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DSC_0504-001.jpg DSC_0509-001.jpg DSC_0487-001.jpg DSC_0480-001.jpg
4th February 2015  walk in the park 8th February 2015  the seaside 10th February 2015  late home 13th February 2015  misty
25th February 2015  the birds 29th March 2015  far off storms 1st April 2015  April snow 17th February 2015  getting warmer
24th January 2015  frozen sunshine 25th January 2015  icy road through the forest 1st February 2015  north wind 7th February 2015  keep your hat on
14th February 2015  more mist 22nd February 2015  iron age house DSC_3695-001.jpg DSC_3685-001.jpg
DSC_3681-001.jpg 17th December 2014  early start 23rd December 2014  half past three 24th December 2014  Christmas Eve
25th December 2014  peaceful day 27th December 2014  frosty walk 28th December2014  icy 29th December 2014  two of us
22nd January 2015  nearly home DSC_2774-001.jpg DSC_2755-001.jpg DSC_2709-001.jpg
DSC_2694-001.jpg DSC_2553-001.jpg 2nd January 2015  Loch Leven 10th January 2014  snow in the air
17th January 2015  walk by the river DSC_2538-001.jpg DSC_2375-001.jpg DSC_2301-001.jpg
DSC_2278-001.jpg DSC_2268-001.jpg DSC_2257-001.jpg DSC_2164-001.jpg
DSC_2136-001.jpg DSC_2009-001.jpg DSC_2006-001.jpg DSC_1727-001.jpg
DSC_1686-001.jpg DSC_1685-001.jpg DSC_1707-001.jpg DSC_1650-001.jpg
DSC_1643-001.jpg DSC_1637-001.jpg DSC_1634-001.jpg DSC_1631-001.jpg
DSC_1630-001.jpg DSC_1611-001.jpg DSC_1610-001.jpg 23rd November 2014  bend
DSC_4479-001.jpg DSC_4100 copy.jpg DSC_7607 copy.jpg DSC_7190 copy.jpg
DSC_4804 copy.jpg DSC_5121 copy.jpg 2nd November 2013  downpour DSC_4136 copy.jpg
DSC_5761 copy.jpg DSC_3936 copy.jpg DSC_4449 copy.jpg DSC_4273 copy.jpg
DSC_4514 copy.jpg 7th November 2013  light of the moon DSC_4235 copy.jpg 22nd December 2013  mid winter
DSC_7082 copy.jpg DSC_6299 copy.jpg DSC_7055 copy.jpg 2nd January 2014  Arrival
14th November 2013  stormy sky 29th December 2013  Benachie from Chapel of Garioch DSC_0081 copy.jpg DSC_6159 copy.jpg
DSC_4177 copy.jpg DSC_0036 copy.jpg DSC_0005 copy.jpg DSC_5673 copy.jpg
DSC_0058 copy.jpg 30th November 2012  icy DSC_0023 copy.jpg DSC_0037 copy.jpg
26th January 2014  wintry DSC_0043 copy.jpg DSC_3386 copy.jpg DSC_0027 copy.jpg
DSC_0008 copy.jpg 6th January 2013  Findhorn 19th November 2013  first snow DSC_0092 copy.jpg
DSC_0064 copy.jpg 1st April 2013  Iron Age farm DSC_0105 copy2.jpg 1st December 2013  milky way
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