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14th February 2007  sunshine after the rain u49%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f36544535.Pict0010a.jpg 10th March 2009  Janet the lifesaver 26th January, Ardmore distillery
PICT0036a.jpg DSC_0024s.jpg DSC_0010s.jpg 12th December 2006  wintry shower approaching
DSC_0022s.jpg 18th December 2006  getting colder DSC_0031s.jpg 22nd January 2008  late start
Loch Laggan 30th December 2007  Castle Fraser  low winter sun 16th March 2007  storminess 7th February 2007  snowy day
PICT0006s.jpg DSC_0010s.jpg DSC_0010s.jpg 22nd January 2007  starting to snow
DSC_0043s.jpg 24th December 2007  blue moon DSC_0082s.jpg PICT0006a.jpg
PICT0012.JPG DSC_0009s.jpg DSC_0072s.jpg 16th November 2005 wintry showers
DSC_0025s.jpg DSC_0051s.jpg Pict20a.jpg PICT0022a.jpg
13th January 2007  not the Singing Butler Easter Aquorthies DSC_0030.JPG PICT0034a.jpg
24th November 2005 winter blast DSC_0063s2.jpg 8th December, fine drying day 5th December 2005 reappearance of the sun
22nd November 2005 fork u39%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f25599112.winterwalk.jpg DSC_0014s.jpg PICT0005s.jpg
DSC_0138s.jpg u41%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f26774353.J4100028.jpg u39%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f25790188.J4100005.jpg 19th December 2006  triple sunrise
Fraser Castle Loch Laggan 28th February 2006 Easter-Aquhorthies DSC_0022s.jpg
6th November 2005 Kinkell Church 17dec11.jpg 20th November 2005 another day DSC_0003s.jpg
u38%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f25067205.25066992.jpg 26th January 2006 colour not included DSC_0017s.jpg 2jan056a.jpg
Fraser Castle u37%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f23895753.wispy.jpg DSC_0019.JPG 26th December 2005 wispy heralds of snow
Thainstone House PICT0009a.jpg 2jan0522a.jpg 26th September, Guardian Angel...
3rd December 2005 dark day u36%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f23751026.3.jpg 1st February 2006 elusive wispiness of the winter sun 26th February 2005, the spookiness
DSC_0011s.jpg 29th December 2005 River Earn DSC_0041s.jpg Pict0055a.jpg
PICT0055a.jpg Castle Fraser DSC_0025s.jpg Easter Aquorthies
u41%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f26778743.J4100012.jpg u22%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f10183375.snow6.jpg PICT0016a.jpg Walled Garden
Leith Hall u35%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f8629766.zzzzz.jpg Pict0044a.jpg seaside1.jpg
Benachie 17th December,  hooray it's snowing! u37%2fnorthstar37%2fsmall%2f23983813.wispygoddess.jpg 29th November 2005 freezing fingers
20th February 2005, Easter Aquorthies Ents PICT0021a.jpg
Loch Laggan 16th January PICT0016a.jpg 7th December 2005  return of the fog
26th December, still snowy 18th January 2005  keeping warm 3rd January 2005, road to my mother's 2jan0521a.jpg
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