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"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle" ... Albert Einstein

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer" ... Ansel Adams

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it" ... Confucius

“You miss 100% of the shots you don't take” ... Wayne Gretzky
It takes Two to Tango Cuy Inca Chief
Eight Feet in the Andes Taking a Breather The Unlucky Thief!
Red Navaho Sunset Machu Picchu Enjoying the Right of Way
Needles Humming School 2 Copper Coast
Alpaca Steak + Carrot Sculpture Hydro-Therapy The Unlucky Thief 2
Spinning a Yarn Just Good Friends! Green Water 2
Huayna Picchu Viewpoint Atlantic Coast Newtown Clarina Crew
Cusco Cathedral Stack 'em High Peru Rail
Rio de La Plata Sunset Green Water Pepto Bismol House
Machu Picchu 2 Old Cottage Traditional Dress
You can lead a horse to water ... Coonagh Crew Humming School
Who's afraid of the Gringo? Flower Power Río Urubamba
Peek-a-Boo Sunday Parade Golden Wonder
Machu Picchu Aconcagua  ... mid Summer Ice-cream in the Rain
Golden Hour Grand-Canyon Sunrise Cascade
Green Water 3 17 Dogs Tségháhoodzání
Doolin Harbour Llama Ladies Ballydonegan Bay
Blue Water Shannon Reflections Machu Picchu
Plaza de Armas Goodbye Terraces
Río Urubamba The Chief of Abbe Village Kilmacduagh Round Tower
In-train Entertainiment Fresh Fish Cervesa Hour
Medicine Woman Out of the Deep Monument Valley
Huaynu Picchu Descent Machu Picchu Winking Goat
Scallops Studebaker 4-Door Sedan Paseo del Valle
Street Market Five Potatoes Atlantic Wave
Playing Chicken Lama glama + minder Maria had a little Lamb
Nativity Scene Fish Fillets - a la plage Doughmore Beach
Lifeguard Sunset Exercises Blue Umbrella
Atlantic Waves Proud Dad Mother and Baby
Doughmore Beach Eco Friendly XMas Tree Dusty the Doolin Dolphin
Pablo Neruda's Garden Study La Boca Begging for a Living
Terraces and Guard Houses Submerged Tree Root Piper
Window Rock Sea-lions on a Buoy Sumo Wrestler
Triplets Lavender Lady - Punk Rocker Huaynu Picchu
Grand Canyon Republica de la Boca Santa Clown
Fish Eye Three Horses Beach Party
Final Race Rusty Jalopy Putucusi - Happy Mountain
Finger Puppets Antiques Roadshow
La Perla de Caminita Comparing Notes Bective Abbey
Atlantic Coast Christmas Iguana Rock Games
Ballydonegan Bay Wedding Procession Singing for a Living
Pablo and Friend It takes Two to Tango 2 Do you like my Hat?
Tomatillo Dursey Island Teec Nos Pos Trading Post
Mike & Linda's House Atlantic Storm
Cloth Seller Concentration See no Evil
Church Door Aymaru Dancers Horse Laugh
Rufous Tailed Hummingbird Atlantic Coast 8 Limerick Fun Run 2012
Scrap Metal Collection Evening Walk Hungry Horse
Trim Castle Atlantic Coast 6 Living on the Edge
Straw Sculpture Musical Trio Cob Stallion for Sale
Chewing the Cud Flooded Riverside
Apples and Oranges Gotta Scritch that Itch Ross Castle at Dawn
Acting Up Sunset Ballet Curiosity
Four Corners Barbecue Ballydonegan Bay
What age are you? Fruit Seller Lionfish (Pterois)
Gandalow Boats Burren Reflections Burren Reflections 2
Colour Coded Sorry, I'm busy Atlantic Waves
Defying Gravity Sparkling Violet-Ear Brenu Beach
Pouring a Libation for the Ancestors Red Cottage Río Urubamba
First Light Red Rocks Moving House
Eventide at the Cornerstone Bar Banana Times Red Mud Roads
Sea-Stack Old Pier Wood Carving
Busea Beach Sarsfield Bridge Spring Evening
Begging for a Living Fashion Crisis Snacks?
Farrihy Bay Fish for Sale Bull Rock
Dumper Truck Galloping through the Desert Window Seat
P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship Three Yellow Taxis Sea Arch
Three Amoogos Waterfall Atlantic Coast 7
Synchronised Swimming Ferry Dance Queen of Aran
Moonlight Fishing Nambe, 924 Paseo de Peralta Romantic Spring Evening
Plassey Evening 2 Beach-Chairs for Rent Hibiscus
Small Sad Child Plassey Evening Pups for Sale
Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind Plassey Evening Traditional Costume
Torc Waterfall 2 Chicken Stretch Beach Action
Midnight Mass Minding the Kids Tower Bridge
Gathering Seaweed Austin Cambridge Dawn Raid
Curiosity killed the cat. Vegetable Market Little Samphire Lighthouse
Doughmore Beach Meeting with the Chief and Elders
Ahu Tahai Brenu Beach Celebrating Victory
This little piggy went to the market Falling Tide - Curragower Falls Settling Matters of Importance
Doughmore Beach Atlantic Coast 5 Walkies
Where's the Ball? RNLI Member Blennerville Windmill
Three Sisters Flooded Riverbank Navaho Horse
Altiplano Milk Collection Groovy ... Ann Marie Tybee Island Pier
What to do? Enjoying a Coke+ Village Life
Navaho Country Last Rays - Braveheart's Castle Playing in the Rain
Galway Hookers Saying Goodbye No, this way!
Atlantic Coast Humming School 3 Lotto Stars
Salmon Fishing Five Bottlenose Dolphins West Cork Coastline
Atlantic Coast Kiss Me M'Asal Beag Dubh
Cattle Guards Beach Exercises Burren Reflections 3
Morning Light Spring Tide
Dangerous Photography Nine-and-Fifty Swans Fruit Shop
Humming Birds Belle of the Ball Black Skimmer (Rynchops niger)
Dusty the Doolin Dolphin 2 Tower Bridge 2 Breakthrough
Roses Galore! Soccer Team Limerick Riverfest 2012
Atlantic Waves Sleeping Giant Grand Canyon
Galway Hookers Racing Ahoy there! Night Fishing
Matchmaker Bar (un)ruffled Rooster Sunday Best
Gina Please buy some ice-cream! Sunday Mask
The Beautiful Game Log-Jam Bogged Down
Big Bird Navaho Pony and Owner Busy Winter Afternoon
Volcano Rose Brown Inca Pelican Pile-up
And the Band played Waltzing Matilda Horseman, pass by! Washed-up Jellyfish
Milky Coffee - Río Urubamba Atlantic Coast 3 Lighthouse
High Plains Drifter Butte Doughmore Beach
Lake Bosomtwe Thirsty Work! Granny Bridge
Great White Sore Finger Torc Waterfall 3
Atlantic Coast 4 Pronghorn (Antilocapra americana) Gandalow Racing
Galápagos Hawk The Bull, the Cow and the Calf. Andean Emerald
Mapuche Festival Sonos Dancers Hands Free
Lolipops Fried Eggs Hubble, Bubble, Toil & Trouble
Little Angels Sea-Arch & Cavern Galway Hookers Racing
Poseidon Don't Feed the Animals Scarecrows Galore!
Atlantic Coast 2 Confrontation Street Stall
Dunguaire Castle Rock Wall - Navaho Homestead Dunderry Fair 2012
Cherry Blossom Yellow Steeple
It happened over there! Springtime Jurassic Coast
Chilean Sailor Thomond Bridge & King John's Castle Lemon Olympus
Braveheart's Castle Audience with the Chief Atlantic Storm
Just Good Friends Buffalo Wings Little Samphire Lighthouse
Aerial Dance Push-Off P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship
Ripe Mangoes Newborn Lamb Kinvara Sunset
Know your Onions A Woman's Life Mother's Little Helper
Azonto - Handsfree Nativity Scene Siesta Time
Construction Crew Estuary Obama Girl
Water Tower Fruit Shop Owner Doughmore Beach
New Pier Aquarium Pals Doolin Harbour
Close Quarters Common Duiker (Sylvicapra grimmia) Easy Rider
Striking Cement Workers Just Checking Student Protest
One Pig Happy Family Tulips Period Dress
I love my horse Simiu School Defensive Pose
Concentration WG Band King Canute
Mid-Summer Evening Love is ... a 3 legged-race Old Timer
Take-off The King is Back in Town Nesting Cormorants
OK Corral Limerick Fun Run 2012 Follow the Leader
Into the West Mutton Island Old Pier in Moonlight
Twinkle Toes Walkies P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship
Running Water New Baby - Proud Mum Fisherman
Ballydonegan Bay Ashes to Ashes ... Sleeping Giant
Friday Morning Crow Bar Drive-by Snacks
P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship Cinderella's Carriage Jurassic Coast - Ballard Downs
Western Emerald Papa Ando (Patrick) Market Stall Owner
Clew Bay Catching Crabs
Watching for traffic Winter Sunset Calico Cat 2
Last Rays Ancient Mariner Enjoying the Parade
Blue Hour Prairie Cathedral Friendly Donkey
Morning Commute Cape-Coast Beach Wheelbarrow Recliner
Prayer Tree Messages Doughmore Beach
Pre-Dawn Blue-Hour Navaho Code Talker Monument Piper at the Gates
Sonos Dancers Elmina Bay All in a day's work
Heather Berry Stone Arch Tower Bridge 3
Limerick Riverfest 2012 Spring-time White Balance?
Booted Racket-Tails Raindrops keep falling ... Magnificent Frigate Birds
Millenium Bridge A Word in Your Ear Let's Dance?
Cutlass meets Coconut Rearing to Go Killary Fjord
Billy the Kid - Tailgate Party Hey Mom, wait for me, I'm only little! Jaw Jaw
Thousand Legs Atlantic Swell Atlantic Storm
Coonagh Crew Fresh Vegetables for Sale The Guesthouse
Cow Skull Dusty the Doolin Dolphin 3 Firewood
Lome Market Mutton Island Shades of Grey
Energy and Enthusiasm Sea Stack Airborne
Low Tide Gathering Firewood Spring Tides
White Flower Millenium Bridge 2 Dordle Door
Black Smoke Tower Bridge at Night Lady of the Lake
Ocean Spray Pink Rose Sky Divers
Dancing at Lughnasa Farrier at Work Net Fishing
Creegh River meets the Sea Red Sky at Night - Shepherd's Delight Buff-tailed Coronet
Plaza de Armas Coconut Trees Blennerville Windmill 2
Blue Footed Booby Galway Bay Atlantic Evening
Half & Half Violet Tailed Sylph Rufous Tailed Hummingbird
Where is everyone? Not so sure? Whirligig
Sally Lightfoot The Gift of a Rooster ... and a Goat! Clew Bay Sunset
Phi Lad Elp Hia Tenderness
Mr Tayto Purple Throated Woodstar Torc Waterfall
Sunday Best Red-Flag, Green-Flag Red Rose
Ripples Coconut Tree Galápagos Sea Lion Pup
Kimmeridge Bay Milking Time Curious Kids
Autumn Colours Lake of Learning There's something in your eye!
Dordle Door Scarecrow Picnic Buddies
Political Scarecrow Calico Cat Water Sellers
Black & White Coconut Grove Kermit
Cooling Off All Washed Up Sheebeen
Fresh Mango Leaves Sand Hound Buff-tailed Coronet
Young Wild Boar Tropical Downpour Last Rays
Bad Ass Balloons Roadside Mango Stall A Place beyond our Dreams
Evining Run Snow White Overshadowed
Bucketload of Mangoes Christmas Iguana 2 Grain Store
What's that smell? Kayaking on the Shannon Escape
Red-billed Tropicbird Flooded Roads Galápagos Giant Tortoise
Hitching a Ride Atlantic Coast Steam-Enging Steering
Going for a Swim Torc Waterfall Painter
Corfe Castle at dawn Bottoms Up Plumbing the Depths
Hand Loom Another hard day at the office? Homework
Lough Derg Riverfest 2012 Fresh Bread
Horizontal Rain Autumn Colours 2 Struggle: Clouds vs. Sun
Water Melon Booted Racket-Tail Audience with the Chief 2
Sun Room Horse Fair Tro-Tro
Atlantic Storm Can I come in? Guard Dogs
Hand-Loom Doughmore Beach Simiu School
African Sunset Evening Stroll Pike Fishing 2
Enjoying the Fair Clew Bay Tower Bridge 4
Violet Tailed Sylph Buff-tailed Coronet Doolin Harbour 2
Fighting Irish Water Wheelies Light Shade
Clowning About Fawn Breasted Brilliant (Heliodoxa rubinoides) Brenu Beach Mural
Feed Me Ballinasloe Horse Fair Head-Gear
Walk! Atlantic Dunes Jacqueline with her Mom
Prayer Tree Three Boats Enjoying the Attention
Enjoying the Horse Fair Old Harry Rocks Dusty Roads
Old Friends Seafront Buff-tailed Coronet
River Shannon Modes of Transport Lone Surfer
Old-Timer Western Emerald Tides Out
Pike Fishing The End of the Day Keep Off
Happy Family Group Blue Footed Booby Flashing - Bareback
Creepers Crossing Atlantic Coast Punk Rocker
Sea Stack 2 Back Off! Mockingbirds
Deep Thought Theresa Rufous Tailed and Green Crowned Brilliant
Mutton Island Buff-tailed Coronet Lavender Lady
Brown Inca  (Coeligena wilsoni) Swan Landing in Fog Tetrahedral
Corfe Castle pre-dawn Christmas Iguana 3 Springtime
Mutton Island 2 Red Footed Booby Nazca Boobies
Doolin Harbour Atlantic Coast Atlantic Storm
Stand Off Doughmore Beach Three in a Row
Playful Pup Swallow-tailed Gull (Creagrus furcatus) Mutton Island
Spring Evening - Black Bridge Giant Tortoise (Chelonoidis nigra) Fawn Breasted Brilliant (Heliodoxa rubinoides)
Magnificent Frigate Birds Waved Albatros Chick Security Detail
Seal Lion in Flight Christmas Eve Magnificent Frigate Birds
Waved Albatros