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21st May 2004 - a tribute to the very first PotD gallery on PBASE

I woke up this morning to a pmail, the contents of which baffled me. It was asking me to do a tribute to the person who started this world we all play in, meaning started the first PotD gallery. I thought to myself, yes, it’d be a really good idea to do a tribute to David whose PotD gallery has delighted and inspired me since 31st December 2002.

David saw the idea for a PotD in a magazine, decided to do his gallery here on PBASE then mentioned it to Nikki who decided to follow in his footsteps and do the same. Karen Nicholls apparently had been doing a picture each day for 2002 but had not published them anywhere and she, coincidentally, started her PBASE gallery on the same day as Nikki.

Then I realised that it wasn’t David’s gallery that I was being asked to do a tribute to, it was another gallery, started late in May 2003. Oh, I see, the five months of work that had gone into David’s gallery along with Karen Nicholls and Nikki Harman’s galleries didn’t count then? Even I had been working on my Photo Diary for some ten weeks before the acclaimed ‘first’ gallery was started.

So, I just thought a tribute to the person who actually, really had the first PotD gallery on PBASE would be in order, just to dispel any myths.

Laydeez and Gennlmen, I give you……

David Mingay, intrepid PotD pioneer, he’s posted a photograph each and every day for five hundred and nine consecutive days now. I’d say that was something of a record myself. There have been many high spots in that….

Snow at night
calculating depth of field
old door, new lock, self-portrait
ever tried photographing a black dog against a black background
meet fidget

and of course there have been a few duffers…..

tired, sunburned but glad to be home
I will do better than this one

Nonetheless, I believe his gallery has been an influence to many on the PotD trail. Well done, David. Keep those photos coming, you continue to inspire me every day.

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brother_mark25-May-2004 17:55
Nice lighting here. I thought at first he was resting his arm on a large pair of binoculars. Duh. It's his strobe!
Beth 23-May-2004 17:57
It's such a great concept this post a day photo gallery - pity David didn't patent it! Ah well, inspiration is recognised in a multiplicity of ways. Yay David!
Guest 23-May-2004 03:35
Congrats to David!
Guest 22-May-2004 21:30
Hmmm... odd my pmail just asked if I could do a tribute to a fellow pader that was completing his project! Whatever the case... this is a lovely shot! And here's to you David!
Vinay22-May-2004 20:24
That's really cool and admirable
Lara S22-May-2004 16:10
Here's to you David. The first man! :)
Pall Gudjonsson22-May-2004 15:04
Fantastic photo Linda - I really like this.
As for the message on PW - when I got that one, I immediately sent a note back, correcting the person who obviously was not aware of how the world started :-)
Michael Todd Thorpe21-May-2004 22:16
Very cool, Linda. Like many here, I've taken a lot of inspiration from you both. I'm always delighted to see what you've both done for the day when I sign on and I'm proud to say you were two of the first people on my favs list...

And I have to say, I never thought a grown man's feet would be so interesting... :-)
northstar3721-May-2004 21:05
I see! It was YOUR one that got me interested. But David's one inspired you! I thought he was looking at the stars in the thumbnail. Great picture.
Guest 21-May-2004 20:49
Thanks David for a great idea and thanks Linda for sharing yet another wonderful story. 509 postings is just amazing, but very inspriational to continue on. A toast and cheer to you both...maybe a couple of times!!.
Robin Reid21-May-2004 20:41
Hooray! Excellent photo .. thanks for the recap. I have wondered the same thing about who started all this ... and I'm delighted to doff my hat to David. ( and kudos to the other pioneers, too).
I'm into my third month and much appreciate the forum as well as the encouragement a PaD creates. I hope to become a better photogapher as a result.
Thank you for doing this.
Guest 21-May-2004 20:29
He is a very talented man and it is an insperation to see him continue with the PotD project. It's nice to see talent recognized! :-)
Guest 21-May-2004 20:17
YAY David!!! Woohooo!!!!! Linda, this is a fantastic shot of him, and a wonderful tribute!!!
Linda Alstead21-May-2004 20:16
red for us!
Guest 21-May-2004 20:15
L and D? Red or white???? I have both.....
Jill21-May-2004 20:14
Wasnt even aware of this new tidbit of information.

Great going David. Congrats...and me too shall make a toast.
virginiacoastline21-May-2004 20:13
I congratulate myself on 153 days straight . .I can't fathom 509 (does he have any 509 jeans btw???) I had no idea he was first, I really didn't know WHO done it first, but I'm glad the "old timers" (heeheehee) stick around . .it helps us rookies bunches =)
Guest 21-May-2004 20:08
Cool! I won't post a picture to David.....but I'll DRINK to him!! LOL!!!
Guest 21-May-2004 20:06
Inspiring Linda. You've both got more "stick to it" than I have.
Melanie21-May-2004 19:53
This is really a Great thing to do. I haven't joined PaD yet, will when I get my own PC back on line. But I must say, I have totally enjoyed what photo's of david's as well as many others'. i would like to thank all for sharing.