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Mark Ledford | all galleries >> Waverly Hills Sanitorium >> Waverly Hills Color > DSCN2917.JPG
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Nikon Coolpix 990
1/177s f/5.5 at 8.2mm iso100 full exif

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Onyx 20-Feb-2012 01:52
Good lord.. again, I know I'm really late to the party... but.. Ms. Murphy? You seem to be (amongst other things) a bit jealous? Were you part of the Christian group that tried to have this place leveled? Or were you involved in some similar project and couldn't work it out with others? You seem to be a very difficult person (by nature). Perhaps you've sought counseling? One can only hope!
rick chandra ricky 12-Jun-2011 09:12
any one ..who saw this buliding...i mean sanitorium....please call this number or message my
danielle 19-Jun-2010 04:20
haha threses i agree and ii think this pictures has a little of mental feeling into it...ya know what i mean?
Therese 15-Jul-2009 00:40
I'm looking at these photo's half expecting and image or something to jump on the screen if you know what Imean
Guest 25-Jun-2009 01:33
M.Lee 21-Apr-2009 19:27
Ms. Murphy, and all. Hauntings are not cheap thrills. A visit to London is. The dead often have as tenacious and jusifiable hold on this earth as the living.
Mark Fliker 24-Dec-2008 00:23
Janette Murphy why don't you just get the Fact that you keep Comparing England to United States. England is England and U.S. is U.S.
that is Different in Culture and Aspects of Life.
WH is Currently Undergoing Renovations which is a Fact.
and you don't even know anything about Photography.
This Picture, is a Point-and-Click Shot. he Used Nikon 990 which is a Point-and-shoot Series of Nikon. The Picture Depends on the Environment that's why it didn't focus on the lighting on the inner part. only the one covered with light is the main focus of the picture. and can't you see that it's tilted? i pity for your Vision. any Pro will not take tilted Pictures. even so, they'll take a second shot where the angle is perfect.
Learn Photograpy by Being Friends with GOOGLE.
and i think the WH was Born in 1926.
Get your Facts Straight, By the late 1930s, tuberculosis had begun to decline around the world and by 1943, new medicines had largely eradicated in the United States.
Of course your so Called MOM, will survive by that time because of the New Research to Prevent TB and Medicines to help stop the spread of it. did you ever went to College?
I pity your MOM for ever having a daughter like you. or are you an orphan who's mom Died of a Freak accident in one of the buildings in WH? lets say by drinking Urine instead of Lemon Juice?

Get a Life and Learn some Facts...
Vida 07-Sep-2008 04:37
really ms. janett for one to say get your facts straight .. since you are online typing you should get your facts straight as vic and guests have repeatedly told you .. n yes stop repeating so .. you aint GOD you kno .. so stop judge so ..

this pic doesnt even seem like its part of the same building b/c it looks like renovation already has started to take place
Guest 24-Apr-2008 02:24
Ms. Murphy, I have noted your repeated attacks on others comments. Apparently, you are the only here who has any historical and medical knowledge of TB (perhaps thanks to your mother, I am sure!). And as for post-life occurances (?), you seem to know it all! There could be no possible way that any type of haunting occurs at Waverly Hills TB Sanitorium, or anywhere else, for that matter. It just isn't a possibility, right? But, would you mind sharing with the rest of us what does happen beyond our world, beyond our lives? Not just death, but in any respect or aspect of what some refer to as the "spirit world" or other realms. I would be so interested to hear your response, really! As to the other points you make in your comments, yes, everyone hear should attempt, not only in these comments, but in all of life, to have their facts straight! I am in TOTAL AGREEMENT with you! So...with that said...
1)an estimated 63,000 patients DID die from TB at Waverly hills Tb Sanitorium!
2)TB wasn't the Plague
3)There are literally thousands of types of cancers! Not so with TB.
4)Hundreds of Thousands of people DO NOT commit suicide every day! Wow! Watch out--it's raining people!
5)At the time of all your rantings, Waverly Hills restoration project was well underway.
6)Your mean-spirited attempts to mock and belittle those who would go to the Sanitorium in search of a "cheap thrill" oppose your own statements that the building should be preserved! It is the thrill-seekers that the owners are looking for as part of their fundraising in order to obtain the neccessary funds for the project, which they estimate at well into the millions!
Please, Ms. Murphy, read the comments of others again, and realize what everyone else already are the only one on this site that is being disrespectful to the history of this great building. Ad if you still don't think that after your reading, then you must now admit that your own repeated comments of furious ghosts prove your belief in them after all.
Vic 27-Nov-2007 13:46
Ms Janette, you must remember that back in 1920's there wasn't a cure for T.B.! Many, many people came here in hopes for a cure, only to witness themselves cough up bits of their own lungs and then suffocate to death.
You keep repeating your mother's experience over and over, is your memory failing? It is because of these people and what they have went through that we have the medical know how about T.B. today. So instead of being synical and repeating yourself, how bout a few frames of silence out of respect for the life these people were able to give your mother?
Katherine 12-Nov-2007 00:13
Mrs/Miss Murphy,
I'm sure we're glad to hear that your mother survived her disease and lives to tell the story, more power to you, but please stop copy and pasting it as a comment on every photo.
I can see that you don't believe the ghosts are there, and we are all entitled to our own opinions, but you can keep it to yourself now, we get the point.
Or at least say it without using the same lines over and over.
It's rather annoying.

Excellent photography here.
Heather 02-Nov-2007 01:41
Those who were patients at Waverly during the TB years say that it was a nice place to be under the circumstances. Those there considered themselves lucky because it was a state of the art facility at the time. There was much hope because the best doctors were at Waverly. The patients were treated with kindness and most enjoyed themselves a great deal. The story is different when you hear about Woodhaven. It was shut down by the state of Kentucky due to patient abuse. In my opinion, if there are any agitated spirits there, it would be from that era.
Janette Murphy 18-Oct-2007 18:11
The photos depend on the cameraman and equipment, and nothing else.It may well have been his intention to frame the scene in dark doorways - he's obviously a superb photographer. The architecture of the main entrance and tower is pseudo Victorian high-Gothic, and typical of its type; London is full of such buildings, all of which I suppose you would label 'doomed' in atmosphere! It must have been a marvellous place in its time, and a symbol of great hope for people suffering from TB. As someone who had has major heart surgery I can assure you that very sick people are often much more optimistic and resilient than you give them credit for. As for there being no cure for what they had, I'm afraid you're quite wrong. It was like cancer (although contagious, of course) these days; some were incurable, and many were not. My mother was one of them; she spent over two years in a similar sanatorium in the north of England in the 1940's and came out minus one lung, but very much alive - sorry to spoil the myth!High buildings attract suicides, and sick people kill themselves by the hundreds of thousands each and every day, the world over.WH was no different from many other hospitals of its type, but it has been spectacularly neglected over the years! If there are any ghosts, they're probably furious at the state of the place and very indignant at the lack of respect shown them by the cheap-thrill merchants.
JW 04-Sep-2007 17:56
I don't think happieness ever visited this place to often. In the first years it had to be very upsetting driving up to this place knowing that there was no cure for what you had and that you may never leave, alive that is.
BOOGOOGOO 30-May-2007 15:20
Tyler 26-Oct-2006 23:58
This piture gives me an overwhelming sense of discomfort for some reason.