Scott Coile28-Nov-2008 15:19
So one more strip on the shoulder and then the ring and then the wedding :-)
Ali Majdfar28-Nov-2008 14:43
Fantastic! ~V
francesco scipioni28-Nov-2008 14:12
very good!!-v-
francesco scipioni28-Nov-2008 14:12
very good!!-v-
Karen Stuebing28-Nov-2008 13:31
Great photo and entry for the challenge. But I'm clueless as to the answer to the puzzle.
Barry Moore28-Nov-2008 12:21
I came in late on this puzzle but let me see... perhaps when you get the next stripe you loose the current three and get a completly different epaulette, one with out any stripes!
Jola Dziubinska28-Nov-2008 00:32
Good puzzle, but I've got no clue...?
sue anne28-Nov-2008 00:30
I would have to say something with the hair? But good stripes. (are you supposed to have more stripes? ) do tell. :)
BleuEvanescence28-Nov-2008 00:12
Right on the mark guess!! Raymond...
Yep, 6'2"...but that is all i will say ;)
oh, and this is a "reflection" of my "right" hand...
Raymond28-Nov-2008 00:07
I agree... a wedding ring is missing !!! If a woman wears her man's shirt... and the shirt looks like it belongs to a man... 6'2" ! Then...
Sheila27-Nov-2008 23:49
Very creative shot.
(Should there be a wedding ring?)
Lord Inaire27-Nov-2008 22:42
pas de bague au doigt, tiens tiens!!! hmmmmmm !
Ah... ces longs cheveux bruns!
J'aurais préféré l'épaule nue à ces ignobles grades militaires, mais bon...
flash me !
bill friedlander27-Nov-2008 20:44
Funny camera you have there, half the body is missing.
Mairéad27-Nov-2008 20:31
I know nothing about stripes in the military/navy sense but it's a cool shot.
De'Carr Studio27-Nov-2008 20:29
Absolutely no idea!
François Hamon27-Nov-2008 20:18
Je sais : on ne lit rien sur l'objectif ! ni focale, ni marque, rien...
Paradoxal Studio Classic27-Nov-2008 19:40
Captain Canada !!!!
BleuEvanescence27-Nov-2008 18:58
I earned these stripes,
but i won't tell you how ;)...
(the owner of this shirt will have a smile from ear to ear...)
Bill Ewart Jr27-Nov-2008 18:48
Something is definately wrong here, you used the wrong angle with your flash!! Had you been at the proper 45 degree angle from above the mirror, the colors would have been true and you would have earned your stripes!!! Just kiddin', I know nothing about flash angles! The shot looks fine! I guess it's a picture of you flashing!~
BleuEvanescence27-Nov-2008 18:27
From here on...everybody will know now or almost :)
a) Indeed, the colour of my hair IS NOT black, the "Photoshop treatment" did this...
b) The dark colour is blue, therefore...not navy ;) and no need for "Canada" written in gold either ;)
c) This is a "real" shirt and a "real" epaulette...but, just not mine ;))
The things we do for a fun picture ;)))
d) And you, like the others, did not guess the subtle but "wrong" detail...
I have to admit, the blue definitely looks black here and yes, it can indicate navy...
i am having fun here, i hope you are too!
BleuEvanescence27-Nov-2008 18:21
Ahhhh François!
Primo, c'est pas sur un T-Shirt!
C'est sur une "vraie" chemise!!
et...dans ce cas-ci, c'est pas du tout une cochonnerie...
Si ceux qui portent ces galons (non nécessaire à leur profession) n'existaient pas...tu ne pourrais certainement pas profiter des merveilles des autres pays... et tu t'en mordrais les doigts...
Allez François...
Raymond27-Nov-2008 17:50
The gallons, not Army nor Air Force ! The Army has a light beige color, the Air Force is blue... the Navy is black. And at the base of the gallon, it should say... Canada in yellow/gold letters.
Look at the camera, a Nikon... reversed. Thus using a mirror, also, I thought your hair were light brown/blonde, not black (the part I've seen anyway !!!!)
François Hamon27-Nov-2008 17:46
anomalie : ce genre de cochonneries ne se porte pas sur un T shirt...
David Royall27-Nov-2008 16:30
Aviation! I didn't know you were a First Officer.
Adding the last stripe will not quite set you free... There will be so much more to be responsible for.
Dan Chusid27-Nov-2008 15:31
On the wrong shoulder?

I always thought you were a General!
dane27-Nov-2008 15:29
most excellent
Barbara Heide27-Nov-2008 15:29
well, three stripes means a person able to read or the one able to pick up a phone? can't remember...
Art White27-Nov-2008 13:52
Very creative!
Ken Duckert27-Nov-2008 13:49
Love it, but I can't stop saluting...(really - a very good shot!)
François Hamon27-Nov-2008 12:42
Image inversée gauche droite... ?
Máire Uí Mhaicín27-Nov-2008 10:51
Nice way to take an anonymous SP and great use of stripes!!
Jean-Luc Rollier27-Nov-2008 09:36
Hé hé! Un quizz intéressant!Je dirais que les galons ( apparemment aviation ) n'appartiennent pas à la main qui tient la camera ?...
Giancarlo Guzzardi27-Nov-2008 09:03
a unexpected dazzling light
Dave Hein27-Nov-2008 09:00
Aviation for sure... just not sure whether you're in the right seat or the left. :)
Ann...27-Nov-2008 08:47
Very good shot!!
Paco López27-Nov-2008 06:49
Fantastic and intriguing... V!
Maaike Huizer27-Nov-2008 05:16
Great mirror shot.
pr_rajan27-Nov-2008 04:14
Cindi Smith27-Nov-2008 04:03
Wonderful!!!!!! I love this!
The Third Side27-Nov-2008 03:57
Salute ! nice photo.
Sabine Stetson27-Nov-2008 03:56
very flashy entry...:)
wonderful...happy thanksgiving..
hope, you will get a break...
Russ Rose27-Nov-2008 03:49
And off you go. nice shot.
through_the_lens27-Nov-2008 03:46
Great self portrai,,
Walter O. Koenig27-Nov-2008 03:39
Sounds cool to me Commander.
Ed Goodnight27-Nov-2008 03:31
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