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Birds of Prey

I've always had a special affection for birds of prey_hawks, falcons or owls_it makes no difference. They're beautiful birds and always exciting to see. And once you notice them in your neighborhood or along the roadway, you realize that they're more abundant than one might first imagine. Small town or big city...anyone with a bird feeder in their yard is apt to be visited by a Cooper's or Sharp-shinned Hawk looking for unwary birds. They're ambush predators; their short rounded wings and longer tails make them well suited for quick dashes and maneuvers while catching medium-sized birds such as robins, jays, starlings, etc. In open fields, away from homes, Kestrels hover while searching for insects, mice and lizards; large hawks like Red-tails are on trees or phone poles scanning the area below for rodents or reptiles. And at the forest's edge, Red-shouldered Hawks find similar fare in the open meadows.
Prairie Falcons    (Falco mexicanus)
:: Prairie Falcons (Falco mexicanus) ::
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:: Falcons ::
Ferruginous Hawks
:: Ferruginous Hawks ::
Northern Harriers
:: Northern Harriers ::
:: Owls ::
Red-shouldered Hawks (Buteo lineatus)
:: Red-shouldered Hawks (Buteo lineatus) ::
Red-tailed Hawks
:: Red-tailed Hawks ::
Turkey Vultures
:: Turkey Vultures ::
Ospreys (Pandion haliaetus)
:: Ospreys (Pandion haliaetus) ::
White-tailed Kites
:: White-tailed Kites ::
All Birds of Prey Images
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