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One world IV

Every year near the end of August, over 3 million people celebrate the "Museumsuferfest" (Museum Embankment Festival) at Frankfurt, a festival where art and museum goers enjoy entrance to the city's museums.
It`s one of the largest street festivals in europe.

Some say the city is just about banking and skyscrapers, look a little deeper and the city reveals a rich appreciation for the arts seen in its many museums, art, and antique galleries.

The cosmopolitan, international, sophisticated city also know as "Mainhattan" has the largest skyline in Germany and creates the perfect backdrop at night for strolling and searching for the perfect art piece or enjoying an "Apfelwein" (Frankfurt's style of cider).

Along with art, "Museumsuferfest" visitors can expect to find a wide range of cultural events, fine foods, children's themed events, and information stands along the banks of the river.

Immigration and emigration have characterised the City of Frankfurt throughout its history. Today, approximately one quarter of Frankfurt’s residents have foreign citizenship. This does not include those of foreign origin, whose families have lived in Frankfurt for generations and who have acquired German citizenship, for example, through naturalisation. According to current statistics, around one third of Frankfurt's residents have a migration background.

Frankfurt is a cosmopolitan service metropolis and its popularity is due, not least of all, to its open city politics and its central location in the Rhine-Main region. Frankfurt's residents include the employees of large service companies, artists, scientists, students from several universities and the employees of numerous diplomatic missions. There are also many workers from the commercial area and retail trade areas, hotels and restaurants and tradespersons. Refugees from all over the world have also found acceptance in Frankfurt. This diversity represents a special challenge for integration in Frankfurt am Main. Openness towards other cultures and tolerance towards strangers, on the one hand, and the idea of living together on the basis of a civil society have always been part of Frankfurt am Main, and make it Germany's most international city.

In the tradition and continuation of my galleries "One World" from 2007, 2009 and 2010 the title of this new gallery is "One World IV". The gallery contains the photographic impressions of the Museum Embankment Festival 2011. This year I`m very proud to present a lot of fotos taken by my wife Dagmar too :-).
Bollywood dancer... Generations... Passion... It`s life, not the photograph... ;-)
Zumba dancer Just a beginner... The talent is already visible... ;-) ***
The jump of an angel... *** Fire and ice... The excitement of the first public performance...
The colors of Sierra Leone The wink... Portrait of a gospel singer Little shining blue star...
Filipino bamboo dance... *** The inner eye... Similarity of facial expressions... ;-)
The blue glow... Bassman Sad lioness ( or butterfly?) Surprise
Event visitors Little Hindu princess for a day... *** Yes, I confess...
My fav combination of drugs ;-) Motion and (e)motion... Peruvian dance Indian Angel celebrates bollywood dance...
Drummer (or caller) of a dragon boat Close to her mum who`s performing a dance from Sierra Leone on stage The youngest dancer in the minutes before her debut... Portrait en situation ... from my fav model again ;-)
*** The very first steps on stage... Shiva`s pleasure... Stripes, waves and hands... ;-)
Latin dolls on stage... ;-) The dancing white thread... Pensive little girl with balloon Personality isn`t a matter of age... ;-)
*** *** *** The end...