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Dan Chusid | all galleries >> Weekly PAD Challenge > High Wire
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High Wire
Dan Chusid '06

High Wire

Part of the "Breaking The Compositional Rules" Challenge

Others taking part can be found here:

Tips for beginners:

Hold your camera at the main object's level.
Taking a picture from above or below brings into the photo, an element of exertion.

Ordinarily, the main source of light should be placed behind you.
To take a picture with the light between you and the object is the task for a specialist.

Use a dark background for taking a picture of a light object, or, alternatively,
a light background for doing so of a dark object.

Note though, that the absolutely white background causes flare effect
that leads to reducing the contrast of a taken picture.

When the main object of an image is located on the long shot,
the whole image will look better if the foreground objects will be taken into the image as well.

A space in a shot should be reserved in front of an actually or potentially moving object.

The Rule Of Thirds:
This is a principle taught in graphic design and photography
and is based on the theory that the eye goes naturally to a point about two-thirds up the page.
Also, by visually dividing the image into thirds (either vertically or horizontally)
you achieve the informal or asymmetric balance mentioned above.

Don't be afraid of breaking rules!
As Edward Weston said, "Consulting the rules of composition before taking a photograph
is like consulting the laws of gravity before going for a walk."

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Nuno Boavida29-Jun-2007 15:33
Cool shot!
Paradoxal Studio Classic14-Dec-2006 10:32
Can you imagine the size of the spider who made this...
Ann Cleeves28-Nov-2006 23:54
What an unusual shot - fascinating!
Ann Cleeves28-Nov-2006 23:54
What an unusual shot - fascinating!
Greg Harp16-Oct-2006 02:50
Many thanks for the lesson. Wow--and I thought we had a lot of wires to contend with. :)
Norman Richard15-Oct-2006 02:06
I like it when the rules of gravity is broken, and...u just float there.
Our Colin13-Oct-2006 22:52
Well someone got their wires crossed ! prefer the last tip ;-)
Ann LT13-Oct-2006 15:44
Looks like the SF Spidey has been here.

Thanks for the tips,Dan!
JD13-Oct-2006 04:48
You are a wise man, Dan. Thanks for the lesson.
Alexandre Trudeau-Dion13-Oct-2006 03:45
Wow so manys lines that brake the composition rule !!!!
Michael Shpuntov13-Oct-2006 02:44
I was thinking about those wires for the challenge. Great illustration on how not to chose POV
Wei O'Connell13-Oct-2006 01:20
Great challenge shot! Thanks for the tips!
FairEnigma13-Oct-2006 00:42
Ah...Blessed Chaos~*
Craig Persel12-Oct-2006 23:15
Barbara Heide12-Oct-2006 22:49
that's fun!
Bill Warren12-Oct-2006 22:29
By breaking the rules you've made a very messy picture that somebody is going to have to clean up. Good stuff
Dave Wixx12-Oct-2006 22:06
Actually a cool shot - I think the electricians broke the rules!!!! Now I have your beginners guide I have to revisit every picture I've ever taken - AAAAGGGHHHH. You forgot to mention that the western world tends to look left to right with the opposite in the east!!! Now there's confusion to add to the mix!!!!
Veysel Birinci12-Oct-2006 21:49
Very nice shot for challenge. Bravo
Jannik Lindquist12-Oct-2006 20:19
Very convincing rule-knocking - and a wonderful quote!
chrisse12-Oct-2006 20:14
Thanks for the rules, never knew there were so many ;o) Like your spider web btw.
Ray :)12-Oct-2006 20:14
Another rule:- don't shoot a bright background such as the sky as you'll spend the next week cloning out sensor dust from your image :)
John Beck12-Oct-2006 19:35
Someone called it an "urban spider". Actually I was thinking more of web. Well broken.
TimA12-Oct-2006 18:51
As there is no ground in this photo I presume the building is held up by the net! Of course it's all down to composition ;-)
James Ross12-Oct-2006 18:27
A great set of tips and a very busy shot. :-)
Guest 12-Oct-2006 17:49
What a tangle of broken rules.
JSWaters12-Oct-2006 16:30
Great job! I'll have to bookmark this page for easy reference!
wernere0112-Oct-2006 16:28
Carefully broken rules!
Priya Shailesh12-Oct-2006 16:20
Useful tips & broken rules :-)
beverley harrison12-Oct-2006 15:35
compositionally uncorrect?!!
yannick Beunard12-Oct-2006 15:22
Urban spider
Chris Sofopoulos12-Oct-2006 15:02
I agree with you Dan.
And be careful of these wires;)
Nicki Thurgar12-Oct-2006 14:54
Great tips! And well broken rules!
joanteno12-Oct-2006 14:45
Perfect challenge shot!
J. Scott Coile12-Oct-2006 14:33
Looks like I got beat to the "no stinkin' rules" bit ;) Highly charged intersection :)
Zara Altair12-Oct-2006 14:06
Rules? We don't need no stinking rules. :-)
Great shot and very SF. All that's missing is the bus whose arm falls off the line and all traffic stops while the driver gets out to re-attach.
Guest 12-Oct-2006 13:41
the SF web
Jen Bixler12-Oct-2006 12:11
Busy! Hope you did not get too tangled up when taking your rule breaking shot!
Cindi Smith12-Oct-2006 11:50
Yep...never put wires in the pictures! Great entry for the challenge!
David Royall12-Oct-2006 11:20
Rules? Heck, this shot is good story-telling.
Eckhart Derschmidt12-Oct-2006 11:19
Maybe the only rule I observe (with respect to photography;-)) : If you cannot avoid a certain defect or obstacle, exaggerate it. This one is a point in case. Well done!
Tomasz Dziubinski - Photography12-Oct-2006 11:11
Good shot, I usually try to ommit these mess of wires :)
Gil Purcil12-Oct-2006 11:02
Guess what? They may become standards in the future :-)
Seems like a lot of my shots fall under this category.
Thanks for the tips.
emmii!!!!!12-Oct-2006 10:44
Nice one. It's so chaotic.
Guest 12-Oct-2006 10:43
very busy stringy shot -
Sheila12-Oct-2006 10:42
Your leading lines got crossed LOL!
Yvonne12-Oct-2006 10:22
Certainly qualifies as asymmetric!!! :))
laine8212-Oct-2006 10:21
I think it's the city fathers who broke the rules here :>) Thankyou for the wiki lesson, Dan ;>)
Roe..12-Oct-2006 10:20
wonderful perspective..who made up all these rules?
faye white12-Oct-2006 09:34
excellent breakage! ;)
Guest 12-Oct-2006 05:42
I dont whant to be electrician,

Nice shot
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