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22nd May 2004 - waiting for some warm weather

Weíve invested (heavily) in new garden furniture this week. Weíve bought a really swanky teak table, chairs and parasol for the patio and itís all set up and raring to go. Itís so swanky that there is a granite Ďlazy susaní in the middle of the table so we donít even have to lift up the Apple Mac to pass it to the other person, just swivel the Ďlazy susaní and she does the rest. Itís funny how such a simple design can give such a huge amount of pleasure. Weíve both been playing with it since David set it all up while I was at work on Wednesday, when it was delivered. This photo is of a gorgeous hanging candle lamp set that my little sister, Jan bought me for Christmas and it goes on the new table a treat. Thanks Jan.

Our problem?

Itís unseasonably cold here, in fact, we may even have frost tonight. The forecast is 3ļ c (wahay, for anyone whoís seen my earlier struggles with degree signs thatís a firstÖ.Iíve discovered it only works with the dedicated numerical pad not the numbers on the top of the qwerty bit) and of course thatís cold enough for frost. Iím sitting here freezing despite the sun being out. Thatís also very unusual because Iím so hot-blooded that I am almost never cold. David says sleeping with me is like sleeping with a furnaceÖ..and thatís not a reference to our hot sex life either!

We forced ourselves to sit out and have a cup of coffee at the table earlier but it wasnít really much of a pleasure because the cold is biting.

The courgette (zucchini) plants and beans were nearly planted out today before I saw the forecast for tonight, - Iím glad I didnít get to them because if I had done, I would be charging round like a mad thing now, fleecing them over, trying to protect them. Iíd been planning to do some planting but got up late and had run out of day before I knew it!

Where is the mild weather so we can make use of this new stuff? It seems to have been cold and wet here for ever. I want to be able to eat breakfast outside, as well as lunch and supper. By this time last year we were enjoying hot weather in abundance. Before Davidís trip to Le Mans weíd spent weeks eating in the garden, mind you that could have had something to do with the state of the kitchen. The rest of the house too was filled with rubble and brick dust as it was this time last year that we were living in a building site while walls were being knocked down and the kitchen was being gutted.

I have visions of us laying back in our new chairs (with cushions) and watching the bats and stars while Otis Redding croons away in the background but to do that tonight weíd need our thermal knickers on so I think instead weíll set the fire for its last blaze of the winter and curl up on the sofa with a glass or three of the red stuff.

One day weíll see some warmth, Iím sure! (Possibly not till 2005 though at this rate.)

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Guest 28-May-2004 07:34
Just gorgeous. Great texture and colours.
Guest 23-May-2004 21:23
Oops! Only half the message got posted, one day I'll get the hang of these computer things!!! What I meant to say is that I am sunburnt and was only 15 miles or so down the road from you, so I hope it warmed up there too!!!
Guest 23-May-2004 21:21
It's now Sunday evening and I have just returned home from the weekend at the boat</a, and I am sunburnt, so I hope it was as sunny Sat/Sun in Sandhurst as it was in Marlow/Henley!!! Mind you it was pretty chilly yesterday evening...
Jill22-May-2004 23:50
Stunning image.

Just come on over to Alabama:)
Guest 22-May-2004 23:25
Lovely shot - the color, the texture. Nice one! :) And don't worry - the warm weather WILL come, and it will be all the sweeter for its delay.
jude22-May-2004 22:03
Beautiful copper and shine.. nice composition.. it's freezing here.. 51 degrees F.. what the hell? lol
Guest 22-May-2004 21:34
Close to 100 today in these parts of the woods! I'm starting to wish for cool and it's not even summer yet!
Robin Reid22-May-2004 19:20
Excellent image.
Si Kirk22-May-2004 19:13
great image, i wont upset you and tell you how warm it is here in Plymouth................oops too late!
Larry Ahern22-May-2004 19:06
Wonderful shot!
virginiacoastline22-May-2004 18:45
JHR, I HAVE heard before that SF has winter in mid summer . .another individuality ploy I suppose! Linda, I'll bottle up some of our 90's for ya post haste (I still don't know how to do the degree sign!)
Guest 22-May-2004 18:38
More frost tonight linda so don't hang anything 'tender' out the window ;)) White frost in the grass first thing and my 'ladies' complained as it'll soon be June ... Global warming - PAH!!! Still the day's been nice? As to your photo .. very sharp and clear!
Guest 22-May-2004 18:10
Dang global warming!
It'll be in the 90s here today. You guys fly over and stick your feet in the kiddie pool.
You've done a fine job controlling the metal highlights. I like the shot.
penny roots22-May-2004 17:58
I know what you mean Linda it was a frost here too last night , I think we changed to the summer duvet too soon .It has been a glorious day today , very sunny but still a little cold . I will have to go out now and cover the bedding plants up for the night .
Pall Gudjonsson22-May-2004 17:41
FYI: Pouring rain and chilly up here :-(
Lovely image btw.
Guest 22-May-2004 17:31
I sit here, with a fog thick enough to touch....drinking my coffee. As summer comer to San Francisco, it gets progressively colder!! Mark Twain says of SF, "The coldest winter I ever spent was the summer in San Franisco." HOWEVER...all I have to do is drive 15 north or east and I get sunshine. I'll take it!