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Gabor S21-May-2012 06:08
Looking forward seeing more of your work !!
Kenzo18-Apr-2012 10:50
I've learned alot from your unique galleries, Kaden
many thanks to you and your contributions to all over.
will continue to visit and follow up on your LIF, Atellier, Face Book and all.
hope you the best and take care
Will miss you from the Pbase for sure.
Take care.
- Sean Kenzo -
Jeff Real07-Apr-2012 00:06
All that I need to feed my hunger for amazing photography I can find here. I have so much appreciation for what you do.
stuart reid21-Mar-2012 07:20
As I look over the photographic story that Kaden has crafted over the years, I see a fantastic journey of creativity and self discovery. A privilege to witness. V
Kenzo15-Nov-2010 03:36
really appreciated the messages.
You have great galleries and collections!
so impressed and inspired.
you sure are a skilled shooter. your galleries are some of the best i've seen here.
i really like your stuff as well. great use of b&w, colors in concepted settings. looking forward to seeing more pics from you.
best, Kenzo
Dallas Hyatt10-Nov-2010 05:34
Yo Kaden,
I took a shot today that reminded me of your work somehow, so I dedicated it to you. You da man! Thanks for the consistent inspiration.
Check it out:
Brent Vermilyea13-Sep-2010 09:46
You've got a real style and you're also quite prolific. Two things that are hard to find in one photographer. I could learn a lot from you!
tomas29-Dec-2009 16:32
one of the most original gallerys and pictures in a long time, creative abd inspiring is art after all

Roe..26-Dec-2009 01:25
I work at a museum and I'm going to forward your gallery to one of the curators..I know the perfect exhibit space..

Lellah26-Nov-2009 22:41
Hi, Kaden,
thank you very much for pasisng by my gallery and droped very kind words.
Your gellaries and photos are really creative! I like them.
Ray :)30-Aug-2009 01:48
Think I found your work via Roe...

There is just so much to look at and admire and perhaps analyse. I have trouble enough catching up with my existing contacts, so excuse me if I don't comment so often...
Massimo Zaniboni28-Jun-2009 12:24
Congratulations to all the images you can create. Your photos are an inexhaustible source of inspiration! you are the most creative photographer on PBase!

GeneWard08-Jun-2009 17:29
I looked through your galleries. I was struck by how artistic they are; so much of it looks like it could be on the walls of an art gallery. Very conceptual and original.
Marcela Mejia Photography31-May-2009 15:26
Thank you very much for your support, I really appreciate it since it is coming from such and
amazing and unusual photographer, I love to see the way you challenge photography,
your work is the statement that things are not necessarily what they appear to be ...

Hugh Jones25-Feb-2009 09:04
Hi Dehl, thanks for your comments.

I will be visiting often - just incredible images here - art. The stuff in 'new girl' is stunning.

vera22-Feb-2009 22:41
The many photographic images of yours have rendered me speechless. They are a brilliant source of inspiration -- Thank you! :)
pascal01-Jan-2009 11:16
I am very impressed by the quality of your work. Absolutely brilliant.
omer1219-Jul-2008 23:00
You are impressive and wonderful photographer! :]
I happy that I met you! =)
Possiel12-Jul-2008 05:48
Much enjoyed. Thanks!
María Cano15-Jun-2008 21:47
Hello Dehl,
Thanks about your nice welcome to PBase and for your comments in my work. I really apreciate them and feel pleased that you could enjoy my site as I'm in yours. I'm always open to new opinions and ideas. A pleasure.
Regards, Maria
Jean-Claude Liehn03-Jun-2008 19:36
Congratulations for your work and your PHOTOGRAPHER list and links.
We know it or ignore it, but we are all in an historical process.
It is one of your quality to recognize it.
Gabor S20-May-2008 07:49
Thank you for nice comments ! Impressive and inspiring work you have !
rita 08-May-2008 22:16
oi oi Tudo bem?
Ja vi q gostas mto das fotos do nuno! e q fazes uns comments mto interessantes as minhas fotos ! lol Tens uma galeria mto louca parabens
Pink kiss
Peter Zetner20-Mar-2008 02:56
Hi Kaden. Decided to use this venue to thank you for your continued supportive feedback and to send along an overall "Bravo" for the amazing work you've presented in your galleries. I think I also need to acknowledge a debt to your artistry - something that's inspired me to move into more experimental approaches to image-making. Keep those pictures coming and those creative juices flowing! All the best, Peter.
iva_de18-Mar-2008 09:42
I've been here for a year and this is when I find your pictures! What a shame! Outstanding.
Guest 24-Feb-2008 10:00
thank u s much for ur support always... i truly apreciate it ...
it s really kind of u.... and thank u for leaving all the comments..!...:)

especually coming from someone like u whos images i really admire...
and i think u have a wonderful artistic style.... unique in ur own way ..

keep up th e ownderful work and hope to see more in the near future...

hope u r well.. best wiahes from shanghai....
thomas24-Feb-2008 06:56
i like the variety of your galleries! very artistic work!
André Bessot12-Feb-2008 15:13
It is always a real pleasure to visit your so original pictures. Thank you Kaden. Thank you also to give my name in your Collection gallery, I am very proud of that coming from you. I did not take any photo with my new Rollei 35, but I did with my previous one, made in Singapore. But, you know, I use now only my digital cameras and have a huge difficulty to come back...
With my best regards.
Rahul Dutta10-Feb-2008 15:40
thanx :)
Roe..30-Dec-2007 03:02
thanks for commenting on my gallery because it opened the door for me to explore your how you think outside the box..I'll be back, your work excites me..roe
RachelJane29-Dec-2007 16:35
You work is awe inspiring and remarkable xx
André Bessot26-Dec-2007 10:10
Thank you for visiting my gallery. I like the creativity you show in all yours.
Have a nice year 2008.
Peter Chou19-Dec-2007 15:42
Your surrealistic urban landscapes are some of the most compelling photography I have seen on PBase! Magnifique!
Mimi05-Dec-2007 01:43
Un travail impressionnant, un choix d'une personne qui aime le changement et une très belle collection. Bravo Kaden
Guest 03-Dec-2007 10:39
There are really a very great gallery !
Guest 16-Oct-2007 14:41
i see what i like, and i like what i see
Christian Frisquet16-Oct-2007 05:32
Great creativity in your galleries ! Bravo !!!-V-
Soenda15-Oct-2007 09:16
Congratulations on your 1,001st posted photo. You've accomplished a lot in a very short time. Such creativity energizes all of us.
Guest 02-Oct-2007 16:04
Just outstanding work in this galleries!
XiaoBernard9922-Sep-2007 04:51
The magic spirit of your pictures is not common. It is warm in first.
The light always is strange .There always is a detail, a line, a color, who changes the face of things. Like the choice of title also is an important part of your Work.You do ART, Theatre of Shoots .Very Good WORK or I prefer Spectacle.A lot of Visit is necessary to .....
Misha Vaksman13-Sep-2007 22:48
Thank you for the kind comments. I would like to say that your style of shooting is truley awesome. I'm a firm believer that images should not only have a strong concept, but they should be visually appealing as well. Your images accomplish just that! I'm looking forward to seeing more...
sboettger11-Sep-2007 23:46
it is truly always a pleasure to come back to see you master the gap between art(abstract) and photography. this is a step beyond photography, this is art!(not that photography wouldn't be art)
Zeno Chen11-Sep-2007 09:38

Thanks for looking at my gallery.and You're truly a unique artis.
LeeG10-Sep-2007 18:01
It's always a pleasure to visit and see what you've added to your galleries . I enjoy your creative sight and can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Matt Latham20-Aug-2007 18:50
stunning work Dehl!
gilanuriel19-Aug-2007 15:03
Hi Dehl, I truely apreciate your generous coments. I love your creativity work of art as shown here. You are one of my favored and I am happy that I found you.
Looking forward for more...
Best regards, Gila.
Nick Clayton15-Aug-2007 18:12
This is a beautiful gallery Dehl
Masa's Photo Gallery15-Aug-2007 11:23
Thanks for visiting my galleries and your comment. You also have some very good images here.
Best regards,

Colin Clarke14-Aug-2007 10:07
Stunning Galleries. Your impressions are very original, and worthy of great praise. Congratulations. ~V~
Tangsanshi13-Aug-2007 02:06
your galleries are very special, got your own style and taste.
thanks for sharing those good photos

Guest 23-Jul-2007 22:44
Your photos are really amazing and inspiring. I'm overwhelmed with how much there is to see on your pages and with the always amazing quality. I also really appreciate all of your feedback. As I have seen on many others pages, you are really great about looking at other people's works.
I look forward to checking back here frequently. Keep up the excellent work!
Guest 23-Jul-2007 00:25
thank u for leaving kind comment on my pressphotography gallery//....i truly apreciate it....
i persoanly love ur wok...ur photos are so beautiful and i love how colorful they are sometimes.... fascinating work..!...
Fong Lam20-Jul-2007 14:04
Thanks Kaden for your wonderful comments to so many of my images. I really appreciate it. You're truly a unique artist and your works are impressive.

FrankB09-Jul-2007 03:45
Hey Dehl,
We all look through the same viewfinders and the same glass...but we all see differently. You see REALLY differently. Truly one of the special talents here on Pbase.....
Martha Albuquerque08-Jul-2007 13:39
you work is amazing, very artistic and unique in style..
thank you for your support!
your carioca friend,
daanstringer.com07-Jul-2007 13:30
Kaden, i really like to thank you for your great support commenting my photos from the beginning here. And some of your photo's and galleries have really inspired! :-)
Marijka22-Jun-2007 15:39
Expression of the mind is how I would classify you. Amazing collection. Continued success!! M.
Guest 22-Jun-2007 06:04
This is stellar work. If I ever see you, I might just ask for your signature.
Guest 16-Jun-2007 22:12
thank you for leaving so many nice comments, its truly inspiring....
i really love u photography, and the and the artistic side of many images...
they are really stylish, and i love the tones ....

truly great work...!....
DENZA16-Jun-2007 15:03
I love your work. I have you in favourites. Will come back to see your work often! COOL stuff!
Robert Ford13-Jun-2007 13:13
Hello,I really enjoyed your Paris gallery and would like to thank you very much for being one of the few voices of reason in the Show & Tell forum fiasco,Ford.
M Williamson Lebon10-Jun-2007 18:33
A genious...
dantespix08-Jun-2007 10:36
Unique style. You are so good Dehl
Guest 07-Jun-2007 16:59
Hi Dehl,

When I look at your pictures I see so much going on. There is a lot of details that I would like to look at up close. Have you considered posting your picture in a higher resolution (at least 800x600)?

Mimi04-Jun-2007 22:14
Thank you Dehl for your nice comments in my gallery.
You are a great talented photographer. I like your work & your Style of image's capture.
I will come back again.
Jeff Real03-Jun-2007 06:11
You are an incredible talent. I will return here often to be inspired.
Thank you.
Sam_C03-Jun-2007 02:56
Dear Mr. Dehl, you are one heck of an amazing talent!! In the many years of seeing photographers come, and go, I thought I'd seen it all, but you sir, you are truly a unique, and original artist. I have great respect for your skills, and your artistic
sytle. You are an original. Keep up the great work!! Best Regards, Sam
pep02-Jun-2007 15:57
Dehl is a magician!
sboettger31-May-2007 11:21
great photography with a focus on unusual perspectives, particularly in icarus vol II. perfect technique and miraculous processing. keep up the great work!
Zeno Chen28-May-2007 12:39
Dear Dehl
Thanks for the comment of my picture.
you work is so great too.
Gilles Navet27-May-2007 20:18
Je te trouve un immense talent et un énorme potenttiel. Je découvre.... et je suis sur le cul !
C'est puissant, agressivement beaau, parfaitement réalisé.
Magnifiquement "border line"
Tu es dans mes fav, bravo
Paco López23-May-2007 16:27
You have here an excellent work. A lot of wonderful galleries very differents and very beautiful. A great collection of masterpieces. A pleasure!
Thanks again for your nice comments in my work.
Eroes20-May-2007 18:05
Thanks for your comments on my photos.
I saw yours, they are very nice. My favorite gallery is Paris Louvre et Tuilerie. But y also like all the works with supperpositions. I think it could be great also with an holga or an old camera to have more natural "grain". Thanks for this good moment .
(and sorry for my poor english).
Steve H20-May-2007 08:00
Hi there - thanks for commenting on my shot so I could discover your galleries - so good to discover such a talent on Pbase, which I despair of at times. Great work. Best, Steve
daanstringer.com19-May-2007 15:48
Hello Dehl, thanks for your comments on my pictures!
I like your pictures very well and will go often looking if there are new ones.
I saw that you are using both Canon Eos 5D as Fuji S5 pro, which one do you prefer, and why?
Guest 12-May-2007 20:26
Hi Dehl,

Congrats for your fantastic collection of images. There is so much enery in your work. I think you look at the world and objects from different angles and multiple layers.

This site is bookmarked for sure.

Ives Vanweddingen07-May-2007 21:20
Hi Dehl,
Thank you very much for your comments on my pictures.
Highly appreciated, coming from (seen your galleries) a profesional.
You have a very high standard.
Just beautiful pictures.
Thank you.
Zeno Chen05-May-2007 07:50
wonderful images! I will visit your galleries again soon.

Jose Canovas28-Apr-2007 10:33
I am happy to enjoy your creative job!
Soenda28-Apr-2007 10:06
I always come away from your galleries pumped. And often educated. I was not familiar with Maximalism as an artistic movement...I find that it reconnects with the frenetic tempos of the 1290s. I noticed today that each of your galleries sets an album or genre of music going in my head. It was a toss up between Jeffereson Starship and Abbey Road. Phillip Glass accompanied me to the Maximalism gallery...and there are others. I so much admire your bristling creativity that powers your fey sense of humor and childlike wonder. Brilliant stuff. Simply brilliant.
Jaime González28-Apr-2007 07:20
Hi Dehl,

Your work is art, technically perfect but more. Superb galleries.
Guest 28-Apr-2007 05:30
One of the most unique and wonderful set of galleries. I really enjoyed looking through all your work and trying to figure out how you created certain pictures. Very nice.
Zeno Chen26-Apr-2007 17:34
dear Dehl

thanks comments in my galleries,
your photo is very perfect too.

Andrija Kasom20-Apr-2007 07:44
Dear Dehl,
You have so beautifuly and original photos in yours portfolio...Excellent...Excellent work...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa and i will come back with pleasure...
Nuno Boavida17-Apr-2007 22:30
Obrigado por mais uma visita e voto, Dehl.

é um prazer enorme ter a tua visita diária (ou quase) à minha galeria. Os teus comentários são sempre agradáveis e têm sido um incentivo para continuar.

Em relação ao teu trabalho, começo a ficar sem palavras para conseguir expressar o que sinto quando vejo tanta originalidade e qualidade em cada imagem.

Para mim, as tuas galerias já são uma referência dentro do teu estilo e servem para mostrar aos meus amigos o que de melhor se faz aqui no pbase.

Continua o bom trabalho!
laura brookhart15-Apr-2007 20:40
I find your layering techniques & compositing inspirational - and sometimes slyly humorous!
And thanks for visiting my galleries so I could discover yours!
Guest 10-Apr-2007 17:02
Wow!! Ive found a fellow manipulation artist :D

I could learn alot from you, thank you for all the lovely comments, I look forward to viewing all of your work :p

Michaela Chan
Niquin06-Apr-2007 13:44
Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments! That means so much coming from such a wonderful photographer!!
Ohad.R05-Apr-2007 08:40

My Man Dehl,
i enjoyed so much watching your galleries. You are a pro photographer and you definately know how to make your photos even better using computer editing, which leads your work to a real art.
im honored to sign your guestbook, my friend!
Ohad R

Jeffrey Tomasi02-Apr-2007 07:34
Many thanks for the thoughtful comments in my galleries-- especially given your talent, it's a real compliment. Your work is quite impressive-- I like the way you push the boundaries of the medium.
buutopia24-Mar-2007 01:43
Thank you very much for taking a look at my gallery. I'm trying to improve as I go along. Your galleries are filled with some wonderful abstract work and amazing photographic techniques. Thanks for sharing with us.
Salah El-Sadek13-Mar-2007 12:29
Hello Dehl,
I have enjoyed very much going through your superb galleries and nice shots, your artistic and photography talents combination lead into magic results, really well done..
Hodero11-Mar-2007 11:43
You have a great artistic eye .Love your work,...hope to see more in the future.
greetings from Holland,...cheerio,.."H"
Guest 07-Mar-2007 06:34
Your photos have really made my day. Thank you.
Soenda07-Mar-2007 00:49
Delightful to see your galleries expanding in full force. Bravo!
Guest 04-Mar-2007 22:30
Thank you very much for your comments. Outstanding work. I loved, loved, loved your "Icarus Vol." Regards, Paula (I'll be back quite often :o)