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6th December 2012  more ice 20th November 2013  day of storms 11th November 2012  cold dry wind 18th March 2013  spring snow
DSC_0146 copy.jpg 3rd December 2012  icy road 27th January 2013  Balquhain 22nd March 2013  champagne
DSC_0035 copy.jpg DSC_0058 copy.jpg 11th March 2013  pink snow 26th January 2013  a bit more snow
DSC_0152 copy.jpg 20th December 2012  filthy night 19th January 2013  bend in the river DSC_0004 copy.jpg
25th January 2013  buried chessman DSC_0123 copy.jpg 5th January 2012  windy day DSC_0035 copy.jpg
4th January 2013  warmest day of the year 25th December 2012  Christmas Day 23rd December 2012  River Don DSC_0002 copy.jpg
26th October 2012  first snow 2nd December 2012  Old Post Office 24th March 2013  Renault DSC_0052 copy.jpg
DSC_0062 copy.jpg 13th December 2012  Little Freeze 22nd January 2013  bitter wind DSC_0085 copy.jpg
1st January 2013  icy bridge 7th January 2012   breezy 25th February 2012  more north wind DSC_0036 copy.jpg
DSC_0074 copy.jpg 22nd December 2012  driving home for... DSC_0083 copy.jpg 30th December 2012   long road
DSC_0002 copy.jpg 8th December 2012  unexpected snow 20th January 2013  winter walk DSC_0020 copy.jpg
DSC_0079 copy.jpg DSC_0090 copy.jpg DSC_0016 copy.jpg 7th February 2012  frosty moon
DSC_0070 copy.jpg DSC_0039 copy.jpg DSC_0051 copy.jpg DSC_0054 copy.jpg
6th February 2012  blue moon DSC_0020 copy.jpg DSC_0094 copy.jpg DSC_0041 copy.jpg
10th December 2011  December light DSC_0023 copy.jpg DSC_0011 copy.jpg DSC_0003 copy.jpg
DSC_0053 copy.jpg 18th February 2012  snowy day DSC_0080 copy.jpg 15th February 2012  soft, soggy day
26th December 2011  balmy weather 20th February 2012  on the way home 10th March 2013  wintry oasis aberdeenshire
DSC_0051 copy.jpg 16th December 2011   rainbow DSC_0020s.jpg 15th January 2012  still frosty
19th February 2012  near Balquhain 9th March 2012  Friday evening 4th November 2012  four mile walk DSC_0005 copy.jpg
16th December 2010  Ron DSC_0105 copy.jpg 25th November 2010  a bit of snow 11th December 2010  bales
17th December 2011  snow shower DSC_0163 copy.jpg DSC_0095 copy.jpg DSC_0003 copy2.jpg
Untitled 20th January 2010  raining DSC_0051 copy.jpg earn copy.jpg
DSC_0001 copy.jpg DSC_0088 copy.jpg 9th March 2011  flakes 28th December 2009  icy sunshine
DSC_0027 copy.jpg DSC_0011 copy.jpg 12th February 2012  Balquhain Castle 19th March 2009  more mistiness
DSC_0080 copy.jpg PICT0022s.jpg 9th December 2011  bracing 7th January 2011  frosty morning
DSC_0015s.jpg DSC_0031 copy.jpg 3rd January 2010  River Ury 26th November 2010  snowy day
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