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samikosemi19-May-2013 18:33
You have a great work here !
Keep sharing and keep doing great job !
Sami !
mimi10-Jul-2012 16:47
Hello Manny,

I'm Mimi Miyuki, my mom is a Filipina from Calinog, Iloilo and my late father was a senior officer of the Japanese Imperial Army during his time. First of all, I would like to apologize to all Filipinos who until now thinks that Japanese were so cruel during the WWII. When I was small I already have heard that from my father, but the truth as he told me, Japanese Military Officials were truly officers and gentlemen. My late father so disappointed because during that war times it is hard to distinguish Japanese from Koreans, but my father told me that maybe some atrocities against Filipinos were not purely can be blamed against the Japanese. But that was the past and I am feeling so sorry for that.

Anyway, I have written this note to you...i really don't know how to start, but I had happened to seen your photo shots and I would like to congratulate you for the best work. It was purely accidental that I've landed on your page because I am in search for the word "cabatuan". Yes Cabatuan in Iloilo... and since I was one of the technical team for the new project in Iloilo specifically in Cabatuan. We have already made our courtesy visit to the Mayor of the town where the international airport is also located. I also love what they call here the "tinu-om"...awesome! I can feel that Iloilo will become one of the major world destination in the future.

We are assigned to promote the place (cabatuan) as part of the soft promotion for the coming big project after the airport and we have been supplied with photos by the office of the mayor, but as an architect, engineer, and a graphic artist, I find some pictures so poor (i hope they would forgive me). I am not a photographer but i know what picture I would need for the campaign layout. I would like to ask if you selling your pictures? Actually I need only one of your photos, "the girl on the green grass wearing the traditional Filipino dress". I considered it to be the "focal point" of giant billboards if ever to be erected from the airport to the town proper. So this will be about 10 or 12 street billboards. Most of the pictures to be used here are landmarks of cabatuan.

This billboard project is our personal contribution to the town as our friendly gesture to the people of Iloilo especially the town of cabatuan. If you are not selling that picture, we will acknowledge it by having your name appear on every billboard we gave to the town to credit your work. I can also send you some pictures of the billboards if completed with your awesome photo on it. Please let me know thru my philippine email address: Thank you very much and hope to hear from you soon before I return to the U.S. by the end of July. I well tell you a bit about the big new project here in cabatuan next time. For sure will benefit not only Iloilo but perhaps the world.

Congratulations again!

Jim & Josefina23-Dec-2011 17:18
Merry Christmas Manny!
kap1002-Aug-2011 04:13
hello sir manny...

i wish i can attend your upcoming workshop in the phils.
your brother is my senior in the academy.
i was inspired by your photos to get into photography as a hobby.
please peruse my amateur shots and i will appreciate any comment good or bad.

pao12-Jun-2011 07:48
hi sir. what are the dates of your workshops here in Philippines? this 2011 thanks
Celine29-Dec-2010 17:31
Dear Manuel,
I discovered your work today and I am amazed by the beauty of your pictures.
I am a travelling lover and I am also doing photography which makes me appreciate even more the atmosphere of your photos and the perfect light.
Do you have a dedicated site for your workshops with dates and rates?
Once again, thanks for these beautiful pictures.
Guest 27-Nov-2010 16:12
Manny: I spent the afternoon yesterday with Jim and Josefina Bonner; we discussed your workshops. What is the best way to keep informed regarding upcomine events? Thank you, John
FocusingOnWildlife.com01-Oct-2010 13:25
superb images, will check your site on regular basis.
Ken Billington's Bird & Wildlife Photography
tirion23-Jul-2010 13:25
Dear Manuel,
I just want to thank you for sharing these wonderfull pictures.
I'm a painter and your work is inspiration. The people , face , there is a story , there is emotion.
I just love your work.Hope to see more.
sherwood frazier19-Apr-2010 00:31
Thank you for your comments Manny, they are very encouraging coming from someone of your mastery. I will continue to enjoy your photography and draw knowledge from it. Take care my friend and be well. Sherwood.
Pradipta Dutta10-Mar-2010 00:27
Great photography. Keep yourself motivated and continue to motivate others. Thanks!!
Josep M. Rodríguez26-Feb-2010 09:07
Manuel: you are for me one of the best and more complete photographers in pB. Most of your shots are outstanding masterpieces for me. I like portraits in special, and now I’m trying to learn something about some of your fantastic collection af portrait shots. Sincerly congratulations for your incredible work. Excuse me my bad english.
Josep Mª
Mike 22-Jan-2010 20:32
Consummate professional photography Manny, as good as anything I've seen in 39 years. Thanks so much for sharing - it's a pleasure to open a gallery of yours and just let the slideshow run over and over!

Best wishes to you and yours,
kervelli26-Dec-2009 18:23
very good
jim11-Nov-2009 05:43
Thank you for that wonderful workshop Manny, hope to hear from you again. And to see you back, if ever, here in dubai next year.

Jim Rivera
jim11-Nov-2009 05:42
Thank you for that wonderful workshop Manny, hope to hear from you again. And to see you back, if ever, here in dubai on feb.

Jim Rivera
xiao_er21-Oct-2009 07:26
when are you going to China to hold a workshop. There're lots and lots of fans of yours...
we're waiting...
alex20-Sep-2009 08:06
Tol, gin recommend sang migo ko ang site mo, grabe pre mga shoots mo nami gid!, naga start palng ko sang DSLR, idol ko gid mga style mo, basi may ma advice ka sa akon, tani maka attend mn ko sa imo na seminar hahaha galing bigtime ka na, basi indi ta ma kaya..sige pre halong lng..tani maka reply ka lng sa akon...Alex Jaranilla, taga Jaro Iloilo lng ah...salamat :)
viri6618-Sep-2009 23:17
Hello Manny, you must travel to México, you have a lot to picture around here, you have an excellent-beautifull work.

Your friend Viridiana
Ukrit Oonhateparuk(CoolTango)13-Jul-2009 13:54
Hi! Manny it's me Tang. I hope you're being well and enjoy life in there. See you guy.
leonieh Dijkshoorn27-Jun-2009 19:07
Hello Manny,

How was your trip?...and the photo shoot with Nasti and Garry?...cant wait to see the pictures.I'm afraid hindi ko ma meet yung deadline on sunday to post all the pictures from the workshop.we had a car accident the other day and i have so much pain with my back due to the impact. But anyway it was a great pleasure to work with you...sana may next time pa.God bless and more power.
Leonieh Dijkshoorn
Rosemarie Kusserow26-Jun-2009 17:32
It is a plesure for me to view at your wonderful works Manuel again and again, thanks for sharing your works with us, be blessed, Rosemarie :o)
Jeffee Gourley Art and Photography15-Jun-2009 07:22
Beautiful Master Work!!! Looks like you have more messages than you can have time to read. Good luck on your journey.
eidelweiss26-May-2009 03:11
I’m a 69 yr old grandmother from Malaysia and my passion is photography but nowhere near your class, sad to say. I’m so glad I StumbledUpon your site. I finally have found what I’ve been looking for to give me inspiration to take better photographs. You know I felt this lump in my throat when I was looking at your gallery. They made such a great impact on me. You’re the maestro, not only are you an artistic photographer, you’re also a poet.. I think I’ve learned a few things which I’ve never realised before by looking at your photographs. I’m going to take you as my mentor. You should have no problem with your intended coffee-table book. I may not be able to help you to realize this dream but I’ll be in the queue to buy it when it comes out though.
Finally I’d like to wish you good luck, good health and God bless you. May you take many, many more wonderful pictures.
knowledge23-May-2009 07:18
hallo there ,, sir manuel:) kamusta po? this is jake from davao 21 years old,.. i
accidentally saw your site while am surfing on the net.. i viewed your photos that you captured and i was so amazed. the editing the framing, any rule in photography was in gonna say geeezzz your the man ,, now i found my "MASTER"..hehehe

sir manuel..i am fun of any graphical art works,,, thats why am always surfing in the internet to discover and to catch some of idea specially in editing of photos..i am using
PS cs2 is it the good one to used to sir??or baka po may iba pang software na pwede nyong ma recommend sakin po na mas lalong ma develope yung kaalaman ko sa editing po.:)
sana sir ma meet ko po kayo and to have the opportunity to work wit you..kahit walang bayad sir ok lang:)hehehe.isang malaking bagay napo ang makatrabaho ang isang tulad nyo..
sir kung mo pauli dri sa atong banwa, let me know po kung ok lang po sa inyo its my pleasure to meet my master..

pwede nyo po akung ma email sir? kung ok lang sa inyo.

salamat po!

sir hangang dito nalang po for now..
hope you can share me some of tips of how it does your photos into another level.

damodamo na pasalamat gid diha sa imo sir,.GOD BLESS YOU..
shoedesigner22-May-2009 00:15
Hi sir manny, this link was given to me by a friend from davao who is a friend of your sister.i am new in photography. i am quite amazed by your photos. looking in your gallery inspired me more to improved my knowledge, skills and perhaps my attitude in photography. i hope someday i would be able to catch photos with the level that you catch them. kudos to you sir and more photos to inspire newbies like me!
aegmn15-May-2009 18:53
Thanks very beatiful gallerys. Arif EGEMEN Turkey
Danny Tuason14-May-2009 16:38
Hi Manny!

I just wanted to say that IMHO you're the best photographer in pbase.
Wow na wow ako sa mga shots mo!

Danny :)

PS So obviously nilagay kita sa mga favorite artist list ko! Super galing ka talaga!
dineman09-May-2009 10:17
Hi Manuel Marvelous Gallery and work (Bonne continuation) hope you come visiting france !!
maru13-Apr-2009 21:58
you are a real inspiration...
Lindsay Wakelin25-Mar-2009 20:22
Hi Manny

I am not worthy! Thanks for leaving a comment on one of my galleries....I am just blown away by some of your images...somehow they have a magical quality, a sparkle an essence which puts them in a league of their own...

cagwait23-Mar-2009 17:21
Hi Manny

Just to say how much i love your style of Photography. You see with your hear tas well as your eyes. i have showcased one of your photos on a desktop screenshot of mine at along with a link to your pbase gallery.

VR2ZNP ...魔鬼魚22-Mar-2009 20:53
Great shots! I wish there were more images in this gallery!
bunny07-Mar-2009 02:22
bunny PM reply 07-Mar-2009 02:19
Hi Manuel - I am a British born guy based in Manila.
My fashion designer Filipina friend showed me your inspiring and magic eye -thank you!I would like to ask how is your progress with your wish for a'coffee'table' book?
I spent 5 years doing a coffee book about the Philippines titled "Combing the Coral Carpet" and self-published with the help of sponsors.
If you need an assistant I can offer my experience and energy...let me know.
Go well and stay well Bruce Curran

ps I am a bit of a traveller myself having been to 16 countries by motorbike, 5 continents by sail boat but love the Philippines the most - as you say genuine smiles everywhere....hope to hear from you.
b-girl24-Feb-2009 14:56

Obet Quetulio18-Feb-2009 20:22
Hi Manny!

very nice work indeed... you really insprie a lot of new photographers like me...

In my own oppinion, if boxing have manny pacquio, photography have manny librodo...

Obet Quetulio18-Feb-2009 20:20
Hi Manny!

very nice work indeed... you really insprie a lot of new photographers like me...

In my own oppinion, if boxing have manny pacquio, photography have manny librodo...

AlanMilan26-Jan-2009 14:04
Hi Manny
Just wanna know if you have a seminar sked here in Mindanao... I'll love to attend if you could spare... Pls... Namit gid sang mga kuha mo to...
Ukrit Oonhateparuk(CoolTango)11-Jan-2009 14:13
Hi! Manny. It's me "Tang" just coming to visit and dropby to say hi to you. Hope you're being well. Late Merry X mas and Happy new year.
mae07-Jan-2009 01:28
Hi Manny. I'm Dr. Mae Panes (OSI 75 and 79), Managing Partner of Travel and Marketing Experts, Corp with office at Amigo Plaza Mall, Iloilo City. I'm so impressed with your work. I have kids who are also into photography(One is working already with Hewlett Packard in Manila), that's why I'm interested in the field. I hope they can get the chance to touch base with you and learn from your expertise..In case you are in the city, or may need assistance in your travels, please drop by TMX office anytime.Thanks for your email. It's great to know our OSI awardees have gone very far indeed.
nicolas harkonen23-Dec-2008 13:38

Your work is perfect. Nicolas
Elmer Quianio22-Dec-2008 01:01
Manuel, I wish you and your family Merry Christmas and a Healthy Happy New Year!
Nacho-Lopez10-Dec-2008 09:48
Maybe your photos are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen
They inspire me in the art of the photography
Your fan number one from Spain,
BKT Photography01-Dec-2008 12:56
Hi Manuel

Thank you very much for your recent visit to my galleries. Your kind, supportive comments, and vote are very much appreciated.

Your galleries are amazing. Your works inspire me to keep practicing and learning more and more about this passion we all share for photography. I do enjoy very much every single image of your galleries, will come back to check more

Best regards,
chasp24-Nov-2008 15:18
I cannot believe you have only been active in photography for such a short time. 4 years on Pbase and over 16 Million hits!! Your work is extrordinary. If you ever consider a workshop in the US, I would love to be part of it. You are a true master.
fiery_angel21-Nov-2008 06:07
there are simply too may comments in your guestbook that another one from me wouldn't make a difference but i still want to say it.
you works are beyond extraordinary.
it's alsmot GOD-LIKE.
pam11-Nov-2008 03:52
hi po Mr. Librondo.. Im a new teacher ryt now here sa Lambunao, ung LIST b4.. I really admire all ur works... ^^ if 1 tym ull come home.. i wish u coult take a pic of me.. ^^ s it possible?.. do u have a shop in the city?..
Marilyn13-Oct-2008 13:08
Mr. Librodo- Thank you so much for the comment and encouragement on my gallery. It means so much coming from you. I enjoy all of your galleries and look forward to each new one. I'm just getting started and know so little but I will absolutely take your advice next time I attend a shoot and watch for that. Thank you again. God bless.
Raymond Ma08-Oct-2008 06:10
Thank you very much Manuel for your kind & encouraging comment on my autumn gallery. Coming from you this
means a lot to me since I think that your are a superbly talented photographer and gifted artist.
All the best,
lorand07-Oct-2008 19:18
Hi Manuel!
Thanks for your nice comment on my gallery.
dierk topp07-Oct-2008 14:50
Hi Manuel,
thank you very much for you encouraging comment on my photos. It is an honor for me, that you took the time.
I must say, that I adore allmost all your pictures and looking at them, I forget working on my own pictures:-))
Anna Cieslukowska30-Sep-2008 20:16
I'm overwhelmed by the way You see the world.. Your photograhs are simply beautiful, so powerful and touching! Best regards, Ania
rpvarma22-Sep-2008 15:52
Wow...very professional woks, keep it up!
Betty Vlasiu22-Sep-2008 07:13
Incredible shot ,you are really great photographer !!!!
hampton3216-Sep-2008 20:45
I know you did a workshop in Los Angeles last June and I was unable to attend. I was heartbroken to miss it!

Will you be coming back to Los Angeles? Could you please put me on a list to be contacted so that I can sign up?
Guest 12-Sep-2008 10:45
Thanks Manny. I've work shop with u here in BKK. Pat
royski04-Sep-2008 10:40
I am honored to announce thru this website that Manny Librodo Jr. will be doing The photo workshop in Chicago " Manny librodo at Chicago Lakefront Museums and Parks " June 2009 . For those willing to participate please contact Roy Gonzales at for details.
Ali Abrishami02-Sep-2008 13:07
I enjoyed viewing your beautiful galleries. Your imagery is stunning!
Guest 28-Aug-2008 11:27
hi, you were introduced to me by MR. ALEXIS CAPILI!! i am very much amazed with your work!!!! beautifully done!!! these were you called ART!! i hope to working with you......i hope you will be interested to hire me as one of your make-up artists!!! you can visit: to check my works and profile......thank you so much!!
Guest 28-Aug-2008 11:25
hi, you were introduced to me by MR. ALEXIS CAPILI!! i am very much amazed with your work!!!! beautifully done!!! these were you called ART!! i hope to working with you......i hope you will be interested to hire me as one of your make-up artists!!!
Marks12-Jul-2008 07:28
I am fascinated by your work. Well done!
Guest 17-Jun-2008 03:21
You are simply AMAZING. A God-given talent. Your galleries are very exquisite and varied. you make ordinary human beings special and be at their always leave your audience gasping for more and makes one asks "how did he do that?" Keep inspiring! Dyam
AlvarezImaging14-Jun-2008 03:20
Wow...very professional, impressive and a bit intimidating. Great eye and passion for images. Intimidating in a good way BTW :-)
lovebobo131411-Jun-2008 10:24
I am just speechless. The word 'beautiful' is too simple nor impotent to describe your gallery. Pending to see more and learn from your good works.
Marek Hofman10-Jun-2008 09:28
Beautiful and very inspirational work. Congratulations!

Guest 09-Jun-2008 15:04

I caught myself saying 'BEAUTIFUL!!!' outloud. Wow, simply amazing. Kudos!

Julie Thomas
lorand04-Jun-2008 11:31
Hi Manuel!
Thanks for your comment on my gallery.
Best Regards,
Guest 30-May-2008 23:26
Hi Manny, my "tokayo",
I've seen a lot of photographs on the web and i appreciate it...but when i came across your "works of art" it really amaze me. You are a "geniuos". I myself, i'm a novice in photography (an enthusiast)....How i wish i can learn from your expertise.

Manny Ferrer
Sorsogon City, PHILIPPINES
Adam Sharp19-May-2008 20:11
Your work is amazing...
Adam Sharp
Guest 19-May-2008 16:33
I would like to invite you to view my gallery and write me your impression. It's only few fotos. maybee 10 minutes time. I would realy appreciate.
Ukrit Oonhateparuk(CoolTango)16-May-2008 10:48

Hello. My name is Ukrit Oonhateparuk. I'm very impressive of your job and want to take some course with you.
I'm living in Bangkok and I'm a Pbase supporter also. It's possible to have some course with you in BKK .
I'm still waiting for your reply.
Ukrit Oonhateparuk (Tangoo)
apfeiffer22-Apr-2008 17:46
This girl have just said that she knows you and she has Your permission to upload those photos - is it true?
apfeiffer22-Apr-2008 17:43
Hello Manuel,
First of all - wonderful photos! But, sad to say, I'm not here only to pay compliments to You... I think it's nothing new for You to hear about stealing Your photographs. Surfing on the Net I came across this polish site - . Many people had asked her about photos she uploads there and she said she's the author of them.
I think You don't know this girl and Your work has been simply stolen. I wanted to report this to You, because I know how irritating a photo theft is - I'm a novice Polish photographer and my works were also stolen very often.
Greetings from Poland (I'm sorry for my English) !
Terence Leung09-Apr-2008 13:21
your pics all very great
i love the colour tone of your photos
Mabel Libres09-Apr-2008 12:44
Wonderful shots!So amazing! I'm always hoping that one day I'll become a great photographer like you. I wish I can attend one of your workshops.I'm a frustrated photographer.=) and hey, is "LIBRES" your middle name? I'm wondering how are we related.hehehe
shutter19-Mar-2008 03:29

book a time for the US midwest, am a big fan....
KhoonKiah Lee07-Mar-2008 13:05
I am always inspired and impressed by your works! I especially love the vibrant color, strong contrast of your work as well as being able to make an ordinary place/people so extra ordinary! Keep sharing your works!

best regards,
Guest 26-Feb-2008 16:31
goodness gracious, your work is beyond compare! god bless the random photos function here on pbase, i came across a photo of yours and i am still fascinated by all your galleries. hats off and i can't wait too see more from you!

best regards
VIvo Roman 20-Feb-2008 13:47
Ang Galing! Love your works! very inspiring!
Gi Seob Lim 18-Feb-2008 08:22
Hello, Manuel

Just love your photo
Are you coming to Vancouver, Canada by any chance?
Really hope to learn from you :)

MiKA as G.S. Lim
JoshVasko10-Feb-2008 06:35
I have just recently came across your galleries. And your work is incredible to say the least. It's photographers like you that inspire me to keep practicing and learning more and more about this passion we all share for photography. Thank you Manuel

Mongkol 31-Jan-2008 09:05
hi Manuel, i love your photos. If u need any help please contact me
coz i'm come from Thailand.
Cynthia Opulentisima 30-Jan-2008 12:20
Manny im so inlove with your work, i wanna attend your class! hehe
Etched Moment30-Jan-2008 03:30
Manny, you are an artist and your photos are an inspiration. Thanks for sharing your vision.

wildoat20-Jan-2008 11:03
I have just started today by viewing some of your work.
So many beautiful photos.
All of the models are photographed with real style and class.
I will be back.
I can see why you have had 12 million hits !
Mark Kane28-Dec-2007 08:01
Outstanding. You are a photography master. One question, what is the technique used to give the surreal feeling in the images... painting with light? lucis art? etc? There's something there in most of the photos, but I can't quite put a finger on it (because it's done very very well). :)
ROWENA L. LORIA 27-Dec-2007 00:04
Wow! What an amazing art gallery of pictures! As a fellow Lambunaonon I am very proud of you. You are now very much famous in your photography. I hope you can come home and take some shots of our hometown too. Your images are fascinating. You have captured the real art of photography. KEEP IT UP! Good luck and GOD bless.
mike robson26-Dec-2007 14:52
Stumbling across your website has been a highlight of my day!
Such amazing images and so many to see!
Best wishes,
Guest 25-Dec-2007 22:47
very nice work, keep it up!
Rehan Siddique, UK
antonio valdes 15-Dec-2007 11:27
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My best regards.

Guest 11-Dec-2007 10:32
Your work is portraits are amazing- I have a lot to learn from you! I would love to find you on flickr...
Monique 11-Dec-2007 04:02
You have the most beautiful shots I have ever seen. I went to school to get a cell biology degree, but I have always had a love for capturing beutiful things on film and you have inspired me even more to pursue that dream.
Dan Perry08-Dec-2007 20:13
Wow, I'm so impressed. A favorite for sure.
Marc de Wit06-Dec-2007 21:44
By far the best portraitphotography I ever saw
------amazing view on women and colours-------
I visit your gallery all the time , just to enjoy and getting inspiration
Photodelles06-Dec-2007 17:43
You are a master!!!!! Congratulations
Guest 04-Dec-2007 03:24
You just keep on me going manny!! luv you cuya!!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!! =)
Ravahere 02-Dec-2007 20:35
your picture have the same affect that beautilful voices have on me, i get goosebumps. there is something in my heart that travels to my skin and sometimes i want to cry things are so amazing. Your photography makes me want to create something beautiful, something almost as incredible as the way you show me the people you have met. i hope you can make it down to Tahiti where i am from, i think you would like the fishermen and the dancers. keep living and giving life to things i've only read about.
Marz 29-Nov-2007 18:38
Hi there! Your work is incredibly superb. The vast array of photographs in your galleries are well executed. I like how you capture the raw innocence and emotion of each individual. Totally amazing and cheers for inspiring me! Now, I have to get cracking in order to polish up my photography skills.
burningarrow29-Nov-2007 08:40
Manuel, thanks for the inspiration !
csmallari29-Nov-2007 01:02
Thank you again so much for the comments and the vote Manny :) Kilig naman ako that you take the time to appreciate and vote for other galleries when you are so busy doing so many things. I hope you never change the way you are. It's no wonder that you are such a gifted photographer ... it's because INSIDE and OUT, you are truly a beautiful "kahanga-hanga" person.
Sheryl M 26-Nov-2007 08:31
Hi Manuel, I am also from Panay (karay-a and Ilongga ;-)). Am very interested in learning Photography with you but I have to start from the basic. It would be nice to know if you have any basic photography workshop coming up. Please include me in your future announcements of workshops. I'll leave my email. Thanks!
isa yniguez 19-Nov-2007 04:48
greetings! m a newbie and since i have started my interest... your works are exemplery gooood! i admire you portraits... and very much interested to attend one of your workshop soon... but i just don't have any idea where to go or who to ask??? is it possible to have a scedule of your workshop in 2008.... or can you tell me where i can get info... thanks very much... m proud of you sir Manny!...
bert barandino 17-Nov-2007 07:23
hey Manny! you are really an amazing being when it comes in photography. continue inspire people those who has the passion to show their world in their own eyes. like me, I really admire your works form the very beginning when I saw this site. Mabuhay ka!

James Lundy13-Nov-2007 23:52
Hello Manuel. You have been in my Pbase favorites for some time now. I just wanted to say congrats for being a spotlighted photographer on Amazing work you do. James
Joel12-Nov-2007 19:50
Hi Manuel,
I just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed your galleries. Your art is incredible - I can not overstate the respect I have for your talent and your ability to capture images that may otherwise go un-noticed. Please keep up the great work and continue to inspire us. Best regards,
Ken Wong 12-Nov-2007 09:47
hello your work is so good i very love it
how long u been taken photo for???
what photography gears u using now???
and do u mind give me some tips to be good like you in photography??
gay 12-Nov-2007 02:03
your work is very inspiring! pls let me know if you ever hold a workshop in cebu city...
Guest 09-Nov-2007 03:23
I cannot believe you have only been shooting 4 years, what a collection of photos you have. You have great talent, I look forword to seeing more work from you!
Kanya Hanklang08-Nov-2007 14:06
Thank you alot for visit my galleries . I am not pro to take picture but I love to do it . I really love your galleries. I like to come to see again and again . you know
Richard Lupu08-Nov-2007 13:22
Amazing work, you capture your environment with a stunning display of talent and understanding
Dean Eades BirdMad - BirdGuides Photo of the Year Winner 07-Nov-2007 18:41
Nice Gallery
lorand04-Nov-2007 22:03
Hi Manuel!
Thanks for you comments on my gallery.
kristel 02-Nov-2007 19:05
hi manny its me kristel inigo

i just want to ask if you were able to post some of photos that you have taken at the buenavista island? i really adore your art job..very nice !!keep it up more power to you and god bless you
Cristine Varney31-Oct-2007 19:02
I just finished viewing your "Oriental Charms" gallery. As I watched each
amazing depiction of hearts and soul, I was almost mesmerized. I read your
"in my own words" on your bio page. I should think that coffee table book would
be an opportunity for you soon %:).
I share your philosophy of a face with a million stories, and the desire to
document and share the world and its endless fascinations. My words..and indeed
my captures..are not nearly as eloquent as I will return again and
again to savor each gallery. I wish you success and happiness as filled with magic
and wonder as your photographs.
Cristine Varney
Aubrey 28-Oct-2007 18:29
i bow down to you manuel!!! IDOL! keep it're an inspiration to many!
Jaimie 25-Oct-2007 03:18
Manuel: You are a true genius! Your pictures are too beautiful to be believed! Thank you!
jose luis23-Oct-2007 10:27
increible trabajo, es para admirarlo y aprender.
Dmitri 17-Oct-2007 01:09
Your work (specially with Kharu) is a masterpiece of beauty! Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent!
dennis 16-Oct-2007 01:49
Manny, i read an article about you in the name and the profile was so familiar, i have to follow you to this site.... very impressive work.... you had that in you since our college days.. UPV...boardmates in front of UP..congratulations!!! Grabe Bords!!!
Clare de Wet 14-Oct-2007 07:01
Manuel - thanks for linking me to this site. I cannot add anything further than what has all ready been said below by so many others other than I am just so happy that I have found your work. It gives me extreme pleasure to be able to ponder over and take in every one of your beautiful images. God Bless. Clare de Wet
Rene Hinojales 12-Oct-2007 04:25
It's not your work that's beautiful...IT'S YOUR SOUL! Kag ka gwapo man sa imo!!! Have not stopped visiting your site since I stumbled upon it. I pray that God grants your coffee table book soon so that the beauty of His creation is shared with many...and your talent is used by the rest of us to spread the good news.
Riccardo 12-Oct-2007 00:47
Hi Manuel! Your pictures take my breath away. I can't believe we bought the same camera, and we both 4 years ago...
Though we started together, my best shot ever is NOTHING compared to your worst one! Your portraits are really the best I've ever seen!
Could you please inform me about your courses and workshops? In the last 4 years I came once a year in Bangkok, and I think I'll come back soon... so, if there will be the opportunity to know you in person.. and maybe to follow one of your workshop, I'd be very pleased and honoured!
Thank you for inspire me and GREAT congratulation!
Never stop shooting!! You're the one!
Chelly 10-Oct-2007 00:44
Hey, Manny

Bantog ka gyud!!!

I'm just 19 but I could deeply see the beauty of your photos.
Great job...

Burak Ercakir26-Sep-2007 03:09
Hey Manuel, every time i come back to your galleries i admire your arts more 'n more and the way of using photography. Hope to meet you somewhere in Asia with you sometime. best regards. burak
B. Rembert20-Sep-2007 03:45
i am a new self teaching photographer. u are the most inspiring artist I've come across yet
Steve Demchinsky11-Sep-2007 09:03
You are a genius! A prodigy with the camera. My wife says that you are her favourite photographer of all time! And you certainly are mine also... I just can't stop being drawn into your pictures in wonder and amazement. Thank you.
Steve Demchinsky
Paulo Ferreira04-Sep-2007 23:50
Lovely pictures you take Manny. You have a clever eye in front of a humanity and empathy that makes people smile at you. And now I am smiling at the people that smiled at you.
Thank you for your photos, for your people.
alfredo camba jr.04-Sep-2007 15:23
Hi Manny, i don't want my name missing in the guestbook of the master photographer!
You are a gifted artist. I'm proud of you Manny, a great Filipino photographer!
The whole world recognize your excellent works! Mabuhay!!
Best regards,
Jun Camba
RadioWonder29-Aug-2007 11:06
Thank you for visiting my galleries and your kind comments.
Dave Collier19-Aug-2007 22:11
Hey Manuel,
I can't believe I have been on Pbase since 2004 and only now have I found your work. The beauty of every single one of the massive volume of your images is truly mind-blowing, truly masterful. I hope to get more inspiration and to learn more by revisiting your galleries regularly from now on.
Yours respectfully, Dave
lorand18-Aug-2007 17:42
Hi Manuel!
Thanks for your nice comment.
Best regards,
BleuEvanescence18-Aug-2007 03:24
...i just discovered a master in photography.
Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with
the rest of us ;)...
Masa's Photo Gallery15-Aug-2007 11:25
Thanks for visiting my galleries and your comment. You also have some very good images here.
Best regards,

Sebastian10-Aug-2007 22:59
Gianluca Viale05-Aug-2007 00:22
Roozbeh Shivayi16-Jul-2007 12:05
Astounding works throughout all your galleries. There is a surprise in every corner.
This is photography on a different level, unique, artistic, the works of a true pro!
Jenna Kikani06-Jul-2007 23:02
Your work is so beautiful. I thought my travel photos were good, but yours are amazing! I love your perpective and point of view. These are the best travel photos I have seen. Great work!
Brendan25-Jun-2007 22:10
OMG!!! Looking at your stuff I have so far to go to become a good photographer. I absolutely love your stuff Mate, it has touched me more deeply than any other gallery I've seen for a long time. That type of stuff is why I am in photography. Thank you for sharing this.
Luko G.-R.18-Jun-2007 16:29
Hi Manny,

good to see you're doing your way with your own style, very different than the "learn the world..." initial stuff ;) but a personal touch indeed.
You've definitely got something with light and embelishment, I also think there are more ways than Nat.Geo and there should be ways for each sensitivity, hence, keep it your way and stay cool. I wouldn't then be surprized if, one day, coming from BKK airport I would see your pics on the giant billboards each side of the highway.

Roderick 'Eric' Ignacio Villaroman12-Jun-2007 14:26
Your distinct style captured the world's eyes and attention. Many are amazed, astonished, astounded, mezmerized, inspired and engaged by your photos. And I am one of those.
Many thanks for the tips from the workshop (almost a year now).
To the maestro, a BIG salute.
Mabuhay sir!
Ross Throndson01-Jun-2007 14:51
Hi Manny, I read what you said about cutting back on your Shooting. I'm just the opposite. I take pictures about 5 times a year but tell myself I need to shoot Actually I just take them when I feel like it. It's not my Job. But You're a Real Photographer, Manny & an Outstanding One at that! I just pretend to be one on weekends, sometimes. Your Myanmar Images are Phenomenal....they're an inspiration to me....Salamat. Keep up the Great Work, Manny....Mabuhay!!
Stephane Bungener29-May-2007 22:04
Hey, I just want to congratulate you on all the amazing pictures you've taken, I was shocked, and I wont hide it, very jealous to hear that you have only been doing this seriously for 4 years. Well jealousy is a strong word, let's just say you give me hope to one day (let's hope sooner than later) be able to come up with work or should I say art, like that of my own. We will see how it's going on my 4th year ;p

Michel Lammerse29-May-2007 15:16
You are a master of light and portrait.
Guest 29-May-2007 02:07

You are the best!!!!

Eduardo Lee MD
csmallari24-May-2007 10:08
Thanks a lot Manny for the kind words and the vote. I will forever be a fan of yours and your brother. The Dynamic Duo :)
lorand16-May-2007 21:51
Hi Manuel!
Thanks for your nice comment on my gallery.
Best Regards,
Hochi Abaya14-May-2007 03:26
Manny, whenever I think you've come up with your top gallery, you always come back and make an even better one. Thank you for sharing your work and being an inspiration to many of us. Best regards!
ggk67 09-May-2007 19:55
Wonderful and fine works! From Russia with Love :)
Tim van Woensel09-May-2007 16:25
Your work is simply amazing. It's a joy to look through your galleries and that's why I do that a lot. Please keep up the brilliant work Manuel. I wish I lived in Bangkok and have a one-on-one workshop.

Guest 03-May-2007 20:47
Easily some of the best photography I have ever seen - and I must say it is an honour that we get to see it here on PBase. Just being on the same site as this work makes me feel very good. With this natural talent I think you will one day be amongst the world's greatest.
Chris :)
Guest 01-May-2007 18:47
these are great photos! they evoke such immense emotion from the do you capture your subject's soul?
Chris Kieffer30-Apr-2007 20:27
This is the best I saw here on pbase, fantastic, great artist, my compliments and I hope we can see much more of it, best regards from Luxembourg - Chris
Xavier Cortina30-Apr-2007 11:14
I hadn't been so impressed by a photographic work for a long time. Outstanding beauty and perfect technique altogether. Best luck and all my compliments!!
JuvyGeir Thue-Nilsen27-Apr-2007 17:32
you are my idol. Greetings from England
Herbridge21-Apr-2007 15:01
Mr Librodo Jr
I have to stop browsing your Burma album, just not to be too drowned into it. Every single one is so immensely attractive that I have to plan my real photo Burma trip
Guest 17-Apr-2007 09:59
Brilliant work. Keep it up. Your work is great inspiration. What lens you use for your portraits?
Bryan Villamin07-Apr-2007 17:55
Amazing and beautiful work!!
Guest 07-Apr-2007 14:02
Your work just amazes me! It keeps getting better and better, and I love it even more now that you are using the new wide angle!
Marc Vreenegoor06-Apr-2007 10:22
Realy FANTASTIC work.
Andrija Kasom02-Apr-2007 06:10
Dear Manuel,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Nuno Boavida30-Mar-2007 19:57
Thanks for the visits and comments of my galleries, Manuel.
It´s a pleasure for me to have your vote in one of them.
Keep up your excellent work!

Nuno Boavida
Guest 19-Mar-2007 18:41
Wonderful Gallery.Nice work.
I just uploaded a few fine art pics.Please give a few comments.Good or Bad,both welcome.
Glyn Curtis19-Mar-2007 00:16
Thanks for the comments Manuel, it means a lot from someone like yourself.......I'd go with the some of the other comments and agree you are the best portait artist.
Robyco14-Mar-2007 12:12
The way you make pictures of those nice lady's is soo good !!!
You were on my list for model-shoots (not public), but i put you in my favorite list because i do not want to miss a new picture.
The way you compose is so good, thank you for sharing this.
Keep uploading please......
Paco López13-Mar-2007 17:44
You have here a master collection of shots!! Is a pleasure travell for your galleries.
Wonderful and big work.
Thanks a lot for your very nice comments.
Best regards,
Petros Labrakos13-Mar-2007 11:59
best portrait photographer in pBase!
Thanks for sharing
Best Luck
Guest 12-Mar-2007 07:58
Hello Mr. Manuel,

I have been stalking you on for more than two years. And I just read your interview on the latest issue of the pbase magazine. Your photos are truely amazing. Moreover, they are great representation of the beauty of our region, Southeast Asia! I have also seen many of my fellow RISians become subjects for your photo shoots. Some how you have made them prettier/more handsome!

Mr. Manuel, you have inspired me to adopt photography as a means to promote Thailand and its beauty to my friends here at Georgetown University. Despite my little skill in photography, I recently had a photo exhibit at my University on "Two Years after the Tsunami." I think I had made some impact on the campus. Thank you very much for the inspiration.

Best Regards,
RIS 2004
Guest 28-Feb-2007 12:27
If i would have to go to Bangkok just to attend one of your workshops then i certainly would. I've only just begun my journey into the world of photography and with your works alone I am most certain that this is going to be one of the best journeys I'll ever make. With every picture you take you never fail to evoke emotions from your audience. What amazes me even more is that you haven't used a tripod and filters before because it destroys your spontaneity (I've read that in Mabuhay Magazine and it's stuck on my mind since then Ü). And it'd be comforting to know if you're an ilonggo coz i am too! Thanks for the different faces of inspiration.
William Tockes27-Feb-2007 16:53
Just found your gallery. What beautiful work, one of the best I've seen so far. Very very inspiring!
Best regards,
Cuneyt Ozerdag18-Feb-2007 02:43
Hi Manuel,

I found your work very inspiring.. You really have the portrait eye - you catch the very best feelings and looks through your camera... Keep up the good work

Best wishes....
Raymond15-Feb-2007 17:54
Guest 15-Feb-2007 01:34
Hi Manny, finally, i was able to get a pbase account. i do hope you can visit my galleries and give your always insightful and inspiring comments.

cheers on this passion!
pepe_carmona200013-Feb-2007 15:51
te felicito tu trabajo es una gran obra vas a ser una referencia obligada en el mundo de la fottografia
Kristo13-Feb-2007 13:08
Hi Manuel,

you're a true artist. My sincere congratulations on your work. I hope you will continue to share your nice work with the us. It is all very inspiring.


Sohail Bajwa07-Feb-2007 01:04
Beautiful shots. Excellent work.

Guest 01-Feb-2007 05:03
Your work is magnificent, and very inspiring. I'm new to the hobby and often visit your galleries for ideas and enjoyment. Let me know when you get your coffee table book!

Guest 23-Jan-2007 14:47
Beautiful photos! Congratulations! Why don't you post the EXIF data for your photos? I would like to know more info regarding lenses, shutter, aperture, etc. Keep up the good work!
Azlin Ahmad21-Jan-2007 12:02
Wow! I am amazed at your talent and the insightful words that come with it. Your latest gallery is by far, the best I've seen on pbase - you are truly in a class of your own. Well done!
BK17-Jan-2007 21:12
Damm!!!! that is some sweet ass photograhy.
All the galleries are wonderful & vibrant.
Robyco17-Jan-2007 09:19
Again i looked at some pictures of you. I know that i am looking at an artist with an camera in his hands. Such wonderfull pictures and such a great feeling for light, composition, emotions and colors. This is in your blood and you really take pictures with your hart.
Just want to say: thankyou for sharing those great pictures with us.
Guest 17-Jan-2007 06:51
Your work truly inspires me. I will revist your galleries time and again.
Thank you for sharing.
Keith Mills15-Jan-2007 17:41
Wow, I love your work. I voted.
xnir14-Jan-2007 05:06
I enjoyed viewing your work, you are very talented and deserve all the credit.
keep up the good work.
All the best from Israel.
Christina Conroy12-Jan-2007 18:25
Congrats on the PBase mag article! So very well deserved!
Guest 03-Jan-2007 19:56
i realy Love the Images and work you have
done with your Models! They seem to work
realy well infront of your lense and give
a realy natural feeling. Realy great images,
and impressive work, realy love to stop by
your gallery from time to time and see new work.
Amazing!.. and Inspirering..!
thanks for sharing.

Stefanos Lampridis01-Jan-2007 09:46
Today, as many other days, i opened "my favorite artistes list" here on pbase and decided to send a message to each and one of you, since your galleries have inspired me since the begging.

So, i wish a very happy 2007 and all the best for the new year. May the clicks on your camera delivers this fine art for us to see...

Best Regards,
Stefanos Lampridis.
Jim Hakvoort25-Dec-2006 00:06
As a member of my 'favorit artists' list I want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy 2007. In the new year I hope I will be able enjoy your work as much as I did last year.

Tim van Woensel22-Dec-2006 09:10
Wow you have done stunning work indeed. I hope one day that I'll be somewhere in the same league... if that's possible. Keep it up!
Guest 12-Dec-2006 16:07
Dusenbury coons!constitute dozenth pickups baser rival intimidated
EVLEDstudio10-Dec-2006 19:37
Hello Manuel,
As an admirer of your work, I only just now discovered that you moved to Bangkok. We just came back from a trip to Thailand (my country). Can I ask you, in which school you actually
are a teacher ?

Best regards
don 09-Dec-2006 23:21
qui ho visto cose stupende. le tue parlano al cuore. grazie. ci tornerò di tanto in tanto :o)
Theo Snijder09-Dec-2006 22:02
Just browsed some of your galleries and read your profile page. You are very obvious a talented photographer. Isn't it amazing that the world of digital photograpy has spread so rapidly and allows people from all over the world to share. Your pictures really touched the heart; I'll be back for a 'second look'.
Regards, Theo
elred 09-Dec-2006 19:08
Wonderful pictures
big compliment
Greetings from Germany
Jix 09-Dec-2006 01:58
You're an inspiration!


Ben Mangawang 09-Dec-2006 01:22
You are amazing. Your pictures come to life and give me inspiration. I myself am an Ilongo from my mothers side. So keep up the good work and let me know when your book comes out.
Grace Lechoncito Oro 09-Dec-2006 00:00
I hope to be among one of the first persons to get an autographed copy of that book. Hi, Manong Jun-jun! I am so proud of you! Such great talent! Kanami ka pictures mo. Too bad, waay kita nagkit-anay last April. Hope to see you soon, though! God bless and may you touch and inspire more lives with your pictures. Merry Christmas to you and to the rest of the family!
Guest 07-Dec-2006 10:17
One of the most impressive set of pics I've seen here.
I also live in Bangkok, so would like to to catchup if we ever meet.
Aris Mendenilla 07-Dec-2006 01:32
Instant fan!!!brilliant!!!yu da man!!!
Robyco06-Dec-2006 12:13
Came by to look at your gallerie KRISTEL the Lady.
She really is a lady and lucky that you made those shots. Wonderfull.
But I saw more nice galleries.
I will be back.
Guest 03-Dec-2006 18:18
I am a photographer from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA> I will be traveling to Cambodia, Vietnam, and back to Japan where i used to live. Can you give me any tips for taking pictures in SE Asia!? Yours are gorgeous, they look almost too good! Do you do work on them in photoshop at all? How are they so clear too! I shoot with a Canon 10D. What kind of lenses do you use? I am part filipino, my moms last name is Elicerio. And how do you get people to like keep those natural poses for you and not just smiling like in any cheesy photograph! YOU ARE AMAZING!
anne 29-Nov-2006 08:54
absolutely amazing, astounding, a true master of photography!!! love it!!! hope you do workshops here in the philippines let us know please!!!!! :)
Lawrence Miyazaki 24-Nov-2006 17:03
You are a true master photographer and I applaud you highly. Thank you for sharing your adventures and memories in your great photos to the world.
csmallari24-Nov-2006 14:20
Thanks a lot Manny for taking the time to look at my galleries. Regarding the Smoke play gallery - Rorschach test you say .... Uhmmm in a way you can look at it that way coz it really depends on how a person interprets the images but the good thing is that a person will not be judged by how he interprets the photo - it's all for fun :)

You never fail to amaze me with your talent in photographing ANYTHING at all. You made me UHHHH and AHHHHH with your amazing portraits and now you're doing it again with your landscape and macro shots at El Nido, Palawan. You truly make us Filipinos proud to have a kababayan like you.
Christine 23-Nov-2006 19:32
Hello, Manuel!
Having opened your gallery, i was afraid to blink utill i looked through all of your works - so anxious i was not to miss anything! :) Every single photograph is stunning and unique, so engaging and thought-provoking.
Thanks for sharing this beauty! You talent is amazing :)
ryan santos 22-Nov-2006 13:52
simply amazing!!!!! i love it!!! ang galing mo!!!
Xavit22-Nov-2006 12:21
Gran trabajo! Todas tus galerías me parecen fantásticas, no sabría con cual quedarme. Gracias por deleitarnos con tus imágenes.
Jean D'Aoûst22-Nov-2006 02:56
Great,great... work,
Soulofharmony 16-Nov-2006 22:24
Hiya Manuel
First of all would like to give you much praise on the beautiful work..and its been a pleasure to view you gallery through your len, love the portraits and beautiful individualistic and cultural expressions... out standing work mind blowing..
Guest 16-Nov-2006 12:36
Hi there - I absolutely love your photos. Especially the closely cropped portraits of all those interesting characters in El Nido. I also shoot on a Nikon in RAW and was just wondering if you have any special techniques for getting such great grading on all your photos? Cheers,
Bill Popovski13-Nov-2006 04:53
Wow....Wow! This is some of the best photography I've ever seen. A real inspiration. Bill
Guest 12-Nov-2006 15:58
I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how wonderful your work is. I'm certain you'll have your own coffeetable book soon :) I often stare at your photos and analyze them in the hopes of someday being equally talented. Please keep up the excellent work :) Cheers! Kate
Ninia (Ning2) 12-Nov-2006 14:40
Great job! Keep up the good work! A Canadian recommended this site to a Pinay friend of mine here in Korea.She in turn passed it on to us.I am amazed that a kababayan (kasimaryo) have a great talent. Ifever you have time to visit Seoul,South Korea,don't hesitate to inform me through e-mail ( will be very glad to accommodate you. Good luck!
Ningning Limas
Guest 11-Nov-2006 18:50
I loved to se your amasing Thailand pictures. I got tears in my eyes. Wery well done. I am going to Thailand for 3 monts in 14 days, but my pics never rich your niveau. But my pics are made for mud and water fetish. :-))
GdL10-Nov-2006 15:54

Thank you so much for your encouraging words. They mean a lot most especially coming from a very talented and skilled photographer as yourself. I am a big fan of your work, from which I can only hope to learn even a wee bit. Yes, perhaps one of these days, I will have the opportunity to join you (and the others) on a photo shoot.

Salamat po.

Guest 10-Nov-2006 11:52
Vas a ser un grande
Guest 07-Nov-2006 20:54
Daw proud man ako makakita sang Ilonggo making this superb creations. It makes me afrustrated photographer. Di man ko gani kabakal kng akon nga camera. Taga San Joaquin gali ako ah. One of yuor subjects in the gallery. Honestly it makes me proud either.Hope to meet you. More Power! God Bless!
KHLim 07-Nov-2006 12:32
What is seen is already beautiful. What is not yet seen is even more beautiful. I am sure you have more great pictures to share with us.
Guest 07-Nov-2006 07:45
What a gifted photographer you are, a source of inspiration. I wish you many more opportunities to keep your camera's shutter release busy! Remain loyal to your photographic endeavors, as you are blessed with so much ability. Best wishes.
susan pickup 06-Nov-2006 15:56
your work is stunning. Have you ever visited its a great website and I,m sure members would love to see your work there.
Iking 01-Nov-2006 23:31
Looking forward to the day when you can bare open to the world the heart and soul of our home Iloilo. A coffee book or two would be a good start, di bala? My utmost admiration and appreciation for your work, from one kasimanwa to another...
Aga 31-Oct-2006 20:02
Hi!Your photos made an impression on me. I'm really shocked becasue your photos are great!Every photo has its own atmosphere and that is beautiful.
Arjayphotography30-Oct-2006 21:00
Your style is sublime, your technique flawless, your vision inspiring......Thanks for sharing your talent.....Wish you all the best in your artistic pursuits :-)
Guest 30-Oct-2006 11:30
Mabuhay Ka!
genno duran 27-Oct-2006 04:20
You are a true artist,and the model exquisite looks.
I am just happy to see your art.there is so much to learn in this art,but give more to see.
Ahleks 27-Oct-2006 03:51
Hi! Mr. Manuel, I'm one of your avid fan. I just wanna ask when are you going to have another workshop here in the Philippines??? I'm very much interested. I'll be very happy if you can update me. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! :D Thanks in advance. MORE POWER TO YOU SIR!
Guest 27-Oct-2006 00:09
hello! your work is just great. im still new in photography, just 3 months ago i got my first slr and you have been my inspiration ever since. salamat!!!
Guest 26-Oct-2006 23:52
emmanuel_fr26-Oct-2006 20:52
Fantastiques galleries. J'adore. Bravo.
Lyla Granberg 25-Oct-2006 12:54
Just bumped across your gallery and wow! I am bawled...I am Filipina living in Norway and has just started a passionate love affair with photography. I am wondering if you are offering some workshop early next year? I am planning to go home to Phillipines in January to March to take some photography and digital graphics design courses at PCCI (Phil. Center of Creative Imaging). If you are having a workshop during those three months, I would really love to participate.

Below is my contact details. I hope you will respond to this inquiry before December as I needed to finalize my schedules.

My e-mail address and phone no.
+4753775300 to 09

Lyla Granberg
Charles York23-Oct-2006 22:38
Unbelievable set of photos. Extremely well done :)
suriya nuntasukhon23-Oct-2006 08:03
your work is so great////
you are not ordinary photographer.....
thanks for many beautiful pictures from my country[Thailand].......
thanks for being my inspiration to be photographer....
Guest 21-Oct-2006 15:32
Your photos are wonderful. How do i get on one of your workshops
Guest 20-Oct-2006 01:18
I love all of your picture. Congrats for being selected for the Digital Camera Photographer of the Year 2006. You have my vote. Hope you will win, all the best.

Hope we can stay in touch. If you free do visit my website. Thanks.

Website -
Fotopages -
Flickr -
Guest 19-Oct-2006 05:19
Life is a many splendid thing. Your works are solid proof of that. Inspired by the mood from the vibrant colours in your shots and the emotion you captured from your models. The effect is: viewers think into the photos and feel connected with the emotion of the people in your shots. One thing very sure of is: You not only made my day seeing your shots but also made the day of those photographed by you. You have successful kept a segment of their life in a photographic form that they can refer back to to savour and reminisce.
Guest 18-Oct-2006 19:33
This is just an amazing set of pictures. I love every single one of it. Shots like these continually inspires me to pursue such passion and more importantly, makes me proud to be pinoy!!
Cherie 18-Oct-2006 16:36
There's not enough word to describe the excellence of your photograhs. Inspiring and full of souls they sometimes work like a mirror. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work to us.
Guest 16-Oct-2006 02:33
I dont have words for you, but I felt blessed to see your work.
Thanks for exist and give us the pleasure to see your work, that is truly one of the best works I have ever seen, for me of course.
Thanks again!!!
Ricardo from Portugal
Guest 15-Oct-2006 14:54
So much talent here!
Claire 14-Oct-2006 20:17
Some people from Pantip have recommended the link to your website so I followed it.
And I became impressed and moved deeply by numerous photos by you.

Please keep it up, all these wonderful works and sure I'll always be your fan since now. :)

Ps. I also like what you wrote in the profile.. sincere and inspiring.
Jeremy14-Oct-2006 00:27
I discovered your website my chance and am stunned for words by the quality of your pictures. I thought immediately that you were a professional photographer, but noted from your profile that you are teaching in an international school in Bangkok. Are you teaching photography in the school?;-). Thanks for sharing all the beautiful photos with us. Cheers.
Sylvia DeAnne Tedesco 12-Oct-2006 23:39
I study your art and I am so inspired when I see the work that you do! I wish I could learn more from you--is that at all possible? I have a small studio in the US and want to be ALOT busier! I love to photograph people in all settings!Any advice would be appreciated--Bless you in all of your artistic endeavours! Sylvia DeAnne Tedesco from the DIC :)
toya 11-Oct-2006 16:47
hiya my name is toya!!!im currently studying photography here in make me really proud to be a filipino.all my mates and teachers was really impressed by your amazing really inspired me. i wish kasing galing kita.
Cindy Zarzuela 11-Oct-2006 14:30
Just came across your gallery by chance.It kept me glued browsing from photo to photo, from one of your galleries to another. Excellent work. Mabuhay ka Manny!
Stephen 11-Oct-2006 13:08
Hello Manny,
I want to use some of your images in a film I am making. do I have your permission. it is really just a personal thing nothing big or anything but you have some beautiful work and I would rally like to include them. could you let me know, Stephen
marco slaghuis 09-Oct-2006 19:07
Hi Manuel, i myself am a fotographer and love to shoot portraits one day if i feel comfirtable enough, for now landscape and animals are my favourite.
What lens do you mostly use to shoot models with? i have the D200 and was just wondering because some are just so beautifull they blow me away.
Thx for your time, Marco slaghuis
larry sorrells 09-Oct-2006 11:31
Best portraits,I admire your talent. Best of luck with book.
regards,Larry U.S.A.
Darryl 06-Oct-2006 20:47
Your work is beautiful! I would like to know about your workshop, could you email me the information please. Thank you.
ritcher 06-Oct-2006 08:06
how i wish someday im going to be a part of your team...i really wanted to learn the way u see at your subject, framing the better way...cos im also an enthusiast... hope to attend on your workshop and seminars...pls post your schedule...tnx
fiel 04-Oct-2006 15:25
when are you coming here in Iloilo to do a workshop? The moment i entered your page i was blown away by the pictures... nice work!
Patricia 04-Oct-2006 11:16
Your galleries are the most beautiful galleries here on pbase. Well done !!!!!! Your are an true inspiration...

The Netherlands
Ozzy Mollohan03-Oct-2006 18:04
I have spent the afternoon looking through your gallery' started as something I found through a friends link's I started looking through your photo's and was just captavated by this AMAZING work!! I am a art fan and have seen alot of remarkable stuff but this has GOT to be the most amazing work I have seen. I Appalud you Sir my breath has yet to return!!!!!

Best of luck to you and your's alway's
Ozzy Mollohan
bratyfly 03-Oct-2006 04:02
hi mr librodo,

i admire your work so much
i know nothing about photography. im just wondering .. are these raw photos or edited.
if edited, please give me some pointers on editing pictures to get the look of your works
thanks a lot. do you conduct workshop? if so, how can i join? i hope I can hear from you soon.

God bless


filan 30-Sep-2006 19:59
your picture speaks different languages....

thanks for sharing and bringing out the artist in everyones heart.
Thierry Lucas28-Sep-2006 20:13
Dear Manuel,
your are a great portrait photographer.
many photographs deserve a vote, and I do not know by whom to start.
I puts you in my favourites, and i will return back to see all.

Sven Brode 27-Sep-2006 16:39
I stumbled across your amazing pages while looking for some sample shots for protrait lenses. I am totally fascinated and cant stop showing them to everybody else. Your work is incredible and I can spent ages looking at a single picture. You must get this coffee table book done! I will buy a bunch of them for all my friends...

Sven Brode
Cambridge, UK
Jojo de Ramos 27-Sep-2006 11:55
I'm very much amazed of your photographs. Please let me know when you have already come up with your own coffee-table book. I (for sure) will buy one.

Maraming salamat,

Jojo de Ramos
Seattle, Washington.
Angela 22-Sep-2006 19:51
You have an outstanding good and well structured site. I enjoyed browsing through it
Guest 20-Sep-2006 19:42
Wow, I found that you reached the popular gallery list. I have been looking at your work since last year when I first began doing photography in college. your work is beautiful congratulations on the awareness of your work and i hope that it does something for you in the near future :)

Michaela Chan, feel free to view my work, although there isnt many I made alot of effort on them :)
Guest 19-Sep-2006 07:11
Amazing... thats what all I say... hope na ma invite ka namin dito sa Dubai for a work shop...
Catherine Kagen18-Sep-2006 02:14
Hello, dear friend. I am in awe of your photographs, and of your skills. I wish I could help you publish your dream coffee table book...I will ask around. I am inspired by your pictures!
from San Diego, CA, USA
John Kays 15-Sep-2006 12:51
God sure smiled upon you when he gave you the gift of photography!! You are truly a professional and your photos are just "unreal".
Pamela Vadino 12-Sep-2006 14:44
Fantastic. These are the types of potraits I enjoy taking. Im just begining but I am captivated by the drama and the stories a persons face can tell. Thank you for your inspiring work.
flowsnow07-Sep-2006 03:16
Your pictures are so beautiful. I have bookmarked you as one of my favourites and will come back for more. Keep up the good work.
Guest 06-Sep-2006 17:52
Everytime I see one of your photographs the first word out of my mouth is WOW!!! You have a great eye and the colors are always so magnificient.

Mia Silva 06-Sep-2006 04:27
Hi Manny,
You really take awesome pictures!
How are you? I attended your workshop here in manila at OWG and had a 1-on-1 session with you. I suggested to an NGO client some of your beautiful phtos and they are asking if it's possible to use them. How do we go about this arrangement? I can give you more details in private. Please relpy to my office email. Hope to hear from you soon.
Guest 04-Sep-2006 13:52
Your awesome. All I can say.
Richard Haas 02-Sep-2006 20:23
Could you please contact me. Thanks in advance
Guest 31-Aug-2006 14:51
your work is inspirational
the best I have seen on pbase
Guest 31-Aug-2006 12:58
one word : Magnificent

They are some of the most beautiful portraits I have ever seen , you have an amazing talent

Chris Sofopoulos31-Aug-2006 08:16
My compliments for your great photos.
Keep up the great and so inspiring work.
Chris Sofopoulos
Guest 31-Aug-2006 00:53
All very beautiful galleries. I was unable to pick just one spot to leave a comment. Outstanding.
Jesse Amador 30-Aug-2006 05:39
I absolutely love ALL your images! especially "GRIEF 1" I also own a D200 and I hope to one day take amazing pictures like yours. Do you do any editing to make the colors so vibrant? Good luck with your coffee table book! I know when it comes out, i'm definitely buying a copy!

Joe Wolff28-Aug-2006 21:21
Not only are your pictures gorgeous, but your words (in your profile) are magnificent. I can't wait to see your Coffee table book when you get to put them both together. I look forward to following your career.
Paul 27-Aug-2006 01:22
I must say that all your pictures are truly amazing,emotional and beautiful.I always canon fan but your Camera and you have special eye. I love your gallery the colour beond the imagination. I love the all Great
Mike Noble26-Aug-2006 18:17
Thank you for your work, Manny. I have been shooting for about 40 years. I have been looking at photographs for all that time. Rarely have I been so moved. I think that color is very difficult because the color itself may distract from the message in the photograph. Your imagery and message transends the medium. Thank you.
Mark Holmes26-Aug-2006 14:39
Your work is awe inspiring. Well done!
ramon 25-Aug-2006 19:44
wonderful! beautiful galleries!
enjoyed so much your galleries on the philippines and the pinays.
gusto ko tuloy umuwi.

thank you for sharing with us your artistic eyes.

omar 25-Aug-2006 08:47
Hi Manuel, I came across your profile after just recently buying myself a D200. I kept looking at reviews, and everything kept shooting this camera down in comperison to Canon. I was getting kinda depressed, then I saw your blog and was amazed by the pictures you have captured w/ Nikon DSLR's. This is just a shot in the dark, but could you tell what you use to post process and get those awesome colors? Thank you.
Guest 24-Aug-2006 09:03
It is nice to be able to express yourself! And thank you for letting us to see through YOUR eyes.
Keep going and have your goals higher. You will reach them...
Guest 23-Aug-2006 05:49
There are moments when I just have to stop breathing for a moment to catch my breath... a vision so strong comes to focus that to blink would ruin the moment.....
inspiration comes to test my own talents.....
you are truly gifted.
I find myself visiting your work frequently, you strum a beautiful chord.
bea 22-Aug-2006 21:07
ikag 22-Aug-2006 10:05
your creation is naturally imppressive!! keep the good work and still put more new photos for us to veiw!!!
Winston Laboriante 21-Aug-2006 06:25

As our valedictorian during our high school, I feel you can go to places where u will excel somwhere, somehow with flying colors and I was not mistaken. You did pretty good in this field and not just good it is pretty damned good. The digital photo entusiasts envy your work and rocks them wild. A true work of a genius. It's an honor and a priviledge to know you personally since we grew up together. I'm looking forward to our reunion to show to our classmates & batchmates your works. I'm proud of you man.
Guest 20-Aug-2006 11:25
More reasons why I should be in your next tutorial. This gallery is simply amazing!

Balik ka na sa Manila Manny!
Signature Prints Photography20-Aug-2006 10:02
Rare that I am impressed and one day master tech.
Signature Prints Photography20-Aug-2006 10:00
It's rare that I am so everytime I look at someones album.
You are so talented I hope to one be able to master coloring as you have.
Your work is amazing
Iris 20-Aug-2006 01:22
Thanks for sharing. Your work is inspirational. This is exactly the kind of shots I want to take. Keep up the great work:-)
Ben 18-Aug-2006 17:40
Fantastic!!! so emotional and can't stop looking at it.
mani 14-Aug-2006 15:40
AMAZING WORK .....Just can feeel your creations....u ROCK....
Cynthia13-Aug-2006 04:27
I must say that all your works are truly amazing and emotional.
You have a special touch, i love them all, thanks for sharing......
Telma Aguiar 11-Aug-2006 17:56

Your work is great thank for sharing
Naoki Hayashi's Photo Gallery09-Aug-2006 21:23
Hi Mr libres,

I appreciat you gave me some kind comment to my gallery.
I am very honor with you.
I always visit your gallery and I enjoy,study,and check your super great works
and love your picture style and sensibility.
I'll check back later here,soon.

Best regards
Naoki Hayashi
Paulo Ortega 08-Aug-2006 19:35
Absolutely beautiful work, Manny.
Guest 08-Aug-2006 15:44
Great photos! Thank you for sharing your talent...
salpimienta08-Aug-2006 07:27
Hi Manuel,
Your work is a source of inspiration. Thank you.
Best regards,
Jane Morales 08-Aug-2006 04:38
WOW...!!! You should have photo exhibits here in Bangkok! GREAT JOB indeed.
Linda Solan08-Aug-2006 01:49
your work is amazing... you do deserve a "coffee table book"..
Tom 06-Aug-2006 10:42
Wonderfull thank you very much.
David Nusbaum05-Aug-2006 21:28
Your work continues to inspire. Thanks so much for sharing.
Ruth McClain05-Aug-2006 03:06
I came across your gallery by chance....AMAZING need to write a book so us struggling photographer can learn from interested in your post processing. You mentioned that you do workshops? Do you do any in the United States?
Iceman 04-Aug-2006 13:17
The eyes have it...and you show got it. Thankyou for brightening up my screensaver day.
Junaline Banez 03-Aug-2006 14:13
Very very beautiful works of art elevated to heavenly heights! Was just cruising along DP challenge website (as I am a complete beginner and would LOVE to photograph a la Librodo) when I was mesmerized by your award winning photo!I am a Philippine-born Canadian who works at a private university in Kyoto, Japan! Just seeing your photos make me really go for it! Would love to attend your workshops. Any chance you can come over here in Nippon? All the best, just the very best to an extremely talented human being!
Peace & Namaste,
Junaline Banez
EclecticPhoto01-Aug-2006 13:10
Absolutely amazing photos. I really feel like the amateur that I am when I admire your art.
Guest 31-Jul-2006 05:50
Congratulations on your successful exhibition. I'm a fan of yours. Would it be possible for you to scan pages of your published work here? I'd like to see your published work but I don't have access to the magazines.
Beth_ Tim Collins26-Jul-2006 14:07
I am in complete envy of the places you have seen and the photographs you have taken.
Awesome stuff! Regards TIM
Luc Poirier26-Jul-2006 02:09
Best portraits, I have seen so far!!
Absolutely astounding, with a surrealistic touch!!!
Gladys Ann Reyes 20-Jul-2006 18:21
All posted pictures here are so wonderful. If there is any word to describe it more i would say it but what i felt from looking at your pictures is something undescribeable. SOmething wonderful inside...
Mitz 19-Jul-2006 00:58
The photos are full of emotions! Sobrang nami! Galeeng! - Mitz
Mitzel delos Reyes 19-Jul-2006 00:57
The photos are full of emotions! Sobrang nami! Galeeng! - Mitz
Samr 18-Jul-2006 18:20
Hi Manny,
Your work here, in addition to your work on Treklens are brilliant. You started from scratch and worked your way up to this level with tremendous effort - an admirable quality - no short cuts. Your portraits are unique, compositions excellent and technically superb. Please keep up the great work, as it is so enjoyable to view your work.
(samr at TL)
mehmet 18-Jul-2006 15:49
Joshua 14-Jul-2006 06:28
Keep up the good work
Guest 12-Jul-2006 20:39
absolutely love your galleries!
greetings from stockholm
James Ference 12-Jul-2006 17:08
you have captured the best emotions one has ever taken of the eyes, your portraits are amazing
Helen 11-Jul-2006 12:40
Best regards from NY!
Shajahan Noor 08-Jul-2006 23:48
You have got some outstanding talents. Each of your pics feels like conveying 1000 messages. I'm impressed with that. Keep the good work going.
Bariq ikram08-Jul-2006 13:14
Iam speachless, you got the eye, the skill and the execution. what more can i say?
Carl 05-Jul-2006 09:16
Enjoyed a lot!
Guest 04-Jul-2006 15:17
Hi Manny,

You are incredible. Your photos are incredible. Your philsophy towards taking photos is incredible. Every single thing about this gallery is incredible!

I really believe in your philosophy of bringing out that "spark" in your subjects. Doing away with all the unnecessary garbage that surrounds a portrait and just getting to the core of a person. Much easier said than done, yet you make it look so effortless! I think it's in your subjects' eyes. I can honestly say I've never been so floored by a gallery in my life! I find myself going through your gallery and almost audibly gasping at every portrait!

I myself am really into taking candid portraits, but I find it to be such a difficult endeavor. Care to share your secret with me Manny? Hehe!

Seriously dude, if you don't go pro within a month or two, either I'm on crack, or the world is coming to an end.

Mabuhay kababayan!

Paul 04-Jul-2006 10:14
best regards, nice info
Iskandar Syah Ismail 04-Jul-2006 06:39
Dear Manuel,

i was bloghopping and saw your ..i am impressed.
Jeffrey Shimizu02-Jul-2006 15:44

Your portraits are magical.
Specially Rosalinda´s.
Powerful images.
It´s a pleasure to through your galleries.

Ardie Lopez02-Jul-2006 09:55
Seeing your photos make me proud to be Pinoy. Your work inspires, my friend. Mabuhay!
Brian Hart 02-Jul-2006 05:28
Manuel I see your work all the time on Digital cafe. Your work is simply amazing!!! What I love the most about it is the wonderful colors in your photos. Your work is very distinctive. I aspire to take photos as you do. I recently did some panning shots of my own and ran across yours again amazing. Thanks for the inspiration.

Rosemarie Kusserow30-Jun-2006 11:00
Thanks Manuel for your very kind words about my shots, I really feel honored tha a photographer like you like my images, best regards, Rosemarie :-)
Fiona 29-Jun-2006 10:36
Mr. Manual!!!!! this is Fiona~~!!! (class of 2005!!) I really love your portaits! why are they so good???
I'm studying in Raffles Design Institute now, pretty fun! How are you doing?
May I ask for mr.Jose's email?? thankssss

fifi wang (i got some of my works here too!)
Mayko Gatchalian 28-Jun-2006 12:43
Our camera club (Prize Photo Club) looks forward to your exhibit in Makati next month. Hope we can meet you there.
Richard 27-Jun-2006 19:18
Simply stunning and rank as the best portraits I have ever seen anywhere. I love the Thai portraits as we have friends there and you have captured the very soul of The Land of Smiles and cannot wait for Sawat to see your website, it really is amazing without any exaggeration.Regards Richard.
Guest 27-Jun-2006 07:57
your photographs moves the viewer ... its inspiring...

rara limoso-ramirez
Guest 26-Jun-2006 07:49
Manuel, I found your photos accidently, and I think you have most astonishing galeries all over the pbase. You are real artist. You can feel and capture people's souls. You have a big future as a photographer.

LifeLight Imaging25-Jun-2006 15:33
Congratulations to your work Manuel!
You are truly inspired, keep on moving with your camera, and have always sharp eyes for our world. I confirm that you are one of the most talented photographers here on PBase.
Good Luck!
Adam Sharp25-Jun-2006 11:17
Your work is amazing!!!
Filbert Lopez 22-Jun-2006 13:46
Sir Librodo! Hahaha!

How are you!!! Searched for your pictures in the net and VOILA! here it is! Mann Rentoy told me about this "an expensive hobby" as he would put it!(SORRY MANN, YOU MIGHT READ THIS). When is the opening of your exhibit? Would be very Excited to see you and your amazing photos! I can't believe these were taken by my high school history teacher, the pictures for me explains your love for history, culture and the arts! Im so happy for you! Congratulations! Wl wait for your reply!

Your Brightest Student,
Filbert Lopez- Westbridge Pioneer
chick piper 22-Jun-2006 02:42
Love your work. From what I can tell it seems most of the portraits were made without strobes - which is even more impressive.
Guest 21-Jun-2006 03:41
Hi Mr. Librodo,

Your images are simply amazing!

I will be flying to Manila on July 1st. I hope to see your first solo exhibit.
Would appreciate if you can give me the address of the gallery.
(based in HK)
John W. MacDonald20-Jun-2006 18:21
A superb body of work.
mrgiggles220-Jun-2006 04:25

alvin 19-Jun-2006 14:13
hi manny,

you know what, i idolize you because your imagination is very distinc... i want to be like you, like you i dont want to be a photographer but i really love pictures...

i like the photo of rosalinda, the ilonggo woman...

keep it up bro...

ayz 14-Jun-2006 05:35
i've read your profile and saw your pictures, i just want to say that i think your very talented..

like you, i also want to hopefully have my own coffee table book in the future, but im a novice at photography, so i think it would take me a long time before i can accomplish that..

i really liked your pictures, how there so much life in most of it and the portraits are astounding.. who makes them up?? ar you a stylist too? i think you and your stylist make a good team.. hehe. would love to have someone make me over.. ahahaha..

anyway, i hope you post more pictures in the future and im looking forward to your exhibit here in makati.. can you post the direction details to the gallery? im afraid i dont know exactly where that is..

thank you :p
Guest 13-Jun-2006 20:11
Very nice gallery you have. I got the site link from clubsnap
Lan11-Jun-2006 02:27
I like your work SO MUCH. Will come back very often! Thank you for the great work
Ian Sheh 07-Jun-2006 07:10
I have become a huge fan of your work. Your images are so vivid, contain the most interesting subjects and are so intriguing. Keep up the great work. I also want to thanks-you for sharing the sharpening Photoshop action you created. A friend sent me the link and it's probably one of the best tricks I have ever stumbled upon. It absolutely works amazing on any image. Thanks again. -Ian
Ken Trottier 06-Jun-2006 06:37
I had my grade 6 digital photography class explore your web pages. They were very impressed and it gave them a great example of protrait photography at its best. Thank you. Ken Trottier RIS - MS
Meardey06-Jun-2006 04:06
I would like to also say that I am a fan of your works, Mr. Librodo. Your photographic skill as well as your photoshop ability is superb. I visited your website so frequently and being inspired everytime. 04-Jun-2006 12:23
was concerned in this formerly. nice.
JenFu Cheng03-Jun-2006 22:34
Best of luck with the upcoming exhibition. Your work has been very inspirational to me.
(^0^) 03-Jun-2006 17:11
hi, i'm 1 of your students' friend & she introduced u to me. i am now a HUGEEE fan of your work, & i've been passing this web site on. just wanted to let you know you've got a fan !!
Raphael Dorilag 01-Jun-2006 08:57
Your works are comparable to the National Geographic Society photographers. Great eye at that. I really love your photos, what else can I say. By the way, where are you based? Im from Iloilo.
Raphael Dorilag 01-Jun-2006 08:56
Your works are comparable to the National Geographic Society photographers. Great eye at that. I really love your photos, what else can I say. By the way, where are you based? Im from Iloilo?
Guest 31-May-2006 23:42
Amazing and sexy work! keep working, its a pleasure to see what you make!
Hochi Abaya31-May-2006 03:19
excellent images...your images are inspiring
will definitely check you gallery exhibit in one workshop
Gerald 30-May-2006 00:15
I am blown away by your artistic talen as demonstrated in your beautiful photographs. I notice you are a Nikon user. I am in the market for a new DSLR and like Nikon too. Any comments, advice, cautions would be appreciated. Much obliged. Gerald
rbfresno29-May-2006 16:46
Guest 27-May-2006 11:00
fantastic galleries. I look forward to seeing more.
benedict ong 26-May-2006 04:24
all your pictures are.....oohh...can't find the right adjectives to describe them. Beautiful and awesome!! You are a pro, no doubt! Mabuhay!
Guest 25-May-2006 23:17
You are one of the best on Pbase, move on :-) I am from Denmark but now go to Thailand every year to make pics. Have a girlfriend there.

Greetings Jorgen Gotfredsen
Milan 23-May-2006 19:58
Hey Manuel,

I find your pictures amazing !! I'm also trying to make pictures, but don't have that sense as you do...

If you're interested visit my web...I'm using old SLR Zenit TTL.. :)
Jeff Kinzel23-May-2006 08:24
Thank You for sharing your work here on PBase, your photos make me want to work harder at my own efforts, and where did you find these women, the most beautiful collection of the female species I've ever seen. Carry On
Valentine 20-May-2006 00:42
Beautiful work! It's been a real pleasure seeing it...Valentine
Gary H 19-May-2006 12:35
A friend just “turned me on” to you photos. You have an extremely good eye. You capture the esscents of the moment. Very thoughtful and sensitive. I’m also a photographer and believe me your work holds up among any pro. Continue the good work. I hope you get your break.
Augustin 18-May-2006 07:36
You are such a gifted photographer. I am an extremely critical person and I will tell you that you are one of the best out there. And I am talking worldwide.

There are no words enough to describe the beauty of your work. I mean it. Beautiful, gorgeous. We need to invent a new word that goes beyond excellence to describe your work.
Good luck in your photography as a career.

* I was in Makatee for business reasons about 5 years ago and I love that city. I love the people also.
Guest 16-May-2006 16:33
Great portfolio and some fine photogrpahy, will keep watching. Ian
Guest 14-May-2006 23:19
Hi Manuel, i was just thinking, maybe u should work for the "National Geographics" what do u think . Mean while i m still waiting for your offer seriousely about taking pics of me ;^)
My husband and i are moving to California in 2 weeks to live their. You''ll be more than welcome if u ever thought of visiting us one day. I m sure u will love it and who knows, maybe u'll get discovered over their cause u are trully an amazing photographer. One of the kind ;^)
Hoping to hear from u soon
Take care Manuel
Your Number one fan
nina 14-May-2006 13:14
joe13-May-2006 07:31
I don't think I've seen people pictures as consistently as good as yours from anyone else. I'm at a loss as to why you don't already have your "Tabletop Coffee Book" published. I guess the "right" people aren't looking.
latifa 11-May-2006 12:51
Very beautiful! so touching..many thanks for your great and sentitive sight !

Latifa. France.
Guest 09-May-2006 18:21
you see beauty in everything, that is the best thing i found in your photography.
andre moody 05-May-2006 05:20
gifted,natural talent,spirited.karma.,demensional
Brett Hochkins05-May-2006 05:12
Hi Manny. This is Brett from Australia. You are quite possibly the best photographer I have ever seen. Your visual style is breathtaking. The sheer quantity and quality ratio is outstanding. Every photo a delight and every 2nd or 3rd photo a masterpiece. It is quite staggering really. A question you probably don't get very often... Is there anyone on pbase you like looking at? I would love to know who a master of his craft looks to.
Ps. If you have any tips or advice for a young photographer I would be truely honoured...
Harris Weissman Cohën 29-Apr-2006 04:54
You are the best 26-Apr-2006 13:47
google pr main
Christina Conroy23-Apr-2006 07:26
Congratulations on the ribbon from DPChallenge for the photo of the woman. I saw it there and then stumbled on it here. Small photo world. Very nice work!

Dobrinya 21-Apr-2006 10:36
Why I can not insert the image into my message?
pizzajoe62 21-Apr-2006 06:04
bakod obra mo...MABUHAY fellow ilonggo!!!

joe marie
EBeth Salud Davis 20-Apr-2006 13:53
Mabuhay hijo, galing sa Atlanta, GA, USA! I am a registered nurse with three grown independent children and lola to a little girl named Kaitlyn. I do not know you personally but my heart swells with pride knowing the art and beauty of these works are truly PINOY.
On my coffee table sits a beautiful book, "Filipino Style", a photographic rendition of Philippine design. Three well-known Southeast Asia photographers, Luca Invernizzi Tettoni and Tara Sosrowardoyo plus Emil Davocol were principal contributors. It was published in Hong Kong in 1997 and produced in Singapore. It was sponsored by the Phillippine Dept of Tourism under Sec. Mina Gabor. I purchased my hardbook copy from and consider it one of my valuable treasures. Hope you can network the people listed in this book in the pursuit of your dreams.
Good luck in your endeavors............................Tita Liz
(What exactly are you doing in Thailand?)
Prantik Mazumder17-Apr-2006 23:38

Cant repeat enough how much I admire your work. You are one of the most talented portrait photographers I know. My only suggestion is that your galleries will be even more tight and poignant if you do not use too many props in the portrait shots which somewhat makes them look like a studio or commercial pictures which is not your true style. Regards.

Hugh Peter Chen17-Apr-2006 08:57
I appreciate your galleries very much ....
Menno Alberts16-Apr-2006 16:33
Hello Manuel, you're a very talented photographer. Thanks for sharing your work here on PBase! -Menno
Udone 12-Apr-2006 23:01
i'm not sure, i quess he is alien.. :) this man is amazing!!!
Guest 12-Apr-2006 14:36
Hi manuel, so when are u welling to take my picture, i'm still waiting ;^) . By the way manuel, do u have the Nikon D200, is it any good cause i' orderd one and i' shell receive it next week . Sincve i saw one of your pics og Gia taken wit this cam i decided to ask u . By the way, always fan of your unic and destinguished work . Loooooooooove it
Guest 11-Apr-2006 16:18
Hi Manual,
Beautiful photos! I am an oil painter and I wanted to ask you if it's ok for me to use some of your photography as a reference for oil paintings. I do portraits of mostly old people, but sometimes children and others. I love the "emotion" in your pictures which match the appeal I have to painting people. I do not sell my work yet but would of course provide credit to your photo if I did. Any concerns? Thanks.
Guest 11-Apr-2006 16:17
Hi Manual,
Beautiful photos! I am an oil painter and I wanted to ask you if it's ok for me to use some of your photography as a reference for oil paintings. I do portraits of mostly old people, but sometimes children and others. I love the "emotion" in your pictures which match the appeal I have to painting people. I do not sell my work yet but would of course provide credit to your photo if I did. Any concerns? Thanks.
J 09-Apr-2006 18:58
Very nice pictures. However as there will be many photographers viewing these galleries you have left no information whatsoever regarding the equipment or technical info about the pictures taken. This would be very interesting to know.
J 09-Apr-2006 18:58
Very nice pictures. However as there will be many photographers viewing these galleries you have left no information whatsoever regards thing equipment or technical info about the pictures taken. This would be very interesting to know.
Guest 07-Apr-2006 22:30
Very nice galleries. These photos give a great image of all the countries you visited.
All portraits feel they're alive and moving instead of being just stills from someone else's life.

Dmitry 05-Apr-2006 20:26
To write the letter, it is necessary ...
icy_paprika02-Apr-2006 16:18
Manuel, why did you put passwords on some of the photos in Students gallery?
stany buyle 02-Apr-2006 09:48
Very nice gallery. Congratulations! Your a very talented photographer.
Kindest regards,
Stany Buyle
Rey Ramos 31-Mar-2006 15:28
Hi Manny,

I visited your gallery several times, unfortunately, i dont write for my comments but i did write you personally. i will take this opportunity to congratulate for having an interesting and provoking collection of photos - showing the world - its nature and people! Im looking forward to meet you in Bangkok this year (2006)... i might attend my graduation ceremony in Bangkok which is being organised by the University of Queensland (Australia). I send you email personally very soon.

Regards, Rey Ramos
Guest 26-Mar-2006 08:41
Your galleries are simply awesome! I love the powerful and stunning eyes! Great job, pal. As for your "Coffee Table book" may contact of PixArt Inc. PixArt do coffee table albums! Email to Dominic, the manager of PixArt and u may even mention Michael Sin from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.!

All the best.
Guest 23-Mar-2006 10:10

Very proud of you ! I can't beleive you just started 3 yrs ago, you must have taken thousands of photograps ,keep up the good work ! You inspire me.

Ang Galing !

kananga23-Mar-2006 05:03
Great galleries and pics. Would be wonderful to see some which havent been heavily photoshopped.
Steve 22-Mar-2006 06:58
Ran across your gallery in I can't believe how beautiful your shots are. Absolutely incredible. I will look forward to future postings. Makes me want to book a vacation to your Country.
Andrey Vysokov, Russia 21-Mar-2006 00:59
Outstanding galleries! Keep it up.
Good luck.
fred51 18-Mar-2006 23:09
I don't know, why i found your gallery today.
But now i know it is a lucky day for me. Cause i could see your work.
One comment please ... don't say that you are a amateur.
What am i against you ... i could only see this ... taken this pictures is
far away from me.
Greetings from Cologne, Germany
Guest 18-Mar-2006 18:18
Just stumbled over your gallery by accident ............It is breathtaking and amazingly beautiful.

I love the way you capture the people's eyes , you really reached for their heart and souls as it speaks for itself.

Keep reaching more souls......and more power to you

Guest 18-Mar-2006 08:42
You have taken some of the greatest documentary photographs I have ever seen. If you ever decide to release a book on your photography, how you take the photographs and how you post process them, I would be very, very interested.

Do you have any standard post processing techiques you would like to share?

Thanks a lot for all your great shots.

Millie Figueroa 17-Mar-2006 19:32
Manuel you have the eye and the soul and the vision for beauty. You see it before it happens and you bring it to full potential with your talent. Can you tell me what it means when you set your D200 to + 2 1/3 what is involved in your post process and can you share that with me.
Thank You
James Deakin17-Mar-2006 17:27
Hello Manny,

Thanks for dropping by my gallery. I was really flattered and couldn't believe my eyes for a while. I am a huge fan of your work. How's the new Nikon working out for you?
guest 17-Mar-2006 01:58
the best of the best!
does anybody know where to buy/and develop medium format films in the philippines
Guest 16-Mar-2006 21:10
Hello manny,

Ti maayo gid na maka-lagaw lagaw ka to ah. Mapa-Boracay ko then roxas city. Hambali lang ko kung gusto mo maagi sa roxas. Mapa-iloilo man ko kay maka-on ko to sa tatoy's ah Ari akon email

Andrey Vysokov, Russia 15-Mar-2006 23:09
Great photos.
Congratulations and keep up.
Andrey Vysokov, Russia 15-Mar-2006 23:09
Great photos.
Congratulations and keep up.
N. Raj15-Mar-2006 10:39
Hi Manuel
Your galleries are fantastic.I can sit all day long looking at your Photos and learn alot.
Tks for sharing .
Jae 14-Mar-2006 22:09
What stunning photos, I was sent your website by my sister as I also love my photography and the tool it gives me to capture the human spirit. Are you using digital, if so, what camera. Your colours are fantastic.

All the best
Jae Eddison (Sydney- Australia)
Paul Zimmermann13-Mar-2006 20:24
thanks for sharing your photos. I really love Asia and have been in many places. Now I'm sitting here in the cold and dark Netherlands and dream away by your pictures. I've never seen photos that so deeply represent the beauty of your continent. Lovely! All the best for the future,
ALLEN N. BAOL 13-Mar-2006 14:30
Hello Manny,
Your photos are sweet. I'm new to photography and still fumbling with my camera controls.
I need all the help i can get. Your bro Andrew told me to find you here. He's a (scuba) dive buddy. I'm from Gingoog City. Mabuhay!
Guest 12-Mar-2006 22:49
Your photos are amazing! =) I can't help returning to your album just to browse through it when I have a spare moment.... Keep it up!
Christophe ASTIER 12-Mar-2006 16:51
I have been really deeply impressed by the beauty of your pictures. Almost all of them have something to tell you. May be the difference between an ordinary picture and a work of art !
Rhonson Ng 12-Mar-2006 13:57
Your photos are truly inspiring!
Thanks for sharing it!
I'm also a photographer from Davao.
Daniel Gimenez 11-Mar-2006 03:17
Hey Manny.
I came across your photos while looking for photos of the Philippines. I love the look of the photos. They're soft and romantic yet sharp and full of color. I'm very curious to how you do it? I'm just starting to take my photography seriously but am lacking in the post-processing skills. How did you improve in this area? Any books or websites you can recommend? Thank you
Guest 10-Mar-2006 22:09
This is sooo beatiful. Great colors. It's a gift when you can make people (children) look so relaxed and happy.
drphoto 09-Mar-2006 08:42
I accidentally found some of your photos at The Trek lens and I am. Congratulations man, you are the one among a thousand. I enjoy very much browsing through your photos. Brilliant !
cathy 08-Mar-2006 18:27
It was good to see Angkor Wat and the people of Siem Reap. I was there in 1969 before the holocaust. Its amazing what the historic site has gone through, and the survival of the people around it. Knowing that there is life and beauty even after unimaginable suffering and destruction gives us all hope. Your photography is certainly worthy of a coffee table book. Good luck!
alexopao 08-Mar-2006 04:20
good work!I'm also a photgrapher from Canada. We are Filipino/Canadian
JOSE MATA 07-Mar-2006 13:59
Guest 07-Mar-2006 13:02
You have a great gift of capturing the human expression. Just great! :)
Guest 27-Feb-2006 17:55
Thank u sooooo much , I m veeeery flatered, and yes i would looove to pose for u , onely thing is i m currentely in canada . Maybe one day we can meet . By the way, have u thought of cinematography, i think u'll be perfect for that .

Emidio Machado27-Feb-2006 13:12
wow ...Beautiful galleries
Marianne Kornvig 26-Feb-2006 14:59
Wonderfull pictures - would it be possible to buy some of them??
Guest 22-Feb-2006 17:18
It's really refreshing to see such a brilliant body of work. I've never been so impressed !, your composition and depth are excellent. Keep up the amazing work. Simply Breathtaking !!
Guest 21-Feb-2006 03:11
I love your work. Youre such an inspiration. Pilipino din ako based in Valencia, Ca. I have started with photography months ago using a nikon d70. I want to step it up a notch so I need an advice from you. Do you have any recommendation with regards to books that I can read to help me better my skills?? Also, how do I improve my skills generally??
Guest 20-Feb-2006 13:18
Could you put up scans of your published work? Thanks!
pinay23 20-Feb-2006 06:54
hi manny.
saw the pictures and i was rendered speechless.... one word to describe ur work- PERFECT.
Keep it up and i am proud to know that ur a Pinoy. Will visit ur website and galleries more often....

Daniel Sarrazin18-Feb-2006 16:18
Beautiful galleries and fabulous images. Enjoyed my visit and will be back!
Arthit B18-Feb-2006 12:21
Wow,You've been to many of the most photogenic province of Thailand.
Absolutely amazing gallery.

BENNY MENDOZA16-Feb-2006 09:54
wow, amazing images, a real inspiration for a photographer 'wannabe' like myself.
simply amazing. looking forward for your future works.
Simon 15-Feb-2006 10:29
I spend a lot of time myself in Philippines. You're photos are simply outstanding.
Not only in content, but also in technical execution.
What equipment do you use ?
Guest 12-Feb-2006 03:10
Image Power ! I Like your Image
Vipin Mayer10-Feb-2006 20:29
your closeup shots of people are all special,the viewer immediately get the eyecontact with the subject ,i believe you manage to get it while taking the shot very easily,you are really excellent in this field.please keep sharing so that we all can learn a lot from good photographers like you.
Larry Heinrich 10-Feb-2006 11:03
I believe you have already succeeded in creating a ‘coffee table’ book. Yours is here and already admired and accepted. I have traveled throughout Asia for 30 years and would have brought home your ‘Images of Asia’ book. Every night at the end of the day I go to you www site because I want to end the day with images of beauty and dream of what I might do someday with the same camera. I would encourage you to make your own coffee table book with your best photos. It would cost a few thousand dollars. Create your own www site with similar photos to show the world, take it to local tourist and art stores and begin to sell it. If money is an issue, then you might consider accepting sponsors such as myself. I would be glad to send you $75-100 in exchange for a photo of my choice, which you could use to publish your work. When completed, we receive a signed book, which has been paid for by us, and also have a photo as our ‘stock dividend’. You have already succeeded. You just need to link the consumer with the product, which is simply a production task. Get on with it!
James Deakin06-Feb-2006 03:16
I'm a big fan of your work. may I ask you what portrait lens you use the most?
Paulie Gee 04-Feb-2006 01:49
Dream bigger and believe that you can achieve. You'll do alot better than a coffee table book. You're work is riveting.
Guest 02-Feb-2006 03:43
breathtaking! mabuhay ka!
Guest 01-Feb-2006 23:21
WOw, awesome pictures. "Boracay" was how I found yourr site!
fulgent from DPC 01-Feb-2006 18:58
Great web site with lots of great images.
Guest 01-Feb-2006 17:49
i saw your gallery for a split second and when i clicked i got hook for an hour. what can i say -- i became a fan. mabuhay ka! i assume you are a teacher? no doubt, i learned a lot from your photography just by looking.
Jeska 01-Feb-2006 00:58
Wow. I have never seen such Beautifull pictures! You're al real talent!!!
mae herrero 31-Jan-2006 09:48
Hi Manuel, i would like to thank you for putting this online. I was just surfing for images of the philippines to show of to my friends.... luckily.. you're here!!! they're impressed!!!! and we get to convince at least 5 people to visit philippines! i wish more and more people like you will come out and realize... -"hey.. i have a talent!i take nice pictures!" and go -"oh! philippines is awesome indeed!". So Manuel, I need to talk to you about using your pictures and or using your skills for an upcoming plan. Please do email me!!! :D hope everythin is well! ciao!
whiteca28-Jan-2006 21:23
You have got to be one of THE best photographers on pbase. Your work is just incredible, congratulations!!
Mike 27-Jan-2006 05:17
Wow... beautiful photography and style. Thank you.
Charlie A. Sindiong26-Jan-2006 14:30
Grabe! ang galing! you mastered your style so quickly. keep it up, promises ahead.
Guest 25-Jan-2006 13:56
Mabuhay ka Kabayan! God Bless and more Power!
csmallari25-Jan-2006 07:16
Your galleries are marvelous !!! I feel proud as a Filipina that there are people like you who take pride in showing what a truly marvelous place the Philippines is. You seem to capture the very essence and soul of each and every photo that you take. You are a blessing to our country. Thank you so much for sharing these truly EXCELLENT photos with all of us.
Michael Wolfe 23-Jan-2006 21:48
Outstanding work. Color, composition and exposure are amazing. Could you please tell me what type of camera you used for your pics in the gallery on the PBase site. I'm thinking of purchasing a Nikon D70s. Once again, great work, thanks, MWolfe.
Guest 22-Jan-2006 15:45
Your work is great Manuel -
happ 22-Jan-2006 08:16
you are a great photographer!
Daniel Sosa22-Jan-2006 00:19
Manuel,your galleries are my manual,Thanks.
Keep shooting!!
Jiang Li20-Jan-2006 21:06
What can I say, your photos are simply stunning!!!
i am floored. Thank you!
Cora Malinak17-Jan-2006 14:03
Wonderful galleries and portraits - both here and TE - particularly Eye and Mystic! Really well done, keep sharing!
Ade (London, UK) 17-Jan-2006 13:12
Hi Manuel,
Your portraits are the best I have seen, and I've seen a lot as I am just starting out in photography (been taking pictures for 10months now, just finished my photoblog I am very impressed whenever I come to your site. Your portraits are artistic, contemporary and fresh. U mastering of light of light and composition is very good.
Thanks for sharing your work
Victoria Burgers17-Jan-2006 09:27
Hi Manny,
I came across your galleries because of a colleague who has his own pbase account and started to browse the pbase site. I follow your work ever since, both here and on your TrekEarth account. I adore your children portraits. You capture their innocence and joy so beautifully. And I envy you how you can translate what you see into a picture. I would love to see what you would frame into a picture of my city Amsterdam.
But anyway, I browse your galleries a lot. And it has inspired and helped me to finally take the plunge myself. So since a week I have my own pbase account (
I bought my first Nikon (a F70) 8 years ago. And just before the birth of my second son in August 2004, I bought a D70. And like a half year ago I discovered photo shop. And since then I started to use my camera again. So there is new and older work on my account. It would an honor if you would find the time to have look.
Bye, Victoria (Amsterdam, Holland)
david procter14-Jan-2006 14:16
A sublime, varied body of work and very inspiring. Where would you recommend taking pictures in Bangkok? I'm new to photography and I love wandering around meeting these great people and collecting portraits. Thank you.
Thomas (TL: tomek_wap) 11-Jan-2006 17:53
Hi there,

I am very impressed by your photos, and lovely galleries both here and on TL.
Congratulations on your work.

Guest 07-Jan-2006 19:41
Your recent series of portraits are exceptional not just becuase of your beautiful subjects, but because of your excellent use of light and color within the frame. I've learned a lot from looking at your images and I hope to incorporate much of what I've learned in any work that I do in the future. Keep it up and all the best.
Eddie Wu07-Jan-2006 19:08
Great use of light, amazing color and pretty students of cus.
Same as you, I started learning photography 3 years ago, but the result is very different. Keep up your great works, I will be coming back frequently to steal some ideas from you. ;-P

Thierry 07-Jan-2006 04:28
Thank you for sharing your work. This is one of the most beautiful galleries which I've ever seen. Truely inspiring.

andy_farrington05-Jan-2006 12:38
Manuel - stunning breadth and wonderful contemporary eye.
About to vote.

phoebe 05-Jan-2006 10:25
Manuel Librodo, is a national treasure! Mabuhay!
Weeping Willowy 05-Jan-2006 01:59
I just LOVE your work! I think you're way better than some of the others who claim they're professional. By any chance would you be willing to cover a measly wedding?
Eddie Ling04-Jan-2006 06:36
What a great gallery! I enjoy browsing around in your galleries, thankx for sharing. My vote!
Rich Leffler 31-Dec-2005 21:54
Manuel....Awsome work! Are you working digitally? If so what camera are you using? How much Photoshop work are you doing? You have a great eye dude! Rich
Guest 30-Dec-2005 17:05
Manny, I grew up in the Philippines. (18 years) Daughter of missionaries. I absolutely loved it. It will always be my home. Your work has brought back so many awesome memories. I love what you do with portraits. Would you share some of your post-processing work? I don't want to infringe on your secrets, but I would love to learn from you!! Wow!! Check out my page:
Yanis 29-Dec-2005 07:51
Manny Your photos are the Best. I thoroughly enjoy them. May You have a Happy and Blessed Holiday season and a Blessed New Year! And may you have many many opportunities to share your insights in so many lives!Bless you and always take care! If you are in the Philippinjes email me.

Can't tell ya more good words of your art here man.It's all great. And many words have been said already. It's simply great!
Jacek 26-Dec-2005 01:20
Dear Manuel,

I had a pure pleasure of looking at the fruits of your great work. A good number of your pictures are at Hollywood and “National Geographic” level. It is evident that you were privileged with a talent that many even professional photographers can only dream of. I have no doubt that many coffee-tables are waiting for you book! I wish you all the best on your journey.

Jacek from Tornoto, Canada.
James 25-Dec-2005 19:53
Absolutely beautiful works of human spirit, and the colorful sameness of all souls. Your works dance with humanity and the sparkle of individual life. You are a poet who uses images to open the hearts of all who see your captures of timeless beauty, humility and the reality that all is truly shared at the level of the heart. Thank you sincerely for touching me with your gracious skill and spirit. I wish you well always.

James, from California, U.S.
Joseph 20-Dec-2005 04:56
Dear Manuel,

We are "Photo Magazine" of Hong Kong. We currently interview some local & oversea photographers. So we write to invite you to be our featured photographer too.
We find your photography in the internet and we believe your experience is worth for sharing with our readers.

Please let us know if you are OK for the interview. It can be conducted through email.

Thanks and regards
Joseph Leung
Photo Magazine/ DC Photo Magazine
Tel: +852 2815 4284
Tony Game 18-Dec-2005 11:55
Thank you for the privilege of looking at your work. It is superb and my wife and I have spent a couple of enjoyable hours with it.
ami 16-Dec-2005 15:02
I see now all the comments you've got, and i understand that i am not alone - your photos create amotional changes. if you ever hold a class/teaching-session, I will be the first who will join.
consider the internet as an option to expand and teach others (make money as well).
Derick Gamboa15-Dec-2005 16:37
Its 12:45am here in Manila, and I can't get enough of your photography! Man you rock! Just like you, I'm a serious hobbyist, and draw my inspiration from my children, specially when we travel. Pare, ang galing talaga! It would be nice to eventually meet you in the near future. Pinoy, mabuhay ka!
//Derick -
Arpeevy 14-Dec-2005 02:41
Dear Manny,

I admire your pictures and see your profile once in a while. Taga dito ako sa Makati at mahilig din sa photography, kaya lang wala pa akong maipagmamalaking kuha. You must be travelling a lot considering that your photos had been taken in different countries. More power to you and be proud to be Pinoy.
Rick P13-Dec-2005 01:35
It is hard to know what to say about your truly exceptional images. The honesty of these images speaks of the inner beauty of humanity and your personal ability to elicit such trust from your subjects. I suspect that only an exceptional person is entrusted with such images. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.
Guenter Eh12-Dec-2005 16:04
I don`t know, who is "Beerboy". But he says the right words: portraits I have ever seen. Honestly.
Guest 09-Dec-2005 22:24
Inspirational photos. Some of the best portraits I have ever seen. Thanks for sharing.

best, mark
jan 06-Dec-2005 15:35
Your photographs are very poetic. You are one of the few who gives justice to the word "ritratista" (photographer).

I was reminded once more that there is so much beauty in the world. Thank you. :)
kirby 05-Dec-2005 01:32
hi. i just want to say that i enjoy looking at pretty much all of your galleries. i think that you have a seriously good eye for capturing emotions on your photographs. i recently got into photography, and bought the d70. i have a few photos but not enough to open a pbase account. anyway, i'm just wondering if you shoot in raw and do a lot of editing in photoshop. i'm looking for any advice on how to do the whole digital photography workflow. i would appreciate any help or advice. thank you for inspiring me with your photographs. best regards.
Norman Tam02-Dec-2005 06:52
hi manny,

just gone through the new galleries of yours. i am impressed as always. love your portraits long time ago. now, i love your travel shots as well. i really admire your skill in capturing the soul of strangers. through your lens, we are allowed to see the real person. their eyes are magical, great expressions, great characters ... one more thing, your shots always have vibrant colors. very nice, indeed. please keep sharing.

Guest 02-Dec-2005 01:05
What can I say, but WOW all that i see in your galleries. Amazing shots and your ability to assimilate and get close to the subject matter you shoot shines through all your photos. There is a lot i can learn from your eyes. Thank you for sharing and for setting the bar way high for me. Your work is truly inspiring...
angelicatas 01-Dec-2005 15:23
Hi Manuel and thank you for your wonderful work. I have been so impressed by your images that I decided to add a link to your page in my web site so that everyone can enjoy your art. I hope you will continue with your inspirational works. Best regards, Angelicatas.
Vipin Mayer 01-Dec-2005 13:31
Hi Manuel,
This is one of the most impressive galleries i´ve seen on pbase(if i can pick up the best five from those in my fav list, your´s is one of them),amazing shots ,wonderful colours , very nice D-range ,and the lighting and composition ,its all in a perfect mixture in your are really a talented photographer,, keep up the great work and please keep on sharing, it´s simply inspiring.
Sunflower Imaging28-Nov-2005 15:20
Your portraits of your students look great! How did you achieve the effect of your pictures in your student and Krystal gallery. You seemed to have pushed the contrast up. Did you use any special filters in Photoshop? Hope you do not mind sharing with me.
Sabina Salihbasic27-Nov-2005 11:05
There are no words to express the feelings that arise when I look your images Manuel. Amazed, in love, in doubt, in hapiness, in sadness, everything comes together. I tried to choose one photo I like the most, but I cann't, I like them all. You are great!
Aruna Kalutanthri18-Nov-2005 13:55
Simply amazing. You have made me re-think "photography". It is really a painting with light!! Thanks for sharing.
Guest 12-Nov-2005 19:31

The life you put in your photographs just shines right through.
When some people say that we are Children of God it's often hard to believe but when in doubt I come and look at your photos.
Thank you.
chrisg 11-Nov-2005 22:20 all the elements you have on capturing all these remarkable photographs only the gifted with the eye you are one of them keep on shooting!
my website to share
ang galing ng mga photos
Guest 11-Nov-2005 14:46
I just have to keep coming back for more.. Your images are amazing.. It never fails to take my breath away. I've shared this link to my co-workers and they too are amazed. You made us proud. Hey I agree with Gonzalo, yours are the best thing in Pbase.
Gonzalo GV10-Nov-2005 21:54
...and my goal is to take photos as yours some day.
After thousand of photos seen in this website I can say that you
have the best galleries in PBase.

Don´t stop feeding us with this magnificient art. Thanks for sharing and congratulations !
Piya M 10-Nov-2005 11:48
Very interesting photos Mr. Manuel :)
Bo Jansson 09-Nov-2005 10:56
Hi Manuel.

Please email us at, so that we get your emailadress. We run the Swedish image agency ( We are interested in your images.

Best regards

Bo Jansson
Guest 07-Nov-2005 18:47
I love this portrait of two students: the colors and the expression. How did you make their skin colors so smooth? Is this studio shot? Can you share some of your techniques?

SRW04-Nov-2005 12:44
Stunning and overwhelming! I've just got to keep coming back for more, after spending far too long in your 'spirit week' gallery. Thank you so much for sharing: I'm impressed and overawed....
Paul Teixeira01-Nov-2005 17:00
I can't help coming back to your galleries, hoping that you've added more of your work. It's excellent indeed.

Best regards,
Paul Teixeira
Joy Bühlmann 30-Oct-2005 10:34
I landed here purely coincidental. And my landing took much longer than a jumbo does!
Salute, kabayan!
At maraming salamat.
Joy Bühlmann (Switzerland)
Francis27-Oct-2005 13:03
The consistenty of your portraits, the eyes and expressions is just a joy to see. No amount of words can describe how inspiring your galleries have been to many. Thanks
Guest 27-Oct-2005 06:59
Very inspirational work! I learn something every time I look at your pictures.
Alvin Salalila27-Oct-2005 05:45
Hello Manny! What an impressive set of images. I have followed your work through Pbase and TrekLens and I must say that the difference in your photos from a year or so ago to now is amazing. I too am filipino, growing up and living in Australia. I hope you have the chance to visit my galleries and I welcome your advise and feedback. Keep on posting these inspiring images!
applehead studio photography27-Oct-2005 01:38
your portraits are amazing. i hope i can show work this spectacular someday.
Sofia 26-Oct-2005 09:17
You are amazing. And to know you are Filipino makes me even prouder! Your photographs are mind and heart opening, you really have a good eye. I'd love to chat with you sometime if ever you are back in Manila. Its my goal to travel to a different country for photography each year. The way you've captured your shots are truly inspiring. Keep it up!
KM25-Oct-2005 21:30
Manuel, thanks so much for sharing these wonderful images with us. I'm putting you in my favourites list so I can check out you work whenever I want. Great stuff. I'm enjoying every one of them. Kathy
Xavier Cortina23-Oct-2005 19:36
what an amazing job you have here. your page has been a great discovery. I love your style and have you in my favourites so I can keep coming back. all my compliments!!
Dmitri 21-Oct-2005 13:29
outstanding works!
Guest 20-Oct-2005 16:26
Hi Manny, I am a filipino as well and i must say i loved your works!! As in!! And I aspire that one day I become one of your subjects! It will be an honor to me =)
So when are you visiting your home land? heheh please contact me if it will be anytime soon..
Guest 19-Oct-2005 09:39
Amazing photos, Brod! Dean G., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Damon Lynch18-Oct-2005 15:19
Pare, your photos are mumtaz, excellent! Please keep up the great work and contintue to share it with all of us. Damon.
Guest 17-Oct-2005 00:19
I love your work! Thanks for sharing.
Guest 15-Oct-2005 08:12
Your pictures are just AMAZING!
Guest 14-Oct-2005 12:15
So many wonderful photographs!! I love your passion for the world of photography. Added to my list of favorite artists! Please continue to share your view of the world through your lens with us all.
Jacalyn Greene 12-Oct-2005 12:55
How goes it? A friend sent you website to look at. I am also a Photographer of Art. I am in East Tennessee in the USA. I have been taking pictures all my life. I have a studio in my home and have resently moved to Tennessee. I have been living in the state of Alaska since the 80's. I have probably taken a million pictures in my day. I'm trying to get exposure and working on a gallery of my work. Guess you can call me a starving artist out here and will be famous like most artist, after I go to the other side. LOL I mainly do portraiture, but really anything that has to do with photogaphy I do and love. It is my purpose in while I am passing through this life. I need exposure, can you lead me to a source that might be interested in seeing what I am seeing and shooting. My friend says I am as good as you, or maybe better. That surely is a compliment due to looking at your work, you have the eye and love. Anyway have an amazing day! I'm your newest fan today! Good Luck to you and hope to hear from you. Jacalyn Sue Greene, Smiles Across the Miles Photography
nicky 11-Oct-2005 12:38
Manual- what can I say your direction is where I am aiming! Would like to know that it isn't too far away! It must be wonderful to live in such a bright and beautfil country and to be able to express that beauty in Photographs with the technique and that special thing we call the 'photographers eye'. Well done I will be watching your name as I know you will be doing some big things. Your style reminds me of the wonderful Steve MCcurry- but in your own way. Well Done! Any tips much appreciated!!!
Leonard 09-Oct-2005 00:46
Wonderful style. I have an idea that when you take a picture you could be accused of taking a bit of the soul. Your photos have a life of their own and it has to come from somewhere.
Guest 06-Oct-2005 19:28
I don't know how to comment on your pics coz every single one looks perfect to me!
The portraits are incredibel!
Guest 03-Oct-2005 11:12
Hello Manuel, I just can't get enough of going through your amazing work. Not only superb compositions but also an undeniable mastering on post processing. Sensitive and aesthetic. Congratulations.
Altyssa 02-Oct-2005 09:37

Your people shots are amazing, every single picture seems to capture the soul, the expressions. It's truly inspiring! I have taken shots of people in some of the places you visited, but they are not as good.

Paul Teixeira01-Oct-2005 15:23

Just a quick line to let you know that your work is inspiring! Love the way you capture the essence of people.

Best regards,
Paul Teixeira
Tommy Bombon 01-Oct-2005 10:42
Hi Dugong,

I got to this site after seeing your photo posts on My Islands Philippines. You have perfected your portrait style and technique. Very impressive! Please, pursue your dreams... do a coffee table book on a children photo series... they are so powerful. Reserve a few for me.

Cheers from a big fan,
Hodero26-Sep-2005 14:50
Hola Amigo,
I can only say:"You are a outstanding Photographer" !Keep posting! saludos de Holanda "H"
Veysel Birinci23-Sep-2005 18:23
Hi Manuel.
Your all photos is so nice.
Congrats from Istanbul / TURKEY
Guest 20-Sep-2005 16:30
Your work is breathtaking.
aLub@20-Sep-2005 05:43
Hi Manny

Although i have never been to some of countries you had visited but I could feel the atmosphere and spirit thru you images. Thank you for taking me here and there... for the moment.

Best regards,
Hem Joo 17-Sep-2005 13:05
A relative recommended your site and i must say your photos are lovely - you really have a knack of capturing people and their expressions speak volumes! Keep it up!
lorenz 15-Sep-2005 11:32
great works....
Diba 14-Sep-2005 07:41
your talent is a gift to all of us.
Salamat po
thechebb13-Sep-2005 09:15
Love the new gallery! Keep up the inspiring work!
All the best,
Joel Garcia11-Sep-2005 01:09
Hi Manny. I have you as one of my "favorite" photographers, to hear you say you like one of my pics is inspiring. Thank you for visiting and hopefully over time I can take some pics maybe as close as your natural talent. Cheers and more power! Joel
Nektario Moment Photo10-Sep-2005 16:57
One of the best works I have seen yet...
truely art..
Bravo...I am in awe with the color of your work and the emotion in the eyes of your subjects..
Your skill is one to follow..

Thanks for sharing,
daniel kestenholz10-Sep-2005 03:50
what a fabulous gallery
Felipe Rodríguez09-Sep-2005 23:14
Hello, Manuel

I've got stunned by your work. I am also a teacher who would like to become a photographer (pro). I've even been published by Digital Photo too... But I think you will get success as pro photographer before me (in the case that I get it some day, of course!). Simply because your work is so appealing and coherent, and, more important, you make portraiture, and that's the fastest way to success in photography.
All the best!

Marc 08-Sep-2005 06:01
Im very impressed! ang galing galing mo dre..
Mabuhay ang Pinoy!
Choi 07-Sep-2005 18:46
You are not necessarily a pro- but definitely a talented photographer. I admire your works.
Fran Purdy LRPS07-Sep-2005 18:08
Amazing, wonderful photos - I don't know how I haven't seen your stuff on Pbase before, but I'm glad I've found you now - you've got top place in my favourites list!
Guest 06-Sep-2005 12:19

Kelly Clark Moncure04-Sep-2005 03:43
Your photographs are really striking and lovely, you have an amazing sense of color! Your gallery was recommended to me by another pbase user in the UK as being excellent- and he was right! Very inspiring!
Julia 27-Aug-2005 19:42
Manuel, all your galleries are amazing. You are able to notice and capture the unusual among the ordinary. Great vision. Thank you for the pleasure.
Guest 19-Aug-2005 09:49
I'm very impressed and amazed with your talent!! a lot to learn from you..
Thanks you for sharing
Daniele Zappavigna16-Aug-2005 07:29
I consider all your shots SUPERB!
Guest 15-Aug-2005 01:37
your "Children of God" gallery made me cry, what a true gift to give what you see to others and have that translated to their own human experience! You are truly blessed! Thank you for sharing!
Guest 13-Aug-2005 19:34
manny, definately a favourite here at pbase and always voted too!
truly an artist with the camera in have captured everything that every passionate photographer dreams of taking. well done as always manny. here in pbase, at treklens, and every other venture in photography you may lay your eyes and mind to. good luck and see you around =D
Alec Ee 09-Aug-2005 18:31
Manuel, your images are awesome! Took some time to browse but well worth it!
Macastat28-Jul-2005 02:42
Manny, Thank you for your comments. Our documentary film means so much to me, it's nice to hear encouraging valued opinion. I am honored you visited... I've been an admirer of your work, for some time (along with thousands of other, it seems). Your portraits haunt the mind. So much beauty is captured, I find myself lingering on the eyes, like all of humanity lies there. Infinite Blessings, Dr. Tony
Guest 27-Jul-2005 02:59
A stunning display of superb photography and capture of the human spirit. Manuel, I sure hope you're looking into magazine expsoure. You're a natural and that's a pretty rare thing!!
shenss26-Jul-2005 15:23
May i ask the way you make your model relaxed and display their selves to you? I simply can not do that but i want to learn how.
Guest 25-Jul-2005 19:49
Hi Manny,
a pleasure to meet you here too! As usual, travelling through your galleries is a delight for all the senses!
Best wishes,
Iris 25-Jul-2005 18:31
Hello, Manuel. I enjoyed your shots. I too have a Nikon D70. I'm a beginner in photography, but hopefully, I'll get better with time and practice. Maybe I can even visit the Philippines. It's been 12 years since I've been back.

Thanks for sharing.
Guest 25-Jul-2005 02:40
Great stuff.
dsouzl23-Jul-2005 02:45
You posses a marvelous combination of raw talent, compositional skill, and the ability to post process images that is very rarely seen here in pbase! I have added you to my list of favourite artists and will be back often to learn from and admire your work! Thank you for sharing these incredible images! Bravo!
suse22-Jul-2005 13:10
So many amazing, beautiful galleries. You have real talent.
Guest 22-Jul-2005 05:04
your images are absolutely amazing! thanks for sharing...
Tom Heim19-Jul-2005 20:16
Manuel, I am so impressed with your work. All your photographs are excellent and I particularly enjoy your portrait work!

Best regards,
Tom Heim
Guest 18-Jul-2005 17:46
Kumusta Ka? You have a wonderful gallery here. I only came to know that you are a Filipino when I looked into your profile. I am German, but married to the Philippines for most of my life (I am happily married to a Filipina). I am inspired by your images, especially your portaits. Nice job all the way.
Tina 18-Jul-2005 00:46
Beautiful work!
Guest 09-Jul-2005 06:03
Hi Many,
Thanks for yours time and comments on my galleries.I was just a beginner,while yours works won a lot of fans and I saw the rating in pop-gal rising all the time.I agree with many here,you were second to none for yours portrait works.Travel save and please let me here from you after the SCAN trip.
I will join BPS this weekend,
Guest 07-Jul-2005 23:55, yeah....and you're wasting your time on pbase, why?
Martin Schiff05-Jul-2005 17:46
Your pictures show a vision that is quite rare. And to be able to express that vision so eloquently is a gift. Thanks for sharing your pictures!
Niall O'Shea04-Jul-2005 14:02
Hi Manny, I'm honoured by your comment as I've been in awe of your work for some time (I believe I commented on a gallery a few months ago). You are one of the best portrait and travel photographers on pbase - really world class stuff. The people in them look like Gods in a paradise but retain their ordinariness too and your lighting and colours are second to none. Good luck with your SP adventure (it's tricky!) and if you're ever in London look me up.
C. Ferro 09-Jun-2005 22:14
Hello Manny,

I saw your images online today and usually I do not seek out contributers, but your work is quite amazing and I must say, I'm very impressed!

I am seeking photography submissions for the next issue of Surface Online Art Magazine. Second Generation is the theme:

The impact of being the children of emigrants, (political, economic, nomadic), born in lands foreign to your parents, but so familiar to you. The tensions of the two cultures and values, the Old Ways contrasting the New Ways, the irony of parents emigrating to provide a better life for their children, but still wanting their family to follow the old traditions, culture, values, language even, and religion, and the fabulous art forms that evolve from the melting pot of humanity the Global Village can and does produce. The deadline for copy and artwork is on or BEFORE 20 June 2005.

I'd like it if you'd submit no more than 5 pieces to our magazine. The set must have a title. Also, a title for each piece if you'd like.

There is no payment for your submissions, but you will have a chance to showcase your work in our growing magazine. Please send submissions to me at:
Also, please include a small bio with your work.
ANTONIO TOSCANO 06-Jun-2005 21:01
Ana Carloto O'Shea26-May-2005 21:43
Hello Manny!
Excellent galleries!! I was expecting to be blown away by them, from what I had seen in TL and I wasn't dissapointed :-)
Excellent work. And now that I am here in Pbase too, be certain that I will come back here often to check your work, you're already in my favourites!!!

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Guest 17-May-2005 04:00
i'm from iloilo too! thanks for ur positive comments & tips. i'm planning to upload more pics but my account in pbase will expire soon or has already expired.
Guest 11-May-2005 19:05
manuel, a friend referred me to your galleries and i was amazed, no blown away! i just love how your portraits have such depth and bring out such emotional qualities. you truly have a gift, and i come to your galleries often for inspiration. i am very new to photography and would like to thank you for showing me with passion, what is possible.
arvinsign 10-May-2005 09:55
hi there manny, i am a fellow filipino and im so amazed with your shots.keep it up. be my guide and teacher:)
nige5009-May-2005 13:24
Hi just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed your gallery's ,, fantastic work ,look forward to seeing more
sarah 05-May-2005 14:51
.Hello from montreal..I admire your capture such beauty..Love all the images and faces..
napomo 01-May-2005 11:30
i couldnt say it better than "thechebb" did some posts before me ..:" Your photos are pure visual poetry - powerful and moving - simply brilliant!!!"

... in fact i voted for one in a fotki contest, lol ... just in case you would like to know your result and read the comments to your picture , u got on an undeserved place 6 ..u should have gotten place 1 or at least 2 ;)

check this

thanks for sharing those wonderful images
alexander 01-May-2005 00:16
great pics what lense are you using for portraits.. i am also pinoy
Sandor Varga 28-Apr-2005 09:46
All of your pictures is well-composed, full of soul. Congratulations, you won my admiration.
Nina Ludwig25-Apr-2005 22:01
Superb portfolio of images Manny. Your portraits are spellbinding.
bicentaur 25-Apr-2005 17:35
Amazing! Simply amazing!

I especially liked the flying kick shot aptly named "YAA!" (also the one named "Wind"). Am only starting to dabble in photography, so must say shots like yours are the things that inspire newbies like me to give it a go.

Best wishes and look forward to more great stuff from you.
Ruel Tafalla24-Apr-2005 16:21
Good work Bro...
Larry Lam23-Apr-2005 18:03
You got great sense of mood and lighting capture in portrait, wonderful .
Gil Purcil 23-Apr-2005 03:31
Your portraits are excellent! I'm also into photography but I can say my best shots maybe your worst -- if you got one. Anyway I'm also a Filipino living in Texas. Do you use photoshop in your post-processing? What camera and lenses do you use? Keep on posting new pics..Great job.
Eric Rosales21-Apr-2005 07:08
Manny pare....magaling ka.
Jaicee 21-Apr-2005 04:57
Breath taking pictures of Boracay! Your gallery is a motivation for beginners like myself, so that would make me a fan! I admire your gift and you didnt waste your talent-instead you passed it on!
Jeanelyn Paul 21-Apr-2005 00:29
Hi Manny...I am a big fan of yours. I check your gallery often . I am just wondering if you are using filters. The color of your photographs is just rich and vibrant. From:
Guest 20-Apr-2005 13:26
You've got such a brilliant collection in your gallary. Your portraits are so magical and so superbly captured. The colors are amazing as well. Admire your talent, will keep coming back to visit. I learned a lot just by looking at your work. Thanks, and please do keep on sharing them.
Argishti Khachik20-Apr-2005 07:10
Wonderful galleries and pictures Manuel.
From colors, technic are terrific.
Thank you very much for leaving me a comment on my SP gallery.
I think I've to learn from you instead you from me, my friend.
You are in my list and sure I'll be back to check the rest of the shot.
Thanks for sharing such high quality pictures with us.
paul yung18-Apr-2005 08:50
Great photography! Congrat!
Ann LT16-Apr-2005 22:43
Your portraits are simply amazing. I keep coming back again and again... Thanks!
Gren Proud 15-Apr-2005 16:14
I am a member of TL & TE and I am always happy to see more of your work so I am here often to see the full series in ordered form to get the wider picture!
Gilles Navet15-Apr-2005 14:21
Impressive and technical works here Manuel
You have a great sens of use of colors and light
Great portraits
Your gallery on Boracay is one of the best I have seen
thechebb05-Apr-2005 20:29
Hi Manny,
Your photos are pure visual poetry - powerful and moving - simply brilliant!!! I look forward to seeing more of your stunning work.

John Glines05-Apr-2005 16:13
Your pictures are great! There's no other word for them. Keep up the good work. Now that I've discovered your galleries, I'll return often.
nevadaoutback16-Mar-2005 16:59
I thank you for allowing me to view your art. I miss the PI, and all of the friends left behind. Your eye is well tuned for photography, keep up the great work.....Markos
Jen/ButterflySis 12-Feb-2005 23:36
Manny, I finally went through your entire portfolio. You have an incredible talent. It was such a pleasure to view your images. They really grab ahold of you. Each picture tells a bit of a story but you find yourself wanting to know more about each of these people and their lives. The quality and colors of the shots are amazing. It's always great viewing your work. Best of luck to you!

Mann Rentoy 09-Feb-2005 01:07
Hey, Manny! Howdy?
Fantastic photos! So proud of you! You've got an amazing collection!
When are you coming over to Manila for an exhibit?
Tim M 07-Feb-2005 06:24
Your portraits are amazing. Wow. The moods in people's faces
are so well captured, along with the rich colors of
your homeland and surrounding Asia. Excellent!
Guest 03-Feb-2005 01:49
i like your style man!
great job for all the beautiful people!
thanks for capturing them and sharing with us!!!
keep up the good work!!
Guest 02-Feb-2005 23:06
Wow wow wow, what exellent gallerys. I tend to sign peoples guestbook when there are tom many good pictures or gallerys to comment on them. In your case it would have taken the evening to comment on them all best whishes and keep up the good work i will definetly keep coming back to see more
Best whishes Kári
jomapang 02-Feb-2005 16:32
More Power to you "Kabayan"
Davide Cocchi01-Feb-2005 16:20
Hi Manuel,
you have a wonderfull galleries,
I wuold want leave to you my compliments for the mood that you are able to catch in much of your shots.
Ron Geur01-Feb-2005 12:50
Manuel, I enjoyed viewing the images in your galleries...especially the portraits which is my favourite genre of photography. Ron
bien 31-Jan-2005 12:33
galing mo, kabayan!
Peter Chou27-Jan-2005 13:30
Outstanding documentary and travel photos! I am humbled by your talent! Do take a peek at my humble gallery and I welcome all comments and advices!
Khoi Huynh-Dinh23-Jan-2005 02:06
Hi ! Fantastic pics ! Wonderful ! Bravo !!! Which lens(es) do you use for your Nikon D70 ? Thanks !
Neil Villanueva22-Jan-2005 16:27
Hi Manny,

My name is Neil Villanueva I am a fellow Pinoy currently residing in New York.

Anyway, I think I have come across a forum topic sometime in the past (can't remember when exactly) about you using Luko's sharpening method... I am writing to ask if you could explain to me how you use Luko's method? Have you actually written a PS action? (Excuse the questions, I am PS novice).

If you could kindly explain it to me, I would greatly appreciate it.

By the way, your photos are great! It's nice to see a kababayan here! ;-)


Francis Veilhart 07-Jan-2005 01:57
Hello Manny, I found your web site and your superb photos. I am heading for the Philippines in 4 weeks. I was in TE under the name waskahegan, may be you remember.
Good luck
Guest 03-Jan-2005 08:27
You definitely have the talent for portraiture. Keep it up and Goodluck. -from your kababayan.
Guest 29-Dec-2004 01:53
kabayan manny,

very nice pics! i am a novice photographer and i am learning alot looking at your fantastic shots.

zandra tiitso from sweden suggested i check out your pbase galleries. i am glad i did.

i also have galleries of boracay as well as palawan and subic. by profession, i am a project manager for hotels and resorts and in my spare time i take pics of my project sites. :)

The Rooster Chronicles23-Dec-2004 18:35
Man! Fantastic! You have a very natural eye for protraiture. Very jealous (in a really good way) indeed!
Voted for all your galleries. Really breath-taking beauty in each & every shot.
Serena Bowles25-Nov-2004 17:27
Hello Manny,

I came to these pages via treklens, and I'm glad I did. You have a real talent, and I will be sure to return here.

Best Wishes,

Guest 08-Nov-2004 11:41
Beautiful portfolio. It remembers me of my travel period in the south east of Asia
SK 04-Nov-2004 14:24
Hi Manny!
After seeing your pictures in 3 sites, trekearth-treklens-pbase, I think that you are the professional photographer...not only the amateur one! Your pictures are really beautiful...
Looking forward to seeing the pictures in Shangrila!
Velene Campbell 02-Nov-2004 01:31

I was reading Lilly magazine and saw your work. It's beautiful.

Velene Campbell,
Editor, Abalone Moon, a Journal of Poetry and the Arts
Tony Botelho31-Oct-2004 14:13
Hi Manuel
What a joy to see your photos ,here or in treklens, they are so real and full of life,amazing portaits beatufull light ,great compo,etc.. etc..
I am trying uot PBase and so far I like it ,just have to organise folders.
Can you let me know what size should I post?
Thanks and happy shooting
Tony Botelho
Kaj "Yesterday" Nielsen 28-Oct-2004 05:57
I saw you on TE, and want that way to take a visit on your homepage. I do love all the photo, SPLENDID side and I enjoy always to se good work.

I do think I will se you around................Reagards Kaj Nielsen
IMPRESSED GUEST 08-Oct-2004 12:14
Manuel: your photos are stunning. I especially enjoyed the photos of the children because their expressions are so pure and there is no guile behind their eyes. You say your forte is shooting portraits; that's great, but don't stop taking candid shots of the world's children wherever you are either. Your B&W shots are great too. You're a very gifted photographer with a very good eye. Mabuhay!!
xianan13-Sep-2004 09:24
Manuel, very nice job you have done. Especially like the portrait pictures in your gallery. Keep on nice work.
Ken 16-Aug-2004 07:59
I enjoy your pictures. Your work looks like that of a pro. I'd like to meet you in person one day to hear your take on equipment purchase. Sorry, I missed that party last Saturday night!
Todd Adams 12-Aug-2004 11:50
Very nice work, Manuel. For the short time you've been shooting, you show a real inherent talent. Your images are compelling, sympathetic, and superbly composed.
Guest 10-Aug-2004 04:25
Excellent work Manuel.

I will be back to explore from time to time as I also love portraits and like your style alot, beautiful work. : )

Selvin Chance07-Aug-2004 10:40
Excellent work. Quite taken with your interpretations of Vietnam. Cheers and Aloha
Guest 02-Aug-2004 21:46
Hi Manuel,

Just some words to congratulate you for your wonderful portfolio. It's really impressive. The picture quality, but also the look you propose. The look at people, at things, at world. A very special and personal way of seeing the surrounding world. I just love it. Thanks for all your pictures Manuel, you have a real talent.

Jorrit 02-Aug-2004 15:48
i always thought your portfolio was quite impressive.
And now i see many of your photo's here in such a peacefull
grey website and i'm even more impressed...

keep it up
jorrit (Proxilva)
Zandra 02-Aug-2004 08:03
Hi Manny,

This page goes straight in to my bookmarks. I'll be a regular visitor for sure ;) I'll come back in a day or so, with more time on my hand to look through your gallery. I had a quick look and well what can i say...I love your work at TE and i love your work at TL. For sure, i love it here too.

sylvie 02-Aug-2004 06:48
Congratulations for your work ! I am a member of TrekEarth and I find it of high quality.