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Bonnie, my dog

Bonnie, "Sandust Exult" officially, a hyperactive white standard poodle. She has a ON/OFF switch: Very calm indoors, hyper outdoors. From a show-dog pedigree, her uncle was BIS at Crufts 2002 (?) and he also won BIS at "Stora Stockholm" biggest dogshow in Scandinavia, the same year + one more time.

I don´t show her, she´s "just" a pet...

Is it normal for dogs to sleep in the bathtub? LOL!!!
 You´re a lovely lady! 1/2 10-15 cm´s of snow last night Bonnie and Niva chased by a Bear Bonnie in the autumn leaves
6/7 Bonnie rose? 26/4 Bonnie watching dog obedience-class. Bonnie & Clyde Bonnie and her buddies
Bonnie under the appletree 2616 120718 700.jpg Bonnie enjoying a photo walk. Bonnie showing off her new spring outfit.
Long time since we had a photo of a romping Bonnie. 12/2 From todays doggie-meetup VERY snowy dogwalk today. Help, I´m kidnapped!
16/12 Digging out mole-holes is fun! Bonnie should know... Watchdog Bonnie on the run at the golfcourse today Bonnie counting cars
Bonnie, the flying poodle :o) Shake, baby. Shake! Oops, Bonnie fell in the river! Nummy water in the pond at the golfcourse
Straight from the groomer Bonnie in a hurry! 1010694 110716 750.jpg Malla, Kromfohrländer puppy,  meets Bonnie
Bonnie in Grisslehamn on Midsummer Day Bonnie wishes everybody a nice Midsummer! Beauty parlor-sign  in Örebro Camouflaged Bonnie
Kurt is flirting with Bonnie Bonnie & Birgitta at Järnboden in Harg While I photographed flowers Bonnie was on hare watch Getting dirty again.
Bow wow wow, She´s a lady... 27/4 If anybody want to call my dog a dirty bitch you´re welcome! First real flowerphotography day this spring. Bonnie assists as usual. 11/3 Another shot from Tuesday
5400 110308 750.jpg 5377 110308 750.jpg 24/2 Bonnie yesterday morning Autumny Bonnie from a squirrels point of view ;o)
Bonnie takes cover in the bathtub from all nasty firecrackers and fireworks outside. Traffic watch at the groomers Dreamer Bonnie might not fancy the haircut, but she LOVES the view from the groomers!
Nice pose. That, without the mud, would look really nice ;o) After a nice mud-bath 7/9 No bunny, it was a Bonnie ;o) Bonnie waiting outside the flowershop
As wet as she gets. 10/8 That kiddo knows how to scratch a dog. 9/8 Here we go again, who did Bonnie pick up this time? 6/7 Finally on our way home
Bonnie takes a break while I snap flowerpics Blossom Bonnie Bonnie and Älla doing girl stuff and chatting on our evening walkies Bonnie looking like a longlegged spider monkey
Bright and shiny Bonnie First run on the golf course this spring. Howdy folks! Sometimes she´s just a blur. Hmm, caught her paws ;o)
3806 100326 900.jpg 3790 100326 900.jpg 0040 100314 700.jpg 0037 100314 700.jpg
3372 100308 700.jpg 10/3 Sigge and Bonnie in action Fun in the snow These three don´ t complain about too much snow,
Bonnie, well camouflaged in the snow. Mad rush as usual. 5500 100112 700.jpg Bonnie from under
5475 100112 700.jpg Dear Santa Paws, let me just chase THAT ONE car... Photo from February 2007. Lillis was still the Boss at the age of 13. 2796 091023 900.jpg
My Bonnie Wanna marry me when I´m grown up, auntie Bonnie? Bonnie, the giant marshmallow Bonnie shrunk 3 sizes or so.
A before pic. Bonnie is off to the groomer on Tuesday. Bonnie after grooming Bonnie flirting again. Hey, mom! Aren´t you coming with us?
Bonnie and Älla in full speed Bonnie bouncing just because because she can!! 15/9 Bonnie had a great time running around and teasing poor Ivar today. 24/8 Saturday was Bonnies last day with shirt on.
Bonnies green body 12/8 Lars-Erik admiring Bonnies new swimsuit... Some serious cat watching... Lots of stitches
11/7 Stitched up Bonnie & nurse Dennis Bright white, sleepy, Bonnie WHAT? Can´t a dog have a post grooming nap without beeing interrupted Bonnie had a walk along Väddö Channel today.
Running off leash with Ivar is great fun Catch me if you can!!! Just a little tussle between best friends... Bonnie overlooking her domain, thats the 18th hole at the golfcourse...
Poser girl Oh, oh... Someone spotted me! 20/3 Ewww, lets call her Stinky! 25/3 Snow, snow. MOOORE bloody snow... (Grumble)
0761 090320 900.jpg 21/3 Bonnie in the birch grove Bonnie and Ivar, the boyfriend The mitten thief with her loot
27/2 I´m watching you... 4559 090226 700.jpg 4556 090226 700.jpg 26/2 Is she flying?
Bonnie takes a spin around the speedway track Trying to beat the track record. 28/1 Bonnie watching out for the hares down by the railroad. Little play fight in the snow
3/3 That fight looked good, right? Full gallop in the snow Nice ear decorations after a little spin in the forest 26/1 Sunset Bonnie
Chilling out on the cliffs Frosty Bonnie in full speed. Did I mention Bonnie likes to run? 23/12 Bonnie is such a friendly and gentle dog
0073 070602 750.jpg 0053 070516-17 700.jpg Bonnie and Hele in the nature reserve, Very good day for Bonnie,
We spent a weekend on an island... Are you just going to sit there the whole day? 5493 bw 080804 900.jpg 5493 080804 900.jpg
1089 081117 700.jpg Formula 1 poodle 28/11 Bonnie enjoying off leash time Hello, old lady...
First snow this winter Muddy Bonnie in a sunny spot Run? Why on earth would I be running...? Bonnie and Ivar racing
1119 081117 700.jpg Bonnie overlooking her domain ( the Speedway Stadium off season) With ALL hare droppings you can eat. Nom, nom, nom... I love those floppy tufted ears. Pippi Longstocking...
Bonnie and Monica 30/10 Look THAT way, Bonnie... Antti & Bonnie Precious
bonnie kallso 700.jpg Her royal poodleness Richard was waiting for his girlfriend outside the store. Antti brought Bonnie some water
The dog-expert looks very pleased Hurry home before dark Very Important Sniffing in Progress here Waiting
2/9 Bale Bonnie Bonnie with ps-fake name-tag Bonnie with bandana 2 Bonnies Spa Day
Bonnies Spa Day
Bonnie with bandana Bonnie flirting, and someone´s not happy with that at all... Heh heh, that was cute, did you get it? Pro model... Wanna play?
Can´t catch me! The lavitating poodle, who no dog can outrun!) Come on, Buddy! You can´t be tired already... Photography is boring, I want to chase the church chickens!
Flying Bonnie Getting dirty The Easter Bunny? Nope, it´s The Easter Bonnie romping around. Family photo
Lillis and Bonnie in the snow Don´t know if I like this soft one or (see the next pic) ...this sharp one best. Of course Bonnie IS the best!!! Yahoo!!! Free at last.
041121 0072 900.jpg Best thing with spring: Cow dung rolling. YEY!!! Bonnie took a brake in the bouncing D300 Look-out
It was a dark and stormy night... Velcro dog... Or is she magnetic ´cause everything sticks to her! bonnie neat.jpg Bonnie i snön medium.jpg
frosty bonnie 700.jpg bonnie big smile 800.jpg bonnie on the watch 700.jpg tired lifeguard 900.jpg
Bonnie med studs.jpg bonnie_29_12_06_304.jpg L Bonnie i snön 2.jpg golfbanehundar 4.jpg
golfbanehundar 2.jpg L snölek.jpg Awww.. Young lovers She´s got half the forest in her coat
Bonnie profil.jpg nose 700.jpg Nosey Bonnie eartuft 700.jpg
bonnie ansikte suddig 700.jpg bonnie i blåst.jpg So Bonnie, out of focus and on the run! Trött Bonnie 1.jpg
The boyfriend, Ivar Nooo, SO not Bonnie  ;O) bath_no_fun_32_03_01_05_medium.jpg I don´t like hunting season, the things the dogs find...
bonnie on the run 2007 700.jpg bonnie glare 700.jpg bonnie bouncy 700.jpg bonnie ömfot.jpg