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LIGHTHOUSES .... purchase from my website, which is linked below

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DSC07251.jpg Portland Headlight at sunset... which is your fave image in this gallery? also see my Calendars... DSC09139.jpg White Island Lighthouse Isle of Shoals New Hampshire.. see all my lighthouse below 22118/21146DAWN OF PEACE see my peronal website linked below AGLOW Portland Head Light see linked belos
DSC00066wow.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 4 sunsets 5671PROUD WOMEN at Nubble Lighthouse Maine... do you know her... reward $ 1387FIRE LIGHT!/ BROODING LIGHT! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger see 2 others in this gallery, more tomorrow DSC04716.jpg SKY! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger october 6
204THE KISS! see yesterday's pad linked below...Portland Head Light... see link below.. DSC00053jpg...THE GRAND LADY AWAITS SUNRISE AND A NEW YEAR! HAPPY NEW YEAR!  best, don 3786328! BROODING moments of light at the Nubble, once again my daughters birthday!!!!... very different moment below, DSCO 9107 jpg/9994  5 ANGELS/GULLS RIDE THE LIGHT!!! portland head light, lighthouses, by donald verger
DSC00077.jpg Tranquility or meandering fence  at PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER SUNSET MAINE LIGHTHOUSES DSC00160.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES cruisin to port/SENTRY by donald verger september 25 2474!2453 GRANDEUR at Nubble Lighthouse York Maine DSC03432 2263.8954. dedicated to Lois A Rainbow Hunter... THE NUBBLE, nubble lighthouse, york, maine, i left, then saw a white cloud
NOR EASTER BEARS DOWN ON NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE YORK MAINE ... maybe the best moment of 4,000 clicks over 2 days 00173 BEACON of HOPE, hand held :( PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger lightouse september 15 87MEANDERING FENCE AND SHADOW PLAY...PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger please comment your fave! DSC00211.jpg THE LIGHT in the DARK... portland head light lighthouse by donald verger sunrise september 19
DSC09978.jpg NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE  last night... lighthouses york by donald verger 2308!a last image...  NUBBLE LIGHT, maine... please comment on this or last nights pad image, also HEATHER!!! people come from all around the world, even from Georgia! and they all have more cameras then me... portland light 2212!DSC09945.jpg A FEW MINUTES AGO! EXTRAORDINARY LIGHT AT NUBBLE LIGHT HOUSE YORK MAINE DONALD VERGER
DSC08501.jpg After the Storm portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses 75DSC03419.jpg deatil of stormfront behind nubble lighthouse over dist boon light 1382DSC09975/stnd PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT, by donald verger lighthouse angler meets the sunrsise! 24DSC00070.jpg Char kindly says Fabulistic :) you could help me by.....
...  THE BREEZE ... p1040605 465..DSCN4142.JPG/0/2///465 DSC04543.jpg nubble light house! wedding photographer waits for the moment DSC07235.pad well i guess i am enamored by this lighthouse... and i love blue and pink and white.. and red!
279''275;67//66xxx49..My morning today!//36(39///42) PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT, MAINE 583DSC03522.363.jpg SUN SHOW SQUALL DSC00548.jpg SUNRISE! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger... lighthouses, long story FOR Barbara's EYES only! this is my first nude self portrait after the
DSC05343 HOPE... by donald verger, anyone want to hold an umbrella next time FLYING DREAM DSC00056/647/659 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT... maine The most photographed lighthouse in the world! DSC02540jpg .........AMAZING 15 minutes before sun rise... allusive short lived moments... at Portland Head Light
55;DSC06905.jpg DSC00001.jpg RIDE THE SUN portland head light lighthouses maine donald verger 112DSC03684_2.jpg SMALL LIGHT OF HOPE in the darkness of a wild storm at Nubble lighthouse, maine DAWN EARLY LIGHT at portland head light, my first finisded panorama 3/20/07
DSC00103.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT #5 IN A SERIES TAKEN THE OTHER NIGHT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE amazing evening by donald verger this is sunset DSC03396.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger AFTER THE STORM LIGHTHOUSES DSC09908wow.jpg DAWN'S MAGIC GLOW at Portland Head Light by donald verger maine lighthouses
66DSC00054.jpg HAPPY NEW YEAR! THE DAWN WARMS THE QUENN! healt and peace... see 3 more... DSC09850.jpg SUNRISE PPORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger the first kiss of light DSC00675.jpg ' MORNING MAGIC OVER THE ATLANTIC OCEAN AND PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT'  a new day of hope and beauty DSC08459.jpg see all my newest images and lighthouses at...
DSC08027.jpg nubble lighthouse last night.... see 1374!DSC09108.jpg nubble lighthouse at sunset looking east... which do you prefer????? PORTLAND HEADLIGHT CLOUDS  996DSC09979.jpg newly discovered framing today... the only image where i included the right side DSC00201pano.jpg center image of a Portland Head Light panorama dec 22, 06 same day as finished pano...
367DSC03428.jpg an AMAZING STORM FRONT BLOWS THROUGH NUBBLE LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE  720NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE DISTANT VIEW .... DSCO9126 looking east at sunset! DSC00150.jpg portland head light lighthouse by donald verger september 19 DSC03408.jpg days end Portland Head Light lighthouses by donald verger september 29
DSC00428.jpg :))))))) pre dawn magic at portland head light Dec 22 - Pano with draft text........... whatdayathink? .... and HAPPY HEALTHY NEW YEARS TO ALL MY FRIENDS!!! 17DSC07247.jpg INCREDABLE CALICO SKY PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE DSC09208.jpg  SPLASH!- sky and surf portland head light donald verger lighthouses maine
DSC08467.jpg portland head light JOY lighthouses maine donald verger DSC09166.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AFTER THE STORM AND self portrait... also see a fleeting moon at...  VERMILLION DAWN LASTED 40 SECONDS 20 MINUTES before sunrise and gone!, DSC00118 DSC07773.jpg CARDS FOR SALE :)... $4 EACH.... MY FRIEND CASEY!
DSC08573. DAWN Greets the LIGHT....Quoddy Light, lubec, maine... a packed pizza box away DSC00300.jpg BLUE BRAIDED SKY OVER PORTLAND HEADL LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER 1447QUIET DAWN OVER THE ATLANTIC  DSC09403  SENTINAL  Giant storm blew in all night and i braved a bit of warm rain to see the ocean flying and the light at work!
DSC00051phl.jpg ... being present in one place... :) 159DSC07268.jpg SUNSET PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE DONALD VERGER WAS WILLING TO HAVE MY CAR LOCKED IN! 76DSC03652.jpg STORM FRONT PEACEFUL RESOLUTION:  A WILD few cold hours at Nubble Lighthouse, which is your fave??? 1359DSC08951.... MAGIC AT THE NUBBLE... nubble light... Nubble Lighthouse... york beach, maine, see...
DSC03245.jpg 'YOURG LOVE ........ sense of scale at Portland Head Light, wb=flash -3 DSC09956.jpg 6:08am sunrise coming PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE PHOTOGRAPHY 03579.OCT 5th CHALLENGE!  NIGHTS BLACKNESS SURRENDERS... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger Quilted Sky DSC00141.jpg i just decided, quickly, that this is my favorite of my portland head light images... see
 DANCING CLOUDS DSC09953 DSC00053/86/103 just found this one!!! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT CREATION LIGHTHOUSES DONALD VERGER MAINE 346Nubble Storm - text.jpg ... UNFINISHED PANORAMA of wild snow squalls, frighteing winds, and wild sun DSC00226.jpg the MAGNIFIGNACE OF PRTLAND HEAD LIGHT AND THE SKY lighthouses donald verger
DSC00189.jpg GOLDEN DAWN AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE LIGHTHOUSES DONALD VERGER DSC09764.jpg serendipity.... RIDE DAWN'S LIGHT JAN 5TH 1st draft of PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DAWN TENRILS this moment lasted about 30 seconds! lighthouses, maine, 148DSC03644.jpg RESOLUTION AT DUSK OF WILD STORMRONT at Nubble Light maine
23DSC00059 just found image... WISHING YOU A YEAR OF LIGHT AND DRAMA... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ON SEPTEMBER 4, 2006 DSC00120.jpg this lasted maybe 1 minute and dissapeared to gray 10 minutes before sunrise DSC09696diff.jpg 309DSC03431.jpg 'WILD SNOW SQUALLS AND LIKELY WATERSPOUTS AT NUBBLE LIGHT
DSC00797.jpg DSC00044.jpg WEDDING!!! AT NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE! FLOWER GIRL STEALS THE SHOW! DSC09980.jpg nubble lighthouse lighthouses portland head light aslo donald verger portland head light.... JOURNEY!!!  this one may be my fave! what do you think? donald verger, see them all...
DSC02661.jpg wild noreater... shot thru windshield wipers, wild wind, very heave rain... can???? DSC06733.jpg WISHING YOU A YEAR OF PEACE AND WELLBEING... :)))) sunset Portland Head Light DSC00015.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE as seen by donald verger september 4, see... 337DSC03435.jpg SNOW SQUALL AT NUBBLE LIGHT
SEPTEMBER 11th... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... a new dawn DSC07740.jpg 59DSC06895+250.jpg just found this! which do you like better???? nubble lighthouse DSC00139 raw/jpeg... THE MAGIC OF THE LIGHT OF DAWN this may be my favorite of all my images... taken yesterday in florida
DSC02385.jpg MONSTER WAVE ... Nor Easter at moment of High tide, Nubbel light, york maine DSC05490 AFTER THE STORM PORTLANDHEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER 62DSC03561.jpg STORM FRONT FLIGHT nubble light lighthouse york beach maine DSC07042.jpg sumac at Portland HEAD LIGHT ... BUSY DAY... TANKER, TUGS, AND LOBSTERING!!! MAINE DONALD VERGER
DSC00520.jpg  the KISS portland head light donald verger lighthouses maine landscape jpeg7259?this was the very last shot/an afterthought... handheld at 1/20 :(, but a bit dreamy and quiet DSC09955.jpg NUBBLE LIGHT HOUSE YORK LIGHTHOUSE DONALD VERGER drove off highway... 42DSC06891.jpgpadded i got soaked yesterday... wish i had an umbrella holder...please help me pick one or two...
45DSC02900700.jpg NOR EASTER ROARS THRU NUBBLE LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE, MAINE DSC08186.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AFTER THE STORM DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES CAPE ELIZABETH DSC04010 ............ CASTLE IN THE SKY  full moon rises over Portland Headlight... a 20 second surpirse! DSC04711.jpg Portland Head Light... one of my very first light house shots
87DSC08544.jpg please comment on which of these two you like best.... DSC00008plane.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES HERE COMES THE SUN! fedex lines up to land by donald verger 40DSC03370.jpg see them all in link below... nubble lgihthouse stormfront DSC06932.jpg
DSC04526.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouses by donald verger october 6 DSC08562.jpg Dawns first lights.... Quaddy light house... Lubec, easternmost miane DSC07850.jpg FLOWERS IN THE STORM PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSE MAINE STORM SURF 81DSC00045.3.jpg i like quiet shots, THIS is a quieter, earlier image of one of my most clicked lighthouse images, which??????
DSC09807.jpg very strange/unusual sunrise on the horizon line! DSC08423.jpg :)))))) out on the rocks near high tide after storm portland head light DSC08044.jpg Paul and Mike from Michigan... new friends at the Portland head light miane 33DSC09722.jpg revisited my fave maine lake, see the images from 30 below zero
09792.jpg portland head light lighthouse by donald verger... i so like the soft pink and blue banding DSC09836.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT donald verger, WAVES OF GRAIN DAWN ... see... DSC00147 DAWN OF PEACE ... portland head light lighthouse by donald verger, september 19, see more DSC09229 'MIRROR IMAGE' sky and water filled with whtie and shapes! PROTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER MAINE LIGHTHOUSES
81DSC04433.jpg DSC00139.jpg sea smoke! .....  CREATIONS DANCE ... SUNRISE BELOW ZERO AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT, FROZE, OVER TEH ATLANTIC OCEAN DSC09369.jpg................. MOONRISE OVER THE ATLANTIC........ 8DSC07208.jpg
154DSC03436.jpg WILD SNOW SQUALL AND WATERSPOUT AT NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE DSC09924.jpg NIGHT COMES... portland head light by donald verger... all hand held, no photoshop 276DSCN5278_1_2.jpg a possible wedding card??? created from horizontal by Lois 50;DSC06919.jpg
197DSC03593.jpg  SUN AND STORM DSC00181.jpg TWO GULLS at SUN RISE!  for Lois DSC08252.jpg 'SEAGULLS DELIGHT! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER MAINE LIGHTHOUSES CAPE ELIZABETH DSC00109phl.jpg HOPE The Sun Rises thru the Storm At Portland Head Light and the Atlantic Ocean
DSC08609.jpg Dawn's Lights ...... ps should i straighten this a bit in iphoto? DSC00846.jpg apreveiously walk away from dull dawn goes good... portland head light, im off for a while 29DSC06909.jpgaddedlateby20 please help me pick the best lighthouse shots 7DSCN9286.JPG dance of the planets///146
DSC03856.jpg CLOUDY  AFTERNOON AT PORTLNAD HEAD LIGHT :) and see a wildly clicked new image THANKS to TERRI  STEELE!!!!! for moving bushes for me to hide to fence in this reckless image, see her fine work... 478NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE PATRIOT'S DAY STORM POSTER- my first poster- linked below, please let folks know so i can buy the sony a900 DSC00141.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AT DARK DAWN
DSC04809.jpg i waited hours of boring sky, and then... PINK FOG!!!!!!!! rolled in! and i tried to hold it gently 675DSC08924.jpg Pure Magic at Nubble Lighthouse York Maine an image right out of the camera DSC08117.jpg DSC00206.jpg  1 OF MANY MOODS THIS ONE DAWN ALSO see... Portland Head Light, donald verger, lighthouse
  .........FOR LOIS......... 03868 jpeg DSC09953 portland head light lighthouse by donald verger a taste of winter to come DSC09722.jpg COTTON CANDY SKY... Portland Head Light a moment after sunset... last light 25;DSC06907.jpg this one shows the keepers little white transport basket.. whichof these is your fav???
DSC09959.jpg.... SKY OF HEAVEN thanks to Knox O ... sunset at portland head light maine 132DSC03401.jpg MAGIC LIGHT IN A WILD VIOLENT SNOW SQUALL at nubble light lighthouse maine 22DSC03476.jpg... see them all... STORMFRONT at Nubble Lighthouse, maine in link below... 100DSC03437.jpg 'SNOW SQUALL AND DISTANT WATER SPOUT AT NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE... lighter than adj one
DSC08556.jpg First Light... Lubec, easternmost maine... morning star/venus? packed in a pizza box DSC00073.jpg me? i love this one! portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses DSC00866-R PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SUMACS! DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE 186DSC03395.jpg
Dec 22 Bird Pano800.jpg predawn SUNRISE at PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT donald verger maine lighthouses DSC09879.jpg DAWN!!!!! portland head light lighthouses maine donald verger DSC09887.jpg 'PROMETHEAN DAWN' portland head light lighthouses maine donald verger 62;DSC04727PORTLANDHEADLIGHTOCEANDANCE800x600.jpg...    SENTINEL
DSC09557st.jpg DAWN COMES   ... portland head light DSC09247.jpg DSC02793.jpg NUBBLE LIGHT S AT NIGHT FALL   see the link below for possibly fastest clickedd image ever DSC09998_2.jpg lone angler at portland head light maine , dawn
 EAGLES MAJESTY! DSC09716.jpg DSC07377.jpg 168DSC03526.jpg STORM ENERGY at Nubble Light , id love to have you comment on your fave in...
DSC00050phl.jpg Jan 16 Pano - Words.jpg !ST ROUGH DRAFT!!! how do you like the feel? and this gallery has more DSC08455.jpg with magical red lit window form the setting sun DSC08007.jpg cloud not so cool, but a moment of pink lt on lt house
DSC09130.jpg DSC07680.jpg ribbons of cloud light.... also see... DSC00504.jpg PORTLANDHEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 29 great day after storm DSCN5628.jpg ABLAZE or TODAY'S PROMISE sunrise over Ram Light Lighthouse portland maine
DSC09776.jpg THE SUN RIDES THE WAVES at portland head light! see a 2nd image at... 141DSC03505.jpg DSCN0417.JPG DSC06209.jpg AMAZING CELESTIAL MOMENT AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DAWN! lighthouses by donald verger
DSC04595.jpg hand held/nuts... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger october 6 DSC00140.jpg NUBBLE LIGHT HOUSE LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger day gives way to the light september 28 DSC00316.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE Quilted Sky by donald verger DSC02246.jpg portland head light and ram lighthouse in background after very intense dawn
DSC08566.jpg do you see the hint of the portland light houses reflection in the moving water? 82/84/94DSC03902.jpg BRIALLIANCE OR ABLAZE  sunrise at Portland Head Light seamoke dawn as fishing boat heads out DSC00330.jpg seen at dawn from portland head light lighthouse by donald verger DSC07885.jpg portland head light donald verger lighthouses maine storm
DSC00219.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE ... SWEET LIGHT! Jan 26 - sea smoke pano.jpg first draft....  a cloud of sea smoke blankets the atlantic at portland head light DSC00675_2.jpg BLACK ICE DSC00056 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger september 22
DSC06962.jpg  DAWN COMES to Portland Head Light  ... the cold/dark ams have just drawn me back DSC00316lthse.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE  lighhouses by donald verger september 26 DSC09228.jpg bright sun and the air full of spray from the storm leaving Portland Head Light DSC04449.jpg SOMEONE IS PAYING BIGGER BUCKS THAN ME... me? i froze to death this am! Portland heald light lighthouses  verger
DSC00492.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES DAWN by donald verger october 3 DSC03885.jpg716 ............. HEADING OUT  past the Queen, portland head light DSC09999470.jpg DSC03397.jpg686 Quick snap of Marshall Point lighthouse port clyde maine on weedend trip with Lois
DSC03981.jpg Wild Sky at Portland Head Light one of 600 as i ran all around the lighthouse following the clouds, see.. DSC07379.jpg 07912.for Robin, pre~dawn!  an explosion of color from all grey! THE EARTH AS A BOWL PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT MAINE LIGHTHOUSES 120DSC03556.jpg NUBBLE LIGHT SQAULL FRONT ... id love to know your fave and why in this gallery, this...
DSC07786650.jpg IM COLD my camera is wet behind the lens... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER MAINE TODAY DSC00117.jpg :)  snow squall sky DSC00512.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT BLUES LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 29  LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS prayer for Jack in the hospital... Norma and Jack renewed their vows celebrating 50 years... prayers...
DSC08424.jpg please comment on the one of these two you like best and why would help :) protland head light DSC07236.jpg DSC00500.jpg HEADING OUT AT FIRST LIGHT lobster boat passes Portland Head light donald verger maine lighthouses DSC00366.jpg BEACONS! PORTLAND HEADLIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger at sunrise september 16
DSC06070.jpg DAWNS FIRST LIGHT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT 6:58:18 first glimpse as i deleted images for room DSC00297.jpg seen from the portland head light lighthouse by donald verger :) DSC00558.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouses by donald verger DSC00348 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 22 see more...
DSC03321.jpg GLORIOUS SKY at PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT BY DONALD VERGER SEPT 29TH! DSC00498.jpg portland head light lighthouse by donald verger sept 18 faint moon DSC07769.jpg DSC04863.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger TUG HEADS OUT TO SEA
DSC00270pano.jpg the center image of todays PANO... anyone do panos?? and how? DSC00845.jpg DSC09142.jpg... Nubble Lighthouse looking east at sunset :) ..... also see very clicked..... DSC07197.jpg just found this one and love it! doing a 3 day show..ahhh!
DSC00132jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger september 26 dawn... here comes the sun DSC00063.jpg an all gray after rainy day sky... suddenly lit! :) DSC00021.jpg RAINBOW'S END.....  PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT sunset after a wild sky afternoon... LAST LIGHT 91DSC03628_2.jpg STORM/SNOW SQUALL RETREATS toward sunset an Nubble lighthouse maine
DSC09628.jpg DSC00056_2.jpg DSC08037.jpg lonely quiet and blue with red of light and red of the biggest light reflected... hand held, stupid DSC00123 PREDAWN! was all grey, i looked down, and then THIS, and moments later all gone and gray!
716DSC00964.jpg561 Winter Snow Falls on Nubble Lighthouse York Beach Maine DSC09842.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger DSC09907.jpg DSC07376.jpg the moment before dawn
DSC00284.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SKY! lighthouse by donald verger DSC00532lthouse.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger DSC00493.jpg seen from portland head light lighthouse by donald verger DSC00499.jpg PROUD LADY AND OLD GLORY portland light house, donald verger, maine lighthouse
DSC00436phl.jpg same pre dawn morn seen in link below... :)))))))))) BEOFRE sunrise... prtland head light 13;DSC07252.jpg just taken...after i had stopped... see more in this series and other new shots at... DSC09388.jpg end of day at Monhegan Island ... seen from the Monhegan Lighthouse... ps????? DSC00037.jpg tanker rides the light to port
DSC05486.jpg i like and an amazed that the sky finds its pink way into the sea... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER fishingboat returns just before sunrise at portland head light ... strigtend not cropped. DSC01516_2.jpg 40DSC03390.jpg WILD AND SCARY SNOW SQUALL AND SUN  all the images in this gallery are within an hour or so DSC00259.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER don verger september 25
DSC09126.jpg portland head light   .. also see PINK AND PURPLE DAWN........DSC09364.jpg Portland Head Light DSC03398.jpg DSC00168.jpg portland head light, these 5 adjacent images are all the same predawn morn
DSC07133.jpg beauty in the fire scene... should i crop out most of the right and bottom?? see... DSC00094.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... donald verger... see this series mostly from one night DSC08563.jpg DSC09933.jpg
DSC09723.jpg cotton candy sky #2... please comment on the one you like better and why, me? 108DSC03645.jpg HOPE AFTER THE DARK STORM NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE YORK MAINE WATERSPOUT/SNOWSQUALL DSC00532.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger sept 18 DSC00137.jpg
DSC09756.jpg dawn 9/11 Portland Head Light a new dawn... i am auctioning an image from this dawn at... DSC08608.jpg please comment on which you prefer.. this one or the lighter one next to it DSC08005.jpg nice cloud.. dead lt on lthouse my light tan suede jacket... taken by my friend Patrick! trenched to the bone
THIS IS SUNRISE after the storm AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT FOR JACK AND NORMA.. JACK HAD A GOOD :) day yesterday!!! DSC04432.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER DSC09844.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... 9/12 dawn... waves coming? see. DSC00091.jpg first image dawn PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger
DSC00010.jpg BROODING PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouses by donald verger DSC09763.jpg SEPTEMBER 11TH, A NEW DAWN... portland head light, maine DSC00521.jpg seen at Portland Head Light, part of a panorama attempt DSC00562.jpg #2 in a sequence PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger dawn breaks red...
DSC09817l.jpg 14 Birds at Sunrise at portland head light DSC00726_2.jpg nubble lighthouse york maine quiet sunset looking east 172DSC03669/37.jpg DUSK TAKES THE STORM DSC00462phl.jpg ........ RED SEA this dawn was even wilder before i arrived... almost best
DSC00490.jpg risiing sun seen from portland headlight lighthouse by donald verger 162xDSC03848.jpg Portland Head Light :) DSC09605.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT... most photographed in the world DSC09350.jpg THE NEW MOON RESTS IN THE NEW MOON'S ARMS WITH VENUS OVER PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT
DSC00306.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger don verger september 25 DSC00122phl.jpg an image from sept 26ths shoot.. a day i need to look explore more P1070157800.jpg DSC05646 crescent moon graces PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES DONALD VERGER
DSC09999.jpg STOPPING BY THE SIDE OF THE ROAD maine DSC08700.jpg DSC04507.jpg For Lois, SUNRISE OVER THE ATLANTIC  Ram Ligh Lighthouse behind Portland Head Light DSC09812.jpg predawn sept 12, 2006 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by donald verger
DSC00923.jpg gorgeous portland head light dawn, center shot of hand held pano DSC00768.jpg SEA SMOKE sunrise 6 below, tomorrow ill say 10 below :) DSC09264800.jpg SURPRIES! for two young children and their mom at portland head light DSC00539.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 18
DSC09704.jpg DSC06294.jpg new friends! Howard and Gloria from North Carolin! hi! PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DOANLD VERGER MAINE DSC04540.jpg OH SAY CAN YOU SEE in the dawns early light... PORTLAND HEADL LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE DOANLD VERGER DSC05068 for Jack and Norma and their Family! the vastness of the dawn and tinynes of the boat
DSC03598.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT by DONALD VERGER lighthouses an extraordinary dawn october 1 2006 DSC07399.jpg DSC07255.jpg DSC09935.jpg in preparing for a show... i just found this image :)
9;DSC07215.jpg DSC04665650x.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER OCTOBER 7 DSC00214 SKY EYES! i was late for a date... she said where you shooting the clouds... i said yes, DSC09963.jpg FULL MOOM RISING: out of the Atlantic at Portland Head Light
DSC09402_2.jpg2 GULLS WARMED BY THE RISING SUN please comment on which of these 3 you prefer??? DSC09949.jpg DSC03864.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger sunrise :) october 1 19DSC04100.jpg
DSC06422.jpg NUBBLE LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE york beach maine ... attracts folks from around the world 29DSC00043.jpg FROM DARKNESS LIGHT  the Proud Lady, Portland Head lights awaits a new dawn and a new year, HAPPY NEW YEAR! DSC09317.jpg 'MERMAID' after one large splash at portland headl light.. a figure appeared, submerger and... 62DSC00050.jpg THE GRAND LADY GREETS THE SUN HAPPY NEW YEARS TO EVERYONE!!! best, don
DSC00251 BEACON PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT please seen the adjacent pad image linked below, it went on at midnight and DSC02106.jpg my birthday today :), this scene from the light house, where else DSC05643 DARKNESS GIVES WAY... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES DONALD VERGER MOONRISE OVER THE ATLANTIC an unfinished/unblended/unleveled pano
DSC04241.jpg DSC09617.jpg DSC00267.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger DSC02647_2.jpg   CRASH Nor Easter Roars at Nubble Light lighthouse, york, maine
DSC03587.jpg DSC00873.jpg DSC04097.jpg DSC09728.jpg
DSC05428.jpg DSC00834.jpg THE QUEEN STANDS AFTER THE STORM AT DAWN  and a grey ordinary morning yeilds 543DSC09052.jpg an overlooked image, there are others from this day in this gallery DSC00394vicing.jpg MERRY CHRISTMAS... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT WITH AN ICING OF DAWN'S WARM KISS
DSC00993.jpg DSC08564.jpg DSC01539_2.jpg DSC07625.jpg sumac reds and portland light.. see my new favorite image! at
DSC00951.jpg THE LIGHT first shot hand held on arrival this am... with nor easter approaching DSC08311.jpg FLY THE WIND AROUND THE PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT RAINY MORNING DONALD VERGER DSC07249.jpg DSC07694650.jpg for scale see the yellow slickered brave person... 60+mph, PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER MAINE LIGHTHOUSES
DSC00538.jpg ' SEA SMOKE DAWN 5 BELOW F AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES DSC00303_2.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DAWN WITH TINY GLOWING CLOUDS donald verger lighthouse DSC03812.jpg predawn MAGIC... a long story... but this moment lasted only about 30 seconds and was gone! portland head light DSC04124.jpg nubble light lighthouse or The Nubble ... nor easter blows thru, most roads closed
63DSC03682.jpg ill straighten it a bit later :), WHICH IS YOUR FAVE????  from this few hrs??? DSC04855.jpg SUNRISE BREAKS over PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER DSC04456.jpg DSC08040.jpg all these light house/sky images were last night... so varied, yet very ordinary light...almost left
DSC00031.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE  by donald verger DSC00917.jpg the center moment of a pano i hand held yesterday... with seagull and lobster boat DSC06844_2.jpg THE WISPY MOMENT JUST BEFOR SUNRISE  at portland head light DSC00112new.jpg
DSC06866.jpg DSC00317.jpg PROUD LIGHT DSC09797.jpg DSC02091.jpg
P1050565.jpg see this wonderful home/barn/structure in this gallery and DSC09649.jpg portland head light... 4th image...will pad an image soon DSC07212.jpg portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses DSC03799.jpg in the beginning
DSC00807.jpg ... :) DSC05350.jpg 95DSC03393.jpg DSC05470.jpg can someone remove the green? :)
DSC05215.jpg 2,000,000 views yesterday DSC00078.jpg DSC04143.jpg DSC08428.jpg as as friend Maureen says...  the light house sees all these moods of ocean and sky
DSC00061st1.2jpg TODAYS DAWN AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT ... THE QUEEN met Ian from England DSC07660.jpg DSC08090.jpg THE CURVED EARTH GENTLY SEEN portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses Jan 17#2 A SEA OF SEA SMOKE BLANKETS THE ATLANTIC OCEAN AND SURROUNDS THE PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT
DSC07386.jpg DSC08479.jpg Nubble Light and Moon Light on the eve of the eclipse DSC09852.jpg :))))))))))))))) portland head light this am... goin lobserin DSC00824.jpg
2;DSC07256.jpg DSC00318.jpg OH! how i like this quiet purple sky. shot as i saw it... portland head light by donald verger DSC01581.jpg DSC00196.jpg balanced on rice bag on car window, HOLIDAY MAGIC at NUBBLE LIGHTHOUSE YORK MAINE
DSC00433.jpg not portland head light but nubble lighthouse like a doll house handheld :( by donald verger DSC03812.jpg moments of magic before sunrise at portland head light DSC00436.jpg not portland head light for a change Nubble light york harbor 88DSC03503.jpg
DSC09817.jpg DSC03458.jpg DSC00101.jpg EIDER MIGRATION and SPRIIRT of EVERST and PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT donald verger Tugs lighthouse maine DSC04750.jpg was locked out of park this am... hiked in to this dawn PORTLAND HEALD LIGHT DONALD VERGER
DSC08266.jpg DSC04040.jpg DSC07245_2.jpg Nubble Light Maine DSC00390.jpg
DSC03160.jpg rock at the base of what else? PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DSC01867.jpg DSC04158.jpg alittle dark, ill try to lighten it in iphoto DSC09828.jpg BLUES trying to RETURN... portland head light
DSC07430.jpg ''PROMETHEAN SUNRISE PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES CAPE ELIZABETH MAINE DSC04530.jpg DSC08433.jpg DSC03692.jpg my very last image 1/40 hand held, just got a tripod
DSC08031.jpg wildclouds.jpg... testing... THANKS TO Emmanuel Panagiotakis (epphoto) !!! for all his generous help... see his.. 65LIGHTNING STRIKE AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT POSTER... SEE THEM ALL AT.... DSC09466.jpg
DSC07858.jpg DSC00066.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT lighthouse by donald verger september 22 DSC03055.jpg TWO NEW FRIENDS! on the first summery day in Portland! i am off to Camden! with my girlfriend! :) DSC00017.jpg THE QUEEN thrilled to find this image! of Portland Head Light back from september 4, 2006
DSC06347.jpg portland head light donald verger DSC09673.jpg DSC02811.jpg Ram LIght at early Dawn 9DSC04503.jpg
DSC02836_2.jpg DSC09784.jpg DSC00136_2.jpg 106/64DSC00577.jpg read about misidentification arrest and Donald Verger and The Innocence Project
45DSC03444.jpg i have finally decided that i think the image linked below is my FAVORITE for alot of reasons!.. DSC08436.jpg my sony only goes click click click 3 times... this was one quick click, while on cell phone with Lois DSC04013 LAST LIGHT AT PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DSC00396.jpg THREE LIGHTS this wonderful crescent moon sky occurred 1/2 BEFORE sunrise!
DSC07241.jpg 29DSC03504.jpg BLACK SNOW SQUALL tornado out to see in other images 103DSC08288.jpg Red Sky at night at Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse preceeding a strong storm... see the blue image the next morn DSC03534_2.jpg the Nor Easter with 8 inches of rain... abated abit, and i shot out the open window here
DSC08766.jpg DSCN9914_2.jpg 425DSC00953.jpg Nubble Lighthouse cape neddick york beach maine... see more below DSC04310.jpg TATTERS
DSC07346.jpg pre dawn! portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses DSC04084.jpg see this giant April storm at Nubble lighthouse york beach maine at... DSC06688.jpg portland head light donald verger lighthouses... handheld after the park closed DSC04546.jpg 'FULL MOON RISING PORTLANDHEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger
DSC07181.jpg DSC09743.jpg  CLOUD GULL at portland head light DSC08038.jpg DSC01224.jpg rolled my car window down to shoot out passenger side after snow... and took this
DSC01866.jpg THE VIEW OF DAWN FROM MY NEW LITTLE APARTMENT overlooking!!! :) Portland Harbor!!! DSC00444.jpg DSC09796.jpg last shot last night 9/12 something different DSC08687.jpg
DSC00691 PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES by donald verger october 4 DSC00350.jpg DSC06308.jpg as i was driving away... the sunset hit the portland head light! i love this one! DSC07257.jpg more distant, more isolated, more quiet, to me more iconic and mysterious, see more at...
DSC07250.jpg 116DSC08950.may08added Rainbow over Nubble LIghthouse, which of these four would be best poster DSC00618.jpg DAY BREAK at Portland Head DSC08472_2.jpg
DSC02304.jpg rushing to get out earlier for the pre dawn right now 23DSC02660_2.jpg do you like this one or the one linked below better for a postcard, thanks DSC00502.jpg see the link below :)))))) DSC04440.jpg
DSC00348v.jpg DSC07861.jpg DSC03902_2.jpg we just found this image DSC01369.jpg the tiny but distinct sunburst/sunrise is hard to see in this small size image from this am
DSC03222.jpg Ram Lighthouse at Dawn, portland maine DSC09636.jpg see them all, a still growing experience with the light and skies of portand head light DSC08060.jpg some mornnings this tiny line of predawn pink explodes quickly into fire... not today... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT DSC00138pinkphl.jpg
399DSC00804.jpg Man rescuing his Dog Nubble  Lighthouse Snow Storm Cape Neddick Maine DSC07733.jpg HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOIS :)))))))))) DSC00025.jpg
DSC09714.jpg DSC07174.jpg portland head light donald verger maine lighthouses 127DSC00765 Lightning Strikes over Portland Head Lighthouse quick moving storm front,not sure i should have stayed on the rocks DSC09696.jpg quiet dawn at portland head light... see...
DSC08436jpg 27,455 see  images on my personal webisite also , this is Nubble lighthouse york maine DSC07898.jpg portland head light dawn DSC08013.jpg DSC07987.jpg portland head light dawn
DSC07883.jpg pre dawn magic :) DSC04018.jpg DSC07141.jpg can someone remove the flare? should it be? SEASMOKE SUNRISE , i froze!` DSC09129.jpg i like that this image of nubble shows the bit of wave as well
DSC00067burtst.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SUNRISE WITH DRAMA DONALD VERGER, LIGHTHOUSES, MAINE DSC04812.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AT DAWN DONALD VERGER MAINE LIGHTHOUSES DSC09129_2.jpg RAm Island lighthouse with my frined Elizabeth Fraser DSC01459.jpg  Escher clouds the center of of a possible pano i could knit
DSC00048l.jpg SEA SMOKE OVER THE ATLANIC Portland Head Light or THE LIGHT LIT DSC09274.jpg BIG! portland head light donald verger lighthouses lighthouse maine DSC02863 MAJESTY..... WAITING MOON  for Lois who called to say someone hung the moon DSC04421.jpg
69DSCN3385.jpg296 FACES OF INNOCENCE DSC00154.jpg DSC09386.jpg........... 'MOON RISE OVER THE ATLANTIC .... TAKE #2 DSC00660.jpg TINY BOAT HEADS OUT FOR LOBSTER PAST THE GRAND LADY  portland head light maine
DSC04663.jpg which do you prefer? h or vertical... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER DSC09461.jpg distand Ram Island Lighthouse as seen from portland head light with only 5x :( DSC05149.jpg FLIGHT OF CORMORANTS MIGRATE PAST PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT BY DONALD VERGER DSC00034.jpg LOBSTERIN THE DAWN at Portland Head LIght a fortuitous moment and light
DSC00479.jpg SEA SMOKE BLANKETS PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SUNRISE donald verger maine lighthouses, frozen! Mitchell Point Lighthouse port clyde maine ... raining, it seemed boring, so tried something quick DSC03841.jpg portland head light dawn DSC06544.jpg
DSC06158.jpg  distant Ram Light Lighthouse portland maine at sunrise DSC00231_2.jpg DSC06307.jpg 2DSC04399_.jpg please comment right on the one you like best for a postcard i am doing
DSC00838.jpg........OEACNSKY  at portland head light 49DSC01534.jpg122 THE QUEEN! - Portlad Head Light - taken just before my arrest last year DSC03991.jpg DSC07191.jpg i shot these shots fast... shot it light to feel the feeling of it
57DSC00661.jpg Portland Head Light LIghthouse Seasmoke at sunrise see links below DSC06852.jpg DSC09790.jpg cotton candy PORTLANDHEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE DSC08004.jpg trying to reveal subtle white hanging clouds at portland head light this am and glint on ocean
17DSC03382.jpg DSC08674.jpg sunburts! sad, you cant see in this size the starburst of the sun in this lovely sunrise portland head light DSC05449.jpg 'CORMORANTS MIGRATE PAST PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AT SUNRISE DONALD VERGER MAINE LIGHTHOUSES DSC05284ramlight.jpg
DSC09793.jpg is this ok with the bird so close to the edge??? it happened too quickly... ????? DSC05206.jpg   HERE COMES THE SUN just for a moment only... Ram lighthouse behind portland head light DSC03990 FULL MOON RISING OVER PORTLAND HEADLIGHT DSC08398.jpg
127DSC08387imagebassharborlighthouse.jpg Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse- Winter Storm Acadia National Park DSC02140.jpg SOAR into the light of dawn ... at portland head light, where else DSC08611.jpg subtle exposure differences... i think i know which one i prefer DSC07913.jpg
DSC09305.jpg Fishing into the Dawn at Portland Head Light DSC05169.jpg portland head light at dawn , cant make the vertical export yet DSC09100.jpg DSC08168.jpg
DSC06174.jpg DSC00132.jpg DSC00150phl.jpg DSC00943.jpg sunrise from my new apartment deck a few moments ago over casco bay, maine,
DSC08609.jpg one of the last few images after trying to leave after 800 shots today DSC00948.jpg CHASING RAINBOWS DSC03512.jpg DSC09578.jpg very quiet sky as 3 days of rain struggles for sun PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES DONALD VERGER
DSC0012207.jpg DSC00707.jpg featherpano5_2tifftojpeg.jpg .... a New Day's Dawn Greets Portland Head Light :) DSC06309.jpg
DSC00794.jpg i ust found this quiet sunrise... i respond to quiet images... i like the little white bits of cloud too DSC06573.jpg DSC03475.jpg DSC09948.jpg FUL MOON RISING  #2
219DSC01812.jpg74 New Brunswick ~ Head Harbour Lighthouse CAMPOBELLO ISLAND 23DSC03674.jpg DSC05255.jpg DSC03340.jpg
DSC00049.jpg 13x19 images... for SHOW... 20 images framed in all 69DSC09933.jpg Pemiquid Lighthouse Maine at sunset with crescent moon ... more lighthouses linked below DSCN5551.jpg HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOIS... RAM LIGHTHOUSE AT DAWN DSC08667.jpg
DSC05429.jpg DSC00257.jpg OLD GLORY as seen from PORLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 22 DSC01724.jpg this sky persisted almost unchanged a very long time... other am s are fleeting DSC09258.jpg
DSC00104.jpg DSC06811.jpg P1000054.jpg new camera to take to fla for birds, got it last night, but hands still cold from yest DSC00251phlseagull.jpg interesting clearing sky at portland head light
DSC02326.jpg .... 83% MOON hangs over  Portland Head Light at dusk... LAST LIGHT DSCN5634.jpg DSC09490.jpg see my BLOG/AUCTION underconstruction... may be up today DSC09470.jpg
53DSC00898.jpg Portland Head Lighthouse at winter sunrise DSC01013.jpg DSC00455.jpg the center of a pano i hand held in yesterday wonderful predawn fire... see link below DSC00262.jpg
DSC07241.jpg HIDE and SEEK with the rising sun in zero degree dawn over the atlantic DSC09472.jpg P1000089.jpg DSC08184.jpg
35DSCN3266.jpg Hendricks Lighthouse Southport Maine see lighthouses linked below 108DSC01322.jpg133 Portland Head Light the other day DSC00003smoke.jpg sea smoke below zero portland head light DSC09664.jpg last nights sky, while waiting for a freind... see my new BLOG/EBAY AUCTIONS!
41DSC09592.jpg see links below DSC09593.jpg DSC09655_2.jpg one of the earlies photos i took of the portland head light with an interstign sky DSC09374.jpg
DSC03705.jpg OCEAN GOLD DSC00815.jpg DSC08167.jpg see... DSC05020.jpg Ram lighthouse ... the pilot boat returns at dawn... a tanker soon to arrive
DSC00610.jpg  quiet sunrise DSC02883.jpg DSC04076.jpg DSC01350.jpg lemons... so made lemonade
DSC08838nubble.jpg DSC01923.jpg Nubble lighthouse new sony a900 .. how does new dust get in without my taking off lens! DSC05047.jpg.......... for my mom :).......... RITA HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY DSC08634.jpg
DSC01527.jpg Sunrise ligths the light DSC03247.jpg DSC02939.jpg  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOIS!!!!!  :))))))))) Ram LIght at dawn ... tried a pano too DSC00032.jpg
DSC02849.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SUNRISE 86DSC01827.jpg  New Brunswick ~ Head Harbour Lighthouse CAMPOBELLO ISLAND DSC06903.jpg DSC00195.jpg
DSC09221.jpg DSC09896.jpg DSC00581.jpg Snow Storm Portland Head LIght DSC00051.jpg
DSC03639st.jpg DSC03858.jpg DSC03701.jpg 110DSC08006.jpg Nubble Lighthouse york beach maine donald verger
32DSC01979.jpg46 snowing today, portland head light , the queen P1020269.jpg Storm At Nubble Lighthouse viewed from side revealing boat landing and not so seen view- also read... 62''15//2xxxDSC04280PORTLANDHEADLIGHTTWOWALKERS.jpg DSC06892.jpg portland head light see the gallery linked below.. which is your fave?
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