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rick bolt04-Mar-2015 13:35

A quick note to tell you that our mutual friend and PBase colleague Zenmatt (John Matt) died about two weeks ago. He had developed multiple sclerosis and was not well in the last few years of his life. I have put up a few photographs of him:

Guest 26-Jan-2015 02:19
Come back dear talented artist!
Graeme03-Jan-2015 00:16
Happy New Year and all the very best for 2015 An!!
rick bolt10-Jun-2013 20:28
Just finished looking at your Cohen inspired gallery. Was lucky enough to see him in concert in Asheville, NC, in 09. Wonderful.
kervelli12-May-2013 07:17
very good work
MP Carney24-Mar-2013 15:05
You express life through photographic art, very thoughtfully. Added you to my favorite artists.

Mike Carney, Bellevue, Nebraska - USA
Fletcher Wildlife Garden15-Aug-2012 22:10
Your galleries are deliciously beautiful, creative, sensual, colourful, clever. A delight. Thank you!

artist03-Aug-2012 09:07
Hi.... I like your photos so much... you are really so creative photographer..

im an artist and i paint on canvas, paper etc ... I hope we can be good friends.
Raf07-Jun-2012 15:15
Poetry in photography An. Thanks for sharing these heart-warming beauties. Raf
Jean-Sebastien25-May-2012 07:21
Dear Anne

The more I visit your galleries, and look at your pictures, the more I realize the sensuality and poetry in your work. But also at the same time very good technics, highly selective in your choices and organization of your galleries.

This is really great work!!!!!
Jean-Sebastien27-Apr-2012 00:44
Hi, An!

I love visiting your galleries. It is always a wonderful and exciting travel to meet fantastic places and people. Often with a magic and poetic touch.

Thanks a lot!
Roe..02-Apr-2012 02:00
An, I don't know why I haven't connected with your work..we've been PBase members forever..I've placed you in my favorite so I can enjoy your unique, creative art with just a click..Roe
Gary Hudes11-Mar-2012 19:00
Dear Anne - My congratulations to you on your Turkish gallery going "Popular", so well deserved! Such creativity and vision from you, again. All my best, Gary
Colin Clarke16-Feb-2012 12:55
AnnEEE. It has been such a pleasure to watch your galleries grow, and your artistic skills develop. Your abilities as a photographer and artist seem to have no limits. Bravo. Best wishes, always. Prof.
John G Reed09-Feb-2012 17:30
Beauitful work. Best J
Patricia Kay24-Dec-2011 23:40
Have a wonderful Christmas Anne and All the very best for 2012...
Stephanie22-Dec-2011 23:49
Greetings Anne ~
I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
Steph :)
Alain Boussac22-Dec-2011 07:18
You cultivate the poetry and the soft sensuality of your visions with the acuteness and the delicacy of an artistic creative glance which always surprises superbly its world.
Please, continue to make us dream so, Anne.
Ria de Nijs21-Dec-2011 15:00
Dear Anne, thank you very much for your wishes.
On my turn I wish you also a merry Christmas, and for 2012: a good health, not to much work/stress, much happiness and harmony in your live!! Love and a warm huck, Ria
Vince20-Dec-2011 12:26
Hi Anne.
Best wishes to you. Love your very artistic works here in Pbase.

PauloCGama19-Dec-2011 02:24
My dearest
I want to wish you and yours all my best: happiness, joy, harmony, health and peace!!

Mairéad12-Nov-2011 22:11
Hi Anne,
Thanks for visiting my galleries. Your work is truly inspirational and I will visit often.
Bernard Bosmans23-Sep-2011 03:32
Dear Anne,
Thank you so much for your many thoughtful comments on my images, much appreciated.
Kind regards,
Michel Duval05-Sep-2011 20:38
My dear Anne,
I often look at your galleries : you do such a fantastic photographic work !
You marry so well imagination , delicacy and creativity.
Your shots are a delight and a lesson. Compliments.
Best wishes.
Waleed05-Sep-2011 05:28
Dear An,
I am glad you stopped by, I appreciate your visit, as I
am an admirer of your work, any compliments from you are well
recieved, thank you kindly.
Kind regards
your firend
Victoria27-Jul-2011 11:36
Hey Anne

Just breathtaking !!!! your gallery just so amazing . I so glad i here to chance enjoy them . Keep great work up ... Looking for more

kind regards

chriswhitehead0717-Jun-2011 17:46
Hi Anne it made me smile to think I made you blush, your work is very inspirational ,and I must admit to being a little envious thinking of the countries you visit , not only visit,but taking unbelievably good images while you were there. you're obviously very talented and I salute you . I will take time to look through all your gallery's .

regards chris
larose forest photos18-May-2011 01:00
Your galleries are each and every one exquisitely beautiful, full of joy and passion and beauty. So glad I discovered them. They make me happy!
Best wishes, Christine
Jean-Luc Rollier30-Apr-2011 14:43
Chère Anne,
Merci beaucoup pour votre charmant commentaire sur mon "livre d'or"
J'en profite pour vous dire combien j'apprécie votre travail photographique
plein de poésie de délicatesse et de créativité.
Linda22-Apr-2011 19:55
Dear An, Wishing you the best of spring and much happiness this Easter-time. I so appreciate your continued visits and comments to my Galleries ... they mean so much to me. And I want to tell you again how very special I find your photography to be. I am consistently inspired and there are so many ideas that you do well that I want to try ... especially the way that you pull words and images together so effectively. Your heart is present in every image... Take care, Linda
Guest 25-Mar-2011 14:58
Ann these are amazing, your passion for photography really is reflected in your work.
Graeme22-Mar-2011 18:45
Hi An, Thank you for your kind comments about my Rural Gallery today. i very much appreciate your kind words and enjoy visiting your galleries as well.
Kind regards,
Lisa16-Mar-2011 14:15
Poetic galleries you have. Beautiful!
Russell Christie21-Feb-2011 00:49
I finally got around to shooting the Southern Mississippi river Delta as well as Fayette, Ms. check it out. what are you up to besides work?
miro kastelic26-Jan-2011 16:53
Wonderful gallerries, your work is impressive.
Peter Sussex24-Dec-2010 15:43
Dear Anne,

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and hope that Santa brings you everything on your wish list. May you have a very Happy and Healthy New Year too!
Ria de Nijs14-Dec-2010 15:05
Hello Anne,
Thank you for your lovely compliments. I know I will come back from time to time to see all your beautiful pictures and poems.
Blandine Mangin14-Dec-2010 09:35
merci de partager avec nous toute ces merveilles et votre créativité !
Russell Christie12-Dec-2010 14:16
I see you are thinking about your compositions, great work.
Ray :)10-Dec-2010 02:23
Hi Anne,

I'm so glad I discovered your work. Life is a voyage of discovery:)
Laurenan10-Aug-2010 12:08
Hello An and thank you very much for comment in my gallerie

bye Laurenan
Guenter Eh10-Aug-2010 08:38
To enjoy, to learn and to be inspired...these are my experiences and the enrichment since I found the path to your works. Thank you Anne. It`s good to have you here.

Erwin Maes06-Aug-2010 14:16
Nice photography An,

great use of light and composition!

Sincere regards,
Erwin Maes
Lara Kantardjian04-Jul-2010 14:07
You have a great vision and style.
It's always a pleasure to sit back and view your galleries.
Thanks for your lovely comments - very appreciative.

Galina Stepanova04-May-2010 15:28
I always enjoy your spiritual and thoughtful photography.
I also appreciate your attention to my pictures and your kind comments.
Stay inspired,

Jeff Real02-May-2010 10:51
Your work is so beautiful and inspiring. It is a joy. You have a purity of vision that stays in my mind long after the viewing. I look forward with great anticipation to the visual treasures you will give us next.
norbi08-Apr-2010 15:35
Anne, it was a joy for me to have a look at Your creative galleries.
I admire the lightness of Your photography as well as Your instinct for
decisive moments. Best regards. Norbi
Dennis Tu19-Mar-2010 11:39

Many people have already said it in here, and I just can agree: Your creative is phenomenal!

zyziza27-Feb-2010 17:24
When I watch your galleries, i see strong shine of awareness.
Wide interests, sharp eye, fine work with camera.
Thnx Anne for sharing!

Gary Hudes20-Feb-2010 22:43
Hi Anne,
Many thanks for viewing my galleries and for your encouraging comments. I am looking forward to spending more time viewing your wonderful images. Best Wishes, Gary
mic_hong18-Feb-2010 16:10
Hi Phuong Anh,

Than chuc Phuong Anh va gia quyen mot nam am lich moi nhieu an lanh, suc khoe doi dao va moi su duoc nhu y muon.

Than men,
John Ewart29-Jan-2010 03:34
Hi Anne, I just want to thank you for your continued support of my galleries.It has meant so much to me.
You are a wonderful artist, and it is always a pleasure to look at your work.

Cheers, John
zenmatt14-Jan-2010 11:57

Thank you for your many, many, many kind comments. Love, JM
Mike 09-Jan-2010 17:25
Thanks so much for visiting my gallery! Really enjoy your work here, it is inspiring for me to keep learning and improve a little every day :)

Best wishes to you and yours,
Jeffrey Lewis Knapp19-Dec-2009 05:09
hi Anne. Happy Holidays. God bless you. Jeff K
Patricia Kay18-Dec-2009 21:00
I want to thank you for all your visits,kind words and votes in my galleries Anne...
Its always a pleasure to view your beautiful images....
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season and a great 2010....

Best wishes Patricia........
Laurenan30-Nov-2009 15:20
Thank you very much for your comments in py galleries, I pleasure

XiaoBernard9901-Nov-2009 10:35
I am happy today we have the same number of photography on pbase.1633,normally it is not a good number(total=4)
You are the most delicate artist I know...
an nguyen18-Oct-2009 02:19
Thank you Vox Aurelius. My pleasure to see you on my site. Anne
Vox Aurelius 16-Oct-2009 14:31
Nice site
John17-May-2009 07:55
Dear Anne,
I must say that you really surprise me over and over again. Your view brings me joy and pleasure when I browse your gallleries. Great Eye for detail and you don't seem to care about rules or stepping outside the little restraining borders. Creative and encouraging work. My best regards, John
Nanci 26-Mar-2009 20:20
Do you license your photos? I love the white lotus bud and would like to use it on my business cards and website. It is so beautiful! thanks. nanci
zenmatt09-Feb-2009 14:22
It's fascinating to go back to your early galleries and see how much progress you have made. Your photographs have grown by leaps and bounds to become artistic statements. Plus you have "the eye," which cannot be taught. It is an honor to visit you galleries. zm
Alain Boussac18-Jan-2009 11:14
Many thanks, An, for sharing all your sublime pictures, full of melancholy, mystery, and great poetry : it is the work, the art, of a very sensitive photographer. Nobody else than you, An, can translate fragments of atmosphere in a so poetic and so delicate way as you do it.
Many thanks too for your wonderful and very fine comments on the pictures of my galleries.
All the best for you, An !
zenmatt10-Jan-2009 12:47
Thank you for all your kind comments about my photographs! Your photographs keep getting better and better! JM
PauloCGama04-Jan-2009 03:33
Your work is impressive and brilliant!!
Thanks for sharing, Anne.
Gil Purcil23-Dec-2008 22:42
Thanks An,
Been browsing your galleries and I am totally awed by your talent.
You've got natural knack for capturing images and turning them into impressive work.
I'll be constantly browsing your galleries starting - now.
m. laurence hebert05-Dec-2008 13:27
you know i voted
when i write
i'm touched
not a member of the fan club
in your art i find

thank you Anh

m. laurence hebert05-Dec-2008 00:38
i'm very impressed with you recent images. i was able to kick back for a few minutes and relax. i let myself unwind into your galleries.

zenmatt01-Dec-2008 22:33
Your shots of the cabanas show wonderful artistic/aethetic maturity. Kudos! Your fan, zm
zenmatt10-Nov-2008 12:20
Stupendous images. zm
Char19-Oct-2008 00:51
Hi Anne,
Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my photos! I know it's hard here sometimes with all the slowness that Pbase has been experiences lately. I truly love your photos and have added you to my favorites. Sometimes I just vote and don't leave a message especially if it's slow but most of the time I leave a messages too.
Again Thank you so much
Chris Spracklen03-Oct-2008 13:28
Hi An,
Thank you so much for your warm and encouraging comments.
I love your work and will be back again soon to see some more.
Best regards,
Per Y. Lidvall19-Sep-2008 09:04
Dear Friend!
Thank You for Your great comments on my Albums, it´s really encouraging.
Also encouraging is to see Your own development the last year, it´s amazing how fast You get better and better for every time I visit Your site.

Just got confirmed I´m travel to North Vietnam 2010, wich I really looking forward to, since I´ve been many times in the south parts:-)

Best regards from Sorrento. Per!
Nuno Boavida15-Sep-2008 00:22
Thank you very much for all your visits and kind comments. All the support that I have been receiving here in pbase and all the inspired work that I have been seen have made what I'm today. It means a lot to me. It encourages and inspires me to grow and to improve myselve every day.
Best regards
Rosemarie Kusserow05-Sep-2008 05:56
Thanks An for your constantly support, it means a lot to me, have a wonderful day, Rosemarie :o))))
Ali Abrishami01-Sep-2008 12:27
I enjoyed visiting your beautiful galleries
lorand25-Jul-2008 11:38
Yhanks for your comments on my galleries.
Best Regards,
XiaoBernard9914-Jul-2008 22:13
Little Princess of the moody pictures.
I don t have enough time to say to you the pleasure of your comments for me.
I know you from a long time ,an eternity ,from always ...
The Timids are all the same ,love the little holes ,the darkness,...
The comments can give us the wings to fly but quickly we want to find our earth ,our nest....

Bartosz Kotulski14-Jul-2008 14:48
Than You An for such nice comments. I pretty sure that I'll visit yours galleries in nearest future again too. All the best for You and thanks again for so lovely tour.
Linda Ellis (Bique)13-May-2008 01:47
So nice to meet you here and see your lovely work on these pages...thank you for your visit and your kind comments..:)
zenmatt26-Apr-2008 16:10
Your flower work is among the best I have seen anywhere. Congratulations! zm
BoobyBoo29-Mar-2008 09:25
Thank you very much.
SageCreek Images26-Mar-2008 20:12
Thanks for your nice comment and vote on my plums image...
Christian Lallier24-Mar-2008 18:26
thanks for comming on my Pbase site and your comment.
I have seen a lot of beautiful flowers on your site.
Best regards
Y.Q. Goh23-Mar-2008 17:15
Hi! Many thanks for visiting my galleries :)
Sydney Tran21-Mar-2008 08:20
hi An
I noticed you have more and more pretty pictures on your website. thanks for visiting my page. by the way, the girl name Van Nguyen, she won the Miss Vietnam of San Diego. :-) Very nice and sweet girl!
kimene S17-Mar-2008 03:36
Looking forward to revisiting your very amazing images an! Thankyou!
kimene S06-Mar-2008 04:04
Thankyou an! Ever truly inspired!
André Bessot05-Mar-2008 16:03
Hello An, Thank you again for your friendlies comments, they permits me to visit again your own galleries. Your are a great explorer and your pictures give me the idea to visit some places I do not know, like Vietnam... Living in Canada, do you speak also French?
With my best regards.
Bernard VINH23-Feb-2008 09:08
Hi An, Thank you for visiting my galery and your kind comments. Best regards
CM Kwan26-Dec-2007 22:27
Hi An,

Thanks so much for visiting my galleries and gave me encouraging message. You have many beautiful pictures in your galleries.

Wish you and your family all the best in 2008.

Sydney Tran26-Dec-2007 19:54
hi An,

Thanks for viewing my website. You are my regular visitor. An, i never get to know you, and i would like to know what type of photographer you are, do you have your personal webpage?
mic_hong19-Oct-2007 02:00
Hi An,

Thanks for revisiting my recent gallery. Unlike where you live, I have to drive four hours and at an elevation of 7000 plus feet to see the foliage change. As you know, we don't have four seasons in California.
BoobyBoo27-Sep-2007 12:48
Thank you.
mic_hong26-Sep-2007 15:57
Hi An,

The pix with the three ladies (the one on the left is my wife)is a recent get-together of some of my former classmates from the University of Dalat where I once attended for one year in 1974. Some of them at the party were also with us in Canada last month. My wife (Thanh Huong) would have been GL Class of '75. However, she left VN with her family in April '75 without finishing the school year... Do you have friends or relatives in CA or Northern CA (aka the Silicon Valley). I've been living in San Jose for almost 34 years... I told my Canadian friends that I'll be back someday during the Fall season to witness the foliage change. It's just awesome even for the locals, no? Enjoy the short and best season of the year. Lucky you!!!
André Bessot27-Aug-2007 13:19
Thank you for your your comments on my Swiss flowers galleries and regards.
Guest 27-Aug-2007 11:30
thank you for your message
Guest 27-Aug-2007 11:26
thank you forimages
Hubert Steed27-Aug-2007 00:59
You have an inspiring collection of galleries and photos... Thank you for sharing.
Judy M25-Aug-2007 19:15
Hi An, thank you for your visit and comment in my gallery. Your photos are so beautiful, I shall browse at leisure!
yoram shpirer22-Aug-2007 18:20
Hi An,

thank you for the kind words in my galery. I'm glad you enjoyed the images.

You also have a great collection of pictures here. Congrats.

Johnny Rasmussen20-Aug-2007 23:23
You have many great images in your galleries. I hope many more will come to see them!
Sweetlilac22-Jul-2007 08:19
You have some amazing images here.
Thankyou for your kind words about my image.
Emad Omar07-Feb-2007 12:20
I enjoyed very much your fine work
Le Ngoc Tuy Huong 15-Dec-2006 09:58
Hi PA,with my best compliment for your beautiful photos.I am total surprising that you can do it so good.....Wow...