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Fotos are taken at the IRONMAN GERMANY/IRONMAN European Championship 2007(Triathlon), Frankfurt, 01-July 2007.

It`s a big annual event with over 500.000 spectators.

I was not interested in who`s the best, who`s the winner.

I was more interested in the "iron" faces and their expressions of these outstanding triathlon athlets.

Particularly I adore the older participants of this exciting event - the unknown heroes!

All pictures are taken at the marathon as the final discipline of the triathlon.

t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81479632.rfJxwvkF.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81480616.NdL28ZnE.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81480786.CxWL50eT.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81480853.cuR20Zc0.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81480892.lD8GnhlV.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81480920.UhxdiEeS.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81480952.irtiwj3u.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81481750.FM8fi0p5.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81482457.0kVc16wy.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81482666.MOK1zcNG.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81484676.jBnC5cUa.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81485239.AO3YQaLD.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81486754.T8o5w37L.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81487510.O5dTfCH1.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81489106.YA8wuFiQ.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81489821.RRPjwvWS.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81491258.33ouwWvn.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81492046.22Kh0oKi.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81492996.KqdIQc9S.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81493722.Vw2c1xoa.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81494226.7dkQy6lC.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81494490.DhNSLPoR.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81495022.SovkCIqY.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81495432.6Pccmhnw.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81496330.EY5egbB0.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81496735.lnNrPFx8.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81496912.Xlrv3RWs.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81497480.KJp7cVaZ.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81498142.iUJQ9bUr.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81498772.KllLTjGU.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81499542.41R5LXWT.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81499831.AWPL2daD.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81500064.6rEYWsBX.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81500233.LlPMZBSk.jpg Psycho! t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81501252.HHgtivAC.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81525419.fbelqWtT.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81526061.7h1ehvxH.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81527396.m4UwJr3N.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81527875.AKjghXsO.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81528123.RTNOa7if.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81528290.THkWYJ1Q.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81553551.EYQZp1BR.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81554027.CdJ833OM.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81554820.lTd416ts.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81555669.Q7GeuOXR.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81556857.hFmbxHVe.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81558288.ViAUr3r1.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81588299.WPODfaKn.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81594954.bKzEsN1H.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81595385.gM7smCYu.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81600969.cDe5wDW3.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81605723.qs5c9jl7.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81608007.rUCtQ8Jm.jpg the man between two women t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81613949.xWkuYGmB.jpg
t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81614798.upDY4BNQ.jpg women on top - as in photography! Franz and Alexander pain can be so beautiful too...
Listen to your body... t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81656509.mLCowFbs.jpg t6%2f26%2f601226%2f4%2f81665571.2WNZoh4a.jpg THE  END