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LIGHTHOUSES .... purchase from my website, which is linked below

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and A fine art poster............

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DSC08436jpg 27,455 see  images on my personal webisite also , this is Nubble lighthouse york maine DSC07898.jpg portland head light dawn DSC08013.jpg DSC07987.jpg portland head light dawn
DSC07883.jpg pre dawn magic :) DSC04018.jpg DSC07141.jpg can someone remove the flare? should it be? SEASMOKE SUNRISE , i froze!` DSC09129.jpg i like that this image of nubble shows the bit of wave as well
DSC00067burtst.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SUNRISE WITH DRAMA DONALD VERGER, LIGHTHOUSES, MAINE DSC04812.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AT DAWN DONALD VERGER MAINE LIGHTHOUSES DSC09129_2.jpg RAm Island lighthouse with my frined Elizabeth Fraser DSC01459.jpg  Escher clouds the center of of a possible pano i could knit
DSC00048l.jpg SEA SMOKE OVER THE ATLANIC Portland Head Light or THE LIGHT LIT DSC09274.jpg BIG! portland head light donald verger lighthouses lighthouse maine DSC02863 MAJESTY..... WAITING MOON  for Lois who called to say someone hung the moon DSC04421.jpg
69DSCN3385.jpg296 FACES OF INNOCENCE DSC00154.jpg DSC09386.jpg........... 'MOON RISE OVER THE ATLANTIC .... TAKE #2 DSC00660.jpg TINY BOAT HEADS OUT FOR LOBSTER PAST THE GRAND LADY  portland head light maine
DSC04663.jpg which do you prefer? h or vertical... PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES BY DONALD VERGER DSC09461.jpg distand Ram Island Lighthouse as seen from portland head light with only 5x :( DSC05149.jpg FLIGHT OF CORMORANTS MIGRATE PAST PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT BY DONALD VERGER DSC00034.jpg LOBSTERIN THE DAWN at Portland Head LIght a fortuitous moment and light
DSC00479.jpg SEA SMOKE BLANKETS PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SUNRISE donald verger maine lighthouses, frozen! Mitchell Point Lighthouse port clyde maine ... raining, it seemed boring, so tried something quick DSC03841.jpg portland head light dawn DSC06544.jpg
DSC06158.jpg  distant Ram Light Lighthouse portland maine at sunrise DSC00231_2.jpg DSC06307.jpg 2DSC04399_.jpg please comment right on the one you like best for a postcard i am doing
DSC00838.jpg........OEACNSKY  at portland head light 49DSC01534.jpg122 THE QUEEN! - Portlad Head Light - taken just before my arrest last year DSC03991.jpg DSC07191.jpg i shot these shots fast... shot it light to feel the feeling of it
57DSC00661.jpg Portland Head Light LIghthouse Seasmoke at sunrise see links below DSC06852.jpg DSC09790.jpg cotton candy PORTLANDHEAD LIGHT DONALD VERGER LIGHTHOUSES MAINE DSC08004.jpg trying to reveal subtle white hanging clouds at portland head light this am and glint on ocean
17DSC03382.jpg DSC08674.jpg sunburts! sad, you cant see in this size the starburst of the sun in this lovely sunrise portland head light DSC05449.jpg 'CORMORANTS MIGRATE PAST PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT AT SUNRISE DONALD VERGER MAINE LIGHTHOUSES DSC05284ramlight.jpg
DSC09793.jpg is this ok with the bird so close to the edge??? it happened too quickly... ????? DSC05206.jpg   HERE COMES THE SUN just for a moment only... Ram lighthouse behind portland head light DSC03990 FULL MOON RISING OVER PORTLAND HEADLIGHT DSC08398.jpg
127DSC08387imagebassharborlighthouse.jpg Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse- Winter Storm Acadia National Park DSC02140.jpg SOAR into the light of dawn ... at portland head light, where else DSC08611.jpg subtle exposure differences... i think i know which one i prefer DSC07913.jpg
DSC09305.jpg Fishing into the Dawn at Portland Head Light DSC05169.jpg portland head light at dawn , cant make the vertical export yet DSC09100.jpg DSC08168.jpg
DSC06174.jpg DSC00132.jpg DSC00150phl.jpg DSC00943.jpg sunrise from my new apartment deck a few moments ago over casco bay, maine,
DSC08609.jpg one of the last few images after trying to leave after 800 shots today DSC00948.jpg CHASING RAINBOWS DSC03512.jpg DSC09578.jpg very quiet sky as 3 days of rain struggles for sun PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSES DONALD VERGER
DSC0012207.jpg DSC00707.jpg featherpano5_2tifftojpeg.jpg .... a New Day's Dawn Greets Portland Head Light :) DSC06309.jpg
DSC00794.jpg i ust found this quiet sunrise... i respond to quiet images... i like the little white bits of cloud too DSC06573.jpg DSC03475.jpg DSC09948.jpg FUL MOON RISING  #2
219DSC01812.jpg74 New Brunswick ~ Head Harbour Lighthouse CAMPOBELLO ISLAND 23DSC03674.jpg DSC05255.jpg DSC03340.jpg
DSC00049.jpg 13x19 images... for SHOW... 20 images framed in all 69DSC09933.jpg Pemiquid Lighthouse Maine at sunset with crescent moon ... more lighthouses linked below DSCN5551.jpg HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOIS... RAM LIGHTHOUSE AT DAWN DSC08667.jpg
DSC05429.jpg DSC00257.jpg OLD GLORY as seen from PORLAND HEAD LIGHT LIGHTHOUSE by donald verger september 22 DSC01724.jpg this sky persisted almost unchanged a very long time... other am s are fleeting DSC09258.jpg
DSC00104.jpg DSC06811.jpg P1000054.jpg new camera to take to fla for birds, got it last night, but hands still cold from yest DSC00251phlseagull.jpg interesting clearing sky at portland head light
DSC02326.jpg .... 83% MOON hangs over  Portland Head Light at dusk... LAST LIGHT DSCN5634.jpg DSC09490.jpg see my BLOG/AUCTION underconstruction... may be up today DSC09470.jpg
53DSC00898.jpg Portland Head Lighthouse at winter sunrise DSC01013.jpg DSC00455.jpg the center of a pano i hand held in yesterday wonderful predawn fire... see link below DSC00262.jpg
DSC07241.jpg HIDE and SEEK with the rising sun in zero degree dawn over the atlantic DSC09472.jpg P1000089.jpg DSC08184.jpg
35DSCN3266.jpg Hendricks Lighthouse Southport Maine see lighthouses linked below 108DSC01322.jpg133 Portland Head Light the other day DSC00003smoke.jpg sea smoke below zero portland head light DSC09664.jpg last nights sky, while waiting for a freind... see my new BLOG/EBAY AUCTIONS!
41DSC09592.jpg see links below DSC09593.jpg DSC09655_2.jpg one of the earlies photos i took of the portland head light with an interstign sky DSC09374.jpg
DSC03705.jpg OCEAN GOLD DSC00815.jpg DSC08167.jpg see... DSC05020.jpg Ram lighthouse ... the pilot boat returns at dawn... a tanker soon to arrive
DSC00610.jpg  quiet sunrise DSC02883.jpg DSC04076.jpg DSC01350.jpg lemons... so made lemonade
DSC08838nubble.jpg DSC01923.jpg Nubble lighthouse new sony a900 .. how does new dust get in without my taking off lens! DSC05047.jpg.......... for my mom :).......... RITA HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY DSC08634.jpg
DSC01527.jpg Sunrise ligths the light DSC03247.jpg DSC02939.jpg  HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOIS!!!!!  :))))))))) Ram LIght at dawn ... tried a pano too DSC00032.jpg
DSC02849.jpg PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT SUNRISE 86DSC01827.jpg  New Brunswick ~ Head Harbour Lighthouse CAMPOBELLO ISLAND DSC06903.jpg DSC00195.jpg
DSC09221.jpg DSC09896.jpg DSC00581.jpg Snow Storm Portland Head LIght DSC00051.jpg
DSC03639st.jpg DSC03858.jpg DSC03701.jpg 110DSC08006.jpg Nubble Lighthouse york beach maine donald verger
32DSC01979.jpg46 snowing today, portland head light , the queen P1020269.jpg Storm At Nubble Lighthouse viewed from side revealing boat landing and not so seen view- also read... 62''15//2xxxDSC04280PORTLANDHEADLIGHTTWOWALKERS.jpg DSC06892.jpg portland head light see the gallery linked below.. which is your fave?
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