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Carol How14-Feb-2018 19:33
Patricia told us you were having surgery today... wishing you the best of outcomes and a full recovery! Happy Valentines day🎼🎻💌
Gilles Navet26-Apr-2017 15:32
Un vrai talent, une belle sensibilité, de la technique créative
Ma découverte de la semaine
Je t'ai ajouté dans mes FAV
Merci et à bientôt
Peterfree22-Dec-2013 20:37
Chère Bleue - Claudia,
Je t’envoie tout mes voeux de bonheur pour cette année, avec une photo de cet coeur
J'aime beaucoup l`idée et cette magnifique galerie dans son grand complet, avec beaucoup d’ ambiance.
Respect! Pierre
Colin Clarke22-Jul-2013 14:46
Bonjour Claudia !

It is so long since I have visited your gallery, and now I realise I have spent an hour here at my screen ! Tch! To visit your pages is like a visit to an Art Gallery. Thank you.

My best wishes,


PS It seems like you have increased many, or made passwords, so I hope we do not miss great works ! :-)
rousselziak29-Apr-2012 07:58
Bonjour Claudia,
je viens de découvrir avec plaisir votre travail que je trouve très original et empreint de sentiments et délicatesse !
Je vous souhaite un bon dimanche,
William McCarey07-Jul-2010 13:27
I am impressed with your skills and your vision. Your photos are works of art that should be enjoyed by everyone. Thank you for sharing your creativity and your passion.
Laurenan12-Jun-2010 08:52
Alors là un mot de vous et le week-end va me sembler léger ,surtout que je me promène depuis deux jours dans vos galeries ....très agréable de vous lire en tout cas !!
Blind Poet24-Apr-2010 04:20
Thanks for your kindness and insights and visits to my galleries. I too love words, and will look into the heart gallery idea. Thanks for your kind thoughts for Susan and I. That is a love story that grows stronger every day and now we are married even more so. It all began on PBase June 18th, 2007. And here we are... and its wonderful. See you in NZ sometime. You are most welcome.
Laurenan13-Jan-2010 11:07
C'est plus fort que moi , il faut que je vienne voir de temps à autre votre travail
impatient de découvrir ce que BleuEvanescence va regarder cette année .


Jeffrey Lewis Knapp19-Dec-2009 06:45
hi Claudia. I vote. Great pictures. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Happy Holidays. God bless you. Jeff K
windybaer12-Nov-2009 09:09
We speak of love, in abstract death
A love we have yet to see,
Yet, who are we, to know so much?
About when, and who we will be?
Phil Douglis16-Aug-2009 00:41
Watching you mature as an expressive photographer is among my greatest joys of teaching on pbase. Thank you, Claudia, for seeking my help. It is always there for you.
Pattie's pics ; ]25-Jul-2009 23:56
Beautiful gallery that touches the heart : ]
I Love the way you put it together with words as well : ]
Naret Visesvongsa24-Jun-2009 04:45
Hi Claudia,
I would like to thank you for your kind words for my gallery. I have briefly gone through your work and really love your idea of presenting pictures along with the beautiful words. I will come back to visit your gallery in detail soon.

Bartosz Kotulski09-Jun-2009 16:04
I thank you wholeheartedly for considering to view my photos. I hope you have enjoyed looking at them as much as I have enjoyed photographing.Thanks too for such a nice tour trough your work.
Deepest sincerity,
Willy Alfaro05-May-2009 04:42
Hi BlueEvanescence, when I visit your galleries I get transported in a dimension of poetic feelings... you capture poetry with a camera, a rather rare talent I should say. Thank you for inspire with your photography... true art coming from you!! One great thing is that I still have much more to see through your eyes and your lenses... Thank you!
ctfchallenge23-Mar-2009 23:04
Lovely, sensitive galleries with special touches others have never dreamed of.......Oh, I forgot, it's shu
ctfchallenge23-Mar-2009 23:04
Lovely, sensitive galleries with special touches others have never dreamed of.......
ctfchallenge23-Mar-2009 23:03
Lovely, sensitive galleries with special touches others have never dreamed of.......
Rosemarie Kusserow03-Feb-2009 08:46
Happy Birthday Claudia! I wish to you all the best, I saw the Birtday card by Rajan und so I´m able to give to you my congratulation, I love your works, the new year`ll be full of creativity and happyness! Rosemarie :o)
Harris03-Feb-2009 04:15
I thoroughly enjoyed your galleries. Great eye for composition as well as a command of the technical component. Awesome!
skhin25-Jan-2009 07:42
Hello Bleu,
If you can spare some time, I would appreciate very much your comments on the gallery:
Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

Marc Vermeulen09-Jan-2009 00:07
Best wishes to you and to yours at 2009!
And thanks that you visit my site regulary.
skhin26-Dec-2008 10:35
Hi Bleu,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Barbarian Photography26-Dec-2008 04:27
I'm honored to be "on the radar" of such a wonderful artist as yourself! Wishing you all the best in the new year...

Evaristo Buendia-Carrera25-Dec-2008 19:50
Dear Claudia,
Thank you very much for your Merry Christmas comment. I like your work very much too.
I have many ideas to do for the next year: Open a commercial web for sell my flowers; published my children photo-book 'love story' (the love of two bears. One was abandoned on a bench,he is white,his name is Polo. She is a charming brown bear, her name is Paula). I will create a Sausalito gallery and I will prints some posters: 'HouseBoats', 'San Francisco Houses', 'Sausalito', and 'Flowers' (this will designed for schools). Best regards, Evaristo.
Anton Pickard06-Dec-2008 04:58
Never doubt
always believe
as others know - you have true talent and passion
love what you do - do what you love
Adalberto Tiburzi24-Nov-2008 21:15
Claudia, I placed a comment here 2 years ago.
I miss words to express how much you have progressed since then.
If God existed, he would bless you.
Flying Dutchman19-Nov-2008 03:53
Claudia, thank you for sharing your wonderful view on life and the universe as you do here. Your images are poetry, art and an insight in how you see and live life.
Your collection images is one of the most striking and touching I have come across on this site and I can only hope more people will enjoy and appreciate the tenderness you put in every single word and photo.

Thank you for sharing and the stardust you leave behind with this,
Brigitte Tardif18-Nov-2008 22:56
Bonjour BleuEvanescence ,
Merci d'avoir pris le temps de regarder mes galeries ainsi que pour tes beaux commentaires. Je te félicite pour ton superbe travail, tu as un style bien à toi et un talent fou.
Au plaisir :-)
Paul Moore07-Nov-2008 07:45
You have a true tallent, a real pleasure viewing your work.

BoobyBoo02-Nov-2008 10:49
Thank you.

Barry13-Oct-2008 08:02

Merci bien pour votre uhm... comments. Apart from photography, I still have to learn French!
I am now in awe, after browsing through your other galleries. Indeed, the way you see the world around you is something not to be admired, but to learn from. You teach through your photo's, not only about emotions and passions, but that we must stop and look, think...
The world and all in it is magnificent, but only few people have the gift of noticing it so completely as you do.
Magnificent work, you are the first true light artist I have come across on pbase! And now you will be in my favorites forever! Brilliant work!
Blind Poet10-Oct-2008 04:52
your work is beautiful..........
Evaristo Buendia-Carrera06-Oct-2008 01:16
Ed Goodnight10-Sep-2008 16:20
Beautiful images indeed
Much can be learned from viewing your compositions and capture of light
added you to my list of favorites
zenmatt25-Aug-2008 11:35
Some of the most stunning, inspirational photographs on PBase. zm
Jean D'Aoûst19-Aug-2008 03:15
Quelle imagination tu as !
Difficile de quitter tes galeries magnifiques faites d' émotions, je dois partir mais j' y reviendrai et reviendrai encore.
Jeff Real19-Aug-2008 02:36
I find your work completely amazing and such a pleasure to view. It speaks to the soul of the viewer and leaves a lingering memory with me. Also thank you so much for the kind comments. You are very gracious and it is greatly appreciated.
Wishing you all the best of life.
Pawel Kazmierczyk06-Aug-2008 11:46
Amazing galleries, and they get more spectacular all the time.... You have a great eye for photography, and a unique sense of style. I have truly enjoyed going through your galleries - the range and variety of topics, the originality of viewpoint, and the quality. Well done, keep it up ! Greetings from Poland. Pawel
blizzard05-Aug-2008 03:53
La Petite Robe Norie
brilliant work like this can only come from deep mood and feeling
and only the gifted can create beauty like this .
VOTE and congratulations
Rick Coulby17-Jul-2008 16:18
Thans for the comment
Photodelles09-Jun-2008 17:15
Je tiens à vous féliciter pour la variété et la beauté de vos travaux. En ce qui vous concerne, la définition "pbase artist" n'est pas usurpée.

Eric Carrère22-May-2008 23:43
Beaucoup de sensibilité dans ton travail, que du bonheur :)
Barbara Heide30-Apr-2008 04:46
j'aurais bien voulu voir...dommage! Merci pour le commentaire sur mon SP! Barbara
Jean-Claude Liehn27-Feb-2008 06:45
La forme circulaire visiblement vous obsède.
C'est la plus naturelle et la plus humaine des formes, vos photographies en témoignent.
Darbowski19-Feb-2008 14:21
Merci de ta visite et de tes commentaires, j'aime beaucoup tes galeries et je reviendrai régulièrement les visiter !
Guest 17-Feb-2008 01:20
Barry Moore19-Jan-2008 10:06
Thankyou for sharing your photos with the world. I'll keep an "eye" out for your work in the future.

regards Barry
Hodero17-Jan-2008 11:49
the story you tell with your pics is breathtaking....
CM Kwan12-Jan-2008 23:36
Hi Claudia,

Thanks so much for visiting my galleries and signed my guest book. I admire your creativity and wonderul lighting skills. Your galleries are fully of wonderful pictures!

XiaoBernard9902-Jan-2008 16:11
Quelqu'un de pbase m a dit d'aller aussi voir les coeurs de ta gallerie.Je viens de la voir et d etre heureux de voir que je ne suis pas le seul à être romantique ....

J'en ai profité pour regarder tres rapidement car je suis aujourd hui seulement de passage.A bientot.
Walter O. Koenig30-Dec-2007 03:21
Dear Claudia,

I would like to wish you a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. Thank you for your visits and comments.

Best Wishes, Walter
zenmatt10-Dec-2007 23:31
There are some gorgeous photographs here. The only problem is there aren't enough pictures of the photographer. L'artiste est l'objet le plus bel. zm
Guest 08-Dec-2007 23:50
claudia, beautiful - more, more more ... donna & gerry & girls
Sally 23-Nov-2007 00:06
Bravo! Very very nice.
Pawel Kazmierczyk29-Oct-2007 22:18
well well, Claudia... I am totally captivated by your way of seeing things. And your profile is one of the best here on pbase. Well done, keep the photos coming. Greetings from Poland - Pawel
Ivan Cholakov10-Sep-2007 23:45
Beautiful abstract photographs!
fiorano31-Aug-2007 11:03
Hi, You have a very nice gallery with some very nice images. Thanks for the comment.
Andy21-Jul-2007 06:47
Dear Claudia, after seeing your collection I see the connection, I love them too. Your kindness for commenting is deeply appreciated.
Chad Ramsey10-Jul-2007 04:42
Hmmm, what can I say that everyone else hasn't already said?
You are an amazing photographer, romantic, poetic, artistic... Superb!
Denis Vincelette30-Jun-2007 13:50
Que de belles images entourées de beaux textes .... LeE hasard fait si bien les choses que d,Avoir pu m'arrêter ici, le temps d'un respire Bravo !
Guest 31-May-2007 02:24
Bonjour Claudia,

Je suis tombé totalement par hasard sur tes galleries et j'ai beaucoup aimé ce que j'ai vu!
Très poétique et superbe photographie... tu as beaucoup de talent! Je reviendrai

CC06-Apr-2007 19:14
Bonjour Claudia,

Merci pour cette belle poésie dans tes images
et pour cette belle lumière dans tes écrits.

pr_rajan28-Mar-2007 01:28
...want to be here a whole life time!
Walter O. Koenig25-Mar-2007 17:11
Hi Claudia,

I really love your galleries. They are full of emotion and feeling and that is the first time I've written this about anyone's galleries. You are aboviously not only a very good photographer, but also a very creative and special person, and judging from the other comments I read, also a very generous person. Thank you also for your comments. I will visit again.

Best Wishes, Walter
Flying Dutchman11-Mar-2007 22:16
Hi Claudia,

Thank you very much for the nice and positive comment on my pictures!
I've seen a lot of yours and you have some breathtaking pictures that are a good inspiration for my new camera haha.
Any time you fly with Transavia and hear my name just let me know and I'll show you where I took the picutres ;-)

Take care,
rpaxson01-Feb-2007 00:16
Fantastic marriages of images and words
r_och29-Jan-2007 17:19
I love your work , Thank you for sharing
John Glines29-Jan-2007 12:21
Thank you for leaving a comment on one of my photos. It means a lot to me that people enjoy the photos that I put up on line.
David Grundy28-Jan-2007 02:37
Hi Claudia. Thanks for stopping to comment, to let me know your thoughts as you wandered through my galleries.
Guest 27-Jan-2007 22:27
Hello Claudia,
Thank you very much for your comments.
I like your heart series very much.
All the best,
Brent Powell26-Jan-2007 22:50
Hi Claudia, I took a look at your work and it is most touching. Your images are eclectic, artistic, and full of mood. I admire your awareness of your surroundings and glad you are recoding such beauty. Peace, Brent
Jean D19-Jan-2007 03:21
Hi Claudia, Salut Claudia -

J'ai fait le tour de vos gallerie et je doit dire que vos images sont superbes.Comme je suis content de vous avoir trouver! Vous avez certainment l'oeil pour faire de très belles images. Félicitation! J'ai bien l'intention de revenir voir vos nouvelles images!
Dmitry Zamorin15-Jan-2007 14:11
Claudia, your photo experiments are very interesting and brings a very artistic results! Keep experimenting!
Alexander Chayka08-Jan-2007 08:15
Hello Claudia,
Many thanks for your visiting my gallery and for your comments.
Best regards, Alexander
Levi Reyes04-Jan-2007 03:57
Hi Claudia,

Thank you for visiting my gallery and for the thoughtful comments. You have a heart of gold and gifted in many ways. I wish you the best of this world has to offer.

Greg Burke02-Jan-2007 16:26
Claudia, Thanks for the positive comments and for visiting my galleries. I especially enjoyed your impressions gallery. hope you have a joyful new year...
Jarek M02-Jan-2007 04:51
Claudia, thank you for visiting my gallery and your kind comments. All the best in the new year.
Bill Daniels01-Jan-2007 17:53
Claudia, You tell great stories. Love your site!
Jean-Paul PLUME01-Jan-2007 10:31
Je suis tombé par hasard sur vos galeries, toutes plus belles les unes que les autres. Vous arrivez à transmettre toute la poésie qui est en vous à travers vos photos. Bravo pour tout cela.
Guest 01-Jan-2007 02:59
Hello Claudia,
Thank you for the kind words and for ID'ing the gerbera. I am fascinated by your galleries. You are both an artist and a poet. You must tell me, what is the toy featured in "Gift Of Light"?
francis schwaller31-Dec-2006 23:09
bonjour claudia ,a votre reponse oui je suis a Montreal en se moment pas loin du vieux montreal.J´etait au Mont-Tremblant 10jours. Magnifique superbe vu,plus tard passer voir les photos du Mont-tremblant.Mon sejour au Canada est superbe nous allons manger chez l´Epicier se soir ,mais merci a vous pour votre message sur mon site pbase
Hermel Bourque31-Dec-2006 00:22
Merci de vos commentaires. Vous avez une très belle variété de photos dans vos galeries.
Hermel Bourque
Adalberto Tiburzi30-Dec-2006 23:25
Brava Claudia!
John v.d.h27-Dec-2006 06:53
Hi Claudia

Many thanks for your kind words, I have enjoyed your Galleries as well.

Happy New Year
Bill Taylor25-Dec-2006 02:13
Thanks Claudia , for your comments and visit to my gallery.
Fred Relaix23-Dec-2006 18:14
Claudia, your pbase galleries are just one of the best I have seen in a while! I will try to produce something worth participating into your heart gallerie, this is such a lovely idea. I love your poetic comments, this is so sweet and gives a very personal feeling. I will be back for more! Merci pour ces instants uniques, cette sensibilité et ces mélanges de couleurs, formes et poésie. Fred
Richard Calmes23-Dec-2006 16:34
May happiness and joy be your constant companion in 2007! Thank you for your visit to my ballet world and come again when you can!

François Hamon17-Dec-2006 17:08
It will be a long work before beeing able to do such pictures...
Et cela prendra du temps avant de pouvoir en faire autant. J'ai adoré chacune de ces galeries, et j'y reviendrai souvent. Quelle sensibilité. Bravo.
IconeOClaste11-Dec-2006 08:55
Tout d'abord, merci pour votre visite et vos gentils commentaires. J'ai fait un tour dans vos galeries et ai apprécié beaucoup de choses. Malgré mon anglais très déficient, j'ai cru comprendre que vous collectionnez les coeurs. Dès que j'aurai le temps et une idée, j'en ferai un et vous l'enverrai ...

Bonne journée ...
Gilles Dehérand10-Dec-2006 20:39

Grâce à votre message, je me suis régalé à visionner vos photos!
J'ai en effet énormément apprécié ce mélange entre photographie et post-traitement qui donnent aux photos une dimension féerique.
PS : le détail du cheval est pris au D70 + 80-200 + doubleur TC-201; soit l'équivalent d' un 600 mm !
André Bessot04-Dec-2006 07:26
La pointe rocheuse qui se dresse en avant de la falaise percée de ma photo des falaises d'Etretat, a servi de décors au roman de Gaston Leroux : L'aiguille creuse. C'est un brin suranné, mais je vous en recommande tout de même la lecture, puisque je suis sûr que vous devez aimer lire.
Bien cordialement à vous.
André Bessot03-Dec-2006 08:51
On entre dans vos galeries à pas feutrés de peur d’en briser la fragile intimité. Poèmes et photos sont indissociables. L’image renforce les mots, le cœur du message en fait ; subtile construction !
Merci de votre petit bonjour qui m’a permis de vous découvrir et bien cordialement.
David Sarkin26-Nov-2006 05:41
Your galleries are beautiful. I will look forward to seeing more.
F García Robles25-Nov-2006 23:10
Gracias por tu opinión
Saludos desde España
Matt Turner25-Nov-2006 04:23
Thanks so much for your generous accolades on my photosite. Much appreciated! You also seem to have a talent for capturing the subtilties time and space...but you already knew that.
zenmatt24-Nov-2006 18:32
Some of the best images on PBase! zM
giorgio marinelli15-Nov-2006 16:37
Hi Claudia ,I thank for the visit at my site. I have seen the photographies of your portfolio, I think that they are very interesting and various and you are able to give images a I touch staff.
Best regards .Giorgio
p.s. (excuses for my bad english )
EXIL 10-Nov-2006 22:12
It's raining outside
water entering in my world
drops of water, world of tomorrow
silent night and the one walk through it
like a traveller in time looking at your
beautiful galleries ...

can you hear the silence

Petros Labrakos06-Nov-2006 08:05
Cherre amie
I'm real glad
we both speak same photo language
a silent soulful discreet understanding
no fanfares needed neither sophistication
Tres heureux de vous connaitre
Tom Merigan26-Oct-2006 02:56
Claudia Glad my Pic reminded you of good memories in California.
Tom Merigan
Portola Valley,CA
Dan Kirchner21-Oct-2006 22:12
Bonjour Claudia,
thanks so much for stopping by my galleries and taking the time to leave a few comments! I have viewed and read your galleries and must commend you on your creativity! I particularly enjoyed your hearts gallery; I'll have to dig up an image and send it to you!
Take care and all the best!
Guest 15-Oct-2006 22:46
Many thanks for being the very first to comment on my gallery.
Sorry to disappoint you on the architecture - it was taken in Disneyland in Florida. I only posted it as a completely random image while I am learning how to use pBase.

Jean-Claude Liehn10-Oct-2006 03:32
Vos photogaphies aux longues légendes poétiques sont des créations vraiment personnelles. Elles me plaisent beaucoup. Peut-être sacrifient-elles à la mode des épanchements intimes délivrées au monde par la toile, mais votre travail est plein de retenue et j'aime beaucoup le résultat. Je ne puis que très vivement vous encourager à persévérer. Jean-Claude, Reims, France.
Guest 04-Oct-2006 11:58
bonjour, superbes galeries, j'ai beaucoup de mal à chercher une préférée, elles sont toutes aussi belles les unes que les autres, vous avez de la chance de cotoyer de si beaux paysages que j'aimerais tant photographier.
Je vous souhaite une très bonne journée et soyez sûre que si un jour vous viendrez faire un tour en france, vous serez la bienvenue.
Kaparu225-Sep-2006 19:27
Hi Claudia - like your heart series very much! I may have a New Year's Heart somewhere to put on PBase when I can find it again!!!!

Glad you like the forest - I live very near where I took these photos and I just love it so much!

take care - best wishes Kev
Dave Beedon17-Sep-2006 20:56
Claudia, it was a pleasure to find your comments in my Miscellaneous gallery and I enjoyed reading the thoughtful things you said. Thanks for visiting; please come back. :-)
Marc Demoulin15-Sep-2006 20:44
Bonjour Claudia,
Votre travail est très personnel et créatif. Il faut persévérer. Bienvenue à Pbase.
gouter0811-Sep-2006 20:11
Many thanks for your comment on my Santorini photo !
Indeed it is a very beautiful island , different from the other Greek islands . I hope you can visit it sometime in the future ! Please note that gets crowdy during the summer high season, July and August.