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help private comment 25-Jun-2014 23:29
Thankyou for providing free classical music you must be a christian. Thanyou again samuel bird from chicken alaska.
ricky26-May-2013 20:48
Great galleries! I have thoroughly enjoyed your work!

Andrys Basten12-Jul-2012 09:10
Which picture, Guest?
Guest 12-Jul-2012 04:39
Actually, that is bulgur in the picture, not rice.
Neville Tencer 10-Aug-2011 14:04
Hi Andrys
These are some great photos. I going to spend some more time looking over your photos. Wonderful work!

Neville Tencer
An Italian Odyssey
Doug 01-Apr-2011 14:23

I got here from your Kindle Blog -- I wish I had visited much earlier! These are beautiful and creative photographs.
Karen 23-Jan-2011 22:32
I like your Paramount Theatre photos as well as the others in your gallery. You did a good job and have very steady hands! Thanks for commenting on my photos. I enjoy photography and it looks like you do too!
FocusingOnWildlife.com24-Oct-2010 12:20
superb images, will check your site on regular basis.
Ken Billington's Bird & Wildlife Photography
Andrys Basten17-Apr-2010 10:09
Thank you!

Landon Mcallister,
Thanks for the nice words and am glad you enjoyed a photo of that definitely stellar pianist!
Landon Mcallister 16-Apr-2010 19:35
Breathtaking photography, and a photo of a favorite pianist, the stellar Martha Argerich as a bonus. Thanks.
Tanya Faltens22-Nov-2009 07:15
Hi Andrys,
I haven't stopped by your page in a while, and your photos look even better than I remembered. What gorgeous landscape shots!
Andrys Basten28-Jul-2009 15:44
Bonny, I am really glad you liked the Palace of Fine Arts set - it was a day with unusual lighting that worked interestingly on what was left of the rain's effects.

When you get your poems published, I hope you'll remember to let us know here.

Thanks for writing here.

- Andrys
Bonny Pettegrew 27-Jul-2009 21:51
Andrys Basten
I have always been in love with this spot in San Francisco. It is one of the most beautiful in the city, (which is known for its many charming places) I lived in the bay area (Palo Alto) and went to the city any chance I had because I loved it so much. I moved to the low desert (Coachella Valley) which is near Palm Springs, and can't believe how much I miss SF. I am a musician and teacher and miss the SF Symphony, ballet, etc. I even miss the tall buildings. LOL. I have written several poems about the Palace of Fine Arts and hope to get them published, together with other poems, some time in the future. Thank you for your beautiful pictures. I will be using them on my desk top for back ground.
Bonny Pettegrew
GINTAS 22-May-2008 17:55
very nice picture!!!

GINTAS from Lithuania
rita fairchild 18-Mar-2008 20:06
I am so very sorry but I have only just seen your query. Of course I enjoyed your photos taken in the museum in Constantinople (Istanbul) they are terrific. Alexander has been an obsession for so many years and I loved writing "...An Everlasting Renown" Alexander the Great and am seriously thinking of a sequel up to the coming of the Romans. At the moment I am writing an article based on my book and looking for a market. I haved in Zanzibar, Kuwait and Turkey so wonderful tracing sites, history and fables treasured by the Arabs.
Nancy 10-Mar-2008 18:30
I love your photographs - just beautiful. A wonderful reminder of a special trip. thank you for sharing.
Andrys Basten10-Mar-2008 16:18
Giorgos (and anyone I missed responding to,
I really appreciate your taking the time to let me know
that you enjoyed some of these. I do feel very lucky to
have been able to see these wonderful countries and wish I could
travel more (Greece too!) I hope you'll be able to visit these
places and more !
Giorgos 08-Mar-2008 23:55
Hello there!
I was dropping by and I have to confess that I am quite impressed from your photos. Not only because of the artistic style they have been shot with, but also as pictures (as landscapes). I hope that I would be able some day to visit all these magnificent places as you did.
Best regards from Athens, Greece!
Andrys Basten13-Dec-2007 08:35
TO GUESTS: Apologies, but management sometimes does not keep Non-Member comments
that are placed in the guestbook, and then I never see them. Instead, please add your
questions or feedback in a gallery or under an image. There they'll show up after a couple of hours.
  Thanks very much for taking the time. It's very appreciated - sorry for the extra step.
(Your Email address is *NOT* required, but if you give it for contact, it remains
  *private* and won't be shown on the page.)
Andrys Basten13-Dec-2007 08:35
Pawel, thanks, and I do plan to do a Faves gallery someday.
Guest 13-Dec-2007 05:15
many great pictures. congrats!
my only comments it theat there are too many pictures and too many galleries. Maybe a gallery with your favourite shots would help to start browsing.
Guest 08-Dec-2007 21:19
Very nice collection of images. Thanks so much for sharing.
Mr Leonald Gipson 22-Nov-2007 06:51
the site is a great one,i realy love these.
chasp22-Oct-2007 02:11
Thanks for the comments on my Golden Gate pictures. You have captured some amazing places in this world. Wonderful job. I'm sorry you could not get to the 4 generations pictures. I had it in a private gallery, but have moved it into another one. Here is the link;
This is just my immediate family. We are a very tight crowd. :)

Suzy Walker-Toye08-Oct-2007 10:06
Hi Andrys

Many thanks for your comments on my Peru gallery and for sharing you lovely photos here. I’m going through some of my old photos so I should hopefully have some more galleries updated soon (if you’re interested).

anthony195704-Oct-2007 10:54
Thanks for the compliment about "Super Dog" in Show and Tell - Defying Gravity. Much appreciated!
Guest 25-Sep-2007 09:02
Hello Andrys,

Thanks for your help and tips for making my Pbase page in order. Your contribution to our Pbase community is just so much appreciated.

Best to you.
Bill Warren31-Jul-2007 15:45
Thanks so much for helping me make my gallery page look better. Bill
Pierre Schneider21-Jul-2007 08:11
I have found your gallery via the forum concerning the slideshow. You have made a great work and have very nice images. You are now in my fav. I think you are also well in data processing.
Best regards
Andy Lopušnak Photography11-Jul-2007 20:05
Love your site! Great photos. Do you mind sharing how you incorporated the SEARCH feature on your PBase site? Again, I truly enjoyed your galleries!!!
Bill Warren22-Jun-2007 21:04
Thanks for your comments. I really like your main gallery slideshow.
Guest 15-Jun-2007 10:55
Pbase needs more galleries like yours.
Arjun Roychowdhury09-May-2007 01:49
Andrys, thanks for leaving the comments on Ved's pblog. It is a pleasure for us to document his special moments and hope he gets a laugh out of it years from now :-)
Guest 20-Apr-2007 04:16
I enjoyed reading your Turkey commentaries. I hope to visit before the end of the year and your pictures are wonderful teasers. Eyo
Tanya Faltens13-Mar-2007 06:02
Your welcome page looks pretty awesome! Spectacular photos and such a nice design.
I applaud all your great work.
Guest 07-Mar-2007 14:28
I really appreciate the effort you put into your pictures.
Andrys Basten17-Jan-2007 08:48
Can, as a matter of fact I'd found one of your notes on my Turkey gallery that I missed
earlier and went to your galleries as a result. Wish I had earlier. Really beautiful,
sort of elegant work. I recommend it to folks reading here.
Guest 17-Jan-2007 08:18
Hello Andrys. Thank you for your notes on my galleries - I appreciate your comments. I've browsed through your galleries previously and recently and I really enjoyed the great photography you have in your pages. AND you have an amazing collection from my home country -Turkey- that I am jealous of :-)) Cheers from California,
Andrys Basten06-Nov-2006 20:06
Hakan, good to see you! I'm emailing you also.
Perhaps someone reading will be able to help you with your search for historic
photos of Selcuk.
Hakan 06-Nov-2006 13:35
Hi Andrys,
This is Hakan from Turkey, Selcuk Hotel Kalehan, the receptionist guy. I noticed your page here when I am doing search on Selcuk old time pictures. It was great to see your page back here. Hope you are doing good there as well. But unfortunately I couldn't find any old time photos of Selcuk on web so far. Could you give me any idea where to look at?
See you later...
With my best wishes...
Andrys Basten11-Sep-2006 05:49
Nelson, my comments on your photos weren't kind. They were unusually nice photos
that I wished I'd taken :-)
Re taking pictures inside under photo-unfriendly conditions, definitely a small p&s is
much easier. Very unthreatening, whereas the larger dslr's are seen sometimes, I'm told,
as more likely to hurt copyright if that's what they're worried about. More likely they
just don't like flash, for good reason, but too many will then try to do that and wind
up popping away and creating too much heat and light and distractions.
Nelson Chen Photography11-Sep-2006 05:30
Thank you so much for the kind comments on my Florence photos. I was so impressed by the amount of the wonderful photos you took inside the places where I thought that could not be done. We saw signs at churches in Assisi that no photos or videos were allowed. At Doge's Palace in Venice, there were no signs but the guards there constantly tell people no photos. Perhaps it is not possible with a big camera like the 5D I was carrying. A P&S might be different.
Andrys Basten25-Aug-2006 05:57
That is one precocious 5-year old. Internet-wise already too! I'm glad both
of you enjoyed the pics. We went into the museum not knowing what was there and
felt pretty much as you do. Thanks for letting me know of your son's interest!
dana 14-Aug-2006 16:58
My son is 5 and he loves stories about Alexander the Great general. Thank you for sharing these photos. He is homschooled and really enjoys finding new information on the internet. We live in an area that has poor history museums so these actual pictures are a treat thanks for sharing you and your pictures are being used for my five year old son. Thanks, Dana
Andrys Basten02-Aug-2006 07:45
Waqas, my pleasure. I'll be back to see your newer ones. Thanks for such nice thoughts. Wow, my hat is off to you for being able to look at even thumbnails on pbase
when on a dial-up !!!
Fascinating that cockpit access is not a huge worry over in Europe! I knew there were lots of instruments but had no idea they were wall to wall as you show! Thanks again, will see you on your interesting site. Unusual places.
Waqas Usman02-Aug-2006 03:45
Thank you very much for the comments on my galleries, the Northern Pakistan shots are from 2002 (a few months after I got my first manual camera) and most of them are straight from the camera (whereas many need some touching), I have come a long way since then.

Your photos are nothing short of spectacular!! Your galleries are an excellent example for the case that the camera doesn't matter, it's the man behind the camera that really matters, especially in an era where the crowd seeks the "megapixel" glory :)
I am on dialup, mostly enjoying the thumbnails fow now :) They make me want to fly over to Turkey right now.

My brother is in aviation (still in flying school, in Maryland) and he is an avid reader of the forums, and there are discussions there about cockpit access every now and then :) It's not much of an issue in Europe, especially when they're flying eastward.
emel05-Jun-2006 06:47
Great shots! 04-Jun-2006 12:10
Sehr schöne Bilder, Schone Seite überhaupt.
Andrys Basten15-Apr-2006 07:53
Berna, your enjoyment as one from Turkey, means a lot to me. This newcomer
certainly loved my time there, and I wish more could experience the richness and
variety of landscape and history there.
berna dilbaz 15-Apr-2006 05:54
Great pictures, a good camera operates better in a talented hand. I am from Turkey, I enjoyed seeing these views from a new comer's eye.Great job !
Andrys Basten14-Apr-2006 08:49
Sommer, thanks very much, and I'm glad you enjoyed these. Turkey was a special delight.
Sommer 14-Apr-2006 07:53
Wow, what awesome photos! You are very talented and really capture the moments and scenary as I was there looking at the view myself. I have been to Turkey so it was great to revisit through looking at your photos. I am looking forward to viewing your next slide show.

Keep up the great work!
Sommer in Japan
Andrys Basten25-Mar-2006 03:46
Karen, thanks very much for your generosity!
I've been lucky to see some beautiful places...
Karen 23-Mar-2006 15:40
Just stumbled across your site, was checking out some of your photos. They are incredible. I have always wanted to be able to take photos like that. I believe
you have to have a special eye. Indeed you do. I am intrigued by anything ancient,
as I must have been there in another life. It is all too fasinating.Your photos
make me want to reach out & touch it. Beautiful,just Beautiful
Andrys Basten28-Feb-2006 05:45
Mr. Tiger, glad you liked the pics. Fabulous photo subject, Turkey, and very varied.
  As for how we arranged things: get a copy of Lonely Planet book, for Turkey,
and decide which places look interesting. They give you most of the info you need
for best places to stay, eat, sights you shouldn't miss, how to arrange side trips,
boat rides etc. In our case we went to an agency with a plan of places we wanted
to see, places we wanted to stay. They then arranged things with an agency in Turkey
to make sure we got to those areas, got the places we wanted to stay and that we'd
have help when we arrived. In eastern Turkey where we were, it's fairly essential to
get an experienced driver/guide and the prices are reasonable. You get the rental car
along with it. Go to a couple of agencies, letting them know what you want and see
which one can get you the places you want along with best prices. Good luck with your
own trip!
Mr. Tiger 27-Feb-2006 20:44
How long did the Turkey trip take? and how did you find the tour guides and place to sleep at night? Can you please help me, I always wanted to do that just don't know where to start.
ps. Amazing pictures!
wert 10-Feb-2006 14:20
Nice, well done!
moon(S'pore) 04-Dec-2005 10:13
Awesome collection all your galleries.You are excellent photographer man
Guest 31-Aug-2005 22:55
Hi Andrys, I'm just sending along this note to test if the Pbase system is deleting just the spam or everything coming in.
Catharina 19-Jul-2005 22:14
This is Dalyan. I love the place and I have many friends living in that place and near by.And....this is Turkey too!!! My compliments for the beautiful pictures who given a real impression from this area. And save the turtles too. You know there is build a new solarpowerboat (a silent one) for the turtle watching by Kardakturizm since July 2005?
Thanks Andrys
Alan Grant14-Jul-2005 09:50
Andrys, thanks for your comments on my galleries, I am glad you enjoyed them.
On your question about the S500, I haven't given up using it - I think it is an excellent compact camera and I carry it when I need something pocket-sized. But the 7x zoom on the A2 gives me a lot more flexibility, and its anti-shake is great for low light (or for getting great depth of field, as you noticed on one of my Istanbul shots).
Davide (IT) 11-Jul-2005 18:48
I Andrys.
I'm going to visit Turkey next august.
I Hope to visit most of places your photos refer to.
You picture are really nice.

All the best

Adel Sayed 25-May-2005 17:34
The most amazing pictures I've ever seen of Turkey.
Thanks a mil and keep it up.
Guest 13-Feb-2005 00:55
Wow! When you go through a gallery you really like to sift through the images. So many wonderful remarks. It took me more than 30 minutes to go through your comments. Actually in doing so, it lets me revisit the pictures and when I took them. I won't be adding too many photos to this gallery unless I make a trip sometime back to Canada. Maybe next summer. I think I'll reciprocate and spend a couple of evenings going through your pictures. I can tell you right now that picture of San Francisco bay from your window at work would be for me, just a reason to go to work all by itself.
Sylvia 23-Jan-2005 15:27
Hi Andrys, I really enjoyed your photo gallery of Peru... nice job .
bluewatermonk10-Jan-2005 08:12
Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting on my work. It is always a joy to see that someone else enjoys some of what I do.
As I browsed your work, I was most impressed with your eye for composition and detail. Wonderful work!
Peiying Mo01-Jan-2005 01:26
Hi Andrys,

Thanks for your nice comments on my trip photos from Turkey. I had a wonderful time there. I equally enjoy your photos, especially those from our overlapped routes, and see how much better your work turned out to be.

Helen Betts18-Dec-2004 18:33
Hi Andrys,

I'm so happy to hear that your friend liked my images, also. Honestly, I don't know how people manage to find them but I'm always pleased when they do. Feel free to contact me about any of the places you've been. Chances are I've been there too :-)!

Guest 10-Dec-2004 10:29

I have seen that you viewed my photos. Thank you for your commands. I'll view your photos now.
Richard Haas 10-Dec-2004 09:17
could you please contact me
thanks in advance
Rene Hales08-Dec-2004 15:14
You have great pictures and I especially like your gallery design. Good Job! Rene
Andrys Basten28-Nov-2004 01:53
I decided I should give a link to my PBase 'forum' page for
webpage comments & questions so that those taking time to comment
could find more easily any responses to their questions, etc. That's at: ...

Thanks for having taken the time to browse the pics and even write.

- Andrys
Benjamin 14-Nov-2004 23:42
Hi Andrys,
Remember me? Gorgeous pics of Turkey. And you have a better camera than in Peru. I left some comments. What a great trip you had! It seems like it came off perfectly.
Guest 14-Nov-2004 12:29
I really like your style. nice variety of images.
great work!
Très belle gallerie avec beaucoup de variété
En fantastisk samling, mycket vackert.
Wundervolle Bilder.

Guest 17-Aug-2004 17:32
thank you for commenting on several of my images, your feedback is much appreciated. Would just like to re-iterate again how much I enjoy looking at your "San Francisco" gallery in particular, especially those lovely sunsets!
Guest 21-May-2004 16:16
Thanks for the nice comment on my image in the Ishi gallery Andrys. Look for some new work from me around June 1. I am heading for the East Sierra (Bodie, White Mountains and Mono Lake) over Memorial Day weekend with my cameras!
James 14-May-2004 00:36
I am so behind on things Andrys, it has literally been work everyday for 3 months. To take a moment however with these often breathtaking shots is uplifting and calming. Your eye is as keen as ever and these were appreciated by me this night. Thank You.
Guest 25-Jan-2004 18:26
Thanks Andrys for the nice comment on my Vermont album! I love your San francisco pictures! Donna:)
Guest 13-Jan-2004 02:25
Thanks for visiting my gallery. I've found you're also obessed with the beautiful colours in the sky.
Andrys Basten03-Jan-2004 18:41
Waynette, I DO have a hard time concentrating on my job. Actually,
sometimes I don't look because I decide I'm jaded, but at the end of the day
I'll see one of these scenes and think 'Oh No' -- and it starts all over again.
Thanks for the visit!