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WUYUAN Wanders 隨 緣 . 婺 源

[ In memory of my dearest friend and travel-mate, who also likes the naturality and tranquility of Wuyuan so much...
Sunny, missing you and 一 路 走 好! ]


Wuyuan, on the boundary of three provinces in Jiangxi's northeastern corner,
is home to some of the best-preserved ancient clan villages in China.
Each of the numerous village buildings has a distinctive shape and structure of
"Huizhou" style architecture inherited from the Ming and Ching dynasties.

Wuyuan has also been hailed by some overseas photographers as the "most beautiful of Chinese villages",
and become a tourist hot spot in recent years especially during the canola season in April.

The trip is meant to shoot red leaves but the colors and lights were not right when I viisted Wuyuan.
Nonetheless, meeting those friendly people and wandering those atmospheric villages have made the trip really worthy.

t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f130943533.qEsWjl0L.jpg Bo.. Po.. Mo.. Fo.. Old House 破舊 Bo.. Po.. Mo.. Fo..
t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131293606.FzULFUFj.jpg t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131362550.CRJLt9u8.jpg t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131362375.IDvQP9yP.jpg t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131362552.sBmcHqF2.jpg
Foggy Day t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131296501.0wUYJe1I.jpg Foggy Day t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131317543.Oa2RSo1J.jpg
t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131317525.y9E8cA8H.jpg Living in Village 農村生活 Chilli-holics 無辣不歡 School in Village 農村學校
Kitten and I t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131293508.HTzdfmeZ.jpg t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131293849.TRZ3pxsH.jpg Village Life
Changxi in Morning 1 Drying Vegetables Changxi in Morning 2 t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131248561.ylAhnxXr.jpg
Snack Time 食橙 Feng Shui Woods Snack Time 食橙 Feng Shui Trees
t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131291304.icQqdJWU.jpg t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131298014.qhDANRat.jpg t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131248311.ZFWMZXfQ.jpg Lunch Time
He Loves Autumn 我愛深秋 Delivery He Loves Autumn 我愛深秋 Delivery
Camphor Tree Grandpa and Grandson Old Camphor 古樟樹下 Grandpa and Grandson 兩爺孫
Eat Out!! Riverside Eat Out !! Riverside
Wang's Ancestral Hall Autumnal Village 石城秋色 Wang's Ancestral Hall Autumnal Village 石城秋色
Crop Fields She Loves Taking Pictures Crop Fields She Loves Taking Pictures
Entrance of Yanchun The Class 我班 Piazza of Jiangwan The Class 我班
t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131248042.zC5i0DBn.jpg t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131248265.YHdqIXMi.jpg t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131248239.cSjPRKYS.jpg A Loyal Family
The Housekeeper They Love Taking Pictures The Housekeeper They Love Taking Pictures
He is so Photogenic 上鏡老伯 Village in Dream He is so Photogenic 上鏡老伯 Village in Dream
Jiang's Ancestral Hall  江灣祠堂 A Young Painter Jiang's Garden Painters Everywhere
He Loves Vs Autumnal Village She Loves Vs Rounded Village 菊徑
Leaves Turned Red Boy by the Stream Flowers Still White Boy by the Stream 河邊耍樂
She Comes from Village Huichow Structure He Comes from Village Huichow Roof
Houses in Mist Daybreak 破曉 Houses in Mist Daybreak 破曉
Sha Made Shoes 織布鞋 Autumnal Village 長溪秋色 Hand Made Shoes 自織布鞋 Autumnal Village 長溪秋色
They Love Going to School  姊弟愛上學 Old Camphor 千年古樟 Baby Wants School 孫兒也上學 Old Camphor 千年古樟
Little Brothers 小兄弟 Drying Vegetables 曬蘿白 Little Brothers 小兄弟 Drying Vegetables 曬白菜
Footprints of Chairman Jiang 江爺爺的足跡 Her Favorite Snacks 炒米餅 Legacy of Chairman Mao 毛主席的遺產 Her Favorite Snacks 炒米餅
100,000 WHYs 十萬個為什 Chicken Run 走雞 They Love Taking Pictures Chicken Run 走雞
Refleciton 民居倒影 Ancient Tree 曉起古樹 Reflection 長溪倒影 Wuyuan Wanders
Breakfast at Local Market 蘿白餅 Autumnal Village 石城秋色 Lunch at Farmers' House 農家菜 Village in Dreams 懷古秋夢
Lican Village Living in Village 農村生活 Leisuring Ducks Living in Village 農村生活
Woodcutting t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131361975.09qXCxcr.jpg Village Life Village in Dreams
Horsetail Grandma and Grandson Potted Plants Grandma and Grandson
t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131362291.LX5XiTxM.jpg Grandma and Grandson Father and Son t1%2f21%2f283521%2f4%2f131317534.jJf5NMei.jpg
Golden Fields Slogans Golden Fields Slogans
Sunset on Yanchun 日落延村 Goodbye Sunset on Yanchun 日落延村 Missing U