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28th February 2018  sun is shining 12th February 2018  lochan 11th February 2018  another snow shower 4th February 2018  spring feeling
DSC_7398-2.jpg DSC_7395-2.jpg DSC_7383-2.jpg DSC_7302-002.jpg
DSC_7266-2.jpg DSC_7241-2.jpg DSC_7196-2.jpg DSC_7158-2.jpg
DSC_7156-2.jpg DSC_7071-001.jpg DSC_6916-001.jpg DSC_6812-001.jpg
DSC_6789-001.jpg 5th January 2018  Filth of January 17th January 2018  ice DSC_6657-001.jpg
10th December 2017  last of the sun DSC_6425-001.jpg DSC_6409-001.jpg DSC_6403-001.jpg
DSC_5035-2.jpg DSC_5156-2.jpg DSC_6382-001.jpg DSC_5972-001.jpg
DSC_5719-001.jpg 26th November 2017  Sutherland DSC_5384-001.jpg DSC_5229-001.jpg
26th November 2016  in the clouds 20th November 2016  frost on the window DSC_7498-001.jpg 27th February 2016  Balnakiel beach
DSC_2571-001.jpg DSC_2343-001.jpg DSC_2128-001.jpg DSC_1853-001.jpg
DSC_1827-001.jpg DSC_0504-001.jpg 24th December 2015  all is calm 23rd December 2015  hail shower about to start
16th December 2015  fog on the road 22nd November 2015  a bit of snow DSC_0509-001.jpg DSC_0487-001.jpg
DSC_0480-001.jpg 4th February 2015  walk in the park 8th February 2015  the seaside 10th February 2015  late home
13th February 2015  misty 25th February 2015  the birds 29th March 2015  far off storms 1st April 2015  April snow
17th February 2015  getting warmer 24th January 2015  frozen sunshine 25th January 2015  icy road through the forest 1st February 2015  north wind
7th February 2015  keep your hat on 14th February 2015  more mist 22nd February 2015  iron age house DSC_3695-001.jpg
DSC_3685-001.jpg DSC_3681-001.jpg 17th December 2014  early start 23rd December 2014  half past three
24th December 2014  Christmas Eve 25th December 2014  peaceful day 27th December 2014  frosty walk 28th December2014  icy
29th December 2014  two of us 22nd January 2015  nearly home DSC_2774-001.jpg DSC_2755-001.jpg
DSC_2709-001.jpg DSC_2694-001.jpg DSC_2553-001.jpg 2nd January 2015  Loch Leven
10th January 2014  snow in the air 17th January 2015  walk by the river DSC_2538-001.jpg DSC_2375-001.jpg
DSC_2301-001.jpg DSC_2278-001.jpg DSC_2268-001.jpg DSC_2257-001.jpg
DSC_2164-001.jpg DSC_2136-001.jpg DSC_2009-001.jpg DSC_2006-001.jpg
DSC_1727-001.jpg DSC_1686-001.jpg DSC_1685-001.jpg DSC_1707-001.jpg
DSC_1650-001.jpg DSC_1643-001.jpg DSC_1637-001.jpg DSC_1634-001.jpg
DSC_1631-001.jpg DSC_1630-001.jpg DSC_1611-001.jpg DSC_1610-001.jpg
23rd November 2014  bend DSC_4479-001.jpg DSC_4100 copy.jpg DSC_7607 copy.jpg
DSC_7190 copy.jpg DSC_4804 copy.jpg DSC_5121 copy.jpg 2nd November 2013  downpour
DSC_4136 copy.jpg DSC_5761 copy.jpg DSC_3936 copy.jpg DSC_4449 copy.jpg
DSC_4273 copy.jpg DSC_4514 copy.jpg 7th November 2013  light of the moon DSC_4235 copy.jpg
22nd December 2013  mid winter DSC_7082 copy.jpg DSC_6299 copy.jpg DSC_7055 copy.jpg
2nd January 2014  Arrival 14th November 2013  stormy sky 29th December 2013  Benachie from Chapel of Garioch DSC_0081 copy.jpg
DSC_6159 copy.jpg DSC_4177 copy.jpg DSC_0036 copy.jpg DSC_0005 copy.jpg
DSC_5673 copy.jpg DSC_0058 copy.jpg 30th November 2012  icy DSC_0023 copy.jpg
DSC_0037 copy.jpg 26th January 2014  wintry DSC_0043 copy.jpg DSC_3386 copy.jpg
DSC_0027 copy.jpg DSC_0008 copy.jpg 6th January 2013  Findhorn 19th November 2013  first snow
DSC_0092 copy.jpg DSC_0064 copy.jpg 1st April 2013  Iron Age farm DSC_0105 copy2.jpg
1st December 2013  milky way 23rd March 2013  drifting DSC_0004 copy.jpg DSC_0028 copy.jpg
13th January 2012  flurry 6th December 2012  more ice 20th November 2013  day of storms 11th November 2012  cold dry wind
18th March 2013  spring snow DSC_0146 copy.jpg 3rd December 2012  icy road 27th January 2013  Balquhain
22nd March 2013  champagne DSC_0035 copy.jpg DSC_0058 copy.jpg 11th March 2013  pink snow
26th January 2013  a bit more snow DSC_0152 copy.jpg 20th December 2012  filthy night 19th January 2013  bend in the river
DSC_0004 copy.jpg 25th January 2013  buried chessman DSC_0123 copy.jpg 5th January 2012  windy day
DSC_0035 copy.jpg 4th January 2013  warmest day of the year 25th December 2012  Christmas Day 23rd December 2012  River Don
DSC_0002 copy.jpg 26th October 2012  first snow 2nd December 2012  Old Post Office 24th March 2013  Renault
DSC_0052 copy.jpg DSC_0062 copy.jpg 13th December 2012  Little Freeze 22nd January 2013  bitter wind
DSC_0085 copy.jpg 1st January 2013  icy bridge 7th January 2012   breezy 25th February 2012  more north wind
DSC_0036 copy.jpg DSC_0074 copy.jpg 22nd December 2012  driving home for... DSC_0083 copy.jpg
30th December 2012   long road DSC_0002 copy.jpg 8th December 2012  unexpected snow 20th January 2013  winter walk
DSC_0020 copy.jpg DSC_0079 copy.jpg DSC_0090 copy.jpg DSC_0016 copy.jpg
7th February 2012  frosty moon DSC_0070 copy.jpg DSC_0039 copy.jpg DSC_0051 copy.jpg
DSC_0054 copy.jpg 6th February 2012  blue moon DSC_0020 copy.jpg DSC_0094 copy.jpg
DSC_0041 copy.jpg 10th December 2011  December light DSC_0023 copy.jpg DSC_0011 copy.jpg
DSC_0003 copy.jpg DSC_0053 copy.jpg 18th February 2012  snowy day DSC_0080 copy.jpg
15th February 2012  soft, soggy day 26th December 2011  balmy weather 20th February 2012  on the way home 10th March 2013  wintry oasis
aberdeenshire DSC_0051 copy.jpg 16th December 2011   rainbow DSC_0020s.jpg
15th January 2012  still frosty 19th February 2012  near Balquhain 9th March 2012  Friday evening 4th November 2012  four mile walk
DSC_0005 copy.jpg 16th December 2010  Ron DSC_0105 copy.jpg 25th November 2010  a bit of snow
11th December 2010  bales 17th December 2011  snow shower DSC_0163 copy.jpg DSC_0095 copy.jpg
DSC_0003 copy2.jpg Untitled 20th January 2010  raining DSC_0051 copy.jpg
earn copy.jpg DSC_0001 copy.jpg DSC_0088 copy.jpg 9th March 2011  flakes
28th December 2009  icy sunshine DSC_0027 copy.jpg DSC_0011 copy.jpg 12th February 2012  Balquhain Castle
19th March 2009  more mistiness DSC_0080 copy.jpg PICT0022s.jpg 9th December 2011  bracing
7th January 2011  frosty morning DSC_0015s.jpg DSC_0031 copy.jpg 3rd January 2010  River Ury
26th November 2010  snowy day DSC_0005 copy.jpg DSC_0066 copy.jpg DSC_0030s.jpg
PICT0027s.jpg DSC_0044 copy.jpg 10th March 2011  stormy 4th January 2009  drizzly
30th November 2010  ice and snow DSC_0033s.jpg DSC_0001s.jpg 29th January 2011  January sunshine
28th January 2012  by the river DSC_0048 copy.jpg 27th January 2011  cold morning PICT0025.JPG
DSC_0036s.jpg 25th December 2011  a mild Christmas DSC_0064 copy.jpg 23rd December 2010  yule log
DSC_0011s.jpg 10th February 2009  sub zero DSC_0032s2.jpg 14th January 2011  storminess
22nd December 2010  dark becomes light DSC_0117s.jpg DSC_0063s.jpg
3rd February 2011  storm coming PICT0008s.jpg DSC_0001s.jpg DSC_0189s.jpg
11th February 2009  snow plough coming DSC_0015s.jpg 18th December 2009  a bit of snow 23rd January 2013  frosty woods at night
DSC_0001s.jpg 27th October 2009  mist and rain DSC_0035s.jpg 29th December 2009  getting colder
DSC_0018 copy.jpg DSC_0022s.jpg 10th January 2010  cold DSC_0005s.jpg
DSC_0015 copy.jpg 19th December 2010  main road 1st December 2010  winter post
DSC_0037 copy.jpg 3rd January 2011  River Earn DSC_0099s2.jpg 12th February 2009  more snow
DSC_0079s.jpg DSC_0052s.jpg DSC_0069s.jpg PICT0019a.jpg
DSC_0008 copy.jpg 10th January 2009  stormy DSC_0063s.jpg 4th December 2009  pale light
1st January 2010  River Earn 9th January 2008  cosmic DSC_0146s.jpg 27th January
DSC_0143s.jpg 7th March 2010  snow is going 12th February 2010  last of the snow DSC_0019s.jpg
DSC_0050s.jpg DSC_0065s.jpg DSC_0006 copy.jpg DSC_0102 copy.jpg
6th January 2010  January colour 7th January 2010  River Ury 15th January 2009  grey skies DSC_0056 copy.jpg
20th December 2010  cold house DSC_0077s.jpg DSC_0035 copy.jpg 31st January 2010  snow shower
4th December 2010  frost and snow DSC_0049 copy.jpg 15th January 2010  frosty
DSC_0074s2.jpg 15th March 2009  tangled PICT0006a.jpg 9th March 2009  late
11th December 2009  frosty DSC_0017 copy.jpg DSC_0028s.jpg 24th February 2012  north wind
DSC_0036s.jpg 20th March 2009  last day of winter 25th February 2010  soggy snow DSC_0081 copy.jpg
27th November 2010  flake DSC_0032 copy.jpg DSC_0011 copy.jpg DSC_0012s.jpg
29th November 2010  snowstorm 21st December 2007  shortest day DSC_0003s.jpg DSC_0037s.jpg
DSC_0016s.jpg 1st February 2010  keep left 28th January 2010  snow as predicted PICT0035a.jpg
DSC_0008s.jpg DSC_0012 copy.jpg Loch Laggan DSC_0035s.jpg
DSC_0049 copy.jpg 7th December 2010  snow at the beach DSC_0059s.jpg 3rd January 2008  sunny corner
18th March 2009  misty DSC_0083s.jpg 25th December 2009  Christmas Day 2nd December 2010  Early December
DSC_0033s.jpg 22nd December 2009  out to launch treebirdx.jpg 2nd March 2010  sunny
Pict0017a.jpg 27th December 2009  still icy 15th December 2007  arriving before dark DSC_0047s.jpg
DSC_0333 copy.jpg 6th March 2010  Blue Saturday 30th December 2009  wintry DSC_0013 copy.jpg
PICT0028x.jpg DSC_0075s.jpg 18th December 2010  minus ten winter beach
29th January 2008  wispy sky DSC_0001s.jpg 12th December 2009  northern light
20th November 2008  snow on the cards 9th January 2009  moon lights the coast 18th January 2011  full moon fever DSC_0255 copy.jpg
Pict0012.jpg 19th January 2009  brighter DSC_0029 copy.jpg 25th December 2010  Christmas
25th February 2009  fishing 4th March 2008  snow at home 3rd March 2009  wintry fingers 31st January, shepherd's warning
8th December 2010  grit DSC_0027 copy.jpg DSC_0010s.jpg 1st March 2010  lighter days
19th December 2007  still frosty 19th February 2008  home for dinnah 4th January 2010  snow on the tracks PICT0030s.jpg
DSC_0154 copy.jpg DSC_0163s.jpg 9th January 2010  grave mistake 15th November 2005 from the north
DSC_0034s.jpg DSC_0041 copy.jpg PICT0003a.jpg
29th November 2006  nearly late DSC_0008s.jpg DSC_0075s.jpg 31st December 2009  End of the year
6th January 2006 easterly winds 27th February 2010  northeasterly 9th February 2009  cold morning DSC_0010s.jpg
DSC_0066s.jpg 24th February 2010  snow fairies Leith Hall Gardens 25th March 2006  drizzly
9th January 2011  sunny 26th December 2009  fallen tree DSC_0054s.jpg 31st December 2008  Cromwell Tree
8th January  2010  snow at the coast 29th February 2008  sunshine and showers DSC_0067s.jpg 10th December 2008  gibbous moon
DSC_0139s.jpg PICT0011a.jpg 7th February 2009  more snow 17th November 2005 disappearing
5th January 2010  snow approaching PICT0003s.jpg 7th January 2008  icy 8th March 2006  melting away
DSC_0001 copy.jpg 16th December 2005 north wind 5th December 2007  storm brewing 31st March 2010  not going anywhere
27th November 2005 soggy 8th February 2009  winter moon DSC_0004s.jpg DSC_0015 copy.jpg
21st January 2008  passing place 11th February 2008  pink evening 21st December 2009  Winter Solstice 25th January 2009  red planet
DSC_0042s.jpg DSC_0039s.jpg 19th January 2006 sunless day 3rd January 2006 shadows of trees
DSC_0104s.jpg 20th November 2006  bitterly cold 3rd December 2010  Christmassy 17th December 2007  frosty
10th December 2007  milky way 4th January 2006  crisp and frosty 12th January 2008  further layer of frost 10th December 2006  restful
wetx.jpg 28th February 2008  hanging out PICT0015a.jpg Fraser Castle
22nd November 2008  5000 winters 20th December 2006  the frost never melted PICT0019s.jpg 1st January 2005, soggy new year
DSC_0002s.jpg 20th January 2008  not so bleak midwinter 19th November 2007  the sound of rain DSC_0167s.jpg
18th March 2008  winter is holding on 11th December 2008  misty DSC_0007s.jpg DSC_0043s.jpg
PICT0014a.jpg DSC_0012s.jpg DSC_0059s.jpg PICT0058a.jpg
16th November 2007  winter flight 16th February 2005, the gloominess Benachie 20th March 2007  spring tomorrow
18th February 2005, wintry again 4th March 2010  nowhere to go Balqhain 9th November 2005 November sun
DSC_0043s.jpg 2nd December 2008  snowstorm at the coast DSC_0055s.jpg PICT0010a.jpg
DSC_0145s.jpg DSC_0185s.jpg Pict0010a.jpg 11th January 2008  frost and mist
DSC_0005s.jpg DSC_0058s.jpg 23rd February 2010  snow by the sea DSC_0029s.jpg
5th March 2006 powderiness 6th March 2006  Loanhead of Daviot 27th February 2008  sparkling 31st December 2006  last light of the year
DSC_0049s.jpg DSC_0048s.jpg 29th January, here comes the sun 5th January 2009   cold morning
4th December 2007  wintry 7th March 2006  pristine 19th January 2008  Heaven DSC_0022s.jpg
30th January 2006 sunny side 12th January 2007  blustery day at Balquhain 20th December 2007  looking back towards home 24th January 2007  good insulation
31st January 2006 minus ten 25th March 2008  Coldbackie DSC_0060s.jpg DSC_0006s2.jpg
2nd December 2005 raining all day 22nd January, early start DSC_0080s.jpg 10th February 2007  winter arrives
DSC_0142s.jpg DSC_0004s.jpg 6th February 2007  Easter Aquhorthies
PICT0007s.jpg 28th December 2011  winter storm 2nd February 2008  crisp 7th November 2007  like a roller in the ocean
PICT0009s.jpg skipping up the lane 11th December 2007  frosty 19th November, first snow
Leith Hall Gardens 28th November 2005 more snow PICT0005s.jpg DSC_0138s.jpg
5th February 2007  turned out (n)ice again DSC_0116s.jpg PICT0031.JPG Pict0004a.jpg
9th December 2007  begining to rain 3rd January 2007  stormy day at the beach DSC_0003s.jpg 23rd November 2008  Bishops' Palace
DSC_0039s2.jpg 6th December 2007  unexpected 11th February 2007  stormy
PICT0074a.jpg from Iron Age hut circle 25th December 2007  Christmas frost PICT0023s.jpg
17th January 2007  some winter sun DSC_0062s.jpg DSC_0033s.jpg
8th November 2006  fading light 1st March 2006  up-an'-under 21st December 2010  shortest day DSC_0162s.jpg
26th December 2006  winter fuel 21st December 2006  top of the hill 1st December 2009  stormy 5th March 2005, sunshine and showers
PICT0027.JPG 17th November 2007  by the light of the moon wetnwindy.jpg PICT0024x.jpg
22nd February 2007  movement DSC_0001s2.jpg 1st December 2007  sunshine 2nd November 2006  Edinburgh nights
28th October 2008  wintry 3rd March 2005, links to the past 30th December 2005 woolly jumper 17th March 2005, clouds
Balnakiel House 31st December 2004, Father Time 18th December, the wintriness! DSC_0069s.jpg
 Insch 3rd March 2006 silent white blanket DSC_0045S.jpg 6th January 2005, getting windy
PICT0001s.jpg 22nd February 2008  double rainbow 3rd January 2008  winter in the woods DSC_0002s.jpg
1st March 2005, nearly Spring? DSC_0007s.jpg DSC_0108s.jpg PICT0029a.jpg
Pict0005a.jpg 8th November 2007  ominous sunrise 10th March 2006  I ate a lady's bun DSC_0154s.jpg
PICT0002s.jpg 6th January 2007  River Spey Fetternear
DSC_0049s.jpg DSC_0045s.jpg 4th March 2006  woolly jumper 14th February 2007  sunshine after the rain
25th December 2006  Frosty Christmas 26th January, Ardmore distillery PICT0036a.jpg
DSC_0024s.jpg DSC_0010s.jpg 12th December 2006  wintry shower approaching 10th March 2009  Janet the lifesaver
18th December 2006  getting colder DSC_0022s.jpg DSC_0031s.jpg 22nd January 2008  late start
16th March 2007  storminess 30th December 2007  Castle Fraser  low winter sun Loch Laggan 7th February 2007  snowy day
PICT0006s.jpg DSC_0010s.jpg DSC_0010s.jpg DSC_0043s.jpg
22nd January 2007  starting to snow DSC_0082s.jpg PICT0012.JPG PICT0006a.jpg
DSC_0072s.jpg DSC_0009s.jpg 24th December 2007  blue moon 16th November 2005 wintry showers
DSC_0025s.jpg Pict20a.jpg DSC_0051s.jpg PICT0022a.jpg
Easter Aquorthies DSC_0030.JPG PICT0034a.jpg DSC_0063s2.jpg
13th January 2007  not the Singing Butler 24th November 2005 winter blast 8th December, fine drying day 5th December 2005 reappearance of the sun
22nd November 2005 fork PICT0005s.jpg DSC_0138s.jpg
DSC_0014s.jpg 19th December 2006  triple sunrise
Fraser Castle Loch Laggan DSC_0022s.jpg 28th February 2006 Easter-Aquhorthies
17dec11.jpg 20th November 2005 another day DSC_0003s.jpg
6th November 2005 Kinkell Church DSC_0017s.jpg 26th January 2006 colour not included 2jan056a.jpg
Fraser Castle DSC_0019.JPG PICT0009a.jpg
Thainstone House 2jan0522a.jpg 26th December 2005 wispy heralds of snow 3rd December 2005 dark day
26th September, Guardian Angel... 26th February 2005, the spookiness 1st February 2006 elusive wispiness of the winter sun
DSC_0011s.jpg 29th December 2005 River Earn DSC_0041s.jpg Pict0055a.jpg
PICT0055a.jpg Castle Fraser DSC_0025s.jpg
Easter Aquorthies PICT0016a.jpg Leith Hall
Pict0044a.jpg Walled Garden seaside1.jpg
Benachie 17th December,  hooray it's snowing! 29th November 2005 freezing fingers
Easter Aquorthies Ents 20th February 2005, PICT0021a.jpg
Loch Laggan 16th January PICT0016a.jpg 26th December, still snowy
7th December 2005  return of the fog 3rd January 2005, road to my mother's 18th January 2005  keeping warm 2jan0521a.jpg
Pict0031a.jpg 21st February 2005, chasing clouds Fraser Castle 31st December 2003
seaside2.jpg 14th February 2005, home again! 2nd March 2006  further dumping of snow 18th December 2005 three kings
Dunnideer PICT0035a.jpg 11th November 2005 rough seas
2nd March 2005, turning chilly 28th December, icy winds 15th March 2005 wet N windy
19th February 2005, Maiden Stone PICT0025a.jpg 2jan0520a.jpg
Easter Aquorthies 22nd March 2005, gloomy
near Monymusk winter picnic Marischal College
Loch Morlich 2nd January 2005, 1st December, frostiness
Loch Morlich