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Don Boyd | all galleries >> Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries - largest non-Facebook collection on the internet >> 1940 to 1949 Miami Area Historical Photos Gallery - click on image to view > 1947 - a dairy ice cream and milk retail store 500 feet south of Tamiami Trail on west side of SW 67th Avenue
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1947 - a dairy ice cream and milk retail store 500 feet south of Tamiami Trail on west side of SW 67th Avenue

1947 - a dairy ice cream and milk retail store 500 feet south of Tamiami Trail on west side of SW 67th Avenue

Southwest Dade County, Florida

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Guest 23-Sep-2014 16:58
Don & Dee Dee the update is wonderful. I thought the pony rides were in my imagination but confirmed along with the location, etc. One factor not mentioned was a swimming hole, maybe now filled in that had clear fresh water, cattails and saw grass and small fish if you could avoided the snakes, gators, etc. I wonder if this was natural or created for the cows to drink. It was deep enough to drown in so I don't know. Does anyone remember this? And yes, I only knew this area as Milam Dairy Rd.
Don Boyd27-Jul-2014 05:43
Dressel's (not Dressler's) Dairy was on Milam Dairy Road (NW 72nd Avenue) a few blocks south of NW 36th Street and in line with runway 9L-27R at MIA. The above photo was located just south of Tamiami Trail which is miles from Dressel's Dairy. Dressel's Dairy was originally Milam Dairy for which the road is named, and they operated far longer than Milam Dairy did.

Joe Papierz Jr. 27-Jul-2014 03:41
I remember many a family Sunday drive that included a stop at Dressler's Dairy for ice cream. I think this is Dressler's in the photo. It was a wonderful experience.
Don Boyd17-Sep-2013 03:56
That is my understanding of the photo and the description that came with the photos: it is looking to the west at around Ludlam and 500 feet south of Tamiami Trail, or at SW 9th or 10th Streets. However, I don't know what is now there because I haven't been down in that area in quite a while.

Guest 16-Sep-2013 20:37
this building was located where the big shopping center stands today with the Winn Dixie? If that is correct this would be the corner of SW 67th Ave and 10th St looking west, correct? thanx
Don Boyd22-Feb-2012 16:23
Guest from January 13th: I'll look for the original image and use Photoshop to bring out that name. It looks like "Miami" and something else to me and if I adjust the levels it should bring it out more.

Josie: thanks for asking that question. I'd love to see some people shots outside at their petting area for the farm animals, the ponies, etc. If I ever get any I will post them for sure. You would think that someone out there has some to share with us.

Josie de Varona 22-Feb-2012 15:08
Does anyone have pictures of people riding ponies or eating ice cream at Dressel's? It is a faint memory for me, and I would love some pictures to bring it back into focus.

We lived in West Miami, but visited my grandmother who lived off of N.W. 7 Ave. and 58 Ct., so a trip to the dairy was always a treat.
Guest 13-Jan-2012 11:41
There's a sign on the building to the left of the telephone pole and roof tile, above a window. There's a name at the top, barely visible, and below that it says ICE CREAM (the letters are curved and they form an arch), and below that it says MILK. Maybe someone with better eyes than mine can make out the name at the top of the sign. It definitely doesn't say Dressel's.
John J Masucci29-Sep-2011 14:47
I remember in the early 60's my father (John) had a job working as aircraft mechanic for American Airmotive (who maintained the planes for the Hurricane Hunters )on the west end of the Miami Int'l Airport (MIA).My mother (Blanche) , baby sister(4) and I (6) would pick him up on lunch break and drive just west to DRESSEL'S FARM on Milam Dairy to buy ice cream and ride the mini train than would travel in a large circle around an enclosed pasture located just in front of the store.
Cneiner 10-Jul-2009 23:38
I wouldn't be any help remember what diary's were where. Unlike my sister Dee Dee I only ate the ice cream and rode pony's but I wanted to say that it's always wonderful knowing people still remember.

Carol Sue Dressel Neiner
Guest 13-Nov-2008 03:28
how sweet that must have a place I try to avoid
Don Boyd09-Nov-2008 13:57
Thank you Dee Dee Dressel Martin for writing in. I have removed the Dressel name from this image. There are several aerial photos of your dairy on Milam in the galleries and that is the Dressel's Dairy that I remember. It was such a nice place to go on weekends with a girl and for families with kids and the ice cream and shakes were great.

Guest 09-Nov-2008 05:55
Don is Correct. These photos are not of Dressel's Dairy. The only retail store was the one at 3500 NW 72 Ave. (Milam Dairy Road). All other sales of diary products where through home delivery and a handful of selected commercial businesses (The restaurant at Miami Springs Villas was one such establishment).

It warms my heart to read throughout these pages of all the people that remember the dairy, the pony rides, and the ice cream. I have traveled far and wide and met people who grew up in Miami who have fond childhood memories of family outings at Dressel's. I was traveling in Hong Kong and met a lady in the lobby of my hotel and in casual conversation she said she grew up in Miami. One thing lead to another and she told me her favorite pony was "Sam".

I used to work in the pony ring and later in the dairy bar. Sunday's were torture! People stacked six deep at the counter wanting cones, milkshakes and sundaes. By 8:00 closing the spillage on the floor was almost dangerous. I remember dipping a cone and my foot slipping and I dove head first into the freezer. LOL. In the summers I used to work back in the plant making the ice cream. I remember the heavy door to the freezer room getting stuck and I couldn't get out. I was wearing shorts and a tank top and sneakers. Thought I was going to freeze to death until Tommy Cochran's dad heard me hollering.

Thanks for sharing your memories everyone.

Dee Dee (Dressel) Martin
Guest 24-Jan-2008 20:56
Swisher, were you related to John and Danny Swisher?
Bill Windrem 15-Sep-2007 01:08
P.S. I have raised three children in Miami Springs and still reside there. There is no place like Miami Springs. I almost went to Miami Springs High School. But it was built the year I was a senior (class of '65). So, I rode the school bus to Hialeal High in the morning and hitchiked home down Palm Av in the afternoon. Seemed O.K. at the time.
Bill Windrem 15-Sep-2007 01:00
My father was with Eastern Airlines and we moved from SE Hialeah to Miami Springs in 1957. From Miami Springs we would bicycle to Dressel's Dairy on Milam dairy Rd. for ice cream, check out the farm animals and watch kids ride the minature train.
Tom Holstein 27-Aug-2007 09:03
I lived at Dressels Dairy from 1943 until 1950. It was owned and operated by two brothers, Rick and Jerry Dressel. My father was a milkman for the dairy. We were living there during the flood of 1947, and I have vivid memories of being evacuated to town, and then coming back to our house in the middle of a cow pasture. We parked our car on Milam Dairy road, which was covered by a few inches of water, and using a rowboat to get to our house. I have many stories of the dairy. Tom
Guest52 09-Jul-2007 00:40
I recall Dressels Dairy ONLY at the location on Milam Dairy Rd and about 30st (as mentioned below)...we went there after church on Sundays and it was a BIG outing. They had animals to pet and a little train that kids could ride on and some outdoor play equipmt. McArthurs Dairy must have bought them because thats the ice cream they sold in the early 60's. I believe a Sears warehouse is located there now
Don Boyd13-Jun-2007 00:41
Thank you for confirming the name (Paul and guest) so now I suspect that there were two Dressels Dairies, the one above and the one on Milam Dairy Road west of the airport. It wouldn't be that unusual to have two dairies with the same name in different locations. There could be a relocation involved too if the years of operation were different. We went to the one on Milam in the mid-60s. Don
Paul Swisher 13-Jun-2007 00:18
I was raised 501 SW 63 CT just a few blocks from there. We called it Dressels. You have never had a head ache until you are 10 years old and try to eat an icecream cone on a hot Miami day before it melted.
Guest 19-May-2007 13:43
It was Dressels Dairy great place to go
Don Boyd17-May-2007 22:22
I don't believe so. The entrance to the Dressels Dairy was located on the west side of NW 72nd Avenue (Milam Dairy Road) around NW 33 Street, west of Miami International Airport. I have a photo of it somewhere yet to be uploaded. They had farm animals walking around that you could pet and the ice cream was outstanding. To think of the current ugly warehouses that replaced that nice farm is nauseating. Don
Guest 17-May-2007 18:21
Was this called Dressler's Dairy??? I may have the spelling incorrect,
but they had the BEST ice cream and you got to pet cows as well.