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Black Paris

The idea to create this gallery came after a visit of an exhibition at the Museum "Cultures of the World" in Frankfurt named "Black Paris"(art and history of a black "diaspora" 1906-2006). After a request for taking fotos the friendly people of the museum allowed me to take some shots at the exhibition, these fotos are the main part of this gallery. In addition I will post some fotos to the theme from my previous and upcoming Paris trips. This gallery does not have the requirement of a scientific documentation. The pictures represent only single documentations and some own impressions to the topic. A certain order is not given.

It`s a very personal project, I will worked on it the next weeks and I like to share it with all are interested in the theme. Many of the pictures are documents/reproduction shots of the exhibition - the credits goes to the artists.

La jouvence de la jungle, 1995 (jungle youth) Noire et Blanche négatif (model with african mask) street portrait One day in Paradise...Freed?!
Jazz_1 B`day wishes to L. Jazz_2 Saxy player
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f78557147.bfffs7Cs.jpg hold No. 8 facade of the Museum für Weltkulturen (museum of the cultures of the world) Bella Below
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f78562956.ogUt4pb7.jpg La jouvence de la jungle, 1995 (jungle youth) Josephine Baker Noire et blanche (model with african mask)
*** reflection street portrait t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f78556282.nDLHBxt5.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f78556866.xTbG48k1.jpg Dancings: Le Tango Les Echos Noirs african barber shop
Josephine Baker Bal des Arts t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f78598331.Foa2q9e1.jpg music notes
Ask your Mama Mission Paris - Afrique... L`Ange (the angel) street portrait at Place  de la Bastille
La chasse aux Bons (the hunt for the coupons) music notes black (femal) power street portrait
Dancings: Le Jazz Dancings Program for La Joie de Paris african hair saloon
music notes Josephine Baker street portrait music notes
Program for Josephine Baker`s performance at Bobino,  1975 t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f78844284.1p813SpN.jpg music notes Josephine Baker
Prise au piège (imprisoned) street portrait front cover parade Josephine Baker music notes
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f78893289.uUFILLXQ.jpg music notes t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f78893760.cPKQ2p5O.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f79569096.VBrIgYm5.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f79569204.FUusowfn.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f79574815.QkIkogmf.jpg *** ***
Josephine Baker with children t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f79898249.V1op1G1E.jpg One day in Paradise...Freed?!  (detail) street portrait
Independance street portrait street portrait ***
*** *** street portrait ***
*** street portrait Kentucky Fried Chicken on strike