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artist05-Sep-2012 10:05
Hi.... I like your photos so much... you are really so creative photographer..

im an artist and i paint on canvas, paper etc ... I hope we can be good friends.
skhin27-May-2009 03:01
Looking at your galleries I thought this is no ordinary photographer and reading your profile confirms it.
Dan Greenberg29-Nov-2008 18:41
Sergio - I love your vision of the world!! It will take quite a while to go through all of your galleries, but I am sure it will be well worth it based on what I have seen so far. Thanks so much for putting this on PBase for the world to enjoy. Dan
Dean Eades BirdMad - BirdGuides Photo of the Year Winner 26-Oct-2008 18:32
Nice Gallery's
Marc Demoulin07-Oct-2008 20:00
You are an amazing photographer of human kind Sergio. Keep it up.
Rosemarie Kusserow15-Sep-2008 13:16
Thanks a lot Sergio, I pleased about your very kind comment and vote on my gallery *Doors and windows* and thanks for your constantly support, it means a lot to me, my best wishes to you and yours, Rosemarie :o)))
Guest 13-Apr-2008 20:08
Thank you, Sergio for visiting my galleries and for the kind comments on my recent shots;
Greatly appreciated from a great photographer like you!
Mohamed Mahmoud28-Feb-2008 13:41
Usually i stop on glleries and leave a comment or Two for those photos which i like, but in your case, i found myself taken by the beauty of your art and the places you have visited, hence i m writing here in your guests book
Excelent galleries, COngratulations
Birte Person27-Jan-2008 04:21
I have to say that rarely do I see another photographers work that can keep me engrossed for several hours.Your work is astounding,you have captured the sensuality,the core of the people you photgraph.To be able to bring the poor into such a light takes special talent,congratulations on some very fine work.
kimene S06-Jan-2008 11:37
Ever truly inspired! your work I find is outstanding to say the least!
endre novak01-Nov-2007 21:07
Amazing, beautiful works, admirable approach.
Rosemarie Kusserow17-Oct-2007 05:07
Thanks dear Sergio for your kind comment and vote on my image:,
I admire your works and such a kind comment - from a photographer like you - means a lot to me, best wishes, Rosemarie :o)
Nick Clayton15-Sep-2007 16:55
This is a beautiful gallery Sergio
Göran Nilsson02-Sep-2007 11:28
Hello Sergio ! Thanks för visiting my galleries and votes. I looked in to yuor site and it´s an exellent work you done there, you must have been travelling a lot.
Göran N
Rosemarie Kusserow15-Jul-2007 06:18
Thanks a lot dear Sergio for your constantly interest on my shots and your kind comment and vote on my, the effect I like I reached with the postprocessing work, my best wishes, Rosemarie :o)
Rosemarie Kusserow01-Jul-2007 17:25
I´m really happy tzhat you like my so much, thanks again for spending time to visite my news and take such a kind comment and vote, Rosemare :o))
Yves Rubin01-Jul-2007 16:43
Beautiful work as always Sergio. I envy you being able to travel so much.

Ian Paterson Photography01-Jul-2007 10:34
Hi Sergio,
Your work is amazing, I have added you to my favourites and will return to your lovely galleries,
alexeig30-Jun-2007 21:20
Amazing exotic travel photography ... I wonder if you have pictures of your wonderful native land to share with us :-)
Tomasz Dziubinski - Photography01-Jun-2007 17:38
Yuo have here some really great and artistic galleries Sergio, I will be back to see more. My compliments, Tomasz
Andrew Stewart24-May-2007 08:11
Sergio, you have so many wonderful photos that it will take me a while to get to look at them all. Thank you for posting them so we can share your view of the world. Cheers Andrew
Sunny Tang20-May-2007 13:46
Hi Sergio,
Thanks for stopping by my gallery. Hey, you've a great gallery here too ;)
Keep it up! Cheers! -ST.
CM Kwan20-May-2007 09:28
Hi Sergio,
Thank you so much for visiting galleries and gave me encouraging message. I really appreicate your galleries. They capture your wonderful pictures and tremedous wealth of information. Very impressive.
Norbert Fortelny20-May-2007 09:25
Very impressive work.
Shows the richness of humanity.
I am honored to have gotten a comment from you and also grateful for finding your work in this way.
Christoph Joosten20-May-2007 09:02
Hello Sergio, thanks for your comment and vote, and this gave me the opportunity to visit your galleries. My compliments, amazing work! Superb subjects, magnificient colors! Really a pleasure to look at.
Rosemarie Kusserow17-May-2007 17:44
Hi dear Sergio, thanks so much for your comment and vote on my, best wishes, Rosemarie :o)
Jihad Jean Chahine14-May-2007 13:17
Hi Sergio,

I really thank you for your comments and I appreciate your visit to my gallery.
I have enjoyed very much going through your pictures.
Robyco02-May-2007 09:44
Hello Sergio,
Came by many times to look at your pictures. Allways see something different and special at your pictures, so it is time to put you in my favourite list. Now i will not miss something and can keep learning from you. You have great galleries and is a great pleasure to look at....
tomr-photos28-Apr-2007 00:13
Hi Sergio. Thanks for visiting and commenting. :)
Elena Kalis24-Apr-2007 15:47
Your work is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful!!!!!!!!Great!Great Great!!!!!!Elena
Paco López19-Apr-2007 15:33
You have here a lot of very impressive shots!! Your galleries are full of great images with a lot of feeling. An excellent work.
Thanks again for your nice comments in my work.
Best regards, Paco.
Andrija Kasom17-Apr-2007 09:33
Dear Sergio,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Hodero09-Mar-2007 15:58
You are among the few on Pbase where All galleries are Super.
You are an Artist pur sang my friend !
Rosemarie Kusserow05-Mar-2007 10:50
Thanks again dear Sergio for your interest on my shots and your kind comment and vote on my image:, I´m happy you liked it, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 14-Feb-2007 19:43
Brilliant work, I could spend hours looking at this work, NG standard of photography.
Federico D'Incŕ14-Feb-2007 00:56
Great photos Sergio ....tks for sharing !!
jorge vasconcelos10-Feb-2007 19:39
For a time I´ve being looking at your Galleries, making the connection between your words of presentation and your pictures.
I am certain , your pictures have a quality and emotion charge, well above the top average , in this site.
I only can agree with you in some points: I am, too, one of the last neo-realists. I believe the concept is more important than the shape. Life must not be presented as beautiful, but who has a chance to take a picture, first must see the fact, then the shape.Emotion is above beauty, truth is more than a nice composition.
Other point is color. Life is color, harsh color, dramatic color. B&W is an abstraction, a disguise, a cover to hide truth. Blood in B&W is not dramatic, but a vivid, striking red hit us, make us look at and think.
Art, to me, is not away from hard and harsh life, Art must do a mission, using beauty to transmit truth. For all know, This is what life is all about.
My best regards
Adalberto Tiburzi07-Jan-2007 17:54
In the great tradition of the classic photojournalism,
with a remarkable empathy and a deep "culture" in addition.
Adalberto Tiburzi07-Jan-2007 17:51
Nella grande tradizione del reportage classico,
con in più una formidabile empatia e una profonda "cultura".
Guest 06-Jan-2007 19:25
I'm glad to discover your fantastic work.
I'll be back often.
Stefanos Lampridis01-Jan-2007 09:55
Today, as many other days, i opened "my favorite artistes list" here on pbase and decided to send a message to each and one of you, since your galleries have inspired me since the begging.

So, i wish a very happy 2007 and all the best for the new year. May the clicks on your camera delivers this fine art for us to see...

Best Regards,
Stefanos Lampridis.
HELENA AFONSO19-Dec-2006 19:48
Thank you for your nice comment in my Lijiang gallery, coming from you is a great reward for my photography, CIAO
david12307-Dec-2006 21:57
Easily one of the best photographers on this, and many other sites!
Norman Richard26-Nov-2006 02:06
The diversity of your portrait section is unbeleivable. Yhanks for sharing.
Krzysztof Kuzbik28-Oct-2006 14:05
Hi Sergio, thank you for looking at my photos, and commenting. I've enjoyed looking at yours!

Kind regards,
Hodero16-Oct-2006 14:11
I like your vision on the world.It's the small almost simple things,that once brought to your attention through for instance a(your) photo,will keep you busy thinking about it and appreciating the beauty of it even more.With this in mind,I now understand why you are such a damn good photographer.I also see that you have great respect for the people you photograph.Your galleries are not galleries to just run through.One can learn a lot by taking a good look at every pic you posted my friend.Thanks.
Peter Chou10-Oct-2006 17:18
Magnificent travel photos! I enjoyed the places you have been through your excellent photos!
tomr-photos14-Sep-2006 13:35
Hi Sergio. Thank you for the kind words, but I still think your photo art is far superior to anything I can do.
Reflections by Ruth10-Sep-2006 14:04
You are an exceptional photographer. So glad I found your work from the popular galleries a while back. Your work is thought provoking and inspiring :)
I wish I could take portraits half as good as yours to start :)
Rosemarie Kusserow28-Aug-2006 17:32
Thanks again Sergio for your kind comments and votes on my landscape and flower images, I´m glad you liked them so much, best wishes, Rosemarie :o)
BQueenGirl28-Aug-2006 02:40
Your work is beautiful
BQueenGirl28-Aug-2006 02:40
Your work is beautiful
Glenn Smith23-Aug-2006 03:12
What an amazing group of portraits. I would be proud to have 2 or 3 to my credit as amazing as yours. I'm inspired and envious.

Rosemarie Kusserow07-Aug-2006 10:27
Thanks a lot Sergio for your many kind comments and votes on my shots, I´m glad you like them, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
jedrula25-Jul-2006 09:19
I found your works very attractive, I can feel emotions and real human life in different circumstances.
thx for sharing your photos and for effort to show people from such interesting perspective.
Best Regards,
Jan Koster18-Jul-2006 13:27
Your pictures are a real discovery for me: one of the most colorful collections from the most colorful countries on earth! I'd like to do more people photography myself and your work is very inspiring in that respect. Thanks also for your kind words about my own pictures.
virginiacoastline14-Jul-2006 18:27
Thanks for stopping by the galleries, Sergio. Having YOU say something of MINE is "fresh, excellent" is a very heady compliment indeed. I so covet your ability to make pictures - portraits- vibrant and meaningful. Thanks again. Now I'm off to drool over your galleries again =)
Michael Hill12-Jul-2006 13:53
Sergio, of all the galleries I view I find myself always coming back and looking at yours. Your ability to capture the face of our world is beyond anything I have seen. You truly are a master of your craft.
Michael Hill12-Jul-2006 13:51
Sergio, of all the galleries I view I find myself always coming back and looking at yours. Your ability to capture the face of our world is beyond anything I have seen. You truly are a master of your craft.
Guest 10-Jul-2006 19:44
You are no photographer. You are a magician capturing souls. Bless you.
Brinn MacDougall09-Jul-2006 16:59
Thank you for looking and voting on my gallery!
Yves Rubin03-Jul-2006 21:03
Dear Sergio,

Thank you so much for displaying your beautiful galleries!!! I really appreciate your inner vision of people and places, they look so warm and true. You seem to bring out the best in people you have photographed.

Thank you also for looking at my pages, I loved your Bolivia landscape, it is a really special place that I assume not many go to see...

Best, Yves
tomr-photos02-Jul-2006 20:39
Thanks for visiting, Sergio. You like my kaleidoscopes? Thank you, but if I had the choice, I would trade my abilities for yours. I wish I had your talent for the surreal.
Brinn MacDougall22-Jun-2006 18:03
Thank you for your support and comments!
Brinn MacDougall21-Jun-2006 16:07
Thank you so much for your comment and vote..I love your work!
Adolfo Valente18-Jun-2006 20:47
Sergio, you have a stunning galleries, full of outstanding image! I'm impressed. Thanks a lot for your very kind comments
Ken Zaret18-Jun-2006 19:34
Sergio, thanks for your kind comments on my work. Your travel photography is fantastic, I was looking at it with my 11 year old daughter and she (and I) was (were) amazed; we learned a lot from your work. And the photographs are superb. Please keep it up.
Nektario Moment Photo17-Jun-2006 17:52
An outstanding array of work.
bravo for giving so much imagery of the world to us..
Brinn MacDougall17-Jun-2006 17:30
Thank you for your nice comment on m POTD!
marita toftgard16-Jun-2006 22:02
great to see your images here
HELENA AFONSO16-Jun-2006 20:31
Thank you Sergio, for your nice comments and votes to my galleries, I will come back to visit your galleries more often, Helena
Brinn MacDougall16-Jun-2006 15:37
Thank you so much for your comments and votes!
HELENA AFONSO16-Jun-2006 11:34
Hi Sergio, I just visited your beautiful galleries, I was really toutched, first because they are real excellent, second because I am also a taveller and do travel photography, third because like you, I am a Nikon camera user and above all your work is a real photography lesson. I would like very much to see your books, as well. thank you so much for sharing your work in this site, Helena
Chet King16-Jun-2006 11:17
Thank you for showing your work, incredible.
Gio Sabio16-Jun-2006 04:18
Guest 15-Jun-2006 22:09
Great work, look forward to returning again for more!
Brinn MacDougall13-Jun-2006 13:31
Thank you for your comment on Dome Abstract!
Brinn MacDougall12-Jun-2006 16:25
Wow, thanks so much for your kind comments and votes!
Brinn MacDougall11-Jun-2006 20:17
You really have true talent..I've never seen anything like your portrait gallery before, each and everyone is perfect!
Niall O'Shea11-Jun-2006 10:02
Literally inspirational work. I look forward to more.
olderhvit03-Jun-2006 01:05
Wonderful Galleries and fantastic photos on your homepage. Will be keeping you in my Favorities and will be back ever so often to get inspired.
A Humble Beginner
Stefanos Lampridis25-May-2006 11:46
So good to finally see your work here in pbase!
I'm allready under your spell from fotocommunity, so i'll just try to keep un in here too!!
jorge vasconcelos24-May-2006 03:53
Welcome to Bbase.
Like Anna, you´re in my list of favorites.
I´m very curious to see your pictures, mainly portraits.
Arrivedeci !
Anna Pagnacco22-May-2006 20:48
Welcome to Pbase Sergio!
I am sure you will have a great time on this site and all of the members will have the chance of admiring your great photography!
You are among my favorites so I could see every time you post a new image.
Ciao, Anna
gerard belbeoch20-May-2006 19:53
Bravo pour votre galerie sur ethiopie,elle est
Vincent Belford18-May-2006 17:40
Bravo on your smashing B&W gallery and welcome to Pbase.
I've added your gallery to my list of faves and will be back soon for a closer look.
Vince B.