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Ghana Beaches

Most of these images were taken in the Cape-Coast, Elmina, Brenu Akyinim area (Central Region - Ghana)
Cockles Harvest Brenu Beach Brenu Beach Coconut Palm Root System Elmina Beach
Anomabu Beach Brenu Beach 7 Brenu Beach 5 Contorsionist Harmattan Haze
Brenu Beach Fishermen Return Brenu Beach 12 Brenu Beach 20 Brenu Beach 3
Brenu Beach 18 Fort St. Jago Elmina Sunset 3 Coconut Grove Brenu Beach 11
Brenu Beach Fort St Jago Harmattan Haze 4 Fishing Fleet Brenu Beach 14
Coastal Village Brenu Beach 2 Brenu Beach 9 Brenu Beach 21 Coconut Tree
Elmina Castle & Jagg Fort Fishermen Return Handstand Returning from the Market Snake Eel (Brachysomophis atlanticus)
Fort St Jago 3 Slash and Burn Brenu Beach East Anamabo Beach Brenu Beach
Elmina Beach Supply Chain Brenu Beach 10 Brenu Beach 13 Elmina Sunset
Rough Sea Elmina Bay Brenu Beach 16 Cape-Coast Beach Three Musketeers
Head Gear Elmina Bay Fort St Jago 4 Coconut Sunset Fish Drying
Brenu Beach 15 Billy the Kid Brenu Beach 22 Harmattan Haze 2 Rough Seas
Beach Manoeuvres Elmina Sunset 2 Elmina Bay 2 Elmina Castle & St. Jago Fort Elmina Bay
Going Fishing Beach Warriors Wall of Water Anamabo Beach Resort Another ho hum day in paradise
Brenu Beach 21 Cape-Coast Hooded Vulture (Necrosyrtes monachus) Brenu Beach Brenu Beach 25
Beach Football King Canute Weighing Anchor Bootleg Block-making Oranges for Sale
Sunrise Smiles Elmina Coastline Fishing Fleet's Return Christmas Eve Harmattan Haze 3
Brenu Beach 24 I'm Watching You Brenu Beach 23 Beach Football Brenu Beach 17
Christmas Eve 2 Fish Fillets - a la plage Harmattan Haze Elmina Sunset 4 Going Fishing
The Chief of the Fisherfolk Sunset Ballet Fun on the Beach Busea Beach Snake Eel (Brachysomophis atlanticus)
The Beautiful Game Brenu Beach Catching Crabs Last Rays Soccer Team
Cutlass meets Coconut African Sunset Brenu Beach Elmina Bay Fishing Village by the Sea
Fisherman Running Water Firewood Cape-Coast Beach Net Fishing
Elmina Bay Defensive Pose Coconut Trees Coconut Grove Evining Run
Sand Hound Race for Home Coconut Tree Snake Eel Fun on the Beach
Brenu Beach Mural Cooperation? Cuttlefish Beach Resort Red Kite Sky
Creepers Crossing Kojo Fishermen Returning Bedtime Stories? Dangerous Passage
Golden Hour Village Effort! Footprints in the Sand Newspaper Reading Dangerous Passage 2
Five Small Fish Life's a Beach Good day at the Market Sorting the Catch Traditional Dress
Homeward Bound Mending the Nets Brenu Sunset Kon-Kon-Sah Fishermen Return 2
Disaster in Paradise Camouflage Shhh! Small Girl Tropical Sunset
Launching though the Waves Beach Fishing Brenu Beach Coconut Party Homeward Bound 2
Homeward Bound Fancy Footwork Launching though the Waves 2 Village Effort! This way to the Fire
Sea meets Land Breaking Through Posing Tropical Sunset Thanksgiving Celebrations
Brenu Sunset Wedding Cake Hazy Sunset Ready to Launch Coconut Kids
The Band High Jinks at Dusk Northern Red Bishop  (Euplectes franciscanus) Having a Laugh Village weaver (Ploceus cucullatus) - Building the Frame
Brenu Beach - Harmattan Sunset Sunset Javelin Practice Brenu Beach Sunset African Dawn Coconut Sunset