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PiJoly30-Jan-2014 13:58
La terre appelle Christine... allo Christine...m'entendez-vous ?...
Photo Club Pavillonnais18-Jan-2010 21:48
Ola Christine,

Merci de ta visite et de ton commentaire, qui m'ont permis également de découvrir ton travail. Sincèrement, j'aime beaucoup ! J'y reviendrai...
David Barrett20-Mar-2009 09:19
Hi Christine
Thanks for your comments and support.Your work is inspirational and your artist's eye shines through. Really great that you are posting more frequently this year. Take care.
David :>))
Guest 18-Mar-2009 05:14
Thanks for visiting and for the nice comment...

Lampridis Dimitris22-Dec-2008 18:18
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year , to you and your family *****
Claude Martin22-Feb-2008 06:49
Une maitrise technique et de beaucoup de sensibilité font de chaque photo superbe expression qui ne laisse insensible... Un grand bravo!

Darbowski03-Jan-2008 22:29
Merci de ta visite et de tes commentaires, j'aime beaucoup ton travail et je reviendrai régulièrement visiter tes galeries, à bientôt...
Richard25-Dec-2007 06:39
Quelle belle gallerie.
Lampridis Dimitris21-Dec-2007 18:59
Hi Christine , Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008 *****
Denis Vincelette29-Oct-2007 12:27
I do not know if you speak french or english.. so I'll write you in english. Christine, you are amazing ... So young with so powerful photos ... I expect something big for you .... in a near future ... All my congratulations for all your galleries ... for all your photos and for the talent you have ! Respectfully.. Denis V.
Primo Uy21-Oct-2007 17:32
Hi Christine,
Thanks for the Comments, you're gallery was very impressive as well.
Very artistic!
Aud Elise Sjøsæther21-Oct-2007 08:47
Thanks for your kind comment on my picture : )
You are now in my favourites. Amazing gallery you have here!
Love your style.

Aud Elise
Andrew Vincent15-Oct-2007 11:02
Brilliant work Christine, very impressed!
JEN TOPLAK27-Sep-2007 03:51
Christine, thank you very much for the comment you left on my page. I see you keep yourself very busy creating always excellent images. Your work is outstanding!!!
I haven't been able to get around the ballerina yet. I am working temporarily in landscapes. I 'll soon create another gallery. At the right time I will get to it, I have a beautiful plan for that picture of yours.
Best regards for you and your mom, love,
CC23-Sep-2007 23:58
Bonjour Christine,

Tout simplement pour souligner votre talent exceptionnel.

Pour vos belles photos ... bravo, bravo et bravo encore !

Nick Clayton15-Sep-2007 16:55
This is a beautiful gallery Christine
James29-Jul-2007 01:58
Hey Chirstine, Thanks for your comments. I love when people leave a comment, as I get to discover other very talented artists such as yourself. Your galleries are very well done. I voted more than once. Thanks for sharing.
Robyco23-Jul-2007 11:00
Hello, just came by to look a some new dance pcitures from your hand..... Awesome again, real Art you make there !!
Now i can even understand how hard it is to catch those dancers in their best pose and lightconditions etc... Did my first shoot at a show and now how hard it is in most of the time "bad" light conditions....
I put you in my favourite list to learn more from you.
Thanks for sharing these great pictures.
Jeff Real23-Jun-2007 15:28
I was thrilled when I opened the new issue of B & W magazine and found your ice flowers there. It is very beautiful work as is all of yours and very deserving of the honor.
Carol Muse Skinner17-Jun-2007 14:32
Hi Christine - many thanks for your comment on my "Casco Viejo" gallery. It is a work in progress. Last July I took 137 photographs and will be posting about 55 from that photo shoot - then I will take some more. The developers are coming in and eventually the innate character of the area will be lost - when all of the property is sold off and the renovations finished it will look like Disneyland.

I have really enjoyed browsing through your galleries - those dance shots are amazing!
Guest 16-Jun-2007 10:50
Thank you for posting your pictures. They're a great inspiration to me.
Pauline11-Apr-2007 02:43
You amaze me with your dance photography!!!
I visit them often!
Nate Savalza10-Apr-2007 23:04
Thank you for your comment!

You have some great work here. =)

lauren collingwood08-Apr-2007 21:01
amazing photography! thank you for sharing.
Greg Little06-Apr-2007 11:28
Hi Christine. Thanks for the comments in my galleries. Yes that was actually rust. Very old chains on a dock in Portofino, Italy. I enjoyed browsing your galleries. Very nice work.

Ciao, Greg
Rita van Vliet04-Apr-2007 18:24
Christine, thank you for the kind comments on my Gallery..
love your Gallery "Essay on Waitng".
Recards from Holland
skhin12-Mar-2007 07:53
You are rather artistic I must say. I particularly like the "Abandon" gallery. Great eye for things ordinary.
Miel Pieters06-Mar-2007 17:40
Fine work Christine. Dance, polaroid.... all galleries are inspired!
Guest 06-Mar-2007 14:04
You got great stuff. Looking forward to more of your work.
Rosemarie Kusserow14-Feb-2007 21:26
Thanks Christine for your kind comment on my image:, it is hard to say what me fascinated to shot as well, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
John Glines12-Feb-2007 06:13
Thank you for leaving a comment on my photo of the Mekong River in the dry season. And I must say that looking at your photos, particularly of the dance, was a very great pleasure.
Salah El-Sadek04-Feb-2007 11:58
Hi Christine,
Thank you for visiting my galleries, appreciate all your kind comments that reflects a great sense of humor and brilliance..
Your visit gave me a chance to discover your superb galleries, and to sail between your islands of talent, beauty and artistic vision, please accept my great admiration for your work and appreciation for your words..
Best wishes,
Terje Hamnes18-Jan-2007 22:22
Thank you for welcoming me!
You're galleries are great! Creative!

Will visit again!
Guest 18-Jan-2007 06:14
Merci Christine pour le scomentaire sur mes photos, j'espère que tu va continuer venir voir ce que j'affiche sur pbase.

Je vais tenté de garder un oeil sur tes photos et j'espère peut-être un jour que l'on pourra se rencontrer question d'échanger quelques photos :-)
Dylan Cowan15-Jan-2007 04:22
Christine, thank you for your comments. I clicked by to quickly browse and leave a comment or two in return, but instead I've been pouring over your photographs for a while now. There is a quality in your imagery that is just too much to grasp in a rush. I'll have to return with time to study your work more closely before venturing a comment - and how fortunate for me, at first glance I see you have a lot to offer!
Keith Mills13-Jan-2007 15:25
Christine, thank you very much for the kind comments on my Gallery. I simply love your Gallery "Essay on Waitng". I have put you on my Favorites and I will be checking your Galleries out from time to time. Great work. Cheers.
Robyco30-Dec-2006 22:17
Christine, you are nor only a great Photographer but also a very kind person.
You give your critic through a private mail, that is really kind. Your pictures are very good, thank you for sharing those......
I hope i will be that good in 10 years from now, then you are 10 years better. I do not mind because you are so kind to help us to become better.....
I will be back to learn..
Jim Hakvoort25-Dec-2006 00:14

As a member of my 'favorit artists' list I want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy 2007. In the new year I hope to enjoy your work as much as I did last year.

Fred Relaix23-Dec-2006 18:21
Christine, great work. Lot of original ideas, very personal style. Not much to add here, you are close to perfectness in many ways. I will be back to try to learn more from you! You are really part of the few with not only original ideas, but a great eye, and perfect carrying out. Warm regards from Paris, Fred
daniel15-Dec-2006 08:27
Just saw your galleries.
They are very unique and original.
Developing an own style, it's a high level of photography.
(im still learning how to use a camera... )
Thanks for your comments at my Korea gallery.
James Giovanni Pan13-Dec-2006 04:47
When I think of the word, "daring", I think of you. Your work is so unique that looking at any of your photos is like taking a walk through a fine art museum. Not only have you sparked my imagination, but you have given me inspiration to capture what I feel, not what I see.
rbfresno12-Dec-2006 07:40
Hi Christine,
Thanks for visiting my gallery and your kind comment.
Also, and even more appreciatively, thank you for subsequently making me aware of your galleries. You apply a unique, wonderful, and often heartfelt touch. I particularly liked your "End of the Earth", "Theatrical Eye", "Shadows of a White Night", and "Essay on Waitng".
I've added you to my list of favorites....
François Hamon03-Dec-2006 17:49
Talent is everywhere in your galleries, Christine. You create and capture so perfectly... A new star in PBASE.

Je suis impressionné par la variété et la créativité de chacune de tes photos. Superbe, tout simplement.
Soenda03-Dec-2006 10:19
I've loved Nova Scotia since visiting there decades ago as a teenager. It was as wild and beautiful as the coast of heaven must be. I deeply enjoyed your photos of this gift of a land.
Guest 27-Nov-2006 00:59
Hello Christine, Like all the people says, you're good.
Guest 25-Nov-2006 14:30
your galleries show not only the achieve of a great technique but, specially, the sensitive soul that lives inside of you. For me, technique without emotion means nothing. But, when the photographer is capable of joining both in a unique and artistic way (or vision), the entire Universe celebrates. That's your gift and you willingly share it with us. Thank you! Marisa
Roozbeh Shivayi25-Nov-2006 11:48
Hi Christine,
Thank you for viewing and commenting on my galleries, it's very much appreciated. Your comments explaining my works very well and I think I have to use them as title for some of my photos.
I really enjoyed looking through your galleries; you have extremely nice work presented here.
Thanks again, Roozbeh
Dominic Anthony20-Nov-2006 18:46
As mentioned by many, thank you for commenting. You wrote the 'c' word, concept, which seems to fuel what you do with great results. I am rather casual, however, taking what is given by the world; and I'd do well to begin with concepts (as you show) every now and again.
Per Karlssoj 25-Oct-2006 20:10
My God youre good! What camera do you use for your work?
Sue Robertson25-Oct-2006 03:38
I am amazed to see that you are so young!. You have a great talent for creating and capturing mood. Your work is quite exceptional. All the best Sue
Guest 20-Oct-2006 03:25
great shots! really inspiring! thanks for sharing
Niall O'Shea17-Oct-2006 15:28
A manifestly talented photographer with vision and such potential. Never waver from it.
AGHER17-Oct-2006 14:58
hi, your gallery is great, greeting
Rosemarie Kusserow17-Oct-2006 12:36
Hi Christine, thanks again for stopping by and for your kind comment on my *Two friends on a very snowy day*, I´m glad you like it, regards, Rosemarie :o)
Photo Club Pavillonnais11-Oct-2006 06:53
Plein de belle choses, régal pour l'oeil...
Dominique Dumas
Photo Club Pavillonnais10-Oct-2006 20:54
Difficile de choisir parmi tant de réussites esthétiques et pleine d'humanité. Quel regard original. Superbe.
Un seul regret : pourquoi de si petites photos (sur papier, je suis un fervent adepte du N&B 30x40 minimum, certes pas possible ici mais quel dommage !) ?
Jean-René A.
pr_rajan09-Oct-2006 16:52
Oleg Birioukov25-Sep-2006 03:25
Hmmm... Happy Birthday, dear! All the best!

P.S. I hope I'm not too early or too late, eh? :)
Nathalie Vuillemin09-Sep-2006 21:36
Bravo pour votre travail, Christine. Vous avez une imagination et un savoir faire (aussi bien photographique que technique) qui donnent vraiment accès à un univers inédit.
Guest 09-Sep-2006 20:29
your photos are very impressive, christine .. i remember very well the one shocking "Alter Ego" when it was posted on the other gallery of your photography club. good to see now you have your own gallery :)
Jeremy07-Sep-2006 13:49
I am very impressed by your galleries. I judge from them that you must be a very artistic and expressive person. Looking forward to seeing more of your postings. Cheers.
zenmatt04-Sep-2006 17:22
The only problem with your photographs is that there aren't more. More, more, more! ZM
jojo parazo28-Aug-2006 22:15
great work !
Rosemarie Kusserow28-Aug-2006 06:38
Thanks again dear Christine for your comments on my shots, I´m glad you liked them as well. I read in your comment on my metro shot that you have to be very young!!! I admire your photo works, they are very inspiring to me. I put you to my favorites because I´ll visite your works again, best wishes, Rosemarie :o)
yaffa rennert22-Aug-2006 18:20
Hi Christine,
Thank you so much for all your kind comments on my gallery "70+". I really appreciate them very much.
Brinn MacDougall22-Aug-2006 18:16
Thanks Christine, the shot of unhappy salesman was taken when I was trying out my new camera. I guess he was bored of the
Barbara Heide22-Aug-2006 15:56
I'm so glad you stopped by my galleries...otherwise I would not have know about you!...great work, I've added you to my favaourites so I can come back often! cheers
Marijka21-Aug-2006 21:19
thank you for calling me a "food artist" -- BUT i think the word ARTIST is meant for YOU!!! Just from your root gallery, i am intrigued.... I look forward to returning to view your work. BRAVO!!
Genevieve 19-Aug-2006 22:21
Your photographs are really gorgeous, Christine. Something you should definitely stick to, I love the way you see things! Your composition is really impeccable, you're a natural.

Just great.
Guenter Eh19-Aug-2006 20:57
Your are a shooting star here in pbase. But in my opinion that`s not your intention. Your pictures creates a "momentum" inside the ppl who looked at it. And I`m happy to be one in the crowd!
René Lortie15-Aug-2006 07:09
Ton travail mérite certainement ses propres galleries. Je me ferai un plaisir de les visiter régulièrement.
Kelly Dodge 14-Aug-2006 14:44
Hello Christine, You and I met in Algonquin park a couple weeks ago. I was the "meet the artist" for the day, Kelly Dodge. I am sooo glad that I asked if you had a website. Your photography is wonderful ....what a talented young lady. Great meeting you and your family and girlfriend. God Bless.
Kelly Dodge
Mariam El-Mofty10-Aug-2006 21:55
Not only is Chrisitine P. Newman an excellent photographer, but also an artist, real human being with an interesting insight on everything around her. I applaud you on your evident and amusing effort.

Mariam El Mofty:)
Naomi Sheaffer09-Aug-2006 17:24
Thanks for your kind comments on my portraits. I have enjoyed browsing through your lovely galleries, and the dance photos are stunning!
Kal Khogali31-Jul-2006 15:51
In the blink of an eye a star is born, so bright it can light a whole world, allowing people to see the unseen, and discover the unknown. That light drawn of human vision and imprinted on peoples minds in a fraction of a second and lasting for eternity is a gift...not everyone has it. You are young Christine, and you remind me every day I look at your images that when I was your age (and to a certain extent even now!)...I didn't have a clue ;-)) A Star is Born. K
Guest 29-Jul-2006 20:39
Nice to see you've your own gallery. I add you to my favorites so I can follow your work are so talented ;)
marita toftgard29-Jul-2006 17:35
hi christine..
welcome to pbase..;-)
and thanks for stopping by my work..

regards from sweden
Lampridis Dimitris28-Jul-2006 06:36
Hi Christine , _ Thank you so much for visiting, and commenting, injoyed your galleries, MAGNIFICENT COLLECTIONS !!!
Mostafa Moftah20-Jul-2006 20:58
Christine P. Newman, a bright star today and a promising superstar tomorrow.

Looking forward to see your thriving art.. all the best.
Adalberto Tiburzi19-Jul-2006 06:04
Enormous natural talent.
Rosemarie Kusserow18-Jul-2006 08:26
Thanks Christine for your kind comments on my shots, I´m glad you liked them, best wishes, Rosemarie :-)
Richard Calmes18-Jul-2006 01:21
You are a very talented artist with a great eye! You will get better and better and I am looking forward to watching that progress!
zenmatt15-Jul-2006 12:18
You are one of the most talented photographers I have ever seen. ZM
Ken Crowder12-Jul-2006 21:04

I think Rod said it all. Thank you for being you!
You have a wonderful eye and creative spirit that has really only begun.
Thank you for sharing your "visual gifts" with us.

Guest 09-Jul-2006 23:52
Thank you for bringing a sparkle of real magic into the eyes of our hearts.For making us believe again that there is a true voice beneath every surface with a unique melody.For inspiring us to know differently and better than we have lived so far.As if we have awoke from a dull dream into a realm of new child curiousties.Thank you especially above all for being a spiritual catalyst.For being yourself to open the best in others :D
Adalberto Tiburzi07-Jul-2006 08:30
rick bolt06-Jul-2006 15:47
Christine --

Congratulations for your on pBase site.

Ana Carloto O'Shea05-Jul-2006 16:48
Hi Christine!!!
Though I am on holidays I came online for a little while to congratulate you on your pages :)
You know that I love your work and here I think you will have a lot of space to let your creative spirit fly high.
The best of luck.

JSWaters05-Jul-2006 03:48
Good to see you here on your own - I hope to watch you add to an already impressive body of work.
zenmatt05-Jul-2006 03:39
Oh, so exciting! It's oh so exciting! Your own gallery! Marvelous, superb, wow!!! JM/Z
Guest 05-Jul-2006 02:54
Glad you got your own spot. Love your work.
Scott 05-Jul-2006 01:06
Hello Christine
I look forward to following your progress.
ruthemily04-Jul-2006 18:27
Thanks for your message, Christine. I'm so glad you have branched out onto your own pbase page and I'm looking forward to seeing you move so much of your amazing work across. You are a truely gifted artist!

Phil Douglis04-Jul-2006 18:03
Welcome to pbase, Christine. I look forward to watching it gradually grow. You will learn much from this process, and the pbase community of artists is lucky to have you join it. I hope there is a way that you can move the wonderful comments you have already accumulated on the other site to this one.